Saturday, June 17, 2017

serbian angry mob exults

today I was walking with an acquaintance, a very well known Serbian bookseller, in the center city Belgrade only to be attacked and provoked by the approaching man who spat at us as he came closer. the consequent reaction of the acquaintance – he was mad at me – telling me: who do you think you are?!! people are getting mad at you? and finally giving me a French leave!
Who do I think I am? I only wanted to be left alone, but since the locals could not stop with hatred and provocations I had to open up a blog to spill the beans about what is going on. either that or die in the worst psychological pain induced by some Serbian beasts.

now, I was not openly provoked in a while, perhaps for several days and I am afraid that new agenda of harassment fiends assumes attacking those that associate with me as they see that I am not overly bothered – I turned into a stone long time ago under Serbian harassment so they cannot touch me. these poor people have no blogs and means of defence against these serbian maniacs. the only thing I can think of would be a hotline but what good would it do for them. their only guilt is associating with me. thereby I got less and less friends talking to me – although my secondary language is Serbian (used to be primary) I have almost forgotten how to speak in it – I do not remember things in Serbian well as I spend less time talking in it. it was obvious in these 15 years they want me to pay for something and I am still the same old I do not know what goes on, the only thing I know I am the victim and I have been living in this Serbian hell for years without clue.  the like of Novak Djokovic could be the one who could save me. the Serbian saint figure. the one who can overpower the beasts.
my best friend. or one of them.

Friday, June 16, 2017

serbian dirty games

I got to yell out here. I am becoming mad. cannot keep it to myself anymore. do not get Serbian partner in anything you do. Plain and simple the chances are that some motherfuckers (many in them) will get to you. they will try to screw you in anything and with anything, at least that is my constant experience. they got as far as Sotheby’s and christie’s to smirk my record. I tested some auction houses with goods of unblemished provenance reproduced and illustrated and they would not take it. the auction houses could not say no because I got these things from reputable galleries and with full provenance records. after numerous attempts all items were refused even to be considered and I then tested with stuff they could not refuse, could not say no, could not mix bag – could only lowball the estimate, a hundred dollars - a hundred dollars, which some of them did on purpose just to distract me with repelling effect and some of them  r e f u s e d (to be highlighted.) How is that possible? I smell Serbian rats in the background.
serbs want to make a slave out of me. on the other hand many serbs find that freedom is privilege and not the right so they do not care what my local adversaries are doing. Things are all set upside down here. sometimes I cannot escape the feeling that I m in the mind of many Serbian citizens and the only thing they ever think of. It may sound crazy but comes to think of it when I come across these serbs, there is not anything happening there but me, in their heads that is and as they react you could feel that they are all wired up to no good. some damned are trying to impose themselves, in fact they attack from all sides and Im and I feel doomed here as if they are trying to kill me. that is why Im feeling restless all the time, having difficulty breathing and I m sure they will impose a major heart or brain attack upon me one of these days. I am so nervous because of these motherfuckers. they keep on trying and come in waves. not much other than that, the authorities here also built the singing fountain in downtown belgrade and the only clip that plays all day long has got lyrics in it: 'not my son' by Michael Jackson. Im sure there is a message in it, and comes to think of it the serbs are ready for anything. they will go as far as London, newy yoke and tokyo to ruin you. Once you mess with serbs you are either dead or braindead. they cannot leave you alone. Etc. that is how you often feel. When I get me the peace of mind after testing and straining my nerves to the full over realizing how bad they are I then realize how oversensitive and hyperactive am I, one of these days these motherfuckers will get me, I will auto destruct because of them. I hope karma works both ways.

there are people all over the world like that. I do not know if any slavs are in cpt. Kiefer’s bloodline but he also I believe wanted to ruin my life. An American that treated me as slave who can be used (required dangerously long work hours over winter storm period in philadelphia) and abused (did not acknowledge these hours later on as they truly accumulated, as I worked numerous shifts in a row) and then not awarded for his service. and then claimed that I auto awarded myself over bullshit and did bullshit on his part over it coming full circle. who’s karma this is I do not recognize, I call it ‘cpt. Kiefer did not kill deer with arrow over the weekend and then came in grumpy for his own watergate’s karma.’ should i pay for the millions?

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

fuck this place. this is fuckin’, what it is.

alex jones and the great admirer of american society mr. vladimir putin helped me in preparation of this post. shall quote what great lines they implemented into my head that are related to my Serbian experience as well:

1)      i am promoting rennaisance and freedom.

2)      they hate me because i am christian.

3)      russia understands soft power

4)      be open be free be strong and everyone is going to like being with you

5)      do not go around making everybody do what you want like russia was doing before that

6)      let's expand on that, she knows that the public is dumbed down, at least her audience

7)      they are creating a sensation out of nothing and out of sensation they turn it into a weapon of war against the whomever. well this is amazing - you people are just creative overthere. good jobs. your lives must be boring. total lies. they are trying to implement something out of nothing. not even the thin air. that is how they play these games  

once these aggressive serb (not all serbs of course - many are good ones - but inclusive of aggressive serbs and aggressive gypsies and other aggressive nationalities that live here) guys get onto something there is no way they will back down or get off easily until they completely wreck that thing or until their victim is showing the signs of life. now they got a new twist in their madness thanks being to my latest postings whereby I was trying to explain some facts. today also I was in the post office, kumodraska street, belgrade, sending something to a friend and it seems that the new must do harassment on the part of clerks reflects loud and intended repeating of my address and phone number as well as the recipient's contact details so the “people” hear so the aggressive ones among them could be aware of who they can terrorize plus where and how to do it. there were not too many people in the post office today so I did not protest it. in maxi store on kumodraska street cashier behave as well like I owed something to her or perhaps as if she knew more about me than I wanted to know, obviously trying to exploit on my latest posting while coughing on purpose etc. the others cannot even act. in a number of recent events motherfuckers be like coming in front of me capsizing bottles acting as if they are very thirsty and then suddenly dropping, drinking and dropping repeatedly for like 15 times in half a minute, this stupid see through act was going on and on and I was thinking to myself what a dimwitted bunch of bastards, go fuck yourselves stupid aggressive serbian assholes you are nothing but the bunch of cuck sucking stupid motherfuckers! I mean they are reflecting on my recent post about the florida lawyer – and they are instructed what to do and they know why they are doing it. basically, to provoke. in fact, I do not believe they are regular citizens, I think these creeps work for the government because there is an entire scenario in place that has got two major demands for each role. they have to hold their drinks and then come in front of me and act as if they are drinking eagerly. how darn stupid you have to be to think of something like that? it is an insult to intelligence. and many were choking with their drinks, coughing it up because they were acting badly. this then seems to be the serbian saint triangle: kicks, spits, man made noises, coughing sprees… it revolves. once I complain about one thing they switch to same old though another though.   

on the other hand – like today – I often run into those opposite from brilliant montenegrin serb looking types that drive dark suvs and that menacingly stare down at me while shaking their heads in disbelief and anger, as they drive by. not a slightest provocation on my part but I feel that given their ego if they made that stop they would be very trigger happy as they are all packing. these guys do not engage in fist fights unless they outnumber the opponent and will not hesitate to pop a cap. them on the other side of law with stacks of benjamins and me clinging onto my last dollars, where is the justice?!! in other words in order to stare at me in that fashion someone had to gave them a go, and I am sure that someone is related to someone who consider himself compromised in this blog. which would be very wrong to connote as I did not compromise anyone unless they directed their hatred at me for no reason, whatsoever. In the end for whatever happened to me or will happen I assume the administration of George w is to blame. I will never forgive nor forget that in this world or another.

Saturday, June 03, 2017


in the united states you could say your prayer before a meal and I adore quakers who practice this habit like true worshipers and honest to goodness decent christians.
in post communist serbia I tried taking a minute to say a prayer before eating in public and I was looked at as if I was not normal or as if i was a total jerk rather. i felt so socially awkward and the public reaction makes you freak out inside because a few people have that sense of openness to let everyone express themselves without scrutiny. you practically feel that you must hide your sincerity in public but God is more important than the opinions of these post communist earthlings or whatever they should be called - cohabitants.
estas tonne on the other hand looks like he prays before anything, maybe he doesn't but if at the same time the same people i am talking about would be looking at his modes of behavior i am sure they would find it cool and okayable just because of who he is. in other words they would respect him because they have mixed feelings about various foreigners while in serbian caste system which is quite similar and comparable to gypsy (indian nomad) caste system, they find me despicable because once i am considered one of their own they do not approve of a different and unusual behavior on my part. some traumas and blame - psychological or physical punishment - are then to follow. traditionally gypsies are not allowed to marry non gypsies etc and these rules are presently broken even within the gypsy world and i am herewith talking about serbs who are more down to earth but some stigmas and no-nos do exist. this is how Cosa Nostra operates too and these are also the serbian double standards. talking about the control freaks barking up the wrong tree. let alone earning credit where credit is due when it comes to art world and art patronage.
so this is how my local enemies are adding stigma value to the stories about me while it is hard to stay afloat and explain yourself to the single minded serbian citizens who do not know better. they keep accusing you of this and that and it is almost impossible to be left alone and have normalcy back in your life. furthermore I wonder who is responsible for the problems I have with the serbian crazies. there are many aggressive serbs of course, hundred times more than I ever witnessed in the united states, and multiply that by the difference (in numbers) of 3-6 million Serbian citizens vs. millions back in the US. imo serbian crazies believe that i have something to do with nato bombing of 1999 and since they cannot lay hands on and square it up with some american citizens they salivate over the opportunity to have someone at hand to release their anger and frustrations at and every day I feel they are taking it out on me. just one example – today i was purchasing some materials in the store domino, pancevacki put 72a, belgrade which is similar to home depot and the clerk was super hospitable until she realized who I was. all of a sudden she started coughing up like crazy, coughing after every word only to become fully disrespectful while I became the receiving end of her nasty meanness that was glazing over in her eyes even though I spent a lot of money there. none of my actions called for this behavior whereby she was suddenly overwhelmed by the total prejudice. i experienced a number of similar situations here in serbia. i did not give these people but one reason to behave in that manner. all I know I feel graced by God – cause it is the greatest grace and highest blessing when you are provoked and attacked without a single reason. I myself would feel the greatest fear if I was in their shoes attacking or insulting someone just for the hell of it in total ignorance. I know that the saddest karma would get me, if not me then someone I adore or love. It is the worst that can happen to a human being. but let them do it, it is like they benefit you at the same time cos you get credits with God and there is nothing you can do about it. i wonder what karma awaits American citizens who got this serbian medieval upon my ass. I hate to think that some of them are responsible for flooding in new orleans as well as obrenovac, serbia. I do not have anything to do with it, if they had been asking for it, it was on them entirely. if you know what i mean then take a look at my natal chart in the zodiac sign of cancer as well:
the only salvation for me would be if the younger girl from the united states, the Oklahoma missionary or the Ohio Quaker type, comes around and saves my life by becoming my partner in life and saving thus the remainder of my integrity. she would not have to have to learn another language. I've been looking at these serbian people – the types that are eager to hurt me - driving around in these vehicles – which I do not have – there are many of them and each one has got a look of unquestionable integrity inscribed on their face. you can see courage in their stance they do not lack anything. they have money, kids, car, wife, lovers, businesses and still i am something that bothers them. i do not have prospects to start up a family here in this lifetime, I do not even have a girlfriend, I do not have a car. what kind of injustice is this that prevails in serbia. nothing that I had ever known can compare and compete with this serbian reality.
they are practically itching for the entire belgrade to remain without drinking water and there is nothing i can do about it. that is why i am so sad - having been forced to live with these people that - come what may - do everything opposite of what i consider natural and reasonable. plus a word to the wise: my delusions of grandeur are equal to nil. it is not necessary to be well informed; some of you must know that what i am describing herewith is nothing but the reality. 

this essay as well as all other essays in this blog are concept art in its best form and the truth to the best of my knowledge as well. as of the moment of my latest posting the color codes throughout the media – amanpour for example wearing green which symbolizes persistence and the strength to cope with adversity – changed dramatically so it is important to highlight that the latter is important. it hereby also acknowledges the powerful experience of sgt. james penniston who "downloaded an information." in other words, somebody must be listening in and i want to release the information to those who will listen, decode, understand, engage and thus help.