Tuesday, July 18, 2017

“I killed Bakari Henderson”

there are some serbs that did some crime recently however all eyes are on me. im pissed for having to be a scapegoat whereas those that killed the American college graduate who was beaten to death in Greece instantaneously became local heroes to many according to comments i was reading. for them, Im to blame. it’s their make-believe that many serbs want to extend to me and make me feel guilty for something I did not do. that is what they have been doing to me for 14 plus years and especially now – when there is a crime that escalates over all others – serpents are pushing their agenda hard trying to make me feel guilty of crimes the rest of serbia does with all their harassment, men made noises, defamation of character, slander, discrimination, etc, in other words they are painting a picture for the world: we serbs are a spotless bunch and here is the black sheep in our family. uh-uh, not like the rest of us, for shame!!!!!
and I say there has to be a legal mechanism that if you are born into one country and when that country or its people do not accept you as an equal member of the society, you can deny the ‘membership’ or any involvement thereof. in serbia, I am deprived of ability to start a family, and Id like to know how an interplanetary slandered guy gets a partner in life?!!! im afraid that when someone looks after me when I am 85 years old and when im finally relieved of “my guilts” I will not need that lambo in compensatory damages then. this waiting game is like a condemnation and it is quite debilitating. plus the guys that initiated Serbian hatred are quite wealthy and powerful, and then I m asking what happened to the guy that tried to steal radioactive bricks from vinca nuclear facility near belgrade last week in order to sell them locally, is he still working? who was going to buy these, as one can pulverize these bricks easily and use them against their enemies. this crime was swept under the carpet quickly. the united states was my alma mater and I feel totally insecure in serbia now since that alma mater is gone in this lifetime. I wished I could leave serbia and start again some place else but where – when there is no place like America who lost my trust for good – esp. since the serbs are all over the place, only the united states was kind of spacious enough for everyone. I feel as if im running low on game time for life. for me, situation is pretty much based upon a survival and not any kind of earthly pleasures or joys. They took it away. 

follow up on july 19th:  flat out lies
I resent for many citizens of serbia are jealous of me for creating this blog in english language when Im simply not in the same ballpark with them. in all these years I have not met many people from this neck of the woods that could put a simple sentence (in English) together, it is simply not their cup of tea. telling it like it is, this region sports useless English speakers - yugoslav leader tito was a very, very bad one, and literally all yugoslav leaders that followed him. if not life threatening, that thick accent is truly bothering. the latest
discrediting attempt from the local cuisine of hatred is a phrase: copy and paste! (as it has been spread out much in the communication and comments all over the internet, dominating at facebook.) many locals are trying to say that Im copying and pasting or in other words stealing other people’s thoughts in my blog. apparently these idiots have never heard of american idioms. also I did not know that so many people thought the exact same things about serbian business in english. so much for these efforts. for all these years they are trying to sell their evil crap (about me) to the rest of the world (pangs of conscience must have been gripping them around the clock) and Im simply not a worthless piece of shit, hence this blog. hopefully, someone will see a book potential. 

follow up on july 20th evening around 20:30 PM : bus 26 : I entered at jovana bijelica street stop in brace jerkovica, belgrade, and traveled two more stops to ignjata joba str. stop. – among all those faces that looked like they wanted to douse me in gasoline and set me on fire, I saw a blondish girl in the back portion of a bus that recognized who I was as she could not stop smiling at me. I did not want to put her off her by much examining so i cannot put my head on the block and vouch that i would re-recognize her on the street tomorrow. however, this is the kind of loving person I need. I suspect she must be familiar with my blog. so if she ever reads this post she is welcome to find a way to contact me, as I could be able to put up with a smiling well meaning person like that, ever after. her smile was practically healing me. so mote it be. 

follow up on july 24th 2017 : 9: 35 AM : a water company man that read water meter in our home deliberately tried to direct a blue laser beam from the device attached to his wrist into my face and its blue ray went about erratically into the ground, in the air and onto my face as I was standing there two steps away preventing my dog from coming closer in contact with him to sniff him. was the serbia's water company man so lazy that he did not want to turn off the laser while the device was attached to his wrist or was he not aware that I would notice his deliberate actions trying to tag people with laser beam. another Serbian bastard, ready for anything that has evil attached to it committing crimes in the name of  Serbiandome - because this evil (sorry it is not a stupidity, there is no excuse) he was not taught in America but Serbia. let's drain the serbian swamp.

overblown me out of proportions, but you cannot do anything better when you are dealing with horrific idiots

give me some of that cofveve to get a hell out of here. there are so many idiots in serbia that you simply cannot win! not by any means, they think my life does not count. in addition, not a grain of common decency and so many bad things are happening that I lost a count and track of them long time ago. first of all, none of the people I know speaks a very good English so I cannot express my deepest feelings to anyone around let alone achieve my dream of becoming a hotelier and reality TV star. Imo, Serbian language is so inadequate and raw and it cannot sincerely express the Biblical love and the deepest human understanding and depths of mind. but it is good for hardened rhetoric and cursing people, the best curses are in Serbian. other than that, when the most courageous serbs are persecuting me as they are continuing with their provocative acts the remaining serbs in the vicinity like to study my reactions from the safe distance, like ostriches they extend their looks and I can clearly see - all eyes are on me when I am facing pressure. for them it is the spectacle. as today, a guy that sat in the bus and obviously did not want to get off soon, however as soon as he saw me getting off he then quickly got up coming forth strong from behind practically forcing himself onto me as I was getting out. yet another unpredictable serb bringing it on, he must have felt that I was insecure, and I surely was since I could've felt that danger was in the air. I admit to my comical appearance but that is not the reason to kill a man. many serbs are thus walking bombs, the ruthless killers in disguise, they can decide to come at me at anytime and they often do. many other serbs too, there are so many exits in public transportation but they mount themselves behind me trying to impress with mock-ups of strength and numbers. perverse ambitions and indeed they performed in the past as they clipped my wings…. serbs like to demonstrate dominance by putting into submission all those they do not like. poor souls! on the other hand not a slap on the Serbian wrist from my American friends.


tried counting to 83 million this morning. the reason why was that I came across a young german tourist yesterday evening (according to his looks and t shirt he was wearing) who practically tried to follow me around with man made noises same as serbs do. so I realized every fucking german tourist in Belgrade could be on my ass and the potential is 83 millions of them. it seems that serbs (their secret service) were able to instigate the entire world against me, germans especially. instead of throwing it over as pure slander this German bought it and how do i care about germans - i had no desire to visit germany ever.
I can imagine a picture of Serbian secret service agent handing out a photo of someone resembling me to anyone that entered Serbian border in conspiring voice:
g'morn all! JuDEn!!! Hier, das ist ein Jude! In all honesty, why a german or any other national would follow me around practicing man made noises in serbia? i can sense a premonition, i clearly see a vision of this guy that worked for the serbian secret agency (department for killing enemies of the state) now jumping around and yelling to his german secret service colleagues: fucking! fucking! did you read that??!!!!! he said fucking!!!!! fucking germans!!!!! you should off that guy. off him now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
instead, why do not foreign tourists that have a rising problem with me come in numbers to do something for human rights and protest against drivers (of almost every 3rd public transportation vehicle now that i enter to commute around Belgrade) who do something (it appears to me they drive intentionally with applied parking brakes) so these vehicles emit off bad burning brake smell as well as debris (on the photo you can see time and date, and example of one such serbian vehicle.): 

and clearly i do not complain about something like this cos i love animals, unleashed and unattended pit bull having a long ride in bus no. 26, a snapshot i took yesterday in belgrade:
when serbs do not like you they either say that you are a gypsy or jew, they denounce and shun you (from the serbian community) as that. the problems with those two (minority) communities is they are tightly knit and impenetrable. Jews have books reaching into their ancestry for generations. I cannot pretend that Im a jew. and even though I may look like one, in the past I discovered odd unfriendliness on the part of jews as if I had done something very wrong to them – my conclusion was that I was way too smart for their liking and thus posing a potential threat as an out of entity being. I wish I had jewish friends, it would have made my life more easier and I would have had some money too, but i opt to stay clear cos i have no idea what their problem with me may be. I would never pretend to be a gypsy (romani) because they are a completely different entity altogether – many smart men there too: Charlie chaplin, keith Richards (maybe), Pablo Picasso, yul briner, Michael caine, elvis Presley, irini merkouri, Andrea Pirlo, Gennaro Gattuso, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sinisa Mihajlovic… so I came to the point that I have not got no ethnic aegis whatsoever.  if i was only having the balls of steel, something. saw dusica spasic last night waiting for her bus ride at karadjordjev park bus stop, that was the only good thing i'd highlight as experienced recently.
i believe that serbs are cursed in the past, some powerful battle curse it may be, they are killing each other out, this country will implode, no unity whatsoever, it cannot be stopped for no existing smarts can overpower, and i may be the victim of this karmic round, so i just want to exit this serbian doomed train.