Friday, July 03, 2015

serbian ustasha like haters - the dark side of humanity

finally, finally being a key word here, after eleven years i recently found a potential girlfriend and was able to do some (all but not in a very relaxed fashion) walking with her around the city of belgrade. alas, some serbian folk were showing such faces of biased and unfounded hatred as well as deep animosity toward her while we were walking along that she soon chose a way out of ‘our relationship’ that did not last long. some serbs were trying to pierce her with their looks of hate while walking by.

this behavior is another hard proof that i have been a soft target for twelve years, taking cheap shots and "bitch moves" by americans and serbs alike while every action i take trying to step away from the quicksand i am in is sentenced to fail. i wonder who is molding these monsters and telling them they are doing the right thing?!

i find parallels here: ustashas slaughtered and hated people for no reason - for just being different and belgrade is full of the same type of haters, probably the city with largest ustasha-like population right now. there is a thin line between two extremes, a thin line between crazy man and hero, between ustasha and serbian neo-fascist hater and this thin line cannot inhibit obvious similarities with ustashas in serbian haters that are attacking/hating me on daily basis while they are completely unprovoked. some ethnic serbs were members of ustasha movement and they promoted hatred and slaughtered serbs as well. click here to read. same as the guy that sparks hatred against jews in serbia who is of jewish roots himself which is obvious in his last name's root. serbian hatred of me and ustashas hatred of serbs are completely interchangeable and unexplainable phenomena.
as an immediate response to what was written here, after i had returned to my vehicle from farmers market grocery shopping this morning i found that some serb ustasha like extremists were trying to destroy (break off) my rearview mirror as they did recently as seen in photos enclosed herewith: 

few days ago i saw former serbian president boris tadic drinking coffee downtown while his bodyguard was standing not faraway from him. i am sure that none of the stuff that is happening to me would happen to him or any other serbian politician for that matter, even if they were without bodyguard protection (to pathetically state, they all must be paranoid, who cares about them anymore?) they are not soft targets like me, available to all regional cowards to practice their "patriotic acts".  like the Sayings of Jesus on the cross i am left to wonder why did the government of united states of america destroy my family, kicked my ass to serbia and then left me behind to be subjected to "SERBIAN MERCY" ?!!! surely some bad karma is going to come back to all of these motherfuckers so they shall realize their mistakes when it is too late like it already is. i let go of the anger within me however i will never forgive and never forget.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

21st century Nazis

last night (9th of june 2015, around 21:30) i was really trying to choke it off when i frantically entered effin’ nevski hotel on venizelisova street in belgrade, serbia. just seconds before, i parked on sidewalk in front of the effin’ place. i said to the receptionist ‘please let me know where the john is, it is urgent, i’ll pay for it.’ i showed a handful of money. the answer was repeated ‘you cannot use it if you are not a guest.’ so instead of unloading a bomb right there in nevski’s lobby before the receptionist and his female helper which bothers me now that i did not do it because i could not wait any longer, i had to run across the street to take a dump in the dark underneath the façade. in the process i dropped half of it in my pants because i could not hold it no more.

two things:

1.      it is for metformin i started using as a result of stress i was unable to handle as  the consequence of serbian habitat, people, aggression and hatred – as you were able to read herewith…

2.      never in my life i was refused permission to use toilet anywhere in the world esp. not at any hotel. are they just lazy to clean toilets so they are not allowing anyone to use them? whatever the reason, do not go there – nevski hotel, belgrade, serbia. they are as crazy as fucks – because they are
last minute: 10th of june 2015: 18 pm: i am following up on my situation in serbia - same old - as i was standing in line at local grocery store, motherfuckers waiting behind kept gang stalking utilizing man made noises, i turned to see an evil face of one serbian woman and immediately i turned back in disgust because that face said it all, it was the epitome of all those things happening to me in twelve years here...epitome of serbian evil. i think they have not got a clue how evil they are but i am pretty positive that these things would not be happening if some secret service was not involved in orchestrating it. it is impossible to imagine otherwise. in the end, even though i am feeling defeated (my intelligence too!) i have no clue what is their ultimate long term goal!!!

why do i attract total psychopaths in this country, i believe it is the part of undercover psych-op and me being a patsy

some psychopathic traits are:

hostile tendencies or aggression
impulsive aggression
irritable, angry, or expressive aggression
use aggression coldly
anger aimed at hurting another
defective emotions
enjoy controlling of others
do not experience normal levels of shame, guilt, or fear.
blame externalization.
violent crime impulsive
behaviors never admits fault
lack of remorse or guilt, impulsivity, the need for control, and predatory behavior
researchers have discussed the possibility of psychopaths being associated with organised crime, economic crime and war crimes

why am i afraid, let's just take an example of dada vujasinovic, a journalist who was killed in serbia and until this date government portrays this murder as suicide. you must act around here as if everything is fine if you do not want to be singled out and dealt with accordingly

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Me and Crown Prince of Yugoslavia

for all these years i’ve been trying to figure out hwat had induced this serbian hatred and then today it dawned on me. once upon a time in the beginning of 1990s, Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia, also named Alexander II Karađorđević was looking for a personal driver and butler and i was fresh out of high school; just got  driver’s license and thought it would be a neat thing to apply.
however, serbian state security was then, as it is now, populated with former hard-boiled communists and their children who had to be extremely hard on royalists to become agents; for the reds it was a thing of an honor to disgrace or kill as many of those non-alligned. major soccer clubs in serbia are still named after communist symbols: red star and partisan fighters, while the clubs in, for example, croatia have patriotic but non-ideological names, like dynamo and haiduk. i did not figure out that such hatred was existing at the time as i was young and stupid. did not know that those applying for Crown Prince’s services were all secretly scrutinized by the state security as advertisement ran publicly in politika newspapers. so i was most likely put on state’s black list, same as edward snowden would be in united states. though i do not believe Snowden would be allowed to roam freely like me in open type prison environment without a trial. for treason deeds i've never committed in addition to obvious lack of evidence, i still feel i was dealt with as an ideological public enemy. as far as my situation touches base, i have been going through public lynching and gangstalking for almost twelve years, let alone my family that was intentionally broken by forces of evil. these are facts and the rest is evil forces trying to discredit me further which they are skilled to do and are doing it successfully.

the only difference now is that these former maverick defenders of communism are not communists now, now they are right-wing royalty-hating clero-fascists. some of them turned liberal and i do not have a problem with them libs. not that anything is wrong with the next, but though, nobody has my back, i am an undecided voter.     
many of my yearmate intellectuals have utilized their password to success which was to join government apparatus: state security and post-communist law enforcement. all of those that remained alive and loyal now can brag with being well situated with plenty of money to burn and numerous children. although, i do not feel sorry for myself and them in that regard, they are still leading scoring charts and i am next to one or zero, that being siding with losers time and time again!
as soon as i posted this article, somewhere some red alert lamp went off, as today my cell battery was drained in a few hours without any significant phone activity recorded on my part. i must admit that i am more afraid today being around belgrade, serbia, than i was ever. 
last minute: i guess the mention of serbian royalty in post communist country was highly dangerous thing to do since not only my cellular phone battery is emptying itself miraculously after several hours of non-usage but i am experiencing gang stalking everywhere again. i guess they would like me to kill myself - no normal living creature can endure such a  pressure - hence all this psychological terror in action. don't worry i won't, whatever is happening to me is entirely sketched and planned by those forces (you could imagine who they are) that destroyed my family in the first place. 
last minute cont.: yet another form of gangstalking - extremely powerful, bright, luminous and disturbing searchlights directed into my bedroom until the wee hours on june 3rd 2015, zeroing in as seen on the photos enclosed herewith. they are positioned somewhere on top of the buildings marked with red arrow (located on gostivarska street, belgrade, serbia). talking about the grid of serbian relentless animosity. in addition, mark my key word relentless. you can see when this google maps screenshot was taken this morning at 3:40 AM when my cell battery was fully charged again

june 7th 2015: last minute: as in life where i have been left with broken family and attacked on daily basis for twelve years which all led to spiraling downward in a disastrous stress spiral in addition to my deteriorating health, consequently induced,  not even my luck (luck! all that is left to me) follows me anymore as i am losing today together with novak djokovic...
what i am talking about there is not a single classic life enhancer to be found anywhere. from my point there is no way to start a good sporting momentum, a turning point to healthily rise, so to become reclusive is probably a way to be. jedite bre govna idioti picka vam materina govnarska

Sunday, May 24, 2015


as i was exiting antique fair held at slavija, belgrade, serbia, i noticed promptly that my eyes burn like hell and most likely i was sniped again by someone lying in wait somewhere - one more indicator that someone has been following me around and planning and executing actions to destroy my health and peace of mind. hours later my eyes still burn, my vision has been tempered with and numerous floaters and dark spots are a bothering nuisance.

as far as i guess my peace activism is concerned it seems that i am at much greater risk for being deliberately maimed when being around in public in serbia than mordechai vanunu was ever in israel.
unfortunately, it seems that serbs do that to other serbs. 

with practically no funding serbian efforts to bluff americans in order to bring me back home were numerous times smarter in comparison to what extent mossad went to bring back vanunu. though i think these two cases are incomparable, i am many more times frightened of being in serbia right now. throughout the past 12 years i've been under government and private interest groups' surveillance and as the result of this political experiment and/or sentence i was not able/allowed to form a family and live a normal productive life (double coded, harrased/attacked, and/or avoided by many - i have no idea what's normal life i had used to live so many years ago). the only comparison to my local situation would be if one imagine several hundred pit-bulls forced after a pet poodle while pit-bull owners cynically suggest poodle can run, poodle can run....therefore, run, poodle, run

Thursday, May 07, 2015


may 7th 2015: as i exited krivolacka health center this morning i saw yet another bruise mark of hatred on my vehicle. either someone is monitoring and following me all the time or there are so many of them - it does not matter where i am at, i will be in constant peril BECAUSE THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. this is yet another reminder that i am in unfriendly country where i cannot relax any single day and live life to the fullest. can you imagine yourself in the skin i live in?
it is not 6th september as yet when 13 years ago serbian state stepped in and ruined my family requesting from united states of america to extradite me to serbia for reasons unknown until today.
i was just trying to live in peace, had finally settled, had family life and was not allowed to continue. 
these above are my blood and urine sugar readings which can only be caused by stress as it is induced by these serbian bastards locally. i have no idea why are they after me, why they want to hurt me and destroy my property and life. as eternal optimist i did not know i had no future when i got here in 2003, now i do. 

some thoughts:
I came to America to try to become another President, to change the law to that effect and follow in the footsteps of George Fisher (Djordje SAgic) only to become exposed like a deadbeat so that any local hooligan and serbian thug can wipe their ass with me. i am not vindictive person but i would be glad to see signs God has not forgotten about me in this lifetime. 

so what was the "trade off" CIA had offered by returning me to serbia - the fucking thing that existed only in my nightmares and
became my reality - slow death and deliberate mutilation by fucked up Godzilla serbs on serbian killing spree/crusade, they are getting into my face day after day.
if i am to be asked, it is fucked up and we are talking this is some 2015, humanity goes south, seems like the end times. i wish God got pissed~ Super pissed!

btw, Andjus rules!