Saturday, December 16, 2017


this video here made in post office (in belgrade, cara dusana street, 12/15/17, ‏‎16:26 hrs) is the example of serbian gang stalking and manmade noises. do you know how frustrating is to go through this day after day? this person would not be able to kill me, but they are doing this. there are others who are trying to physically degrade my health as when pointing powerful military grade blue lasers into my genitals or eyes from hidden and/or distant places. it is mindboggling to live amongst the idiots like these.

the difference between this being just another nervous person with nervous ticks banging loudly with a coin against the counter BEHIND MY BACK is that this has been happening all over the world here for a number of years. I’ve been noticing UNKNOWN people doing similar things in the same fashion on a regular basis – as a behavioral pattern – it is impossible that thousands of them are making noises when next or close to me. I wonder what would Novak Djokovic say to this – would he approve this behavior but lately too he has become a persona non grata in Serbia according to what I can read on the internet. and note that it was lasting for a really long time before and after I was taping it, I just took a glimpse of it. and if you are thinking that I have been imagining things – one should watch the theatrical performance of RADOVAN III where it can be readily seen that this is done when Serbs want to drive someone berserk or when they believe that someone is crazy, CLICK HERE NOW and watch from minutes: 17:42 - 19:15; for example.

what is important to point out is that this is the first time I saw this person. they know me, but I do not know many thousands of them that are going after me with a plain goal of spoiling my life here in Serbia. try to just IMAGINE IF GANG-STALKING SIMILAR TO THIS COULD HAPPEN IN ANY ORGANIZED FORM IN THE UNITED STATES, GERMANY, FRANCE....any other country? if there is yet another or a parallel goal, the idea is to collectively make you lose credibility, make you seem like a nobody in the eyes of the remainder of society - then they can do anything - they can accuse you of anything and kill you - then nobody will care if you are a goner, they will all [the entire society] be saying then: good riddance. how perfidious machine the secret service and a human society could be?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Serbian porn

I may be the most loved and most hated man on earth. as far as serbia, people here enjoy accusing and putting a blame up my ass since they are allowed to. Americans gave me to the dogs. they fucking destroyed me. In Serbia much has to do with jealousy on the part of local art paddlers and handlers. they are launching stories and lie in order to prevent me from succeeding in art world. I do not remember when I was able to sell something. and with no money you are sentenced to starve, you cannot progress, cannot form yourself. you suffer. let’s see who did what to whom, who destroyed whose family? was I supposed not to talk about it and remain quiet. serbs are accusing me of being a traitor. for what? they feel guilt. and they want to make up my guilt. find me one. that is why I had been experiencing troubles from the very first day I came here. lies, lies and more lies. i am in cold war with serbia. but serbia is not in cold war with me, they are in real war. there are people here that openly and publicly state that they will deal with all traitors in serbia. plainly execute them. my dream is to reprogram myself to forget serbian language. but I cannot do that. I can listen to their war cries and exist in everlasting fear. because serbs are prone to violence and historically they have proven to be very skilled in separating you from your life. those most loud ones, they have secured their childrens’ future in the united states and overseas – but they are calling me a traitor. thus it happens that even after the visit to some macdonald’s (which I assume is the cleanest place in town) like the one on terazije I return my coffee to be made again, and even after the second time it is made, I have a troubled stomach. why? geiger counter readings in my room are double the environmental dose that I used to read in the past. within hundred of yards I am surrounded with military apartments and serbia is free country where everyone can rent an apartment near you and point new technology high energy weapon at your place which you will feel by not being able to rest – I am not able to measure the high energy magnetic fields just radiation which is obviously higher than normal, sometimes too high that it sets the beeper off, and it goes on in intervals as if someone is turning something off and on and dozing things up and down. yeah, I was given to the dogs and I am in the state of porn. there is no union no nothing. perhaps Americans were expecting me to reunite with my countrymen for good reasons as birds of a feather flock together. I guess they were right, eager for happy ending, but this movie is a flop. You cannot make an apple pie out of vicious stones.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

they want to make me feel guilty of murder. that’s the idea.

I see my life as a long-term confinement –
a bit of freedom of movement in the area of several miles
(city limits) -
with constant provocations by my “brethren” serbs.
this is like an inquisition torture
improved to match to the requirements of the XXI century.
an update
meanwhile they are constantly provoking to keep me volatile and agitated with an idea that I must feel a constant guilt. that is why serbian provocations never stop. putting the constant pressure and escalating the situation. Mira Markovic if you are doing this, I say Hail Slobodan, I do not disdain you, I have nothing against you or your family. was planning to visit Russia, but now dumbfounded due to all this do not know will i be able to be left alone there during my visit. from last night: the bitch at cash register in maxi supermarket last night – 97, kumodraska str., belgrade, 11/23/17, approx. 19:00 hrs – intentionally pointed price scanner’s red laser light into my eyes for a several seconds – which therefore hurt, my vision is blurrred and i am agitated. yeah, she did. she played it down like it was an accident but these accidents happen all too often in serbia, too often for anybody’s liking. truth to be told, serbs ruined my life, i m down and out and they do not care. when i die i hope millions of serbs regret. when the pangs of conscience strike, i hope they run to Christ but all too late. as for now i get more love from animals than from the majority of my unknown countrymen who engage in this made ordeal. hate has been the order of the day in serbia. hate and ignorance.

Sunday, November 05, 2017


when you know you have not done any harm to anyone (not even a shifty look) and someone within the serbian society keeps pushing agenda that you have actually done something as many serbs are after you provoking in public as the form of punishment (goes on for many years) - you then keep trying to find what it is – you keep trying to find your guilt and along you are measuring the amount of heat that you are taking – the immense hatred, scorn and harassment that you are getting on the street and from the serbian public with what it could be related to – you are, like an investigative journalist, trying to find something, some crime that reciprocates that amount of hatred and psychological torture; and the only adequate thing that you can come up with are very serious crimes. a murder for example. then you are thinking a lot about it, trying to connect, to involve yourself in different situations like a practicing actor, as serbs keep on spitting and harassing and then you think some more, and more, and more, and it is getting very difficult to cope with things that do not make any sense as the very hard harassment is still present and there are not any answers. finally, you dream up the most terrible things. in fact, just by thinking you made more problems to yourself as now you have involved yourself with anything you ever read about and serbian newspapers, unlike in the countries like France, are peppered with details from various crimes. the pressure starts spinning it all and the psychological damage is beyond compare.
and when you know there are also those that allegedly keep working on your narrative allegedly seeming to be the portion of the force behind these public attacks (like mr. vojkan milosevic, your neighbor who started the spitting thing and who is in charge of the antiterrorist institute of serbia or allegedly mr. vojislav seselj - you cannot argue with amount of rebelliousness his followers have  established in the past) -- what are your lucky chances of defending yourself and avoiding evil in the former Yugoslavia -- if you are one set against many thousands of evil minded serbs without an amount of proper assets or friends?
naturally you do not want to be a patsy but the persons on such positions of power and their connections and assets could link you to every crime in serbia and their tentacles will be giving you all sorts of nasty and mind-boggling hints throughout the city. your sugar level skyrocket due to a stress and what not else likewise. Im always saying what is my future in this country too?
it is not in my nature to hate – but if I could pinpoint the ones pushing the serbian agenda in my case i would ______  ____ (feel free to fill in to your liking) all cos what they are doing to me is one of the extremely brutal punishments next only to hanging, burning, stoning; it sounds like the state execution.