Saturday, June 17, 2017

serbian angry mob exults

today I was walking with an acquaintance, a very well known Serbian bookseller, in the center city Belgrade only to be attacked and provoked by the approaching man who spat at us as he came closer. the consequent reaction of the acquaintance – he was mad at me – telling me: who do you think you are?!! people are getting mad at you? and finally giving me a French leave!
Who do I think I am? I only wanted to be left alone, but since the locals could not stop with hatred and provocations I had to open up a blog to spill the beans about what is going on. either that or die in the worst psychological pain induced by some Serbian beasts.

now, I was not openly provoked in a while, perhaps for several days and I am afraid that new agenda of harassment fiends assumes attacking those that associate with me as they see that I am not overly bothered – I turned into a stone long time ago under Serbian harassment so they cannot touch me. these poor people have no blogs and means of defence against these serbian maniacs. the only thing I can think of would be a hotline but what good would it do for them. their only guilt is associating with me. thereby I got less and less friends talking to me – although my secondary language is Serbian (used to be primary) I have almost forgotten how to speak in it – I do not remember things in Serbian well as I spend less time talking in it. it was obvious in these 15 years they want me to pay for something and I am still the same old I do not know what goes on, the only thing I know I am the victim and I have been living in this Serbian hell for years without clue.  the like of Novak Djokovic could be the one who could save me. the Serbian saint figure. the one who can overpower the beasts.
my best friend. or one of them.


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