Thursday, January 05, 2017

The trajectory of the green felt

I think 90% of Serbs know by now they are messing with my life. They may not admit that they messed up my life, but let us not lie to each other, bad things are happening. This is a core human right  issue, they cannot say they are not trying to breach my privacy and publicly communicate with me in ways inacceptable by me that almost look like the rituals of degradation. I say communicate while they in fact are trying to humiliate, demonize and socially correct on a trumped up things that only complete idiots can believe. many Serbian citizens are participating in harassment because it is safe and prescribed. In other words this harassment is organized and maintained by the authorities. Even though they think it is just fooling around and I am supposed to be the number one – a free for all – public fool and target, if they admit to that it is enough. Their admittance proves who the real victim here is. And who should be blamed and tortured for doing torture. Why was I suffering? Why Am I suffering? What are my real crimes? And to what extent are the worst of them are willing to go to eliminate me from the society. |The point is that I do not have freedom in Serbia. I have the full right to be afraid of almost every Serb because I do not know who are those that are in on the harassment as there are quite many of  them and what their final goal is. I am talking at least 100,000 but it could be up to 4 million Serbs. It is the time of the ISIS so this may not be much concern for many people around the world but it is much concern for me since my future is destroyed. Special importance in this human degradation is given to open confessions as the one you are reading right here, so you are actually now taking part and participating in this Serbian dehumanizing engagement. Although I believe it is all a part of the larger plan - I believe that someone is standing behind and pushing for this evil Serbian agenda. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016


I am talking about Serbs, or some Serbs. Or many Serbs rather since it is impossible that only the same individuals come after me day after day. They are many and they are not only bad to the bone – they are the essence of fucking evil. The most regretable thing I ever did was giving my child Serbian first name. I admit that I may burn in hell for this because from this point it seems like a curse.In other words you should not be tying anyone with evil but break bonds with evil.
I can only state that now I understand all those that truly hate Serbs not that I am going to reciprotate. In other words, if today Serbs are doing this to me their own kind, tomorrow they will do it to anyone. so good people beware!

I was recently writing about the streetcar driver who pressed on the brakes (without need) to raise the lymphoma cancer causing cloud of asbestos dust and particles – now it seems to be the new Serbian sport. Many of them want to be number one like |Novak Djokovic in something, but the only sport the worst of them can be number one in is pure evil. Almost the same thing happened this evening – 12/22/2016 – only with higher intensity when the son of a bitch – the driver of the streetcar No. 10 (streetcar with double wagon) did the same at “Fransh station” around 21:18 hrs braking like a maniac without need – with only a few people onboard and a few waiting at the station - with a goal to annoy and truly inflict a long term injury with possible deadly outcome. I was planning to enter the second wagon and was talking to a friend on the phone when all of a sudden I noticed smell like rubber burning and a huge cloud of dust and smoke full of asbestos (asbestos in the brakes and around the station where a lot of braking is done.) This son of a bitch did it on purpose; there is no doubt in my mind about it. Of course I swallowed a lot of it but did not enter the son a of bitch’s vehicle as I was caught by surprise, I moved away watching. I was so surprized that I did not even take a number of the vehicle down – but only the time and location of it - this vehcile was going towards Autokomanda.

This open harassment with possible deadly consequences because to be honest nobody in the world would apply voluntarily to test their luck by going through what I am going through which only means this is not any sort of game but the pure gaming, only supports my hypothesis that no Serbs realize that I can be of any value in any sphere of public life – I am talking about secret societies, et cetera, but they treat me merely as a scapegoat for public fun. Serbian government left me down the drain because the only reason why I am writing now is because of the pure harassment that has been going on which in any normal society would not happen, period.

Even the police is not on my side, this year the peace of shit traffic policeman Mr. Slavko Cvetic came to court to falsely testify which translated to 30 days in prison if I do not pay the hefty fines. I did nothing to him whatsoever but his hatred is more than just hatred, his hatred transformed into action to falsely testify. He lied that I was running away from him for example. What to expect then from Serbian public transportation drivers who prove themselves to be the lowest forms of life day after day. Let alone other scum. If there is hell on earth it is Serbia for me, period. 

As of the day I came here some of them planted seeds of discord and isolation while some traits that I noticed were as follows

-            Egomania

-            Abrupt often violent aggression  

-          Disregard for life and health and overall irresponsibility and carelessness

-        Sporting religion for the religion sake but not adopting any values and qualities out of it – hatred is not a value

-          Will to dominate others which sometimes clashes with fear of intellectual superiority that also results in hatred of those who "are deemed as more intelligent"

-          Tendencies to provoke “when the coast is clear” so they cannot be accounted for it, victim is the only witness.

December 29th 2016 – I think the biggest Serbian problem is that I am not paid for this writing. What I am trying to say is – this inhuman harassment continues. If I received a dollar for every gang-stalking moment that Serbs prepared for me I would have been a millionaire.
As I was waiting for a streetcar at Cinema Vozdovac stop around 13:15 on december 29th 2016 - the driver of the streetcar No. 9 (green color, Belgian made, Swiss donation, with a second wagon) whom I would be able to positively identify did the same thing – driving like crazy and coming to almost a sudden stop which produced enormous amount of braking asbestos dust that I had to inhale. I think I inhaled enough asbestos recently that was intentionally produced by the Serbian streetcar drivers for ten cancers. Even though this guy was more perfidious in his doing, which was not so obvious like before (less burning smell and not exactly a sudden stop) – I do not know what exactly he did, but the amount of asbestos polluted dust (from braking) was about the same - to feel in the air and inhale.
I wonder what if this guy was the cook that served me? what if he was my doctor? and there are many people like him. I do not have a problem with anyone - they do and they are trying to create problems for me. they are trying to make me sick and shorten my life. they already diminished the quality of my life tremendously. I think everywhere I felt much better than here in Serbia. even in Norristown, one of the dullest places in the States, there was a way out to freedom. here in Serbia you are bound to Serbia and Serbian ways. the malevolent ones that you do not want to know about. the Serbian madness machine and evil, they are not my problem. they are trying to make it one, the reason why I feel as if something is compressing my chest and is preventing me to breath and have enough air, perhaps from this event today (i am updating my original post.) I am waiting for a day when they will hate me no more. but the difference will be that I won’t be the same, I am already changed a lot under Serbian influence. that much that i do not recognize myself no more. sumbitch.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


serbia - the country where the crowd determines your destiny.this may be the first and only case in the history of mankind when almost the entire nation was (is) stalking one person for the heck of it.
Thanks be to God not all Serbs are bad. Today a few guys were running after me to return my cell phone that fell out from my pocket in public transportation in Belgrade, Serbia. So I do not know what to think anymore, but the truth is the majority or minority of them is after me. That is because I do not know their names and there are many of them - bad Serbian apples out there. so it is all the same to me - it can be thousands or millions - do not know who they are. they ruined my life and now trying to poison me with their evil and kill me.  
from 2003 to the time when the still present political option took power in Serbia I did not have as many problems, just sporadically. I am not blaming the people in power, but it is coincidence that as of their coming to rule my security went downhill. I got beaten to almost death couple of times and motherfuckers tried poisoning me here and there while all the time someone was trying to expose me as a village idiot so other motherfuckers go after me too. even without this added on - forced on harassment my life would have been miserable out here.
prior to that, Serbs destroyed my family and the only woman that I ever loved was thus prevented living with me – by not virtue of the American laws, because what American governemnent did to me was purely illegal, but by virtue of the Serbian wills, wishes and wants. this is why. fucking bullshit bastards. No other Serbian lady can replace my former lady because Serbs are below her standards. Thus serbs destroyed the love of my life. it is their crime - they washed their hands and now are trying to blame me - their victim - for something they are making up. which is the natural thing criminal minds would do. blame the victim!!!!! i feel as if they are trying to kill me too.
I do not know the names of these serbs that are after me but one of those guys unveiled himself couple of years ago when he started spitting at me which after I complained about it at my blog herewith started the avalanche of Serbs spitting and hatred likewise. that was the guy who apparently asked my late father for free legal advices while i was in the USA and the guy who ran the Society of American and Serbian Friendship, also the best known 'Serbian' Knights Templar.
how easy is to get someone in Serbia? – that easy that for twenty dollars you can get a junkie to stab anyone with a needle or syringe  without having to say welcome to reality you have HIV. Couple of days ago when I was looking for antiques at Kalenic Market, Belgrade I felt as if someone stabbed me in the crowd while passing behind esp. since serbs and gypsies there were told to go brush themselves off me to "transfer good luck" (!) a number of people brushed off my back that day while passing by from behind trying "to take my energy" (these trash pickers there are highly superstitious) so when I got home my underpants had a blood speck as if someone stabbed me at that spot in the ass. in the much crowded place it is impossible to determine what really happened.
this movie clip here shows how I feel serbs were dealing with me in the last 13 years of my life. some evil assholes just throw you in the church and set it on fire and you cannot do anything about it. you are bleeding, they know you are bleeding and they just add insult to your injury. serbs! they beat you up, poison you if they could. crazy stuff, that is my life in Serbia. never thought, I would be in the country where people hate you for nothing. I mean Kafka's stuff is all made up, this is the fucking reality. I did absolutely nothing to them, nothing to anyone. I think what goes in Serbia is sort of satanic ritual whereby these serbs (after me) are Satanists or just a bunch of useful stupid idiots, retards doing it for somebody. that’s what happens since i am as innocent as a child’s pants. if this country was smart overall this would not have happened to me. not! if I committed any crimes they would have dealt with me otherwise, but they did not! plus whatever I say will be silenced by the murmur of not only thousands but millions of Serbs whereby the worst happened – the love of my life was forever lost. Some of them are trying to perfidiously deal with me thinking they will achieve some cheap points for their own sake, what a bunch of sleazy a-holes. my reality now is - no peace til the end of my life. the reality of the serbian curse just happened to me - "what will remain of serbia will be five serbs under one pear tree", translated - in my personal life it is so. i do not have nothing good to expect here no more. not anything good.  
just following up from yesterday - what a fucking bastards some of these people are it is amazing. just went out to the store and had more problems than most of them had in their lifetimes. fucking bunch of mean retards. whatever that is that serbs are after me - they are just going strong and i am suffering like Christ! nobody has lost life let alone job over this situation as yet so they feel nothing, they feel the fucking serbian wings giving them more power. i suspect all serbian haters around the world are thrilled having a blast - finally they see the blatant example of who the serbs really are - halfwit retards tormenting one of their own - the worst of the worst kind of bastards. nowadays there is no comparison throughout the world. 

Monday, November 28, 2016


….in all honesty I am not sure if these are the Knights Templar or just a bunch of useful idiots selling dirty books on the sidewalk approx. 200 yards away from the national library of Serbia in Belgrade right next to the public transportation stop on bulevar oslobodjenja - right at where you see the red X mark on the photo enclosed.
they never did it before, they were always sort of behaving, but not today. I can only say they spat a lot which was not polite in the windy conditions, not a mark of someone that wants to sell their goods whatever that may be. to me they do not look like  Knights Templar. what was that all about if you are standing there in not an aggressive manner - just glancing their books on the sidewalk and this trash spits at you. noon-time. not a very bright idea on their part. but again this nation is not a very bright one which underlies the existence of this defensive blog. many Serbs are dissatisfied with many things and must be they are looking for an easy target, a scapegoat, an easy fix to resolve their problems. but they forgot there is a wolf in my surname and i have tendency to show teeth when confronted. I think evil that I am surrounded with lies in the false presumption that they wrongly believe that at one point of time I influenced their lives. Why me? I mean I was posted to the public. How stupid one needs to be to reason like that. I see no other cause. BUT THE FACT IS, the number one Knights Templar in Serbia started the spitting thing – something I had written about many times earlier. I think a neat way to set the Serbs straight would be by addressing them in the world now by the words – BE GOOD – as a warning to remember to put out their good side first and not the bad side many are inclined upon. So whenever you are checking out Serbian passport anywhere instead of welcome or goodbye say BEHAVE BE GOOD  and this may do the trick, at least an inch progress of what needs to be done. PLEASE BEHAVE - BE GOOD. I mean there are indigenous people in our backyard and we need to make them compatible with 21st century ways. the progress of doing this will be reflected in the quality of my life. when I no longer post things like: the guy who drove red colored bus on the bus line 33 (licence plates: bg 782 ZS) in Belgrade around 13:30 hrs on November 27th 2016 should be laid off for not being professional and up to public service standards…this will mean that Serbia did it, though in this lifetime with this type of  progress being made (still prevented from being able to enjoy privacy, have family and decent living in Serbia) I do not think it won’t be as nearly as possible without the divine intervention and without the intervention of good people of the, especially Western, world. in the first place, if I had the problem with anyone – I would have come talk to the person in question. what they did was - they started spitting at me without even a word. after that, my research was easy as far as to who's the person in question, generalia is all over the net, but why? i guess you have to become Knights Templar yourself to find out. i doubt those (many) serbs that get on that train playing out useful idiots and doing the same thing know why the things have to be the way they are too - their goal is just to make me miserable because they do not care about their actions - and it is why i am complaining about. full stop.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Why Serbs hate me? Because they as a whole destroyed my family. I was not the one who had the choice whether to stay with my wife and child or not? Someone chose for me. Also I cannot say that some particular Serbs did it, unfortunately, I can only say Serbs did it.
Therefore some of them, that in practice translates to many, feel their responsibility and hate the one they wronged. The bad news is their hatred is natural – it is the phenomenon studied by psychologists. The same thing goes for some American folk too. 
Lastly, they cannot make it up to me because what they have done is irreversible and irreparable. That is why they do not allow me to get married again, because once I am outside of home they are controlling my every step and every move. It is practically the prison without walls. This city. I am talking Belgrade, Serbia. BECAUSE YOU MUST HATE THE ONE YOU WRONGED, SERBIA.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

If Conan O’Brien was part of my posse, I would not need becoming a Roman Catholic, that is for sure

today I’ve seen a guy that belongs to the top echelons of szerb military counterintelligence and we had a short muted staring contest on the street. I wish I could’ve invited him into my office to have a little conversation with him, not in my knifing outfit, of course and then I would have offered him some coffee and some good pappy van winkle's 20th anniversary family reserve. I would have beat him in the game of chess, naturally and goodness, I would ask him what is it that bothers him in me? or rather, what is it – that yearns in him to get on me, or in me?  if you have forgiven someone then you are done with that person. I would have asked him what is it he did not forgive me as yet and lastly I would ask him where the center of the world is.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Like I had written, the number one Maltesian Knight Templar in Serbia Vojkan (Vojislav) Milosevic who happens to be my neighbor started spitting at me few years ago and this trend was quickly followed by the numerous other citizens. he pretends not to recognize me now when i am around and does not spit anymore but his legacy lives. What sparked this post was this evening’s walk through neighborhood when two individuals that looked more like small time crooks rather than Knights Templar exited one café and one of them immediately spat not on the ground in front of him but up high into air, at and towards me – the spit that wind brought onto my face – and then they entered the white Skoda Favorit – with licence plates: BG 918 JF. They looked very mean and I am sure that by way of their walk - looking for trouble but not fearing it - they sported some weapons too.
According to internet – Maltesian Knights Templar are Catholic order and there are only two publicly known Knights in Serbia which is predominantly Orthodox country: this neighbor and Vojislav Seselj. Unless you go to the page here which I did not bother to read:
Why did not I bother to read? Because I do not want any further trouble with these guys? I can only say that I have nothing but words of praise for Pope Francis. So what’s the problem? If I say that I respect the Pope and think he is a great man what else do you want from me? I can only feel that this situation leads to my execution. I do not expect anything good from anybody based on my previous  experience. I got used to the perfidious people and ways. From this point and on, there is no way I won't believe that any sickness I incur in future they did not give it to me somehow. Why? If I was spat at for no reason at all, what will they do to me when they have got a reason - this blog, this post, now. Reading on elsewhere about Templars, it appears they had a ritual where they had to spit at the statue of Christ in order to become ordained. Well, I must say that to your dismay I am not Christ so please let go off me. Some people – mostly Spanish - were also dubbed me Satan in the past but I am not Satan either – otherwise I would have become a Heavy Metal lord by now. Thinking of it, how easy is to hate somebody just because that person was born in particular country like Novak Djokovic? Luckily for Novak, there an’t no personalities in Serbia that are heating up hatred against him locally but the internet (users' comments following up on the sport news) hatred against Novak from the western world is huge. Even though he is a better player than Nadal, Federer and Murray he will never attain their fame and glory in the Western world due to his background only. He may be the Christ of tennis but - with some hardheaded dickheads - he will always be dubbed tennis world Satan for the rest of his life.  

as I am following this up on november 15th 2016 I have witnessed today that this terror only continues with less fervor but it is there. as I was waiting in the line in the post office in vojvode stepe blvd I believe after I had said that I got something from Bosnia (which is a no-no to say with some people here esp if you have your back turned to them) and not the Republic of Srpska one guy that was passing by behind me tried to kick me from behind in the groin area. I could not see because my back was turned to him and indeed I have uncomfortable feeling as a medium grade pain down there. this indeed was something sent from Bosnia and not the Republic of Srpska so I was not demining the importance of the Serbian republic within Bosnia - and i could not lie. what bothers me is the fact that these people can spit at or kick me as they like with impunity. so If I need to become Roman Catholic in order to be left alone I will do that. I respect both the Pope and the Black Pope as the greatest world sovereigns – just leave me alone – big PLEASE – and if this was too idolatryc and way too sentimentally said – let me then say that I do not care about them or anything in particular cos I do not have any kind of protection within Serbia and loyalty and belief are the cheapest goods around here these days.

Let me also say that I am not too stupid. some of the people here are acting as if someone is writing up my blogs. look, these are my hangman easy standard and hard level scores – I beat the computer at all times. I am ready to take the timely limited challenge with any Serbian citizen out there playing to 100 and will beat him in this game without cheating, period. so do not let some of these people living in serbia lie to you that I am too stupid and that I do not deserve to live. just release your grip a little bit and let me breathe. look here, I even beat the computer at chess. there will be some who could do that, but not too many. what I do not understand is the following: why those people that obviously have a problem with me – why they do not talk to me instead of pushing their dogs onto me?!!!! why?

following up on november 16th 2016: as i exited for a brisk walk between 18 and 19 hrs and coming back home while walking on vitanovacka street a car stationed on sidewalk pulled out quickly as if its driver wanted to run me over but i managed to jump aside. 

following up on November 17th 2016: last night could not sleep for lights were directed into my room from nearby high-rise on vojvode stepe blvd where some military counterintelligence people live. Today it was the same old but without physical approaches although a laser must have been pointed into my eyes from a distance as I was walking because they hurt a lot. I was walking because even though I have a monthly paid ticket for public transportation I do not want to suffer harassment in their vehicles both from the public and drivers so I choose to walk from one part of city to another plus it is healthier. if united states would care to make up 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000
00000001 of an inch for what they mistakenly did to me, they would make sure to lay off a number of PT drivers from belgrade’s public transportation because they behave and act like a mafia syndicate. obviously someone is pushing them onto me, and like I said if it is necessary to become a Roman Catholic in order for their harassment to stop, I will. other than that serbs are publicly soliciting if I got money and how much, trying to set me up with problems with local mafia that would kill and maim for $5 (five bucks!). also, as I was walking downtown a piece of shit sporting a pretty girl said to her while walking by: look there he is, he is saying he does not have the freedom to move in the city! there was nobody never set up against so many ignorant, arrogant and hostile people without any help from anyone because everyone is scared, I am losing friends, all the good people i had, their numbers are dwindling, people are scared, scared from their countrymen – you know what the acronym SYOA stands for – scared from secret services, scared from the retribution of Knights Templar, scared from military and their secret services, scared from hooligans and reckless hoodlums, and finally scared from mean rascals of all sorts that crawled out from nowhere with green light to do harm. i think their goal is to isolate me and according to Cliff Curtis the ultimate punishment is peace taken away from you.

the part of what is going on was best described by journalist Goran Milic who said recently: Serbs are on a power trip meaning that in Serbia the strongest ones dictate with brute raw force what is going to be and how it is going to be disregarding the need for the intellect so one cannot reason with these guys. the only way you can reason would be if you are stronger and feared.