Friday, January 19, 2018

a big Q. to the World about Serbian Hatred

still very unsafe situation as if serbs believe that I am something like Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, George W, Obama, something that needs to be dealt with, something that represents the heart of America. what i am saying is that serbian hatred is the same as if I was the president of America, not just any American John Roe or tourist citizen (there are many tourists around here though.) the only connection in being involved I can make is that I am utilizing English language. in other words me thinking in English can be the only logical reason for their hatred. and if i compare myself to any other English speaking person (imo, there is only America and the rest of the world as Im more American than the Pope) they do not hate me just like any other American, only as they would hate some top hat American like the President. unless of course I have been slandered beyond compare and have no idea what the slander was about. or - or - many, many serbs that try to engage me (and/or their handlers) are psychopathically ill. still, someone had to point some hook to them, not anything other in my mind whatsoever that I can link myself to their hatred. what do I represent to serbs to encounter this amount of hatred whereby I cannot make a 200 yards circle without encountering numerous mean and nasty people that are provoking me?!! if this is not politically colored I m not dying to find out the background of what it is, but I would benefit from knowing what motivates unspeakable serbian hatred.

some crazy ideas about slander are as follows, but what else can raise so many angry serbs against one person:
-he was the one that caught Ratko Mladic and sent him to Hague
-he was the one that caught Radovan Karadzic and sent him to Hague
-he sent Vojislav Seselj to Hague
Other than that I have no idea what could it be other than psychopathic mental illness on the part of many citizens here. even then someone had to point the finger at me while saying 'he is the One!'

when I was trying to further analyze - any physical encounter would bring more physical encounters. when I was savagely beaten in front of my house several years ago, I could have felt pleasure in many serbs I came across days after – cheering and smiling after i was disgraced and vomiting blood. what would have happened if I was resisting and fought back even beating my attacker - I would have come over more challengers. the point and fact are they do not consider me serbian. to make the matter more interesting i had never risen voice or acted against the interests of Serbian nation or its people before things started happening to me. they consider me traitor and/or enemy of some sort – I believe it is the matter that needs to be privately investigated and brought to the court of justice. first off, with who started it. my fear partially lies in the assumption that state may be behind everything. again, there is big question as to why....

let's promptly reject the hypothesis that the dire straits I am in was my own fault cos if i was able to turn one nation against myself all on my own then i should have, without a doubt, been the top paid CEO of some marketing company, at least.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

belgrade, serbia, january 18th 2018, i wish they ram it up some serbian cunt instead

now that major holidays are over some serbs need to find ways to vent their aggression. multiple attacks throughout the city. majorly involving young or not so young punks, those that look like wannabe mafia soldiers of some sort. they must have got a green light from somewhere for what they do and how they are coming at me. spitting from everywhere. while walking with girlfriend and passing by and without providing any hints nor warnings one of them even kicked my car while I was sitting in it, parked on the sidewalk. when I asked him why did he do that, he replied: you should not be standing there. can you imagine i did not react further for a shitload of serbian bullshit that had already happened to me recently in this serbian shithole. i was not even on the brink to be ticked off by the kick. have had enough of this serbian bullshit already. it's an overload.
Toilet paper I used today. Under Serbian attacks in Serbia, fear just sticks your shit in - it seems you need half a roll instead of a sheet or two.

the photo above has to do with the feeling of safety and my post traumatic health issues in recent days. some people will know, when they are under huge stress they cannot get their shit out right and easy, it sticks to intestines and you need a lot of toilet paper to clean up your asshole. almost half a roll for one take. that’s whats going on. great anxiety produces the feeling of heart attack too in your chest. it is only due to overwhelming stress, uncertainty and fear. it has to do with living in serbia. i wish days when serbians were only spitting and making noises are back. now they only wanna be the worldstars.

new serbian jealousy-born scratches on brand new car paint. obviously, you cannot find a compromise with unchained yet unknown, popping up from everywhere, hoodlums (in a lack of a better word) like these. for every normal person i come across there are immeasurable, unstoppable idiotic forces. i have been outnumbered and it is a disaster. if you ask me what the hell looks like, i have one word for you: serbia. that is it. cut.