Wednesday, July 12, 2017

please read the post below first off

the following text is a follow up and my experience one day after - july I2, 20I7 -– following the activation of serbian harassment machine which has been locked down now in provocation overdrive mode. the scary thing is their persistence. preparing here alsothe list of adversaries that openly said terrible things about me in the past with clear intent to harm me.
namely I called my friend at 21:16 this evening only to find out that coincidentally I was going to pass by the location of a bar where he was at on autokomanda square. after I had given my prospective position out to whomever was tapping my conversation soon the Serbian plot was about to reveal itself. I boarded an almost empty bus no. 33 and guess what - at autokomanda square bus station (bulevar oslobodjenja in Serbian) there ‘coincidentally’ entered a black-haired lady in black with her green snake eyes focused on me while holding a half empty 7 oz glass of water. instead of choosing any other place in the half empty bus she mounted herself in front of me and started to sip water from her seven ounces glass (!). she sipped at least twenty times between the two bus stops which was way too obvious that she did it on purpose. taking sips from 7oz glass in transportation – when she even had to bring it to a bus stop from somewhere far away because there are no food joints close to that particular bus stop and even having to keep it in hands for several minutes without drinking before the bus came while she had gotten a sudden urge to drink when she mounted herself in front of me - is simply not a Serbian way of drinking like that especially not with uncontained 7oz disposable glass which had to be drank at spot wherever she got it. please take a look what seven ounce plastic disposable glass is. I cannot say if this was staged by their secret agency and what they were expecting although they could have been someone PIs, I got many enemies - they are coming out of woodwork, so I was looking around to try finding who was filming because it was obvious that this was a blatant set up so stupid I did not even want to waste time filming face of her myself with my cell camera because she was God damn ugly. I would of had nightmares re-watching it. I exactly knew that something crazy was going on. when she drank her water she started provoking me by squeezing an empty plastic glass before me making man made noises with it. I think now I better had that filmed than not. I assume serbs must be onto something or they simply have no clue what they are doing. I would surely opt for the latter. similar sketchy situations have happened recently but this one was way too how should I put it, axiomatic.

I must say that I refuse to drink in Serbian joints because of the enormous public harassment that I am experiencing locally. the real question is to what extent some serbs would go to harm me. if trust is (at) issue I do not trust many, nobody ever came to say we are sorry for what has been going on. there are so many harassers and the chances are great that those who are hostile to me in public will be serving food and drinks to me. therefore I do not want to take any chances in serbia as I am not a gambler. I would simply refuse to drink when I am served but pay for it. why do I have to drink it anyway? who finally cares, it was paid for, people. it then dawned on me, the thing about vuk draskovic, a politician and a public figure. he must be equally hated in serbia and I could justly call him the most hated citizen of serbia. when I read www public comments related to articles posted about him, I ask myself where he goes out in public. because there are so many individual public voices that wish him no good. would he dine in just any place he came across. I’d love to be his guest and spend some time with him to check how he goes about his days in serbia. does he trust Serbian people. because the chances that haters will be serving his food and drinks are greater than some random bullet falling on the top of his head.


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