Tuesday, July 11, 2017

while serbs were being serbs

july 10th, evening: serbian young guns are at it again while trying to unmask the 'American superspy of doom' they were approaching spread out as troika assuming the entire portion of sidewalk and as they were near they started acting disrespectfully on purpose, laughing and mouthing off while showing something in their hands with obvious intention to intimidate me as I was holding several bags with both hands after shopping in maxi superstore and I was then ran off the sidewalk into the street traffic of vojvode stepe boulevard as they did not want to move to make me pass. I feel this intimidation was interconnected with the earlier episode on the same day when elder serbian hasslers were doing something strange as if they tried to intimidate while keeping me on obviously hassling surveillance as I was shopping in maxi on kumodraska street. I just ignored that trying to make circles around them. I think I avoided them successfully which was something they were not expecting. their looks were heavy and mean as if they did it without a zest and if they had to deal with some irksome fly. the looks of hatred were there but lacking in vigor. at the same store I was attacked by the Serbian lady following me around and making man made noises and I was simply stunned as they did not go after me making man made noises in quite some time - i  almost forgot about it - and then it dawned on me - I pulled out my equalizer samsung s6 and showed it to her and a party of hasslers letting them know that I was ready to record and the shit stopped right there. I stopped that Serbian shit right in its tracks. Samsung (the quality of their cell phone video camera) changed my life forever.
as far as Serbian karma is concerned – just because what this country has done to me and my life someone is going to be paying big time. in general serbs are not allowing me to be on equal terms with them. their majority do not want to admit that we are equal in this country. on the other hand when you prove that you are better than them they are jealous and they hate you, when you are down they do not want to give you hand. you cannot simply win in this kind of country. it must be the mindstate. le corbusier once said that belgrade - the city where i am at - is the ugliest place in the world positioned on the most beautiful God given grounds on earth.


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