Tuesday, May 22, 2018

few honest and desperate thoughts – I swear by George W, the life in serbia is no good

I cannot say much about this guy that goes around by name of dr zoran visnjic (from bijeljina, brcko or zvornik in bosnia – the republic of srpska) except that he looks something like yugoslav journalist miroslav lazanski as well as this guy here, just older now:

and that he threatened me this evening (viber telephonics on may 22nd 2018) with words: I was in a war and you will have a war with me. in other words, he is going to kill me or send someone to do it as I imagine that is what bosnian serbs do when they say things like that. I told him back that I was very afraid of him. he replied: I am just waiting for you to post about me on internet, go ahead, try….
(alleged dr) zoran visnjic (living in the republic of srpska) is going to serbia very frequently because two of his daughters are allegedly studying in serbia (belgrade or novi sad?). he drives newer BMW SUV X-series and occasionally a Glam Coral colored Fiat 500. to make things worse he allegedly was a deputy minister for the state security in the Republic of Srpska. in other words, a bosnian serb government’s top rated spook and a retired cop. couple of years ago, dr stanislav zivkovic gave him my number (a big mistake on the part of my friend Stasa, he is 94 years old, God bless him, but I called him this evening to mention what is going on – and he felt sorry for introducing me to this person). some time ago "dr" visnjic purchased the painting from me that I had acquired from zoran vujicic -  the president of vujicic art foundation. allegedly, ‘dr’ visnjic is now upset about the condition of that painting (somebody advised him that -?); at least that is the catch he now sports often to create problems. I can only vouch that this painting was given to him in the exact same condition as it was in when I received it from the Vujicic’s fund, with all certificates, four times below its market price value. in other words, the painting that he is now trying to smudge, smear and 'burn', the big name in yugoslav art, he got for next to nothing. to be honest, i am not sure what his problem really is - is the condition everything - i guess not - or is he just another bucksooze - serbian slang for bad news - at any rate. i asked him to go to nikola kusovac to reconfirm that is the work, but he refused. the ‘dr’ visnjic (who is now also saying that he never introduced himself as a doctor to me) is advertently or inadvertently trying to smudge, smear and ‘burn’ this work – so I had to say herewith where I got if from; everything was very legit and transparent and the work is also certified by two experts. now ‘dr’ visnjic is trying to act as even the bigger expert than nikola kusovac and dr stanislav zivkovic. this work – that he for some reason does not like now - was also displayed at this exhibition here:

and it is reproduced in the catalog published by the serbian army’s gallery in belgrade (it was there in the exact same condition – owned at that time by the vujicic art fund whose collection was shown on this occasion and the exhibition was sponsored by the serbian government and you can see this work hanging in the image above). it looks to me that this guy zoran visnjic wants to advertently create some problems and to disrupt and ruin reputation which may sound like a ‘black op’ too on the part of the government (that portion i have been complaining about) cos he is the asset, just retired. last month he bought two more paintings from me and now he does not want to pay for them as we had agreed. he is also holding a third painting that he took from me to resell for profit in montenegro (that has been in some montenegrin gallery as far as i know). this is a view from zoran visnjic's apartment on the coast of montenegro, so this must be the city where the aforementioned art gallery is located (it may be budva or kotor):
I told him several times, if he does not pay I will submit a felony charge for defraudment and pursue my rights in court, but ‘dr’ visnjic likes to act like a thug keeping saying that he will come to my house to settle. also the problem on my part is the way he talked to me – I am expecting the worse. thugs or sniper. police officers from his region are notorious for killing belgrade's urban kingpin zeljko raznjatovic arkan, so they do not hesitate to engage in crime related activities. I can also imagine him coming to my place himself with a revolver ‘to settle’. this was something the united states government must have known when they forced me to go back to serbia as the ways that serbs and montenegrins are finding to bitter my life are endless and they do it on purpose. I have to go public with this article because I think ‘dr’ visnjic is going to do some damage to me or my property so to prevent this – and expose this person ahead of time. little helps.

many cops are dealing fine art in serbia. owner of one gallery is also a top serbian cop. one retired spook owns antique shop. another montenegrin person that works as highway patrolman (interceptor) is part time dealer on the side. and so on. they or somebody else could have told this visnjic person: it's rubbish. you should have bought something better from me, i would have given you something much better. go harass your money back! - it's a business as usual around here as now zoran visnjic is putting up a pressure (in the manner of a crook) to return everything that he bought and keep unpaid art items - unpaid. their (cops dealing art in serbia and montenegro in 2018) positions give them countless networking opportunities cos serbs like uniforms. being a spook or cop in serbia, that is the excellent position to attract many customers. however, their jealousy and spite have stories to tell. according to zoran visnjic (at this point i must assume that is this person's real name) he did not know that the top cop whose art gallery he (visnjic) visited was in the police force and what position the gallery owner holds in police hierarchy. we were talking about ivan jaksic from beli andjeo gallery, he stated then: "now that you told me that - I will progress in relationship next time, i will get bargains", visnjic said. majority of cops - art dealers are serbs of montenegrin origin and they hate my guts. I do not know why – I never gave a thought about them in my life - they must be very mean and/or jealous to act like they do. montenegrins for some reason lie a lot to put a dirt on me. I think these are intentional lies to discredit one person and not lies based on ignorance. they hate me. apparently zoran visnjic, if he is not on the mission – cos his talk has been fishy, was in the company of some of them and this is what happened – they told him all kinds of things and this person who is not very proficient in fine art, at a beginner level, could have been easily duped by their remarks. last year, when I was purchasing car this visnjic person was following me around (to help me or perhaps gather information about me) and I must say that zoran visnjic is very well known – esp. among car dealers - we went to renault hit auto in belgrade (serbia) and the owner of the business, zoran dragoj (they knew each other very well from earlier) showed visnjic his serbian top secret security clearance certificate provided on the national level by the BIA agency that can be compared only with CIA in the U.S., so I am pretty sure that dr visnjic is able to create a lot of trouble for me in this neck of the woods and im not pulling anyone’s leg by writing this report.  

another thing that was highly spooky and spoke miles about zoran visnjic's proficiency in fine art was his comment after he had taken the last two paintings from me: "i will return them to you if my art adviser stijelja says that this art in his opinion is not valuable." i told him then right off the bat, no effin stijelja is going to decide over the quality of this art. take it or leave it now. he proceeded to take it. i found out that stijelja is someone who has just finished fine art academy in belgrade, a young painter. he was supposed to judge old yugoslav masters. now alleged 'dr' zoran visnjic is trying to wrongfully force himself upon me. 'da me jebe' as they say in serbian. 

last minute: this morning (may 24th 2018) i met with dr stanislav zivkovic to discuss this problem regarding zoran visnjic among other things and he told me: you ate shit for giving him ability to pay in installments.you should have kept the works until he paid everything to you, he is blackmailing you now. which is true. and second, another friend has pondered today jokingly: someone must advise zoran visnjic that sava sumanovic cannot be bought for 100 euros as he is expecting to get real things at miserable prices. zoran visnjic is apparently running regional advertisement from bijeljina in the republic of srpska - 'old yugoslav masters wanted' although he did not say that he would like to pay with peanuts and then create numerous problems. he has a list of artist names and each artist on the list is valued according to visnjic's easy art-pricing formula: square inches x price per inch. he must have thought that i was not a tough cookie although he admitted to me that he is avoiding conflicts with bosnian muslim art traders. so i was lucky i received a 'friendly' treatment. nevertheless he betrayed me likewise. his claim now apparently is - i am returning everything i bought because i overpaid! and this is why i am not paying anything i owe you! and this is why this retired the republic of srpska's high ranking spook is turning the trick - he is now claiming i owe money to him. and he is willing to shed blood apparently. imagine how would the grocery owner feel if i came back a year later with a pound of bananas (cos smudged, smeared and 'burnt' art equals rotten bananas) asking for money back claiming i overpaid one year earlier - it's the same agenda. 

related to this, serbian harassment, that goes on in circles, has just acquired the newest dimension. as I went into the local grocery store this evening, may 26th 2018, one stinky guy – reeking of tobacco smell and sweat-soaked t-shirt or skin enjoyed breathing down my neck and touching me with his sweaty elbows from behind as I stood in line to pay for my ice-cream. he was mounting self on me, you cannot call it close, even. as I observed him, it was obvious that he was doing it on purpose while assessing the damage he had created and I had to step out of line to continue waiting from aside. the hyena type smell is still in my nostrils. this was a pure provocation ordered (perhaps!) by visnjic friends in the serbian LE community – the serbian good old boys network. if i had criminal mind around here and wanted to be untouchable at the same time, i would have become a police officer in this region. playing dirty is the only game serbs know. someone is also instilling venom in people and making human bombs that just need a bit to get triggered and go off. at any rate to let them succeed in their wrongdoings would have been a crime in itself - malum in se. I am finding out that I am just the opposite of anything named serbian today. if you want to find serbian antonym, that would be me. hence this blog shows that presently either serbs are the worst of all nations with respect to human rights and freedoms or that i am the worst of them. nothing else. if that sounds next to impossible - belgrade was the first juden-frei city on the entire planet. say it comes to a revolution in this part of the world and I happen to be on top. i am waiting for one such. hoping for a serbian sequel to the american revolution.but i  need friends likewise.. got to liberate this land. duh

Wednesday, May 02, 2018


some recent thoughts….

in serbia, I feel threatened, taunted and insulted perpetually

serbian goal is to send me on the guilt trip

serbs are gaslighting me

in serbia, they play mind games with me

serbs are playing the victim all of the time

serbs are blaming the victim all the time

serbs are presuming guilt

there is a constant silent treatment (sulking) going on in serbia as a form of manipulative punishment

serbs are stonewalling me

serbs have socially isolated me

i do not feel resilient much to successfully cope with serbian adversities