Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fuck you bastards

I get crucified. Am I the good guy here? And who says I am not? 
In my opinion there are only three countries in the world that Serbia could be compared to: 1) North Korea, 2) China and, 3) Cuba. Communism in Serbia was never brought down; it only changed its name. This is the only country in the world where the bank teller (Banca Intesa, Vojvode Stepe str., Belgrade) can ask you “why did you open a bank account?” and keep insisting on asking like some authority even though I answered “I wanted to have one, that is why”. Is this normal, what is the purpose, and has it ever happened to anyone anywhere? Let me just say, that it is the matter of several hundred dollars on monthly basis, sometimes not even that, that is deposited. It is not like some huge suspicious money is in question.

I know - it is the Roman Catholic bank, and I feel as if some private inquiry like that could only be authorized by the pope. It is the new inquisition.

I sympathize with Freemasons, and Roman Catholics are bitter opponents. Is it why they ruined my family in America? I feel so. No one was ever investigated for it; after my family was ruined it was the business as usual for the entire planet. The people on the key positions whenever bad things happened to me were majorly Roman Catholics. I know this is stupid but I do not have a reasonable explanation for many things that happened and are happening to me. Common underlying trait to all of them is pure evil and hatred. So it was either this or that nationality or religion. What do they want from me? I publicly announced earlier, I am not no Jesus or the Messiah like I had felt they ruined me for – because of the signs, perhaps. Leave me alone, I will not spoil your business, criminals.

So far, Serbs were the greatest supporters of communism in the former Yugoslavia. Most people here live well off, they drive huge luxury cars like Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, they have many houses, apartments and money – many lovers, it is the golden Serbian standard. Where is all that wealth coming from? Fuck you. I am writing because I do not want to be their scapegoat for nothing. They ruined me in America, because they could. Here they are trying to. One justice in Serbia is tailored for the rich and ex-communists, and another justice is valid for other walks of life. The proof? I was already found guilty of crime by the Serbian judge Ivana Ramic. That means I will legally not be able to immigrate anywhere – as a criminal. I do not feel this sentence was ordered by either Roman Catholics - the Pope - United States or their Serbian satellites. I feel as if God led her in doing so - so, I'll stay here - so wrong "Jesus" will never return to United States to upset all those Jesus-wary freaks ready to ruin families for nothing and those seeing signs they only saw of the Jesus that was not their Catholic Jesus. Exactly. So a lot of Americans are now safe without me. LOL. There are many things I would like to talk about, but here's something just to take it off of my chest. Fuck you bastards

Sunday, October 05, 2014

screwed for life.

in my pc, i've got a special folder named "U.S.A. SEPT. 6, 02 a full investigation" wherein i save everything that may be related to my tragedy - every single personal or mutual experience and confessions like obama's statement - yeah, we tortured some folks. that's where i saved this screenshot taken today
to a smart person, just by reading between the lines through dialogue in serbian as portrayed in this screenshot which is the first conversation i've ever had with some egoistic serbian person, it is obvious why i do not trust anyone in this country - serbia. even the wannabe friends on facebook pages (i've never ever seen) make putrid allusions and/or suggestions - as well as numerous others that aren't even my facebook friends - that would make any normal individual think about their personal safety in public and horrible state of mind of these people within the environment. they did not invent their malevolence – they were suggested all that by the community and administrative leadership apparatus that makes their opinions and directs their will...and my only weapon against this ill-opinionated majority is this blog and the belief that pure hell did not come lose to some other people's minds and countries in the world. i’ve gotta share what i gotta share, so what happens, happens.
however, i am the unlucky one whose life and family were destroyed by the united states and, unfortunately, united states have to stick to their guns and an invented story that i had deserved everything i got and that something like that was only possible by way of my own fault!!! if i did not go to united states everything in this world would have been much brighter for me - future, Sun, all that. while in fact what caused my situation was the malevolent prejudice of american paranoid mind against all things coming from the east (that are not cool by default) finally upending my existence.
while it is not possible that they can compensate me with anything better than what i had (same as in the movie irreversible inclusive of love, time, assets, moments, etc) i will never trust united states anything. if they say something is black i will know it can be white, grey or any other color but black. by ruining someone like me, their only goal is to eliminate me now physically by utilizing inferior state of serbian mind. and these minds are, the proof is here in the photo, like comparing the intellectual weights of evil stinking foxes and very stupid turkeys.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

f--- you, hatemongers!

last minute, september 23rd, 2014: when at the hearing the american judge charles m. honeyman based in philadelphia - pennsylvania and cherry hill - new jersey, said that, at his personal discretion, he will ruin my family i did not believe him; later i researched and found he was Jewish American.
i thought it was impossible! but recently obama admitted to it by stating we tortured some folks; check out the comment by some pedro lanza on jesse ventura's off the grid show with darling abby martin, shown below, it makes sense now, though i selfishly care about it only as far as i was stripped of all human rights. 
now in serbia, where i was sent either by the help of Yugoslav Army or Yugoslav (Serbian) communists or serbian secret service (now BIA), i cannot even say what my fears were/are! 
number one, i canot live in peace. 
number two, nobody ever apologized to me for the monstrous act of ruining my family and not seeing my child in 12 years in addition to getting forcefully divorced while i lost ability to control any of my assets in the usa. united states of america was supposed to be the country ruled by law; it is a huge lie i can shit on now after i lost the purpose of existence conditioned by their (american and serbian) actions. 

furthermore, in my last post herewith, i promptly apologized for nothing said to nobody only to witness intensified harassment and provocations by the bloody motherfuckers in serbia. they look at me like they were told i am crazy, it was pretty obvious today. namely, in that bloody maxi supermarket on vojvode stepe boulevard #115 in belgrade, the bitch (i carefully pick and choose my words) at the register held the laser scanner pointed straight into my eyes like targeting at me, and while they were okay for several weeks trying to be nice and polite they were obviously told recently to “make my day” and thus turned tables by 360 degress (which means

only one – some master of puppets is pulling serbian strings again). so i witnessed horrible harassment by the employees today, the cashier guy threw some shopping carts from height as i was really close to him to make a large noise and then he was looking at me like a monkey to see what effect and reaction it produced. which really made me think about everything and start writing about serbian and american evil all over again

Thursday, September 18, 2014


I hereby renounce whatever I said and/or posted herewith on September 18, 2014; I also apologize to all/ whenever tension and conflict move into our lives we get jumpy and begin to snap. people behave differently when under stress and, most of the time, some nastiness surfaces.
I have many Jewish and Serbian friends and it would not be fair to them to say
that I am afraid of them.  M.V. September 21, 2014.

twice beaten thrice shy
Serbian community of Jews is very small but powerful. Like you could have read, my problem is that in Serbian society I am not A very celebrated figure. I’ve been hated rather and this has been going on for eleven years, and I am talking hatred on daily basis. That’s the first part of my problem.

The second is: I look like a Jew, with crooked nose and big ears, though I am NOT. I wish I was as smart as them. So next to Serbs I feel some of my biggest opponents in Serbia are Jews, because of the following:

they want to distance themselves from me in loud and angry fashion to make sure I do not get any Serbian slack if some Serbs falsely assume that I was a Jew.So that is something they want to make very clear. No potential slack for this guy on account of being a Jew. And no mix ups.

I am afraid they want to even denounce / monitor me to make publicly certain I do not belong to them which, if it so, deepens their animosity towards me. I feel as if they - having nothing better to do - start actions that ruin my life even further. I am hereby only assuming because nasty things have been happening to me, and I have to take into consideration all winds and storms coming at me.

Thus one of my deepest fears in Serbia is to run into some powerful Jews in the street, like Mira Adanja Polak. If I do, she can pull some Serbian connections within a next few hours to mess up my messed-up-life. Thus if I see any I am crossing to the other side of the street before they can spot me. I am counting on short memory span with some of them, because what is out of sight, it is out of mind.

When I saw her on television this morning she appeared so angry about something, that instinctively made me upset and afraid as I thought to myself she may be angry for thinking Serbs are giving me unnecessary slack and I am not a Jew so they have to deal with it. There is a saying, twice beaten thrice shy. Strange; very strange.


(Mandarin)      眼不見,心不煩 [眼不见,心不烦] (yǎn bùjiàn, xīn bùfán)

what the eyes don't see doesn't worry the heart

Croatian          Daleko od očiju, daleko od srca

far from the eyes, far from the heart


Sejde z očí, sejde z mysli

Co oči nevidí, to srdce nebolí

what the eyes don't see, doesn't hurt the heart

Danish             Langt fra Öine, snart af Sinde / Ude af øje, ude af sind

out of sight, out of mind

Dutch Uit het oog, uit het hart

far from the eyes, far from the heart

Finnish            Poissa silmistä, poissa mielestä

out of the eyes, out of mind

French             Loin des yeux, loin du cœur

far from the eyes, far from the heart

I hereby renounce whatever I said and/or posted herewith on September 18, 2014; I also apologize to all/ whenever tension and conflict move into our lives we get jumpy and begin to snap. people behave differently when under stress and, most of the time, some nastiness surfaces.
I have many Jewish and Serbian friends and it would not be fair to them to say
that I am afraid of them.  M.V. September 21, 2014.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


this damage just was not there yesterday. i parked briefly around 13h today in svetozara miletica street no. 10 (dorcol, belgrade) in front of "trend auto service" (that also repairs french vehicles same as the one i own). and this just immediately caught my eye when i returned and approached the car, i saw some minor new scratches and a freshly detached / stripped off bulbiform door seal (weatherstripping). last time when i parked on the same spot i got fresh scratches and also suspected this car place. i have no proof as far as who did it, but car guys, car mechanics have the right tools to make this sort of damage on the spot. i can only suspect and it is killing me, because somebody is doing the real damage to me and my property - i have been posted in this country as the target. so i have no idea who they are and i lost a very good friend to suspicion because when i got scratches a few months ago i went back to his company complaining that perhaps his workers did it when in fact it happened somewhere else - we got on the surveillance camera and followed action in his company's yard. and, this is the real damage - rain water is going to come in there and make more inside damages to my vehicle. being in this country the way i am - it is gross and debilitating. you have friends, you have enemies you've never heard of but they are doing the damage and destroy my future because i have no means of supporting damages serbs are doing to me and my property. God helps but not enough, it seems serbs are more powerful than God in inflicting damages. i believe those serbs that are destroying my property do not believe in God (there are many communists and anarchists in the post communist country; only add up communist heritage to it too), but even if they go to church and do things like these they and their families will finally end up in Hell; same as the guy who beat the Hell out of me. it is crazy, but i know the good will prevail in the end. i have no idea why God has been testing me with this evilness for years

Thursday, August 28, 2014

as if

someone was entering my yahoo mail, kupindo and facebook accounts and reading my emails for the last two weeks that is until today - 9/11 2014. i've just realized how vulnerable i was and that someone was reading my emails and disclosing information out of context to angry serbs, and i had my password on my mobile phone while it was serviced in BG ELektronik. i felt serbian hatred was intensified more recently. too bad for this company, their owner ljuba m. is a great guy, but he always had sobs for workers. i remember albanian guy whose first name was sheriff. at that time i did not realize about hatred among yugoslav nationalities. i was doing a high school practice there and sheriff ordered to me to bring a huge saba television set down to basement utilizing the very narrow and ultra steep set of stairs. he wanted to make other servicemen laugh. halfway down something cracked in my spine, and i still did not let tv down. following that i was never able to lift anything heavy throughout my life without terrific back pains that followed me for days. and let's not talk about hernia. i am not writing here to get my revenge, no, it seems that this company has been the real jinx for me since late 80s.

i left a mobile phone with BG ELEKTRONIK - a samsung service in belgrade so it appears as if the servicemen

there were openly distributing my private communication and data to the rest of this nation so they could bring on more intrigues and take more rights away from me? this is what i feel is going on as serbs are transparent like a book. they are highly readable and what goes around comes around, it comes down straight to me as information.

what i am supposed to do when i do not have any rights here? so i did not expect anything better. you cannot sue in serbia, but they can sue me. after snowden they take for granted that they too can infringe on privacy and distribute private details as they like. i have no doubts this is sponsored by some government agency that deals in "tin foil security against domestic elements" (i feel they all behave like gang-bangers power crazy). they also have nothing better to do and i have been their patsy. Call me patsy – that way I will be sure that you got my point. that's what i've been made of. patsy matter.

But what if I am wrong, what “as if” is just another wave of serbian terror (they've been terrorizing me for quite a while - they've been suckers for it) unsparked by what i think went on. however, samsung is a reputable international company - i do not know why they are allowing it? probably they have not heard.

what's illegal in this country? anything and nothing at all.
nobody's got my back - not even american people - the plume of international freedom and justice!  
suck on this suckers!
get the load of truth here suckers!

still do not know why i cannot walk the streets of belgrade in peace and zlatan stipisic gibonni could? why am i so different from this guy and what did i do to this nation to hate me so much. what did i do to my neighbor vojkan milosevic, politician, so he goes berserk every time he spots me and starts spitting like crazy, behavior quite opposite of what one could see on television.  

NEXT TO EVERYTHING, i am always asking myself who is going to compensate me for everything i've been through during the past 11 years in serbia. i am the public figure in this country the fact that nobody here wants to admit and publicly recognize, but they are okay with messing up my life - their torture almost always occurs under the table when it is hard to catch it and record it - and doing everything they can to mentally and physically destroy me so i get no opportunity in life whatsoever. for the past two years i've been the target for many, inclusive of public transportation bus drivers as when they are passing by, some of them release air brakes and if you are not expecting it, your ears hurt and you lose your hearing ability. this is what happened today, september 14th 2014 as one son of a bitch driving either old yellow longbus line no. 25 or line no. 26, did it around 10 AM while i was exchanging some currency at the currency exchange kiosk on krusevacka street no. 43a  and while i was standing on the street a few meters away from this serbian motherfucker passing by. in normal society they would find the son of a bitch and kick him out on some other reason, while he would not be able to find another employment for at least, i say at least seven years, that is the society where Freemasons dominate and where there is a code of gentlemen in play and eventually serbian terror would then end - the only thing i would not get my compensation retroactively - but what is it worth when your family and hearing ability among other things were ruined and your chance for another family as well -- it was so loud that even some passersby were protesting but the son of a bitch did it exclusively because he saw me. i swear to God on this. i've been nervous and irritated for the entire afternoon, i let my headlights on, and later i could not even unlock car doors because i did not realize i also had a lock opportunity, so far i had utilized the buttons only. and even today while watching usa - serbia basketball game i was quite nervous and irritated about something and then i realize what happened to me today and what the cause was, i realize i am still feeling the pain in my ears which when i am thinking of it - the very pain makes me quite nervous. and i rightfully say fuck you serbia, and whoever listened to you in united states when they were breaking my family apart without due process, both of you need to lose this basketball game cos you are not ready to be humans as yet. your mindsets are set back in the stone age as far as i am concerned with all these motherfuckers on the lose ruining people's lives, that is mine for sure, first and foremost. every day there is something new, it is surely negative and it is being like that since i was - on the request of serbian military - brought here from the united states on march 7th 2003, which is 4209 days or 11 years, 6 months, 7 days excluding the end date. it will never change as the fresh blood is served to them by even my neighbors who are "recognized" public figures in this pseudo barbarian society, vojkan milosevic, i.e.

Monday, August 04, 2014

false flags serbia

 - Naw man. I'm pretty fuckin' far from okay. 

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first. - Thomas Jefferson

 although i wish p/o cvetic 
nothing but the best 
his obvious intentions were criminal 
to set me back financially several years
and he is the tool of the serbian government.

i am not even the whistle blower here 
i just wanted to exercise my right 
to a bit of that justice for myself.  
that being said, i am sure, 
any other hell on Earth or even ebola virus 
sound like a lesser evil
in other words, i would rather be exposed to ebola virus 
than witness my main human rights taken away 
as is the case in serbia with me.
down with the oppressors - it does not matter if there are hundreds of thousands of them 
they are the crime against humanity - they are the crime that never minds!!! 
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" 
because "the villainy you teach me I will execute"
So time is up now for the villainy to be executed
I've seen and learned a plenty of it from my masters - serbs
 what they had wanted for me by default comes to haunt them back too and soon. 
today, alas, at approx. 22:25, as i was driving home from the maxi superstore on vojvode stepe boulevard there was a black unmarked limo waiting for me on vitanovacka street and as i was driving towards it and passing by i’ve seen two bald-headed guys (bald-headed – serbian secret service imitating mossad operatives?) and a pointed red dot – laser –  inside their vehicle. they obviously have a very good logistics as they are watching my every step and know where i am going to go next.

most unfortunately also today around 18:35, as i was going to bank to pick a mere 40 bucks (or 30 european euros) sent via western union by a croatian friend i was approached by a motorcycle patrolman slavko cvetic (barely made out last name in his illegible handwriting; i finally found - cvetic likes to drink moonshine while in what seems to be uniform, slaughter pigs and fool around according to photos (not on my watch and wallet pal), this is his facebook entry:
this government's chiseling workhorse could rake in at least five G-s ($ 5000,00) every day by falsely accusing and ripping off people, this math is simple: $750 x 10 drivers like me = $7500,00 minus 10-20%; otherwise, otherwise, it would have been discrimination against me probably based on the rumors he knows or if he was ordered (the government wanted to get me that day, so surveillance which knows my routine, logistics and the executor were scheduled "on my case", operation "you name it") via radio to quickly come to where i was supposed to be with his motorcycle and they can do it very fast too.
as i was trying to find a parking space on ustanicka street next to banca intesa bank. first off, as i was slowing down to screen available parking places i looked back for back traffic and i’ve seen him in a rearview mirrors hesitating whether to approach me or not. when i looked again i still saw him hesitating whether to approach or not as if he was thinking that i was going to speed away – he did not know that i was stopping because i needed to. i proceeded on and rolled onto the pavement just next to a bank when this police officer who behaved like an sob

from the get-go approached and charge me with fleeing a police officer (crazy phony b.s. which now is a real charge designed to hurt) and gave me a whole bunch of traffic tickets which altogether amount to three serbian monthly salaries to pay. i was very peaceful, cooperative and on my best behavior (made video as proof) and thought he was only going to warn me after he had ordered me to cross the street towards his motorcycle, but a perfidious serbian hatred boiled over from this guy. i must say that there is a rumor that i ran into some money which is not true and most serbs hate my guts because of this or that. they cannot wait for a good chance to trip me whenever they can. and also as i took out papers from the glove box inside the car there was a Masonic show & exhibit catalog which fell out together with the traffic papers folder as it was lodged on top of it. i then figured it could have been the reason cvetic went ballistic as many serbs are rabid Masonophobes and haters, even though i am probably as a person far inferior to serbian Masons anyway. in other words, cvetic should had liked me for that, not hate me. i immediately found a quick fix solution regarding this problem as i am now sporting a huge patriot serbian flag and coat of arms as my new car freshener and it is easy to see so hopefully my patriotism is not questioned further. if you look at the face of this guy you do not need to be lombroso to find out that there is a thin line between being a cop and a goon in serbia, he looks more like a butcher to me.
no joke, i felt threatened i had to make a video of this guy and myself which itself is a proof i was not running from him although he promptly threatened that he was going to arrest me if i did try to record anything. i answered, that i needed a clear proof that i was not running away, since i was there and my car was just across the street from his motorcycle whom he did not even drive as he was lying in wait, he clearly wanted to get me or he was ordered to get me since they can easily position themselves per location i was gonna go through as they have such a great logistics plus speed. now, these three guys here are running the show in serbia:
 dacic, vucic and nikolic, and they must be the ones in a know if he was ordered to get me – because i am now scheduled for court proceedings by this puppet maggot or a jaded police fruit. let’s say serb leaders all reek of ex-communist background and i must add since they came into power i was beaten twice (barely survived the second beating) and many bad things happened to me even though i never felt no sympathy for these guys. when the previous guys were in power i do not recall anything that bad happening. is this a coincidence? i feel these 'once-a-commie-always-a-commie commies' want to rob me of the little money i own since i came to pick 40 dollars and now i am expected to pay 750 dollars (police evasion is the priciest one) for what should have been a warning, tops!!!! this is crazy serbia, could have not even dreamt up something like that, please do not laugh and do something, i am expecting you to, you were probably laughing the last time when i was explaining how i was beaten to death, and the things are only getting worse. they want my money which does not exist!!!!!!! 
every time something bad happens to me in serbia i think of this man, george w.
for his administration allowed it; it broke my family down, forced me to serbia and exposed me for everyone here to get a violent kick out of me. obama admitted it finally these days saying we tortured some folks! thanks barrack, i did not have a confidence in you as i had in george w but you are the man, your statement provides at least 1% of closure with united states for me.
furthermore, i am showing some real evidence here that everything said was done. and also, these guys running the show are taking billions from UAE sheiks and shit. they live in mansions, have secured their kiss and kin for the next 14 generations and have a privilege of jumping off and on those nice interns and interpreters like utah mormon rabbits. why are not serbs like cvetic mad about them, yeah, they get the paycheck, but why they are mad about me and enjoy in bringing me down? i will have to pay this government racquet no matter what, since this is the damned Serbia, there is no justice. unless you are a “patriot”. these "patriot" and "traitor pariah" makers need false flags in order to mask the truth out there. and i seem to be the regular victim of sort. i am talking  serbian patriots like novak djokovic who can shake their ass with  might, money, and power and if you are small fry like me, expect the worse from the f*cking serbs. unbelievable, i tell you. plus what their secret service has been doing to me, one could think it is tough luck i have been just ordered onto the walk of shame, hell no. i have been crucified and i have been bleeding real blood. and it is lasting for too fucking long. all these serbs know that their government destroyed my family by producing false evidence to the united states that i was someone else at the very least, i do not know exactly what lies were told – but nobody never came up to me to say we are sorry for what happened to you. you have not seen your child in twelve years and stuff like that. no!!!!!! i feel they are out to get me even more and they enjoy beating and tearing down flesh to smithereens because they want their face saved while their conscience is guilty. motherfuckers!!!! i’ll show you some exhibit of these tickets i got today so you can trust me, if i have to - i will do a lie detector test because this surely works in the country with a majority of atheists where swearing to God and on a Bible does not mean much, but they will not let me because it would have saved my life. Sincerely & Faithfully,

exhibit a,
update on august 6th: a lot of times i wondered why Serbs have been after me...during the last 12 years so much bad happened to me that i believe even God was warned and laid his hand; i believe God will repay each person according to what they have done (Romans 2:6) and i feel sometimes as if some Serbs are gauging eyes of the blind man or stealing from the pauper regarding their relationship toward me. in addition too, there are some bright moments although rare instances which make me want to live. serbian hatred is such that even today as i was passing through Autokomanda square my car was pelted by the group of soccer hooligans (throwing small stones or something which pinged off of my vehicle as they were going to football match Partizan – Ludogorec), and police stood there silently, and traffic policeman on the spot seemed to be more than eager to pull me over to write some more fishy traffic violations as the news here travel quickly and serbs hate my guts. they simply want me to die as the stress coming as the result of their actions is overwhelming. and it's been lasting for years, no real man can endure such, let's coo it, everlasting daily nuisances. 
finally, there are 6 wishes i would've asked a golden fish if i pulled out one: 
1. cannot tell 
2. canno tell
3. cannot tell
4.  could tell - obtain a degree at St. John's College in Maryland (even though the reality is - i will never go back to america, never say never, but this is a very firm never)
5. could tell - turn back time and allow me to compete in my favorite sport
6. could tell - allow me to marry Japanese, Swiss, German or American lady. 
update on 8th 2014: is there a genetically challenging problem with some of these serb people, a gene that promotes aggression and stupidity, i do not know but i felt some of them looked like as if they were going to lynch me today, obviously one of them was a driver of btl company who wanted to start a fight on his own terms by crazily starring at me as we stood on a red light stop 20 feet away from the point where this rogue cop cvetic exercised his craziness over me, are city of belgrade, and among others, ustanicka street haunted? man, it sucks to be human in serbia.

just took this from facebook and out of context but it is obvious that serbs advocate spitting against the child molesters and murderers and they believe to be spat at is even far worst punishment than deathrow!!!!!! it is the exact same thing my neighbor - politician and public figure mr. voj.milosevic initiated and did to me while many serbs followed by getting onto that train. but wait a minute, did i kill anyone? what did i actually do? i do not feel guilt of conscience for bringing this up but see a lot of parallels and the reason why serbs in power like cvetic maximize their fury when they engage themselves into my life with initial mindset of treating me with contempt. 

last minute thought on august 12th: if i had proximity of Robin Williams and knew what he was about i would have tried my best to keep him a bit longer here on Earth. Robin had such a huge positive impact on my well-being. just hope he did not know about me and was not reading this blog that would've applied pressure to his super sensitive nature like mine. just hope he'll never be forgotten, and sparks he left will always revolve in my heart. truly, one of my favorite people and Americans.

i think this country is divided among slobodan milosevic, ratko mladic, and vojislav seselj supporters who believe they are the greatest patriots, and all others who also believe they are patriots on modest terms. i have not asked those that want to pick a fight with me on a daily basis who they support. when they go outside the country serbian reputation is horrendous, but here police officers kill people (there is a long list of their crimes) and serbs willl always support even a crooked cop over me. that's why this fight is useless. the tubiness of p/o cvetic leads me to believe that he belongs to one of the two. 

It certainly is. 
serbian paranoia and malice = black satire.

i am writing this since i am helpless. the only reason being suspicious to vengeful serbs?

i noticed some serbs organizing themselves in groups since they must be convinced that i somehow represent the greatest threat to national security. thus some of them took crazy sick and ultra paranoid matters in their own hands as they began their own surveillance operations against me.  

hereby i confess that i am the innocent man and not a foreign agent or a spy for the forces of imperialism. i am the blatant example of human rights violation when they wrongfully accused me of war crimes and whatnot (something must be in their minds since they all believe i am guilty of something) and messed up my future and family and now there is no privacy only because they want to save their face and that is impermissible. and someone needs to pay for it but they are not paying for it. they are just ratcheting up more and more pressure. 
if one should ask assuming why don't i ask for mercy from serbs
they should recollect what happened to polish and irish soldiers at little big horn when they threw their weapons asking crazy horse for mercy.
they were collectively slaughtered at once.
half savages do not know what mercy is. half savages feel not remorse and bear no grudge whatsoever.
half savages are recognized by their actions.
best language they understand is if one stands up 

and fights for his rights. hatred and inflicting emotional pain is all serbian obsession.
it is a thrill inducing behavior for most of them most likely....but to me the effects are monstrous!
as you step in serbia bear in mind for yourself only: you won't tread on me. 

and now a little bit of that serbian police officer slavko cvetic's sense of humor taken from his fb account:

follow up on august 14th 2014: around 14:50 hrs as i waited to give a gentleman’s yield to oncoming traffic on bilecka street, it appeared the guy in his 20s was pointing his pocket laser light into me all the time.
he was standing right at this green gate next to bmw as he had some business there (this is a very laid back neighborhood where people do not stand in front of some place if they are not related to it) and i was waiting behind that large silver suv. as i proceeded on i saw him packing a laser in his wallet pouch. wait! wait! i thought to myself. is this real? what did I just see? it was so surreal, I could not believe my eyes that hurt now and I drove on another fifty yards. i was so spooked and agitated i decided to investigate. i drove back to ask a question but he disappeared. he probably fled when he saw me coming. this is the clear proof serbs were ordered to harass while the world is doing nothing - i've been writing here for years. imaging if the entire new york city would do the most unimaginable stuff to one person on the streets. one exposed helpless person everyone knows. it is almost like that because there are more senseless people in serbia than in the state of new york. my eyes burn now not so badly but still this is unbelievable. the statement that serbia and belgrade are the post-communist hell on Earth means nothing. this is more. they are not crazy, they are beyond mean and willing to do harm and perform on their evil. i wish the same evil to folks that exposed me in united states and then serbia. it is always easy to harm a helpless individual, but let me see if this will pass by those that will gouge their eyes out. this situation today was a pure coincidence plus it was a pure convenience for the evildoing serb that i happened to be there, but it also means i will ever come across one or two of those willing to do harm in every street, on every corner in serbia. it is almost like a satanic ritual to these evildoers. they are post communist which borders with satanic, anarchist, quasi-patriotic, reckless and wild. they do evil, i do not see any good growing here. 
incident involving laser light no.2; august 19th 2014: around 20:00 hrs, as i was waiting for passengers to cross 'boulevard oslobodjenja' at slavija square, a guy who was waiting first in line in the opposite direction, and whose codriver was a girl - so he was not by himself, it's more than likely if there were two the girl won't keep her mouth shut and she'll brag about it, pointed red laser at me all the time we were waiting. i could not believe my eyes that are hurting now....this is crazy. where do they get these things and why they keep them in the car like pencils?!!!! it is beyond this world. attitude of serbs is beyond being monstrous. it is their hunt after me, i think i am dreaming sometimes, i cannot believe what is happening even though out of fear i do not go out much - so i am missing what has remained of my life being between the four walls, this is worst than prison.... let me stop here cos i feel like vomiting