Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Meanwhile in Serbia

paranoid and scared.
it feels as if the entire country is one violent motorcycle club who is out to get you. they are turning my world upside down and there is no chance for escape; I’ve been like one POW in Vietnam. how am i going to get out of this heat - that is the question I have been asking myself since the day I came here. cannot imagine any other society bringing down one of its members like the serbs do. I have been so dehumanized by the dehumanized ones. my mistake was judging these people as a whole on a few bad apples. but the fact is the entire nation knows me, there is not one moment of peace in my life and a few bad apples amount to tens of thousands. the very fact that I have not posted anything as of recently is because I lived in deep seclusion for a while trying to keep a low profile. even the closest of friends have not seen me in days. now like a heroin addict who needs heroin, i miss my daily fix of serbian harassment so here I am writing about it again, trying to tell some serbs they almost forgot about me. I am dying for that little bit of interaction, gotta have my fix. I may come out of my seclusion once in a while. even though invisibility means invincibility I want my adrenaline back by being in danger zone, on the serbian streets, in the spotlight. the feeling when the entire nation is after you - is ecstatic. but it bothers a lot when they equal me to st John the Baptist by spitting at me. esp. if it was initiated by those serbs that were allegedly ordained as knights. even though I haven’t sinned in a long time I am not thy saint. also, lack of privacy means no equality, and no equality gives no equal opportunity for me around here. it’s been like that for 17 years. a premonition - opening scene: five men with sunglasses dressed in black suit jackets open their zippers straddling the burial slab and start pissing all over grave. next scene: there was a traffic accident on a highway and bodies of the same men are lined up all over the side of the road. these were the guy and his friends who attacked me last year.
and what has been that sole reason serbs do hate me for in general? talking about the obsessive hatred. it could have been my idea to aid Yugoslavia by proclaiming it to be the 53rd United States state back in a day. I don’t know.

so - the "cut-throat" or throat slash sign is a common, non-verbal way to threaten someone with death when you are sliding your index finger against your throat to simulate a beheading. this is what I experience a lot around here.


Friday, June 07, 2019

homophobic serbian conspiracy. facts

at 10:49 today, 6/7/19, even though I had the right of way - serbian cab driver coming at me on 00:51 in this video (licence plates: BG 123 (3 or 7?) 80 TX – with BEOTAXI Co., Belgrade, Serbia) with clear intent to cause a crash.
there was a big evil grinning smile on his face after he backed away in the last second. i thought the crash was imminent and therefore I  have developed pain and tightness in chest since then and I think my heart started to bother me with some spasm that radiates into the left arm. unfortunately, similar serbian persecution was enabled by the United States of America and it happens often.
 this cab driver knew exactly he was dealing with me. serbian system completely fails and it all boils down to power centers who control justice. the local rule of law has been corrupted in its entirety. this encourages people to come after you.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

unfortunately, no good news to send out from serbia

only the biterness.
naturally, cannot share video herewith as it would reveal some safety issues around my home. for example, even though one can find me easily in belgrade, serbia, it would make much more easier for the power trip thrilled copycats to try to bring on more and intensify the persecution as well as the harassment. 

p.s. i should have said appeared to went into the [yard of his] house cos i was too hesitant to proceed to investigate further. however, that's the person i already had problems with, had described some herewith.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

overdosed on violence - unexplainable serbian secret

trying to understand what i do wrong in serbia and why do some serbian people want to kill me as soon as they realize it is me. pay attention to 
03:52 and 04:30
btw, i was not alone, one big fellow was accompanying me. both of us are still speechless and stunned. hope someone in the united states now understands what they have gotten me into. some of these guys are like flies on shit. more often than not it feels as if i am in '"mad max 2
'" or caught up in helmand's province death spree. it really sucks to be me around here.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

something to think about

if I had wanted to die in an “involuntary suicide by government” scenario, I would have gone to the united states to attend serbian church services there, waiting for the serbian government to recall me back to serbia to deal with me. wait! that sounds very familiar.
ever since i came to serbia numerous individuals were killed as a collateral damage over mistaken identity in serbian mob wars. those that were working for the Yugoslav secret service (present retirees that were organizing government sponsored murders) openly allege on television morning shows that those wars are now affected by the governments. not my words.

recently I noticed an article with alarming title in the line of: the mob is looking after this guy throughout the entire region. the portrayed person even looks something like me, especially with glasses and cap on in the evening there would be a serious doubt who's who. when CIA operatives were arresting me in the States they produced a photo of the person that looked very much like me, and when they asked me if it was me, I stupidly replied 'yes' even though I never had the kind of jumper that was visible in the photo. naturally, I do not recall how big of a lookalike that person was because the photo was produced for a brief second and I was stunned. to be dealt by CIA is to be dealt by the order of angels compared to this region wherein there has always been a potential for many things to go south.