Monday, September 14, 2020

Mr. President, are you sleeping well \'/

to whomever it may concern: 

you can use this personal account / essay in your school assignment, 

work and case studies and allege my name as the source. 

truly yours, m.

belgrade  - serbia  - september, 14th, 2020 

i witnessed tonight that in this serbia with this kind of leadership there is no future and no liberty for me as some people believe and behave as if they can terrorize those they do not like due to their power, position and links with the government and serbian leadership.

as if you cannot tell the good guys anymore and if the light shines upon some beings in your way it is as if the bad people are the only ones you can come across. as if this land is the real twilight zone.

as I was driving the wheelbarrow to throw out trash towards podravska street around 10:10 PM tonight I came across the three unknown guys [~~/> 30 y.o.a.] on gligorija vozarevica street – that, most likely, had moved into the neighborhood a few years ago - who positioned themselves in such a formation on the center of the street that it was impossible to swing around them by moving further away as a number of cars was parked on both sidewalks. as I was passing by I sensed a huge ANIMOSITY as if they were itching for conflict. as if, on their part, they also sensed that i was soft and thinking, if i do not stay that soft or do not become even softer they will commence their aggression. according to their stances and behavior the first association was they appeared like thugs who are swimming in money made in drug business by unloading tons of drugs from latin america to europe. I tried to not look at them, so i would not recognize them as if i had not seen them, but they were looking at me and one of them was eager for my reaction, it was so obvious even by the unnervingly changing pitch of his voice. as if he wanted to fight and kill me on the spot. I cursed this evening and cursed it a lot. I cursed Serbia forever and for good. G)d be good toward the good minority. AMEN! INSHALLAH! THATHASTU! SO MOTH IT BE!


Thursday, September 03, 2020

Dear Renault, pls. do "Ron Jeremy" a favor

I believe all those Frenchmen authorizing international Renault car maintenance and servicing points got their position in the company either through family connections or sexual favors. they are fully incompetent for the job. in its default - out of factory state, for drivability and comfort I would favor Renault over any other car (except those that cost in excess of 55k) but by negligence or intentionally, in the matter of minutes, their car is always run several notches down during and after every scheduled service with the official dealer. when you expect the best care for your car you get the worst and vice versa while the odds usually favor the latter outcome. even though Renault dealerships do not care where you buy your vehicle on paper, in reality they are competing among each other and they do not always provide maximum post-service care if your car was bought from another dealer. even the official dealerships where your car was actually bought do not provide maximum care if they have underestimated you as a person below their vision of individual standard. in order to get maximum care you have to look and behave like Tom Cruise or this other popular actor whose name i always forget. them service guys have been very judgmental. after all, leaving your car in the official Renault service center in Serbia is like leaving your intensely vernal and beautiful wife, that is a bit sleepy and helpless, alone in the woods with Ron Jeremy for an hour, in good faith. try imagine if you would like to dig and love that. i am sure some of you would.


Saturday, August 08, 2020

communists are merciless in destroying opponents.

thus serbian BIA, which let’s not make any mistakes, is based on the communist - Marxist - communist upbringing and beliefs of its stuff members [in business also of hijacking and annexing religious places sucking the true faith out and destroying them from within] discovers the weakest links in your surroundings, among friends, relatives, business partners, etc, and if these links are half-baked and/or mentally unstable it then turns them into toxic stooges to dust you with their poison through methods of subversive infiltration or makes them mentally unstable by drugging them etc and then does the latter. talking about the lack of elementary, necessary freedom