Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pain in the ass in Novak Djokovic’s country

I would not be writing about this if it does not concern my well-being, otherwise I hate this topic.
National disunity and betrayal have been symbolized by the serbian coat of arms (4 S turning back onto each other), disharmony has been plaguing serbian nation since the middle ages. I would not have been hated by the serbs if I was not serb myself. highly plain-minded like sheep, many serbs assume rumors promptly which makes them believe anything, and with respect to me they believe we are not on the same level. they think i am a damn shame and they are better. at the same time, these same guys are sadomasochistically trying to get into croat’s ass, not accepting the fact that 100% of croats hate them (the usual croat insult, e pluribus unum, for serbs is - turkish blooded gypsies.) furthermore, my countrymen believe that if you are stained or tagged you are then bad example for the community because EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD MUST LIKE US,  EVEN OUR ENEMIES. this is the serbian trip and everlasting fallacy – everybody must like serbs, because we are the best and only, the most hospitable people on the planet (meant in the submissive, servant way.) thinking about it, did Krist Novoselic of Nirvana (the music band) write song Serve the Servants having the current day Balkan mentality in mind? my problem is – in reference to me, serbs took part in the creation of evil rumors which are the basis for general hatred and provocations I experience in public. actually, the rumors must have been started by the Yugoslav community in Philadelphia, USA where I lived and in that respect all I am curious about is karmic experience of people that ruined my life and family there – are they and their families better off now? they should be because they realized what they wanted to. I assume they were the Yugoslav government agents working for UDBA secret service pretending to be the regular church going Americans as it was confirmed to me by Mr. Velja Abramovic in telephonic conversation. same goes for serbs in serbia - those that are targeting me. are their lives and well-being better off now for doing it? let me point out to another fact – if any individual wanted to target any other individual on this scale – several hundred thousand serbs against only one citizen of Serbia - would it be possible without the assistance of government agencies? as a consequence, they are progressively trying to find my bads and the first thing they always come up with is – what a fool, he did it to himself. now really, if I wanted to do something like that to me – would it play out on this level and scale? c’mon. be real.

many serbs thus assume I had ashamed the nation and consequently I am not on par so they even deny my origin. as of this morning the unknown and superficially known people are provoking me by calling gypsy, the highest insult among the serbs. for example, many true native gypsies like soccer players Dragan Dzajic or Sinisa Mihajlovic shun their ancestry for fear of all the negatives this association comes with in Serbia. as a response with respect to that I feel as if a bunch of wild sheep has taken it out on me. I think nothing of the people that do not appreciate fine art, there is nothing to talk about, and as far as the present feedback from the serbian community is escalating in negative fashion, this confrontational attitude on the part of many serbs is going to last. in all honesty, figuring out my present-day countrymen, I’d rather be anything but the serb, a gypsy or any animal. Yes. it assumes more freedom. and separates you from hatred and negative attitude that you are experiencing by being close in spirit.

furthermore, many serbs that are trying to get to me still consider themselves yugoslavs. but there is Yugoslavia no more, and nobody wants to be with the serbs in yugoslavia. on the other hand serbian narcissistic attitude that comes as EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD MUST LIKE US, EVEN OUR ENEMIES constantly pushes the envelope because many serbs are forcing on their hospitality by unnaturally extending it to everyone. so it is a fucked up situation. the natural thing to do would be to extend hospitality to another serb - me. but no. they have other ideas. foreign friends tell me leave Serbia for good, what are you doing there, time flies by. but I have been starting new several times already, starting fresh is always a pain in the ass anywhere.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Austria has just won the WWI

C o n f I d e n t I a l   – the information contained herein is furnished on condition that it is to be treated as strictly confidential and no responsibility in connection therewith shall attach to the author of these lines. any factual opinion herein expressed is subject to change without notice.

Austria has just won the WWI. It practically has all its territories back with its allies enjoying the highest living standard and sanity. One hundred years after, Serbia has lost the war. Why? Well, partially, here is why. If one mirrors the Serbian behavior towards me nowadays – he would see the complete madness and insanity there on the part of many Serbs which produce nothing but the regress. And again, I am asking - why me?! Why was I singled out?! What did I miss out on? Did I kill anyone without my knowledge? Did I rape anyone? For killers and rapists are provoked in public like many Serbs have been trying to get to me. That’s what could happen to lowlife criminals in the society that is highly unsafe like the Serbian one. But what am I to Serbs? I am certainly not seen as the one like many. In the minds of many - I am something different. I feel like I am considered the enemy. The one that needs to be dealt with.

What goes on? Many citizens here are constantly pushing the envelope in relationship with me. The problem is – I do not know any of these people. They know me – but I am not paid to be the public scapegoat number one. This is where I feel that the USA let me down and thence all of my artwork is revolving around that theme – human protest, or - I am mirroring provocations that I receive daily. As if the half-baked potato was returned disguised as the hot one back to Serbia.

And so, here is one example of harassment that I am going through - from today. And I do not like giving these case examples as the Serbian copycats are immediately tryna duplicate the same situations and I am dealing with hundreds of thousands of mildly through semi to aggressive citizens of Serbia. Which means problems on every step of my way.

I went to Delhaize supermarket MAXI today on Autokomanda Square where employee Milica brought all of her family problems to work. Then she saw me coming as a chance to vent. It is a mean looking being btw, sometimes you can just tell the kind. Looking like a fifty-year old woman, Milica waited and waited until i came really close and then she slammed baskets that she was holding in my face and disturbed me because right there i knew it was intentional. my ears are still ringing.

The same day after that, somebody in the car that was parked by the VERO supermarket (Vojvode Stepe Blvd.) store - waited until I came really close and then activated rear-window washer jets and wiper which caused cleaning liquid to be sprinkled over me as I could smell it on me inside the store for several minutes.

And so on. Even if Serbs wanna pay me to be the national victim par excellence, a doll that they can keep destroying with impunity - I would not want to assume that position. Though the question is will they leave me alone? The United States I would like to hear, to find out what they think about it.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

is that HIM again? hated. ignored. molested. by useless, bitchy criminally insane, lazy balkanic bullies

whose license balkan people own for flatlining me?
just days after I vouched that Croatia became my utmost enemy for the worst insults I received in my lifetime from the Croatian person, some Serbs were coming at me vigorously proving that the city of Belgrade has the largest croat fan base around the globe. actually, some time ago I witnessed a postal employee saluting a croat speaking customer by standing up straight and numb in the post office almost in a maze as if the president came in or if she was saluting a flag or a hymn. she was hypnotized, mesmerized and it seemed just for hearing Croatian accent from zagreb. It seems Croats are dominant and popular here in Serbia, in general. it appears as if they practically own Serbia, thru and thru, starting with the music. nice Serbian ladies like Iskra Brajovic date Croats, while Croatian ladies coming to Serbia are, in comparison, rejects pretty much.
that said, at any rate, once every six months i enter dM german store at 114, vojvode stepe blvd., Belgrade, Serbia. as soon as I came in on December 22nd the lynching started there – cashier stood by me with a portable laser price scanner pointing it into my right eye from aside for at least two minutes before I noticed it. as a consequence, thirteen hours later it feels as if my vision has been messed up and eye burns. I moved on to another section and there came one female and one male employee. while standing next to me, female ordered male to bring 'the thing' – referring to the laser price scanner as to a toy (for the harassment). before he returned, I moved on knowing what would happen. I thought, these guys are crazy, they were going to chase me in the store to blind me so I came to the check out at once. there stood another male employee breathing down my neck and cashier who initiated the harassment. after she rang me up she angrily threw the empty basket before I was able to move away which produced a loud bang. I think I was terrorized there – it happened a few hours ago - and I am clueless as to why.
could someone be slandering, saying (I am referring now to the work titled the, Line in the line of Balthus - Balthus to remind you_it is nothing new - that was posted on recently) - "he is pedophile, i am an expert, i saw it on, git me another beer"
i call bullshit on all these rumors and artistic restraints as well as intolerance.
like George Tsoukalos I must say I am not against the Serbian society but I am against the Serbian population whose sick harassment and molestation i have been experiencing throughout Serbia. of course, not everyone has been involved, but many serbian citizens are going after me.
one will ask why do not I leave; and it must be some strange loving and hating relationship on my part, it is very hard to describe. it is as if I was born here, but I find myself to be the worst enemy of some people living around. pussies and douchebags wanna make you cringe. they do stuff to make you feel uncomfortable. nd they have nothing to lose.
I say not everybody, but it feels as if there are hundreds of thousands of them. i call them serbian ustashas now. i connected the new wave of harassment with anticroatian things i have said publicly. serbian ustasas
must be supporting croatia and they are all over the place, from top political figures to dm store employees. in addition, there is a store video as proof, one must ask for it. the persecution has been on - like the last night when I was on the rear platform of the bus #31 riding one stop from slavija square to karadjordjev park. fifteen seconds after the ride started, the driver who saw me in his rearview mirror activated some powerful air jet stream 30 cm away from my head that was blowing stuff in the upper compartment of the rear door that I was holding on to. the whooshing noise went on for about 45 seconds and I was thinking to move away, but then again it was only one stop. no sooner than later I realized that I breathed in all kind of dust particles that blocked my lung for the entire day today and my throat as well. it feels as if hundred of small needles are stuck in it. it was entirely on purpose and it was at about 21 hours. in the end, when you are exposed in the country where everyone knows you and where many want and do you harm, then your health, mission, and purpose do not come first and foremost. period. due to the manipulated story of my cause célèbre my infamous popularity grows - i am more known now than some serbian historical figures from the past - but i am not living off of it. it does me no good. they are poor in their hatred which makes everybody poor including me.