Wednesday, July 05, 2017

greater power

it is just a personal sensation - in serbia it is enough to insinuate that someone is a criminal and the ready for lynching population will believe it without a thought. they are so bad and motivated over-here that in fact they are enjoying in putting the spin on you. their goal is to make a person with nothing to loose and they are going for a dent in your life (plain evil) and more. generally it appears as if anyone is urged to become viciously incensed over me. so there must be a body that governs serbian behavior. i m talking a presumed unacknowledged system of association between political friends that did me injustice in the first place by illegally bringing me to serbia. I am afraid that soon there is going to remain only a few do-gooders in serbia cos the greater power and universal justice always prevails. it always sets the record straight. something happened in America too, cos it is not so good as it was back in its prime, it is greatly lacking in something today that I have no desire to even go there as if the dreadful suffering I am going through in serbia is more acceptable and dearer to me. not!

if you want to destroy someone go for his family. it is biblically old recipe. I did not just run away one day and said: honey I m leaving you for good. they did it to me by forcefully separating and then keeping us separated. we were in love. then they wanted to wash their hands by serving all kinds of hardly believable bullshit about me which stupid people bought, majorly in serbia. I believe the problems I had in the states were mostly concerned with my last name: it sounded russian to most people there who do not like foreigners esp. if these foreigners mingle, act and behave as Americans, do not appear exotic  and talk english as if born in the usa. then their colleagues in serbia even found a serbian war criminal with the similar sounding name which was enough to put americans in overly suspicious mode. american paranoia ran deep. as a form of continued punishment, since then, I was not able to form another family as the core value of social life and basis for living. these are all facts. of course, I did my own share of stupid but I m not a screwball either.


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