Friday, September 22, 2017

serbs ganging up on me

serbs are the ones that will never admit to anything. they will never say sorry bro we all wronged ya.
instead, out of spite, they will fight it out – toe to toe – with whomever until the last man standing dies. this society thrives on jealousy and stubborn spite.

presently they are ganging up on me trying to intimidate me.  following my yesterday’s post about another motherfucker spitting at me, around 10PM as I was riding in no. 25 bus a young guy (around 25 yoa) coming aboard was swishing a spit around his mouth as he came up on me (I was seated) to symbolize 'we, the serbs, are after you.'

even the joints used in my art give me no breaks. yesterday as I ordered a slice of pizza in bucko pizza shop in francuska street, belgrade, I was charged for two toppings even though I wanted half of chicken topping on one side and half of one other topping on the latter side (try them both.) anywhere else they would not make a big deal out of it, but charging me twice was a clear signal that ‘you ant gonna get in no good graces here.’


as if some evil entity is following me around and throwing dead cats into my path.
one was outside my home in belgrade and the other one
showed up in front of the bank
yesterday .
it was not there when i entered. or at least i lapsed out of my memory. how can you not remember this ?

Thursday, September 21, 2017


It was raining this morning and i was buying hoki at dusanovac fresh market - standing outside covered with a bucket hat. all of a sudden half a yard away someone coming sideways spat and I felt it was directed at me cos it was so close and loud on purpose. he could have spat 5 or 10 yards away and not very close to my head. I turned at instant ready to deck him but at the same time I was unsure what to do – I was wet on my face already from the rain and I was not sure if he spat directly at my hat and thus face, my jacket or just by me – it was done closely on purpose to unnerve me but I felt indecisive like a slave who wanted to rebel against his master. unfortunately serbs are the masters of life and death in serbia and this is their dirty game. also I was taken in by surprise – had been feeling great until then – and thereafter I have been thinking ever since what should I have done – I know this guy from around dusanovac fresh market reselling mushrooms I believe, remember his face well, and after spitting he even stopped by for a second to speak to the guy who sold me the fish. at that moment I could have applied the jewish law and reciprocate by spitting back at him – but my spit is healthy and this guy is a mess – his spit probably contains every frigging infection or nastiness that can be found in serbia. it would not squash the issue. you could have also seen the meanness in his serbian eyes that may have bastard german genes in them. the fat lady with a yellow dye gone wrong hair that is re-selling produce and buddies (a few stands away) with the said malevolent serb person saw me and what happened – and she then tried singing in the vein of la la la with a remarkably annoying voice as I was passing by her.

all in all, it was another show coming with compliments of the Serbian chapter of the knights of malta whose member or leader organized the Serbian spitting spree – as I wrote about it many times earlier. I could taste a foreign man’s spit on my lips as I am writing this. I think he tagged me for sure.

Monday, September 18, 2017


last minute: recuperating from what appeared to be acid attack from yesterday with some burning still present in my eye.
I can only vouch that present day Serbian society is anomaly to the world. and why is that….

in reference to myself there are two things that are certain

1.       99% of citizens know me and a number is trying to either harass or harm me with prejudice.

2.        I did not break any laws since I came here in 2003

who is then ordering these serbian dogs to attack me and why ?

what sparks their hatred and why are they upset with me? was I ever lying about being an extra or what? it is a ridiculous stuff.
my life revolves around escaping beatings, spitting and various other forms of Serbian harassment. who is responsible for sending me to serbia? do I get any compensation for what I am going through ? any serb can be a witness to what is going on to me. there are many witnesses, even those that are attacking me in soft fashion will be liable witnesses in the court of justice. for example older guy that met me inside a crosswalk and 'spat a hair' at me. he needs to be videotaped and followed, and then pressed by evidence. why is the guy who is pretending to be maltesian knight leading these onslaughts against my integrity ? the guy who - while I was in America - called my father for some legal help – thus I suspect that he actually did something very nasty to my father because there is no reason to behave towards me in such hostile fashion nowadays if my father had helped him legally. on my return my father showed some signs of illness – and I believe he may have been poisoned by some of these guys due to political or material reasons.

even though in reality I recognize the things are not as they should be, I still feel as a free man. I think I am not feeling fear – instead I am sensing danger. another thing to consider – I have no problem in going even to dangerous areas of various cities – but it is so unless they do not know who you are and mean no good. one of such places in Belgrade is kalenic market. and lemme tell ya, if Charlie chaplin was gypsy and andrea pirlo is gypsy, then Serbian gypsies are the worst kind of gypsies there is on the planet. at least this is what I feel when going to kalenic market where they sell second hand stuff they found in trash and elsewhere while cleaning houses. Like I said – I am known all over the place and I can sense that these guys mean no good and that they are completely instigated to hate me. as if they will go off at any moment. I can ponder how would I feel to had met Charlie chaplin in his lifetime, I think I would not be concerned one bit. and I believe these hatred is produced majorily by competition, those guys that are trying to find value in other people’s trash and that think that I am a little bit better and luckier than they are. I think it is the issue of education. And they did succeed in chasing me out of there, so why am I writing this – even that one time when I go there – perhaps once in every two months - even then I can sense enormous amount of hatred that can be unleashed and triggered by just one wrong word or look. it is why I vouch that serbia stinks as a country. I ve been to the united states and more recently to France and Croatia, and I have never felt so concerned as I did here

Sunday, September 17, 2017

serbs moving onto attacking with acid

belgrade, serbia, september 19th 2017: since occasionally dealing with and testing silver and gold I can recognize the acrid smell of acid and as I was walking today on vojvode stepe blvd around 19:30 pm I suddenly smelled what appeared to be a pungent acid smell. i noticed many strange behaving serbs too. as I got home I feel strong burning and discomfort around and in my right eye, my forehead and hook of my nose. I believe that someone somewhere somehow sprayed acid on me as I was walking by.