Sunday, May 21, 2017


the world is full of shitheads and damn, when you feel like you an’t straight you know you’ve been hurt big time. if you peeps think I do not know my ledge for nearly 15 years that I have been in this country called Serbia, like a herb, I have neither once provoked anyone to call out for what has been going on here with me. serbs (not naturally all but great many) were the ones who started everything AND GAVE ME SO MUCH HATE, in these years every little stinky thing was always coming from these harassment fiends exclusively only. they cannot name but one incident that I had provoked!!!!!!!!!!!! have I ever tried to fade anyone or be disrespectful to anybody? na mean? I came here into their bigger picture as a scapegoat replacing all of their villains they had ever dreamed of inclusive of the USA, becoming thus now a perfect target to release all their anger and frustrations. however, I an’t the one, fasho! they are the stinkers and toy macho men who saw some movies and imagined they were the center of the world's attention. playing themselves to be dons, all that and a pack of chips, the owners of the toughest syndicates worldwide! their stink stands the test of time as I have been here since 2003 and it is still coming off me. as if I had been sprayed by several billion skunks. stayed with me ever since, every single day. serbs provoke and bastardize. they are all gung ho about it. you know what time it is when even the way I walk is offensive to them as recently some son of a bitch wanted to start a fight on zebra crossing yelling out from his vehicle:”you are swinging, why are you swinging?” next day I was talking to a slamming girl on the streetcar stop only to be victimized by a thug who rolled up just to have a chance to come in our faces to spoil out our conversation while hawking and flexing on us all on purpose. regardless of matter the finger of blame has been forever pointed my way in this effin country where there are no laws that could protect human rights and dignity so there is nothing to enforce. I believe their goal was to make a scrub out of me. I have been made the easiest target for abuse. and then when in my defense I responded with a blog of interplanetary magnitude they found themselves offended and projected a violent opposition. really, (some) Serbs?!!!!!!! and then next to all these bullies Novak Djokovic happens, what a glorious accident. it completes the story of ying and yang, you must have both in one whole.
just like Andrew Jackson did, I cannot wait for another war to clear my name.

when I think about myself and many other serbs I can’t help but think about fictional characters in the movie by sam peckinpah called ‘the warriors’ whereby in the role of me are the warriors and serbs are collectively represented by the Luther. Serbs are then the character played by David Patrick Kelly whereas these clinkers do the exact same thing Kelly did in the movie by falsely snitching on and provoking the warriors by noise (clinking bottles together scene.) does coincidence exist?

I would ask these many serbs one question, if they are right why are they so upset with me? why do they want to kill me?  why do not they take it to court with whatever they have for whatever reason they ruined my marriage and prevented me from seeing my child for 16 years. what is Serbian karma then cos karma ever comes. shall try to stay up by then. 
wherefrom comes this blog. the answer lies in the answer to a following question - why was federer at pippa middleton's wedding: maybe because he was invited?

it is fucking hard being the best when you have hundreds of thousands of backstabbers up your ass.

and also, are serbs fighting me because they think I am American, or they think I am a Jew or Russian, or what they fucking think am i? I did not figure it out as yet. it fucking beats the logic.

Monday, May 15, 2017

AMERICA STILL BEING clingy WITH ME AND CNN AIRS IT. still after soundness in my body and mind and my good reputation. hope some karma will show them the truth.

In wee hours of Monday, may 15th, I was watching cnn and almost fell asleep when something – a scene that I saw – dumbfounded me. it was a story about some Jessica Colotl Threatened With Deportation by U.S. Immigration and Customs and Enforcement while her lawyer kept drinking sort of deliberately from a large purple container as if to point out something. I believe the staged performance of this female lawyer in the remotely similar case to mine (contrary to Mrs. Jessica, I am done with living in the U.S. in this lifetime) was related to my employment at chef charin, a philipino restaurant in Philadelphia’s suburb of Bala Cynwyd where I found employment as the waiter sometime in the late 1990s. soon, as I was inexperienced, owner asked me if I could find him more help and I then relayed this information to my neighbor dejan kovacevic who in turn relayed it to Serbian person by the name of Milan Nedic who promptly started working there along with his venezuelan wife (I think both were illegal at that time.) I did not know Milan Nedic but as of the moment mr nedic – who had jumped off ship as the experienced waiter - came to work he was trying to make the owner kick me out to make room for him and his wife who studied culinary science at Drexel University (they did not enjoy sharing tips – money – with me). mr. nedic started being unfriendly, uncooperative, truly annoying and was deliberately putting me down and soon enough we did not talk. finally when his wife messed up a coffee machine he accused me of doing it and philipino owner kicked me out. this is what I know. this can be proven guaranteed and easy by utilizing a lie detector test to see how mr and ms nedic actually intrigued and set me up there. obviously the lies were big enough so I was kicked out. prior to chef charin i was beaten by the system based mostly on prejudice, misunderstanding and over-inflated  rumors and i was made to leave my employment with Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania, several downtown hospitals and finally Le Bus Bakery. mr. nedic - who knew these rumors - escalated them and took the advantage of that. on my part i was literally numb because i felt under fire from everywhere which made me concerned for my stay in the US which at that time was a big time concern, nevertheless. I later found out the more good you do to a lot of Serbian guys the more sinister they become for your well being. of course, my legal position in the states and my imagination brought on fear which was exploited by many inclusive of some menacing folk in the Serbian Church St. Nicholas in Philadelphia whereby I was even rumored prior to that of having being linked to Serbian underground crime figures that I never met – which of course was investigated by the US authorities which and I am talking about negative publicity - brought my US downfall, and everywhere I went to I was suspicious to start with. many church goers I am sure were aware of these rumors that were started I believe by the Serbian priest (whose name I cannot remember and who was serving in the Serbian church at Elizabeth, NJ back in 1994) who was helping me get US papers in 1994. I believe these rumors were based on my political opinion which was contrary to theirs. I did not support Serbian regime then and within Serbian community there were so many adversaries and agents of the regime. so much and so for it, rumors spread and actually locked me in into my world as I started having trust issues which continue to this date. not to mention that my life was qualitatively influenced by these unwelcome events and that I became victimized in all environments among the people that were opinionated while some rumors were never dismissed. Often times I could have felt that on every step. without aegis I was exposed to any bad person out there to lie and conjure up things at their liking and often it was whatever their crazy and malevolent imagination was capable of thinking. by my actions, doings and not doings i made so many enemies that were gaming me and my problem was that I was trying to “read them” often times letting my own imagination backfire on me as I was concerned with my stay in the US. this was how I sent out mixed messages and stirred more controversy. even right now situation has not improved much and I do not trust nobody esp in this serbian environment that is full of spite. alas. this lawyer got me thinking. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

waging war on Knights Templar “of Serbian Rite” as they are claiming to be and their serbian spitting coalition of hooligans and various other lowlifes

I call it enough. today as I exited my home there was a lowlife walking a small child and as I was about to pass him he turned around and ad hominem spat at me. this piece of shit is supposed to be “a new neighbor” as many new individuals married in into the neighborhood and moved in inclusive of the pieces of shit among them. another one related to the address in Belgrade: gligorija vozarevica str. no. 4 (number four) beat the hell out of me in an ad hominem manner for no fucking reason few years ago. in other words, when someone deliberately spits at you for no good fucking reason while walking a child you are thinking that person is not normal and it would have been a fight to life or death so I realized it is better to wait it off and start thinking about rooting out a problem that started by the Knights Templar “of Serbian Rite” (Orthodox Templars as they claim to be), namely this person on the photo herewith whose name I do not want to even mention:
so I will be preparing a war plan to fight KT worldwide. they should be eradicated because to what I have been witnessing they do not have anything in common with old and true Knights Templar who were allegedly the example of virtues. these guys in serbia, not only that they are not better men than myself, they are the scum which should be fought to oblivion. not only that they let the bug out and incited the spitting and kicking in the ass and genitals, they were being copy-cat(ted) by the numerous lowlife serbs as well. and it is not going to be happening anymore. it is not important who is going to be in my coalition, but the valor will prevail. I do not need donations so these evildoers can say I do it for the money, I am doing it to clear my name and to free myself. Everything else comes second. then Lord all the way to may it be a glorious Victory!
I was thinking what kind of animal one should emulate in dealing with serbs…and the snake comes in as the only solution. they are perfidious and backstabbing assholes and no other animal can match out their fratricidal perfidity. not even the african honeybadger. war as a snake and come out proud as a lion in the end.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Serbian ex-UDBA targetting me again - unseen public harrasment, mobbing

as i was waiting for the cashier this piece of shit stood in line behind me and started collecting spit for several minutes as if to spit at me or my food while giving me a piercing look all the time. i was so distraught that i gave more money to cashier than needed to, and she never gave the proper exchange back to me but threw receipt on the floor. taking a snapshot of this bastard was more important to me than to think about money, and this was happening today may 9th on vojvode stepe blvd in maxi store around 18:40PM. as soon as he saw that i was preparing cell phone to take a photo of him, he bowed his head down, and knowingly he kept it there. 

this is the serbian scum. the scum that most likely works for some government agency and the scum that ruined my family. the scum that calls all the wrong things about me (traitor, cheat, you name it) in order to incite hatred in so many serbian people. what should we do to the serbian state for it ruined my family? how come that for the last fifteen years i was the only culprit and the only victim at the same time. where are my rights? what can i do when the piece of shit comes behind you and start making gurgling sounds as if he wants to spit at you. finished. 

following up on may 15th:
everything I say blogwise gets misinterpreted in Serbia because these are two schools of thinking – the Western one and then the Serbian one. locally people cannot realize where and how they make their mistakes. my blog is dedicated to correcting Serbian mistakes in life and bettering their lives but they simply do not want to listen and take it from me.

for example, in the united states no one can play with laser while pointing it in other people’s eyes in public, police comes and takes care of it unless the police in distinct where you live is corrupt. If that happens in Serbia nobody comes, they make a joke out of you esp if you are complaining that someone was pointing laser into your eyes. they never come due to ignorance. powerful laser is a weapon. when you say laser they must be assuming a red laser pointer and not the powerful ones that could burn hole into anything starting with thick plastic. how would anyone successfully explain cellular technology to Tupamaro tribe? namely, this evening around 21:30 PM, as I was coming toward the Vozdovac church there was a group of four young hooligans sitting in the park by the its entrance. I saw them flashing something out what looked like a flame towards me and they hid it as I was passing by. after I had passed by they were flashing it into me again. I am 50% positive that this could have been organized wait while some penis-like guy like the person described above made this stuff available to local hooligans to further publicly bully me while ruining my health in the process. i believe bad karma for them sounds like the only answer. alas they won't care!