Tuesday, July 11, 2017

slandered beyond comparison

he who mixes himself with shit won't come up smelling like roses.
he will be smelling like shit. 
when I wander these serbian streets
there is so much inhuman dirt thrown at me - 
i feel like im drowning in a cesspool. 
- m.v. 
serbs are bastards for every time one serb starts gaining money and popularity the rest will be after him like a pack of hounds trying to overtake. such is the story of lucky – the owner of bookstore located at 6, djure jaksica street. the rumors esp. those spread by other booksellers said that one should avoid his place at all costs. my experience was quite different, I often go into his bookshop and make all kinds of jokes with him. lucky is such a good guy even though we had our share of troublesome moments in the past.
those serbian beasts whose existence is so perplexing esp. since I do not pose a threat to them as I do not deal with books and those that are so aggressive that may spoil your day are located on 1300 kaplara street nearby knez mihajlova street. do not ever buy from my enemies. buy from my friends in turn if you ever visit this hell on earth, this city. the most aggressive bookseller there is called Aca ‘Seljak’ (nicknamed “the peasant”). as he always does to me, around 15:30 PM today he offered several books that I did not want and demanded a high price. I declined the offer. he did it again and again finally starting to vent provoking me with various verbal insults ending with ‘do not ever come back near!’ I told him where to go. then his friend Miki (a scum that frequents Kalenic and Bailoni fresh markets’ flea markets as seen on the photos here) who happened to be there came to his side by charging at me several times throwing the worst and sickest insults that one can imagine such as “God willing, may all your family perish!”). Miki was repeating ‘I will kill you, I will kill you! you will never come freely to any flea market again!’ I was thinking how this piece of shit can think he can kill me unless he has something in his pocket, a knife or a screwdriver. I realized it is better to cool off and not spend the rest of the day in police station for getting physically involved with these basket cases. these human wrecks had also a pick on me in the past. on this photo you can see Ms. Verica who owns selling spot No.1 (she always lets Aca ‘Seljak’ use it so I was thinking it was owned by him as well) pointing into direction of a book selling spot No. 4 owned by Aca ‘Seljak’ – during this argument – it appeared that this piece of shit was actually hiding himself in the metal box.
and do not forget this ugly character will use this nice woman and her sad family’s destiny to turn the public tide to his favor as if he was the member of her family. he is nothing but the overly aggressive freeloader and I do not have anything against Verica. starting to feel the effects of their lies as they come from the position of Serbian power the very day after. too many attacks today in only few hours that I was out. not one serb to say we are sorry for ruining your life. never. active serbian attackers  only.
It appears that these book sellers are somehow protected by the government as Aca Seljak truly behaves like an outlaw to every nice guy he perceives as a potential competition and therefore a threat to his existence.

related to this incident – around 12PM I visited a flea market that goes on every day at Kalenic fresh market. many well known gallery owners are frequent there dressed in worn out lowlife clothing so they do not call attention to themselves. my sixth sense was telling me that all gypsies there were looking at me quite suspiciously today and for the past few days too. I assume that competition is constantly bringing on rumors about me and quite easily they can turn one small but real army of a hundred gypsy and some lowlife warriors with axes, knives and screwdrivers against you at the drop of a hat. one tough guy who actually runs the antique world business in Serbia quite honestly told me – you will never have a peace (of mind) in this country until you place someone into the wheelchair. this is what it takes to be left alone in serbia – a constant warfare. they must be afraid of you to stop talking. this is why I am writing. because indeed it sounds like the only option there is. and it is why I say hell on earth and darn country. I would rather see the FBi - if they still want to help me after all they did to me and my family - close that motherfucker and other such places as well, so if I cannot go there like a free person, then no other dealers and collectors, should or could go. the only way I can connect myself to this situation is that I have been slandered beyond comparison.

slandered beyond comparison. this here is just another person clicking with empty bottle of water behind my head and making man made noises with it. these two below were representing the Russian couple that somehow went on this train of free for all harassment and lynching in serbia. talking in russian and wearing a moscow's sporting club tee shirt. these are actually the first Russian people that did me harm. I assume I will still have problems with Russians to come because they are a huge place. could not escape them – it was in the public transportation.


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