Monday, March 12, 2018


recently I had thought to myself: what’s been going on to me in MacDonald’s seems like an impossible nightmare, I got to give it another chance. on march 10th, around 18:20 hrs,  I went to MacDonald’s at Zmaj location in Belgrade only to find coffee area empty of Mac Donald’s workers while only the tech who was fixing the coffee machine was there by the machine. I asked him if the machine was working properly telling him that I had a problem already with coffee quality in another store. he okayed even though by observing him he did not seem quite sure. then the worker appeared, she was quite friendly telling me to go have a seat and she would bring coffee over to my desk. I then went into the line to order some food and I could see that the technician was standing by the coffee specialist during the entire time she was making coffee. after a while he left with his tool case. not to mention that the next morning my throat was burning as if I drank acid. that feeling had been going on for two days. seeing what has been going on with Russian agents in London and how serbs are treating me on the streets I feel quite anxious and on my last ounces of energy and positive mindset. i almost felt - this was the revenge for my recent posts regarding MacDonald's as if someone had paid private eyes to look after my prospective whereabouts to go get me, as plain as that. (my cell phone battery has been draining like crazy and you know what it means.)

I must say that geiger counter in my room set by my computer desk does not lie and it often has hi radioactive readouts during the day. one can call Geiger counter paranoid all they want. it feels as if phaser energetic weapons of directed energy and plasma guns or sonic rifles have been directed into my room and a seating place from buildings nearby or even sent over by drones. this happens several times a day. today as I walked to store I felt as if my hair or textile in my pants or sweater was burning – try igniting a hair, that is the kind of smell I experienced – my only explanation is that someone directed high powered energy weapons or lasers at me. I must say that I feel that there’s one thing that serbs would have desired most – more than the Vatican going up in flames, more than the United States ceasing to exist, more than losing Kosovo to Albania, and it is seeing me go broke. after I had announced to my friend yesterday that I could not pay 5 euros to him yesterday – cos I factually did not have it on me - and another person that he must wait for my money, the word has spread quickly and I have never seen more grins on serbian faces than yesterday and today. they were so happy, so arrogant, so grumpy over me, I felt like I was walking among the number of instantly made millionaires, so happy to think I have been made to suffer. i was since notably followed around the stores as if i was going to steal a storm. it makes you wonder, whether going down the tubes on purpose would make you more of a humanist in serbia, because this is the way to make thousands of serbs very happy. that is what they want to see. it seems so easy. the formula is there, if I wish to become a philanthropist in serbia, it seems that I would have to kill myself. as if this would have made a heck of a lot of serbs feel better. as if.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018


decided to give local MacDonald's joint (endeavor) another try in Belgrade, Serbia by ordering a large vanilla milkshake. management was in the lobby area and they were quite polite, alas, the milkshake i received had all kinds of flavors inclusive of strawberry hint in the beginning and by the end it was entirely undrinkable. it felt like the contents of ashtray were dumped into water and then that kind of stinking taste overwhelmed the bottom portion of my drink. as if they filled milkshake into the half empty cup that was just standing around with some rotting contents in it. i took some pictures which show nothing (it is all about foul taste) and as i had left by vehicle i did not bother to return. my only unknown is whether this was done on purpose. i cannot shake that feeling off. had been thinking all along that MacDonald's was a safe heaven for the clean and thoughtless cup of some tasty drink / food. do not know what to think now
my order number was 001 - it appears to me they just reopened newly remodeled Mac Donald's restaurant without testing their beverages and with all cleaning chemicals still in the drinking machine's mechanical system. something was terribly wrong.
march 8th 2018:  finally what goodness to expect from macdonald's employees when unknown to me serbian citizens are encouraged to spit at me like this evening when i was spat in the face by twenty year old accompanied by another person on Slavija Square, Belgrade.
imo, in lack of ability to a posteriori compare, this serbian society is at present the most decadent, primitive, aggressive, abnormal, inhuman and sociopathic in the entire world.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Did MacDonald’s Food Worker Poison me intentionally? I think yes.

On February 12th, 2018, around 15 hrs I visited MacDonald’s in novi sad, trg slobode 3 (country: serbia)
I was down with cold and ordered black tea. I was served by black-haired full-figured smaller stature McCafe female worker. soon thereafter I complained to companion of metallic taste in mouth. this tea is strange tasting, I complained. onto that thought I was given a friendly suggestion to relax, enjoy tea and gulp it down, which I did. I tried to reassure myself that tea was drinkable - although my true self would have complained and returned it. at that moment i decided to bear with it esp. since i did not pay for it. soon i would find out the bad fortune i had waiting for me. as I was leaving MacDonald’s restaurant I glanced the Coffee section with two serving girls. it appeared to me as if the skinny one asked the full figured one who that person was as I was passing by, and strikingly in response, the full figured one quickly shook and froze her face distorted in disgust while the two evil eyes she sent towards me were gleaming like warning signals screaming out loud - "that" right there should cease to exist.
apparently, they do not want your head high when you walk. being slandered beyond belief, when they see me for the first time they do not expect someone quite normal but a downright monster. because when you are demonized and a target, you know that nobody negotiates with devil, you kill the devil. 
I caught this 'scene' and immediately knew that something was very wrong esp. because while she was preparing order i did not get a hint of unfriendliness. I must say that up until now (20:15 on February 15th 2018) I have been feeling ill as if acid burned through front of my stomach, so irritatingly sensitive to touch now, with also present metallic taste in mouth, pinching belly pain, and irritating as well and at times unbearable pain in kidneys area. I went to hospital today to schedule a lab test, but as Murphy’s Law would have it, there is a phreaking two day long national holiday when everything stops working, even hospitals. this unbearable stomach pain is more irritating than cold. I have no doubts now that Macdonald’s person poured something other than hot water into my tea water.

all i am saying what goes on to me has been rather rogue than the false flag imposed and incited operation. 
the following sketchy summary of the main points of the ordeal described above was outlined before this ordeal happened:
"in order to find out why many serbs hate me I have to find and do some comparisons.
the readily available one is a youtube personality called jugovojnik. i think that is the only honest-to-goodness real-life half-decent character I can compare myself a bit to.
first off, jugovojnik has got a licensed gun and lives somewhere in the United States. he is not an artist by any means. he can rather be assessed as a technical person providing services. interestingly enough, jugovojnik has been bitter about Yugoslav (serbian?) army and holds a grudge against it. he openly speaks about it. at times he shits on it. he criticizes serbian army so I am starting to hate it as well. and no one says anything bad about jugovojnik, he gets all the kudos for his appearances in general. I mean we are on the same side. I did not even publicly voice out my opinion against anyone but i do not get celebrated - instead, serbs want to slaughter me. I did not desert those I wanted to be with either. the only difference is: serbs in general celebrate jugovojnik and they want to kill me. where did I go wrong? what did i do to anyone at any time? where and how did I earn so many enemies? what goes on people?! who keeps on ruining my life?
I must be dreaming. there is no way that what goes on in my life was not prepared as a personal revenge in serbia or America or in both countries, it is nothing else and does not matter. whoever the mastermind was - they had the power to engage systems in those countries against me. finally, i am clueless regarding whom I irritated so much. there were inches missing in various situations where I could have been maimed or killed due to everything that I was set up with. i have no doubts that they want to kill me. they have been instigating people to poison me in the last couple of years. talking about it now as if it is something that should be accepted as normalcy."