Saturday, April 22, 2017

What’s up with you Serbia, the country of tennis champions and slobbering spits?

nude pictures of mine are floating around and some idiots are grinning at me as though they found the gold stash while throwing the unflattering comments as they are passing by. where did they get them from - my phone was serviced at ProMobi Samsung licensed service in Belgrade. this harassment involves millions of serbs – as they are all the same to me and i cannot make a difference between them and always there is a new person involved in the harassment. i cannot keep track and account of them all. that is why i say, the millions.
few years ago, this neighbor at the screenshot herewith, whose name I do not want to mention as it is starting to get to me, and whose actions led numerous people to start spitting at me right after I was beaten not too far away from his house in Belgrade, started the spitting bouts…whenever he saw me he was spitting at me while passing by like I was the baphomet. I found connection because he apparently self described himself as the Maltesian Knight Templar and I watch History channel a lot so I know that Templars were accused of spitting at the statue of Christ. I do not know where and how did he get the idea to spit at me. my writing about his spitting actions led numerous people in Serbia to copy cat him and spit at me likewise while truth to be said these motherfuckers falsely believe that they will be protected by this secret society for their acts and this guy by his looks may be the Serbian opinion leader so for them what he does goes. they copy the acts of their leaders. they feel this situation is free for all and they are enjoying in it (God bless Serbs, instead of protecting weak and innocent esp. those they do not know). to give you a comparison imagine if someone advertised a room where sex worker offered free sex for everyone willing to appear even on a short notice; all those spitting at me would be in line waiting there, there is no doubt in my mind. these serbs are suckers. whatever these "executioners of patriotic acts" were told to - goes. no matter what. I am saying dangerous idiots and so many. giving an intrigue to these Serbs to handle is like giving a Porsche to an idiot. 
by God, if I received a dollar for every spit that was directed at me I would have been a very rich person by now.

there is another problem as well – many serbs do not recognize what liability is and they do what and as they like. currently, however crazy it may have seemed, they are enjoying to sneak behind me pretending or actually trying to kick me in the nuts. many of them do so which leads me to believe that any american redneck, hobo or even nutcase can - by virtue of their appreciation for another individual's human rights and/or another person's life and well being - immediately join the serbian academy of arts and sciences; the differences between american and serbian people as far as good demeanor and promotion of human welfare are concerned (as far as i lived up to it) as well as intelligence wise, are so great and immense that I feel it is a sentence having to spend  life amongst serbs. and having said this, i assume that spending life by the indigenous Americans in 19th century, even though they were wild, was the great experience. in other words, on the scale from 1 to 10, i could not even rate my serbian experience, it is well below zero. there is also the known saying in Serbia: “Serbian business” which means that there is a sick trait in serbs, a trait that had been recognized in Serbian collective rather, to do harm (bothering, humiliating, hurting, vandalizing properties) to someone even if it may cost them their good fortunes and even sometimes their lives. I feel that they perceive me as a joke but it is completely different story as well. I am writing this as this evening I was spat at by the guy who passed me by the CAFFE CLINIQUE DU PARC on krusedolska street in Belgrade around 20:50 PM. he spat at me from three yards distance and his spit entered my mouth (my nose is broken and I breath while keeping my mouth open a lot of times) but he walked by as if nothing happened so I was confused pretty much and as I turned around he disappeared as he probably entered this night club there. as im walking in Belgrade im expecting threats, imminent dangers and even possible kidnapping so im on the lookout at all times but this was something new in the repertoire of these Serbian monsters. My life has never been easy around here. one of my greatest wishes would be to walk freely and peacefully paying no mind in Belgrade along some girlfriend (tough luck for that as they are all influenced by this hostile environment – Custer was able to find himself girlfriend with hostile Indians – take a note of that) free of viruses that I can get or that I got from these motherfuckers spitting at me. I am probably asking too much as obviously serbs have something else in their minds.

many here are preventing my progress and issues like mine (me) are a very good smoke screen - decoy as well for the top echelons of serbian government and businesses and by placing my sorry ass in the line of fire they hide many problems and affairs of their own and make themselves truly invisible. instead of protecting me they are spreading the fire by and large capitalizing on the harassment.

last minute follow up april 25th: i've been doing an orthopan today, and just by not expecting anything good from the serbs i wondered how long i was exposed to radiation, it seemed way too long and my x ray came whiter than white as  though it was eaten by radiation. may be there was something wrong with their x ray machine but since i am persona non grata in serbia i could expect anything and every time i encounter these people i am expecting the worst from the serbs so i am hardly surprised by anything unless it hurts a lot. another thing i did not see coming - this evening around 22:00 - 23:00 PM, i was shopping at the maxi store on bulevar oslobodjenja nearby the trg oslobodjenja taking one hour to sort through and complete my groceries list and finally when i came to register the lady who was obviously vojvoda seselj's supporter (a person with krajina accent) - said well i cannot give you discount because your mother may be dead?!! after i asked her is she was kidding or not and her confirmation - that was enough for me to leave it all there and walk out from the fucking store. fucking disgusting place. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

even Nubbuck djokovic does not live here, being a serb. what else. I do not want to say nubbuck but this time I had to, I do not know why. No disrespect. just like you do not say God's name. This is however my favorite Serbian person ever and whatsoever.

many serbs are in constant pursuit of their victims. they are looking for the smallest signs of disrespect for starting trouble with you, like catching your eye glance. yesterday, as I was passing by the Gymnasium No. 12 in Belgrade, vojvode stepe blvd., I felt sorry for ever disrespecting black youth while living in the states. black youth in comparison to these Serbian teenage boys, I passed by yesterday, are naïve and harmless unless the fear in you concocts various imaginations about them. I mean Serbian guys do not mind kicking you because serbs have no idea what liability is. their looks mean no good. let alone liability serbs have no common sense what art is. their national museum has been closed since I came to this country. there are good people still, but if I did not meet so many nasty, outrageous and vicious serbs I would not be writing about them. of course there is an American man behind all of this liable for setting my foot into this damned place where you should had been hated by God for been placed here. his name, actually, was hon. Charles “the nazi hunter” m. honeyman ( who received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Roanoke College in 1971 and it is a pitty he is jewish American, because I do not want to have any bad feelings for jews on account of this person who actually is a Zionist as well.) Because if God loved you, you would have been well off in Switzerland or Paris unless the God had a mission for you to suffer and face a horrible death and torment by these Serbian soldiers of doom. I guess I am supposed to give myself willingly for all the good people of the world and to made sin for you girls and guys. just the serbs showed no ingenuity at all in finding the object such as cross as a tool for crucifixion, they are going a step back using the brute force to violate you inclusive of the wickedness of their untamed mind. will you love me in return?>

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

there are some things that the Universe is taking care of

when you could not take good care of and accept one of your own now you will have six million of them coming into the country and taking care of you. the second flooding. it's the universal justice. 

Saturday, April 08, 2017

can you imagine jews targeting serbs for holocaust???????

I am not saying serbs are animals! but they are behaving like animals towards me and I cannot do nothing about it. I cannot stop it. once again this evening as I was crossing slavija square, a streetcar driver applied brakes in sneaky (as I was standing by), exaggerated fashion which left me in the smelly (as if something’s burning) cloud of semi-asbestos dust. I had to wait until the street car passed having to smell and breath in all that poisonous and cancerogenic  stuff. this is happening all too often. serbs are targeting me. need I say that this was done on purpose. later aboard a bus sixteen year olds were making jokes whether to kick me or not as I was exiting. I am positive that nowadays serbian nation is entirely inhuman. practically one cannot make a difference between people that do not want to do harm to you and those itching to damage you. they all look the same so this is why I am scared of utilizing all sort of Serbian services as I am not sure which kind will I encounter, which kind will serve me. those that make jokes about kicking you from behind as you are exiting something (bus or store) they are ready to do anything. they are not human. there is not anything funny about it. they are targeting the innocent one. Me. can you imagine jews targeting serbs for holocaust??????? It is what goes on here in serbia. also I was thinking, if I ever get married it will be out of a pure interest and who is then liable for maintaining my relationship in the sense – who will be the one responsible for lubing it. no woman will stay with me for love (the one who may like wellington’s nose) as not anyone is interested in having to go through this Serbian torture (nasty looks being the softest side of it, and even being spat and coughed at sometimes feels like nothing in comparison to people getting ready to kick you in the nuts). and when will that happen in other words when will I - in this serbian hell - have family and a peace of mind. I am sure serbs are trying to kill me before that happens because they know this situation is irreversible. they cannot compensate me if they gave me the entire Serbia. same thing with the united states. It is only my point of view, naturally they all would disagree with that, but in my shoes they would all think like me. God would have been on my side  - it’s for sure. they went viral in the recent months with the spitting thing and now they are going the same way with physically attacking me, allegedly potentially, as some have been pretending they were about to for now, but that does not mean that they won’t throw an actual kick – and they might have done it  (felt concerning pain several times after exiting, however in the past I found out I have a great tolerance for pain, for example when I was punched or kicked fighting as a kid, I never felt it right off.)  the last thing I am going to do is to challenge serbs with C'mon farts Im willing to give everybody some. I am truly amazed how the balance of Serbian proper reasoning favors the ugly kind. There are few people like nubbuck djokovic and they are powerless.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

will never get married here and pop my cherry!!!

for the fourth time in life met the same woman, pixie cut, probably the only woman in this country (serbia) that could fulfill my physical and emotional needs but was prevented by the god-awful actions of these people (in serbia – riding with me – hope God punishes a few mavericks here) to make a second contact with her. she entered streetcar at takovska street station and wonder why was not she exiting at the same stop with me. was hoping she was going to exit as id just wanted to say hi. the last time I saw her – her colleague or friend did not have a ticket to ride – so they both exited sooner – missed a chance to say hi there too and tell her I had missed the chance earlier last year – when they had that ticket problem. this day – im pretty sure she either moved up the street or were ashamed to be by me while exiting or going to the same store which I usually go to (maxi on vojvode stepe blvd.) – when getting off the transportation. fingers crossed she is still available but not!, why ending up holding up anyone?!! it is unfair. Let them have thy freedom!!!! To me , it looks like this was the only and quite rare – unique chance. God damn awful people!!!!!!