Saturday, September 15, 2018

no joke lil hometown jams that will make you far more than just being pissy

all in all, serbia sucks monkey's ass big time! 

when you acquire bum rap with one nation it is extremely hard to shake it off.
on top of that you have to fear for your life all the time at unusually usual locations like at your local market store. sorry, can't keep this bullcrap under wraps.
the particular meat deli guy at autokomanda's maxi supermarket store (delhaize joint) in belgrade has been refusing to remember to put on gloves when handling my meat and today before serving me he disappeared somewhere for a minute. only later on i was thinking - was he doing something else on top of mishandling my order. i should have waited to see if he put on the gloves for another customer in line.i now think so. not for me though.
alas, i was not aware of anything until i got home and touched my face around eyes and it was burning as if i had touched it with something pretty acidic. all i did was carrying a plastic bag where the meat was, holding its handles. so, i am asking myself could acid be all over meat that he was handling as well as on the bag handles?
i did not want to touch meat to find out because that would have do me up, having to find out that someone was about to murder me.
it's just one guess but a formerly recorded prejudice on the part of that person comes to mind and produces the possible synopsis for this morning's event. and so, why serbs are targeting me? not because they are animals, as animals in my book are much kinder beings than people. it is because they are much, much worst. almost like demon like figures in Hebrew scripture. for these guys words like: pain in the butt, unsportsmanlike conduct, professional assholes...they are all compliments. 

st Nicholas church in philadelphia, usa. serbs in there started the bum rap and then soon enough i was wrongly accused of terrorism, genocide and who knows what not when someone (imo) anonymously called fbi and then they relayed that rap to serbs in serbia which have been holding the grip on my existence in the last 15 years. and if not so, what exactly was the reason that made americans twitch out and escort me from the states even though i was working for the U.S. government part time. what kind of terrible world is that when you cannot see child in 15 years. 

last night, around 22:00 hrs, i was walking with my english bullterrier through banjica woods and as we passed the group of arabs (men talking in arabic) who were smoking something acrid in the pitch dark (definitely not marijuana) which immediately kicked off an allergy fit in me, we came across another dark quarters without any lights where i could only discern a young girl’s silhouette sitting on much larger guy's lap, in a hug romance position, head towards head. as we passed, the girl yelled: PLEASE STOP! there was a brief commotion followed by silence and all I could imagine was that the guy was pointing a knife at her stomach and as she yelled he must have pressed the sharp point more into her so that she keeps quiet. my bullterrier for some reason did not want to proceed any further, and I could only drag him so i had to stop as well. what is going on? - I was thinking to myself as it seemed to me that she was hailing Mary! now what would you people do in the country where serbs attack you unprovokedly for no reason other than prejudice and rap they hear with clear intention to kill and maim even in daylight like (alleged dr. vet.) mr milan milijasevic had done when he came after me with a deadly weapon in a full blown tantrum. that was the situation that happened recently and is proceeding legally at this point, profusely biased and extremely unfair to me at that, also the one i did not want to be in with me neither developing nor escalating to its final outcome. if the said milijasevic was innocent why he needs top hat serbian lawyer with links everywhere? where the videos of who started what disappeared after that lawyering up? that serbs are setting me up again are no news, it is only a damn shame for the u.s. government that allowed all this to happen, the more serious things that make mocking a bliss. which makes me think that milijasevic's attack was premeditated (i have been known all over serbia for that rap; and it feels like as if there is a green light for all hot serbs out there – go git him, destroy the bastard!) or the guy is a pure unpredictable closet psychopath, like many around. so with that experience and coming back to the point regarding last evening, would you come close in dark and ask the young lady if she was okay, where there is no one else around but four of us. forget about cops, in serbia they would never come around for alarm like that. or could it be that those two, princess skinny type and the beast, were premediating something as well? perhaps trying to jump me for some dough, although my bullie was around. that would have been a bit of an affair though. what would you have done? would you dare finding out if that was a hail Mary in my shoes? or would you continue to walk? I did. pls tell me if i was on point whenever you get to know me and I ty for that ahead in time.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

small time Serbian souls

. I was a dumming asshole like that (for educational, social and cultural serbian upbringing) until i hit the U.S.; a mind opening experience. and, drugari (serb., sic!), who knows what would have been of me if I had lived in paris, France?! could have changed the world, perhaps. at least I got the opportunity to post here about it; otherwise, I would not get hands dirty. this post justifies the monetary fine i have to pay to the serbian society; it is well worth it. kind hearts deserve praise and anonymity and blatant assholes and bums not by any means! shamefaced much for not having time to translate this bullcrap into English so take a wyld wyld guess. u got to trust me on this one.