Sunday, November 05, 2017


when you know you have not done any harm to anyone (not even a shifty look) and someone within the serbian society keeps pushing agenda that you have actually done something as many serbs are after you provoking in public as the form of punishment (goes on for many years) - you then keep trying to find what it is – you keep trying to find your guilt and along you are measuring the amount of heat that you are taking – the immense hatred, scorn and harassment that you are getting on the street and from the serbian public with what it could be related to – you are, like an investigative journalist, trying to find something, some crime that reciprocates that amount of hatred and psychological torture; and the only adequate thing that you can come up with are very serious crimes. a murder for example. then you are thinking a lot about it, trying to connect, to involve yourself in different situations like a practicing actor, as serbs keep on spitting and harassing and then you think some more, and more, and more, and it is getting very difficult to cope with things that do not make any sense as the very hard harassment is still present and there are not any answers. finally, you dream up the most terrible things. in fact, just by thinking you made more problems to yourself as now you have involved yourself with anything you ever read about and serbian newspapers, unlike in the countries like France, are peppered with details from various crimes. the pressure starts spinning it all and the psychological damage is beyond compare.
and when you know there are also those that allegedly keep working on your narrative allegedly seeming to be the portion of the force behind these public attacks (like mr. vojkan milosevic, your neighbor who started the spitting thing and who is in charge of the antiterrorist institute of serbia or allegedly mr. vojislav seselj - you cannot argue with amount of rebelliousness his followers have  established in the past) -- what are your lucky chances of defending yourself and avoiding evil in the former Yugoslavia -- if you are one set against many thousands of evil minded serbs without an amount of proper assets or friends?
naturally you do not want to be a patsy but the persons on such positions of power and their connections and assets could link you to every crime in serbia and their tentacles will be giving you all sorts of nasty and mind-boggling hints throughout the city. your sugar level skyrocket due to a stress and what not else likewise. Im always saying what is my future in this country too?
it is not in my nature to hate – but if I could pinpoint the ones pushing the serbian agenda in my case i would ______  ____ (feel free to fill in to your liking) all cos what they are doing to me is one of the extremely brutal punishments next only to hanging, burning, stoning; it sounds like the state execution.

Thursday, November 02, 2017


today in order to repair my Logitech k740 keyboard I went to PC Centar’s service center located at 130, visnjicka street in Belgrade and as I was parking my car in front of the office entrance there was an open warehouse next door; I saw two warehouse guys standing there talking to each other either about me or my new car as they were pointing heads and directions. Weary of what I saw I went out several times to see if anything was unusual and in the meantime one of the two came inside to serve coffee to a service manager I was talking to. when I got out the same guy asked me how my car was doing and if I was satisfied with it as he was, he said, thinking of purchasing the same exact model. I answered questions although the coincidence that he liked the exact model was a bit unusual to me; I do not snoop into anybody’s finances, however, just by looking at people around me all the time I get a lot of tell-tale information so I keep on observing people and their behavior, it is revealing much and a tip off; e.g., if they are only there to talk the talk. after that I went to the TV Big Fashion mall located at 84, visnjicka street but when I returned to load in the stuff I had bought I noticed that my car’s trunk lid was deliberately scratched several times – the damage that was not there this morning. my car is few months old and these scratches drew the first blood to make it look like it came out of war-zone, however, there are many serbs whose several year-old rides do not sport a single scratch. this is how it looks – I could not make a better shot of it this afternoon, tried toothpaste as a remedy this evening to no avail:
having said the said, i cannot swear on who did it (my bet would be on PC Centar person), as there was also a guy giving me hate looks as i was locking up my car and as i came into the mall the same person was then exiting only to be in McDonald's line ahead of me, ten minutes later again (my ass was down for vanilla milkshake which may had cost me a costly repair; talking about McJinx.) explaining all this, i sound like a fruitcake to me now, to be honest. the only way to man up would be to find a woman that is a strong personality, Joan of Arc kind, and it is a hard find.
this situation reminds me a lot of a similar one couple of years ago when unduly I lost a good acquaintance – Mr.''Mona'', the owner of Mona Fashion Co. (my bad I was alleging and suspecting possible jealousy on the part of his security guards though I was wrong as after reviewing security camera material the culprit(s) remained unknown) so it was not a matter of whether it was going to happen again but when, cos serbs enjoy making their version of a troubled man. the locals talk about me and my fears; their actions are adding insult to injury and this S.O.S. message
bottled through this blog is really all i can do. every day i can see them in my rear-view mirror gesturing vigorously, yelling and pointing fingers wildly from their beaters while their wives are sitting next to them; i understand they have to explain why someone so stupid drives a better vehicle. and rogue serbs are so shrewd, they can come up with a myriad of reasons. yesterday i witnessed a guy bitch slapping his better half as she said something back to him, and she was beautiful like the wildest flower or best sunset ever. those 'kept women' will even stay in abusive relationship and look the other way no matter what the guy does. if this was 15th century and i was Columbus i would  offer a deal, a trade - my car for a wife. i kid you not 60% of serbia owns top class and luxury vehicles. however, when you are exposed to everyone, the remaining 40% will put all kinds of blame on you. in addition, serbs may be living in Nelson Mandela housing project but if they do not own (second hand but refurbished) audi or Porsche in front of it, their living does not make sense. so coming at your vehicle makes a lot of sense for the rogue edition serbs - in their minds it is always easier to take it against the unsuspecting vehicle than a person. I believe that serbs take more pleasure out of taking it against your vehicle than fucking your wife. talking about (national) traits. by screwing your spouse they get to you emotionally but when devastating the years of your efforts it only shows the anti-materialistic side to them and how marxist, ignorant and anarchistic some of these nasty bastards really are. the locals too do not look at me like I am the smartest man around, they look at me like I am the dumbest around – these remarks that the rest pick up on and follow stem from my direct as well as indirect art market competition, pure evil rather. this is the reason why I have so many enemies.
at nights I sixth sense (as in a verb) that something is out there stalking me but even at daytime I cannot fall back. earlier today as I was passing by the group of forty some people waiting for the bus nearby the Church of st. Sava there was a guy in the crowd - standing along the street - that made hand gestures as if he was throwing black magic when I was driving by (gesturing looked something like as if he was throwing dices.) too bad I do not have a dash camera to record all these types of shit. i am sure this will backfire on some people here and G-d loves you more when you are going through this almost martyr-like experience. black magic is very much practiced in serbia, “magija” as they call it locally reminds of a Haitian voodoo, and as I spent numerous hours in friend’s book store I was amazed of immense number of people that were interested in the occult. from my point of view almost everybody is better off in serbia because everybody is left alone; unbothered. of course rogue elements (which are numerous and many – I cannot practically say all of them) will be jealous since they are looking at fruits of someone who fights 24 – 7 – and in order to be above the average you must fight ‘round-the-clock since your destiny is always on the line; there is no pause. rogue serbs do not appreciate that. they do not appreciate that you worked your ass off ‘round-the-clock for something. they lie it is given and they easily get all fired up to destroy you. they do not allow you to raise up. they imagine and slander America gave it to me. he is a spy – they gave it to him. they do not understand that americans cannot stand me likewise for being successful in damn serbia where I almost made it - establishing that one can be successful outside of the United States as well – they want my ass back in the united states and this is why they support serbian lies, jealousy and harassment.
I cannot vouch with any certainty that I am thinking like a real U.S. person at all, but I am 100% sure that I am not thinking like a regular Serb. an't got no friends in belgrade, just exceptions to this rule.
fyi, I will make my spot under the Sun in any country – but both serbs and americans do not want to admit that for different reasons. Serbs do not want to admit that I am smart and able and americans do not want to admit anything because I am not in America (as if I am fighting for different colors and different team now.) of course i cannot be 100% smart for spilling these beans herewith.
when I think about it I feel glad that I have been persecuted in serbia because I am sure that G-d much appreciates those undeservedly persecuted by human and subhuman elements. injustice makes me stronger in the end. if my life was easy and normal I do not know how would I feel and go about it, the boredom must be boring.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

setting up a patsy

perhaps it is nothing but it just dawned on me…. there was a guy today – with zero previous references - that bought something from me through an internet site (do not want to advertise my www activities here) and the other one that came with him that pretended as they were not together. the latter one was close enough obviously video recording how the first one who to me looks something like one major crime suspect in the current Serbian crime stories - was handing me money and it is not hard to imagine what you can do with a little bit of added touch up or haze in movie making programs or photoshop and what stories you can present later on. Wow! SERBIA!!!!  i'll keep on debunking you

not giving a bum rap to anyone for being evil - it is just the way it is

not only did I have to endure the black magic doings of serbian evil eyes as every time I got home I was exhausted with evil eye bruises all over my body from being scorned and attacked by evil but I also tried to figure out what was I doing wrong in these 15 years and why do rogue part of the serbian population hates me so much? and there was nothing. the only thing I could think of is being Christian. many people in serbia hold that Christianity did not win the WWII so it does not have the right of say. their revolutionary heritage prevails just like in Cuba. so there are powers that be that do not like Christians at all and they set Christians against Christians, which explains the variety of serbs that come at me, explains spitting, etc. - in the last two days it was an entirely another level with the quantity of people involved. this would not happen in a catholic country because the church is way too strong there. therefore I envy all those that stand as one which makes them much stronger disregarding their affiliations. I despise meek minded nations where one individual finishes last, in my case the situation is even way too inadequate to be set out as an example. I do not only finish last - I m the toast of a century by all accounts. in serbia it feels that serbs are divided much and there is practically no entity with higher authority that can stop anything let’s say a lynch mob on the street if there is one - only the brute force does it. take my example - what did the fuck I do? they want the blood sacrifice is the way I feel about it. those that persecute me come in thousands and that is why I m certain they were being pushed onto me by some political entity / evil force – there is no other explanation for those handling serbian harassment and targeting me.
several facts are:

I am dealing with thousands of unknown faces. I do not come to them, they come to me in all instances.

they all have the first shot. they attack first.   

why would any force (say a political force) be motivated to eliminate someone from his place in the society? just think about it. there must be some interest involved. modern troglodytes having tribal disputes in their natural habitat, I think not. It could be that those directly confronting me in the fight for   acquiring a good art are incited to call their friends in the government or politics to find pretty sneaky ways of seeing their competition off.

awakening my kundalini

my nature is highly amorous, I fall in love quickly. just recently I felt like I was high when I read that article and saw the looks of one of sheriff lombardo’s daughters – going to college somewhere in America. I marvel over the fact that such being exists. talking about “butterflies.” then what did I do – I tried to connect but at the same time I asked myself - can the grown ass man be in love with someone that young ? actually just thinking about it, it spiraled my stress levels and when I saw her hugging her dark skin boyfriend (meant no harm) I realized I had made a mistake and tried to re-evaluate which I did. I hope ill find someone that is right for me right after the fact that the better portion of my life went to waste…keep on trying young man.