Friday, July 25, 2014

just imo

i must believe that those that 
had sown the wind of havoc 
in my life (1995)/2002-2014 
have reapen the whirlwind 
                                                                                             in theirs. 
only an animal can ruin man's family. 
i have no doubts that i was framed and 
victimized by the likes of alonzo harris 
which are deeply rooted in the american 
society and justice system. nobody gained 
any advantage by bringing me down; 
just the opposite. 

Cannot blame Serbs for anything. Imagine if you entered cage full of snakes or filled with wild life – lions and bears. It would have been your dire fault. I can only find that my ancestors made a dire mistake of ever coming to live in Serbia, the land where there are no rules and where playing dirty and back-stabbing are the ways of life. Where - and it is my opinion - the flawed education sucks and where there is practically no real education, proper manners and cultural senses. The only equalizer around here is raw power. I often feel as if crucified by the band of jihadists. I admire Christians who are openly and sincerely showing their love for Christ. I feel it is still a no-no in Serbia. Even though, I felt excited when I saw Argentinian team entering the field and every one of them was crossing, I favored Germans. Even though I support the difference between church and state, I wish I was born in some Catholic country where nobody would sanction you for making cross signs. Or some place where everybody would love you. Some place where they would let you live. Where they would not mindlessly harass, ignore and hate, doing everything to prevent one while inhibiting anything and everything that’s different. I do not like Serbia. It is the European equivalent of Taliban in my mind. I wish manners of the West where most gentlemen are freemasons ruled Serbia somehow. I think I would make more friends among the rednecks of America or in some peasant places like Bolivia or Moldavia than here. Serbia is pure evil pure and simple imo. 
cannot illustrate because i am surrounded by problems of all sorts. from jerkoffs beeping car sirens while passing by my residence (these cowards whose minds project me as a pushover would have not done the same there where they would anticipate a brutal reaction) to no family. from laser beams beamed down 24 - 7 into my windows from the highrise (some other buildings involved off and on too; my point: it's not a conspiracy, it's a playbook) where lives the former director of the serbian military counterintelligence - there is a very bright high powerful light going off right now and it is impossible to look at that building at vojvode stepe blvd. # 141 - which is impermissible, sick, and totally unfair to striking fear into potential friends and soulmates. my entire life is a failure and serbia imo is the only problem. i think in the right country i would have been the right man. here is the small example regarding the said and the fight i am currently battling with the administration on the local level - with the municalilty of vozdovac, belgrade - urbanistic department whereby i understand i am supposed to pay hefty blackmail to local administration under the table just to obtain the licence to be able to fix my roof that is going to fall in really soon. i think entire serbian state is rotten to the core and no overhaul will ever fix it. 
this morning 28/07/2014, around 04:30 several of these clowns set up an ambush and sniped me with something high powerful most likely as i was entering my street - sitting in a wait in semilit small car (was it only a decoy? while they were in unlit car) - so my eyes hurt as hell. there was another very suspicious vehicle, skoda fabia with 'securitas company' marks, positioned at vojvode stepe blvd. as i was making this driving round, both in and out, most likely a surveillance to alert executors when i was coming back.
i've been hunted down - july 29th 2014:
today, as i passed slavija square going toward autokomanda square in belgrade, i came across a large black suv with tinted windows coming from the opposite direction (looked like an unmarked government or special operations agency vehicle); codriver was flashing what seemed like a bright red dot - a laser toward me. felt totally unsafe and hunted. it happened so quickly i was unable to put down it's licence plates and am ready to take a polygraph test over it. i am not sure if this was the rogue faction of serbian secret service or someone willing to push the envelope even further in order to steer more commotion throughout my life and more turbulence in my serbian existence. i am sure even though serbs are doing nasty things to me, it does not do them any justice to continue doing it since i am doing what i have to - posting my sincere reactions herewith.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

sea of hurt

when i saw this poor kid i immediately connected his image with my serbian existence realizing how pain and disappointment can propel you to certain emotional states. the only difference is, i am not crying over a football game. while some serbs openly compare my serbian existence to the loss of brasilian team and future life of the brasilian players in brasil saying may God have mercy upon them, many of those that are not attacking me in serbia are watching my every move trying to see for themselves what seems to be real truth / however, they cannot handle the outcome whereby they cannot find secrets they were looking for and i never heard anyone in serbia saying leave this guy alone, all i ever heard was let's go get him?!! serbs, like hypnotized already made their verdicts whereby i feel that any serbian day i could be the goner; or at the very least they just keep on messing my life, producing more hatred, and we are never going to be even because of the harm they are doing to me by judging and punishing me on lies someone told them. thus they are only unjustly persecuting the righteous man and it is a blessing for me but disastrous tribulation for them. it seems God put them on trial for most serbs believe they are just and victimized while in fact they are doing it to me.

since the can of worms is open and i have been wrongfully exposed to the fullest extent, my position enables me to have a highly dangerous reactive relationship with the rest of humanity while feedback shows how evil and stupid men can be. if there was no higher force i guarantee you that i would not be alive today. that is my experience. believe it or not, we are not alone. if there is no God i would have been eaten alive. i cannot understand why some smart men do not believe in God. meanwhile, this environment has become too toxic for me…that someone calls you the satan (labeling someone satan is almost as sending a demonic green light in an unorthodox manner and sponsoring a criminal act: go get this guy, get this satan, kill him; and i witnessed this being said to me by even the spanish tourists in belgrade which implicates either cia or catholic church involvement; thus i believe my problem is broader than serbia) while showing the signs of utter dislike and serving your meal at the same time (pretending to be nice at the moment of serving but entirely opposite as soon as turned back on the table, making noises, talking shit etc which makes these cooks and waiters eligible to slip something in and mishandle food), i am totally sickened by the experience. but won’t name the city, place, anything due to the respect toward the people i was with that really wanted to make me feel comfortable, but alas. would only mention a bad case of heartburn (poisoning?) and herpex simplex. is this all because the traitors are held high in serbia? but would the traitor bet half of a standard serbian salary on novak djokovic if he was truly “the” traitor”?
why would i expose myself thereby to three potential heart attacks while watching Novak’s prenatal cramps on the court? would an un-Serb vouch for Djokovic? in the end, i felt sorry for Roger, he cried too. hater i am not. let's face it i am not a serb hater = they hate me. a posteriori, there is no difference in the amount of torture that americans and serbs can do to one human being. these two countries remind me of each other a lot like siblings; i am talking - figuratively, of whoever is in charge of torture management there. it seems as if motherfuckers cannot forgive those 2 tons of cocaine i smuggled earlier and eight individuals i offed. they truly wanna off me back now even though i am on my ultimate watch, still taking serbian punches from those calling me satan and messing up my meal orders and those ordering them to destroy me in any way possible and it is truly happening. this amount of hatred is simply unbelievable!

update on july 13th: i went to get my last shot for nerve arm pain and felt that nurse i saw for the first time there (krivolacka str. health center) was behaving very awkward and weird while giving it to me and afterwards. then i thought if she was one of those that dislike me in general or if she was related to any of the hardcore serbian haters, could had she criminally transmitted some disease to me as i was not able to see what she was actually doing (was the needle new and unused for example). in serbia they can get away with murder easily.
i came to conclusion that i would not worry this much
even if i was treated by traditional serbian
adversaries in any of their countries, such as croatia.
i believe i would have felt much safer and more human there.
in serbia sometimes (or often times) i feel as if dealing with vile demons whose only goal is to eliminate me.
couple of days ago, on july 1st, as i was driving down vitanovacka street by the group of ditch digging workers one of them spat into my window. then i realized it was very intentional as the next day some guy from this group came before my vehicle and started taunting me to the point i felt forced to take a photograph, he cannot be seen in it as he hid to the left ready to punch me while i remained seated in the vehicle.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

bloodthirsty nation.

it is a well known fact that i am not allowed to have a shot at finding a partner in life and starting a new family here in serbia. this intelligence = crime was retweeted back to america and the only thing i am not 100% positive is whether this was something that america required on my return or is it a serbian thing, a demand for some form of inhuman punishment which they call a retaliation but i have not done anything to any of them. i myself do not feel as a human being but rather as some form of subhuman creature who can be attacked and humiliated by everyone at anytime. german and british intel agencies know about this too.
ten days cannot pass peacefully for me here, i try not to go out as much, but once i decide to, the bad serbian luck which in fact is my serbian reality strikes mercilessly each time. today as i parked onto the sidewalk next to a maxi store on vojvode stepe boulevard to bag some groceries i've seen this gang, photo enclosed herewith, of three chumps sizing
me up and making noises which is how the serbs identify themselves when they go after me. it is not just bullying or rattlesnake talk, it is the way they are demonstrating their dominance over me. as i exited the vehicle all three of them were turned toward me wondering aggressively about my doings and i snapped a shot just to be on the safe side - however, there is no safe side in serbia - if something happens to me or to my vehicle (more damage was done since my last blog entry.) i felt a bad energy to the point that i went inside the store and watched through the store window if they were anywhere near my car which sparked attention from the store sellers who know me, and they must have thought - what a strange scene! so i snapped a shot only if they kill me, so someone that is not serbian can find who did it. i know it is pointless act, anyway, but just a human instinct of survival. this serbian behavior which happens every time i go out ruins the rest of a day for me, period. i keep thinking about it, about them, are they gangbangers, WHO is pushing them on me, do they have weapons, what are they allowed to do to me, what will happen next, why the world allows this to happen as they know everything which only means the world is allowing serbs to behave as animals. the serbs are not guilty - the world is. they do not prevent and are not trying to inhibit their aggressive and ignorant behavior and by this, the worst. i feel as if the germans, brits and whoever else is in charge of serbian watch are directly, or at-least indirectly, guilty for it. they are ALLOWING this to happen. and so on. i think i nailed my serbian problem hereby. follow on my blog, and see if i will ever be allowed to get married, if i survive, and see if this stuff i am talking about is for is as real as my reality. and my reality is the prison - no walls = belgrade, serbia.
in this country i heard unbelievable things such as obama ordered floods through haarp system and you can only imagine what lies they are creating about me who is not protected as obama while instigating tens of thousands of serbs against me to do me more harm and things that are more than a harm.
meanwhile, the guy who started the spitting thing is on his best behavior which i am suspecting is a calm before the storm. because this guy has got a huge ego and is planning on vengeance. again, i had no thoughts about his daughter and if he wanted to prove the opposite i would just run, because i would not like to be involved with any of them, period. too dangerous.
in serbia, it does not just seem, i will never be allowed to be a normal human being...

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Rise up, beautiful sun, and kill the envious moon.

i am trying to figure what my ancestors were expecting when they moved to Serbia. if they opted for any other country that would had been a much better choice. i mean this country is literally the grave to my most important freedoms and a peace of mind. you probably won’t be able to understand what has been written herewith in this police report in Serbian Cyrillic language - i have censored it to try repelling more serbian nuts from going after me -
but to clarify today my car was brutally attacked a g a i n while properly parked in front of rudarsko geoloski fakultet (Faculty of Mining and Geology) in Belgrade on the corner of Djusina and Dalmatinska streets where i went to visit an antique fair. and like the last time, a couple of weeks ago in new belgrade part of town, i was away for just a short time. it seems to be the only way for serbs to keep me away from prospering – by way of destroying, launching at and lynching my property. cowardly i must add. almost new car was scratched a number of times and dented all over. my car is fully insured and they must not know that, otherwise they would not risk getting caught in their act. too bad the faculty cameras just missed the perpetrators.

Old Serbian saying vouches one cannot rest in peace until he gets even, so now i am pondering on strategy of how to outsmart tens of thousands of serbs that are keeping me in check. at this point, the opportunity to present the truth to the world is making me sane. although i am worried of their next move, because the things are getting worse while their attacks are obviously sponsored by the media, government, opinion makers and public leaders.  

Update: 5TH OF MAY 2014: I NEED HELP 
it may be urgent

earlier they did it here to American Embassy and MacDonald’s, demolished premises entirely. are these entities thus pushing the same kind of serbs onto me creating a buffer zone so they have a scapegoat in me to release a bit of that Serbian anger off of it. that comes to mind.

same thing happened today as yesterday with more scratches to my car as i parked it right in front of café bar and pizzeria oliva, sindjeliceva 47, near kalenic market. in the photo i took immediately thereafter, you can see that i've just moved out and the parking spot right after that VW station wagon is still empty:
you can also see here that i orderly sent sms to obtain a parking e-ticket. was parked just a few feet away from this place so could easily imagine someone from inside did it on purpose...whatever and whoever it was, it proves that i have been hunted from all corners of this fucking city – Belgrade, Serbia. 
all i wanted was to be left alone, now there are damages....

now i need your help just to prove to serbs that i am not alone in this world. of course i am not expecting help from G W bush but i want this damage compensated somehow and/or fight fire with fire (i do not know how will you do it, but neither i know my attackers). i want people from around the world to show serbs that i am not alone in this world in reference to what some of their countrymen have been doing to me. some serbs smell the blood and feel very encouraged right now. just use your imagination what shall you do. the joke is over - smell the smoke from all around. someone with balls needs to tell serbs it is fucked up.

not only that they have been ruining my property but it is obvious that they are preventing me from finding a better half. who knows where I would’ve been if they weren’t obstructing me for years. it starts in the neighborhood – esp. gligorija vozarevica street no. 4 and its closest proximity, i am too scared to scout out the location, these new developments – as i was beaten there mercilessly. i know how bush premises looks like in texas, was there and it is down to earth. this is something else, just scary and unfriendly. everything reeks of conspiracy – black cars, tinted windows, it is something major, you know what, and i've been tackled today by one of these cars, while trying to pass it by on vitanovacka street. they acted as if wanted to put me into a submissive state. i do not know if they are crazy but they are very very dangerous. it too may be related to that neighbor whose name i do not like to mention - voj. Milosevic. he cuts no slack whatsoever, he turned the entire city against me. and who knows who else. it is all hear-say as far i am concerned but real consequences are here. i protected myself in the public transportation and i was easily criminally persecuted, charged and sentenced - will post this serbian kangaroo court verdict here. but when i was beaten to almost death to this day I do not even know who beat me. I am sure that aliens are my friends and that these are no men in black. i shall continue...have got a major headache right now.

update on 7th of june, 2014: the world should know that i cannot even be standing on the street in this country undisturbed. today as i was visiting a family grave at novo groblje cemetery a very loud clangbang from the truck passing by on severni bulevar (northern boulevard) totally damaged my hearing that even now 24 hours later my ear hurts. i was trying to figure out on the net what kind of extreme noise it was as if a 10-ton metal plate fell down from 20 m height onto another 10-ton metal plate. it was terrible. i can swear this was done entirely on purpose by the truck driver, it is nothing to do with jake brakes as they are almost silent in comparison to this type of noise. why do not people like these lose all their family and future instead of me? as far as i was concerned God was not very merciful. what ever happened to the guy that beat me up for nothing - nothing. hearing is priceless, eyesight is priceless. i think the world is somehow allowing serbs to do what they want and i can feel consequences of their bastardy deeds - because i have no guardian angel working overtime in serbia. trauma is huge. i have been so exposed that serbs think it is their privilege and God given right to disturb or harras me any way they want. you saw american president chewing gum on d-day ceremony. no help from there. i cannot put up with the fact that america made me a collateral and that serbia is exploiting my situation for expressing their own anger and pure and lowliest vile and wild impulses. if that is so, and it is most definitely so, i better be dead than an everlasting serbian victim and a punching bag. for this type of harassment to take place they must assume i was an american spy or something in the lines of that. i think everything is a joke until you make a half-decent example of couple of these guys, so either off me or make some example out there like apparently i was made the example of and this entire thing started from there.

update on 8th of june, 2014:

as i approached my car it smelled heavily (reeked!) of horse or donkey shit. i do not consider this to be a prank because i have no idea how the smell got there and whether it was organic or was it something more sinister that smells like it.
also, even though i am an everyday serbian victim i do not consider myself anti-serbian. it is their face some of them are showing to the world through this blog, not mine. to prove this, i bet on novak djokovic in the final of roland garros.

you can also see that my prior bets were also pro novak. i made a mistake of showing this to someone and i cannot help myself but believe that novak was ordered to lose only so i do not win anything.
in layman's terms, what i gave and expected in return was almost as much as the money he would have received for his victory with respect to my standards of living. plus he put me through horrific tenured stress.
somehow whenever i try to pledge my allegiance with the serbian side that turns to a disaster. that was a sad day for me indeed.
what i wrote in the passage herewith was not meant to water down the situation in which i am getting no deserved breaks from my serbian tormentors.  
conspiracy theory – why I believe the roland garros final was rigged! i believe novak intentionally threw it though unwillingly for a puppet master behind the scenes pulling strings ordered so. to ensure monkey or donkey gets off spaniard's back. some time during the match he was obviously yelling: he nails it every time!!! he nails it every time!!! (like hell he will.) and as soon as they had discovered what was my prognosis they were there to take it from vme. he had to lose. i was not so surprised with his opponent's shots, they were quite regular and djokovic was much better player on the court. now, you can say that i am a hard case nut job, but if you read further on what was happening to me in america, you would not be so surprised that i associate my instinctive (a posteriori) thinking with the truth. as some things i am not allowed to have like better future (more money) inclusive of life with my own family (wife, children). 

oh btw, this is the portion of serbian view regarding me in person as written as summed up by the serbian public prosecutor milena maletic:

i better not interpret what is says, just trust me.
i was sentenced even though i had a very famous (internationally famous) witness who witnessed that this piercing wearing public employee – belgrade’s public transportation fare conductor – was swearing my mother and attacked me even though i had shown a correct fare twice and even though he lied that he had been terribly injured. btw, i co-authored this book:

be informed and judge for yourself whether you believe i am making sense or not. imagine and replace my name with any author’s name in your country and see if that would be possible in any other place than serbia where there is no respect for intellectuals who do not shoulder their way through this medieval society which is THE ONLY justified way in Serbia. in comparison to this racism sounds neat.

serbs should know that even their arch enemies austrians and hungarians respected their enemies - serbs. obviously, some serbs behave as i am their mortal enemy (their deeds confirm so), but no respect whatsoever.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

international superstardom or how they found a way of killing me

i’ve recently spoken to serbian attorney and according to his interpretation of american law of which i am unsure how accurate it was, i am not entitled to any damages because i was just a collateral post 9/11 and i cannot sue the american state for ruining my family and life altogether. i was studying law and this is all very strange to me. he dead certainly stated they must had suspected that i was a terrorist --- that's right, terrorist --- perhaps following a false flag alarm and since they had no proof the easiest way was to let me down the drain which enabled them to come scot-free not paying any compensations for their cruel and merciless act. following that conversation there was a moment of peace in my life for my sources told me the word came down across serbia not to bother me since i had it hard in america and afterwards. but alas!

fast forward it to yesterday and especially today and that calm evaporated in a cloud of smoke and exclamation marks as serbian merciless terror machine came back into attacking mode full force. i smelled something fishy from the get-go as my phone battery is draining like crazy which means that the serbian secret service is all over me tapping my calls again and someone sprayed some kind of poison powder over my vehicle and it smells like death.

i feel as if some ritual satanic killing is taking place and i am the only victim.

my life in serbia is 100% transparent to all serbs which allows many serbs to perform their personal street justice and vendetta against me. they live like maggots but if there is a chance to feast on ruining someone’s life like mine they are all in there for the treat. it also prevents me from continuing on with my life as normal. my life in serbia is cobwebbed and worn and i would not mind if i was only left alone by the masses. i cannot find a soul mate around here as i got millions of obnoxious paul kerseys after me. the only difference being that my family was ruined and not theirs. and these blowhard motherfuckers behave like i owe them some. for example public transportation drivers gunning their engines full throttle when they are driving by (my windows rolled down) only to display off animosity and put a pressure on my ears while ear wax is coming out of them as my organism is trying to defend itself. in addition, it is a summer time and i like walking downtown but there is no way that i can walk without being disturbed by many arrogant serbs who won’t only pay attention to me but shall do the most unimaginable and unintelligible things only to unnerve me. and it is tons of them out there (one cannot believe how many) and i feel as if they want to relieve their personal stress and problems and even anger against God-knows-what by behaving detestably towards me. there is no way that this situation can be inhibited. because what’s evil in people is more powerful than any government or ANY organization out there. if the communists/anarholiberals (money running the country) say please do not attack this guy, than the radicals, religious fanatics and democrats will do it on purpose, and vice versa. a small guy cannot win in this crazy stalemate situation whereby the only thing coming for sure is that the government,crazy people,and incurred enemies (e.g. Mr.Voj.Milosevic, same street, his relatives and associates; etc, etc.) will look for alternative ways to eliminate me from life as i feel they are doing it right now. .gov: only because they are powerless and i have become a liability for serbia, or vice versa. this puts additional stress up onto my body and mind. i am in constant fear of dying or death. in the same fashion united states of america eliminated me from their society, but serbia on the contrary cannot send me back to united states. i feel as if in the paws of the real beast.i am talking peril.when i see people that are running the show from behind the curtains as i can recognize them in belgrade it all becomes crystal clear to me. too idle and too incompetent for anything. that is why you make them leave, every time you vote, the incumbent needs to go. now i am not even sure that novak djokovic is 100% saint around here only because of him being a bit naïve and unable to see it coming (living in the neverland and untouched by the first-hand experience of evil). i am not sure who is the true authority around that i could bow down to, unsure even with whom to hang out with, it’s all like b-listers around me and i was supposed to be some kind of a leader. well, at least i felt like one, until they orchestrated the entire state against me which made me autistic (due to isolation; stress related) i can feel that while never was like that before. never had trouble around people but here. if you know how, please set my rain down on fire

ps i feel as if hunting season is open as George W once claimed. 

update on 3 June 2014: it's crazy time again. serbs cannot leave me alone for three days in a row.
today a black bmw vehicle cut me off intentionally and out of blue with intention of hitting me, i suspect a government vehicle with couple of more wanna be close calls whereby i suspect all government vehicles or some private serbian contractor perhaps hired by some foreign entity to do the hit. perhaps even democratic party of serbia as they want to return in power and thus by pressuring make me write, critique and blame government. it is all mixed up, a lot of mixed feelings, emotions and messages even here. public transportation drivers kept gunning down their engines while passing by.
also, parked in front of tepih servis (carpet cleaning service) near maxi at vojvode stepe blvd.
and got couple of more scratches. possibly from people working there, i got no clue who could that be in a
several minutes unless stalking.