Monday, September 28, 2015

In Whose Name?

there was an international fair of numismatists in hotel slavija, belgrade, last weekend and i took my guard down only to experience a tremendous deal of eye pain as someone secretly sniped me with laser beam there. it is still lasting as i am writing on october 29th, 2015, at 12:12 AM. there were people there that do not like me, the people that had been in a jail for long time, people that killed people… and i am thinking 'even sgt. bergdahl had better treatment with taliban' – the taliban were not popping his eyes out. whoever destroyed my family in the united states and sent me to serbia to become the object and target of these serbian persecutors in this miserable habitat did not accomplish any intended or aimed punishment unless the punishment was to destroy me physically. namely, i had a coke™ in united states and i have it here. i drove in united states, i am driving here. i have mobile connections, viber you name it. even the serbian landscape is same as pennsylvania, same geo latitude next to similar billboards on the road, not much difference. could be that people are different, i do not recall that i was ever terrorized in the usa like here. if persecution is taken out of equation, as i would not like to return to the united states for another devastating surprise (in comparison to american devastating surprises, if ten black guys just raped me i would have swallowed that, i'd feel much better now), so if serbian persecution is taken out of equation the only thing i do not have available in serbia is the thing someone in the united states had destroyed and that is: my marriage, in addition to current inability to start a new family with another person (some European sweetie pie; if you think this is a joke, it's sarcastic) because i have been treated like the worst (public?) enemy in serbia. and beyond that. so i will repeat to whomever it may concern: sgt. bergdahl had a better treatment with taliban than i do have in serbia. and as far as my marriage and family life are concerned, nobody cared because in their eyes i am a less important being than any animal. that issue -  my life destroyed forever - was swept under the carpet; noone said 'sorry', let alone produced will to hear the other side - my story.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

a very friendly place, a loving place

you can bet your ass
i realized at what moment the joke was over - here in serbia
recently, as i was walking through slavia square with two girls in their twenties
i forgot who they were - could have been they asked me for directions
explanative: nobody known to me esp. females, wants to hang around out of plain fear of being harassed on the grounds of guilt by association.
suddenly then two police officers were coming our way, male and female
as they were passing by, the male cop made a statement to female officer:
(illegible) this pedophile again!

so do i need a permit to be the artist in serbia? why are they thinking about me let alone commenting? am I so important?
i do not know what is going on and why but i feel my constitutionally guaranteed liberties have been inhibited and limited for years on end.

my question is: if serbs have such lowly opinion about me, how am i going to be
celebrated in london, beverly hills, jerusalem, abu dabi?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

while trying to keep serbian demons off my back

so far my communication with serbs was one-sided: either they were beating me up or spitting at me. having in mind my future and well-being, i'd rather communicate with trees and animals 

following a near death experience when i was beaten without warning by an unknown serbian thug 40 yards away from my house i do not trust this country and its people anymore. this evening at around midnight i stood in my yard watching over my dog when a group of three men and a woman was walking their two illyrian sheepdogs in the street. as soon as they saw me they started walking macho watching over me dominantly while one of them said: psycho! and another one started coughing as in disgust. of course i felt uneasy, because myself i feel it is the matter of basic politeness not to disrupt people in their own homes but tend not to notice them. had been a sponge again, soaked this nasty comment up. nothing will roll off my back these years. so yes, things bother me deeply. i wonder who are these men? i felt if i had said something in protest they would’ve not hesitated to kill me, that sort of men they were - wish i was Scottish so nobody attacked me with impunity. when i think about serbia i think lowlifes, crime, drugs, prostitution, unsanctioned violence, underworld, nothing positive and nothing good except NOVAK DJOKOVIC and some sports. when i think about the united states of america i think betrayal and torture: they sent me to serbia without a chance to bring anything i earned in usa for over ten years and on a top of that they ruined my marriage and i have not seen my child in over 13 years! who is the psycho here?! me? or someone in the united states who enabled these serbian thugs to maltreat me by opening all cans of worms and saying (metaphorically!) – here! that is your guy, your target, whatever! finally, there was no explanation for any of these actions that ruined my ex-life. i am afraid to say many more things that are wrong with serbia, i had dissented a long time ago. bia – its secret service – is fighting hard to prevent serbian Prince to regain throne, probably the last chance for serbia to save itself from a certain ruin. at least, there is an outlet in the shape of this blog where i can dig in everything that bothers me while trying to keep these serbian demons off my back

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

nasty ass belgurud stories

it’s simply not true that i won’t eat in some belgrade joints for fear that they will poison me there. here is the proof:

even though the cashier did not take the first up slice but picked up the one that was hindered from sight, i still ate it to the last bite; lo and behold, i am still peppy. get a load of that!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Oh My God! This is serious.

on or about 18th of august 2015 someone clearly planted some poisonous chemical into my vehicle. it was supposed to look like fire extinguisher (Made in Italy) was malfunctioning as if it was leaking it, but it was performed poorly. this material smelled strongly like acetone, looked like brown resin and it really hurt my brain and lungs as i am looking back at this from the point of august 21st; i do feel the consequences esp. since i drove with windows not rolled down as i had no clue where the odor was coming from, i thought it was from the outside. i may have suffered permanent brain and lung damage. went to E.R. promptly then, & when i began talking about fire extinguisher they took the basic measurements which were all right btw and practically laughed it off. even though, i am a certified member of the U.S. association of forensic examiners, this was a clear and stinking foul-play most likely involving some dangerous organization. i find it a great coincidence that almost at the same time there was a large chemical fire in tianjin, China and islamic state used chemical warfare for the first time which leads me to believe it was a good timing for doing something like that. almost like two false flags and the real deal. this last sentence sounds like a complete nonsense, but i had to say it, having in
mind the awkwardness of everything. 

Monday, August 03, 2015


i will try to write simply. and you know i am cooked when i have to be this sincere. this entire blog was created because of the two countries: united states of america and serbia and adverse effects they had on my life. 

always thought, always took for granted usa was my cradle of liberty. the last resort. the place where you’ve got friends. the place where you would run to breathe the air of liberty and freedom. and that is what i did once, but what happened to me in the united states  when they broke my family – i am too proud to forgive or let alone return to the united states of america in this lifetime, ever again. i’ve been hurt enough not to think about usa anymore; this country used to be on my mind 24 hours a day. i think i had wanted to improve it in my own personal fashion, which included being critical about it too, but it is all gone, i won't and don't want to remember the united states now. primarily, it is my pride and then list of everything else that was going on. pride or whatever it is called when it would bother you to create another family in the same place where you were not allowed to uphold the previous one in the first place.

the problem: i do not see any other country, any other earthly star shining brightly that would be an imaginary oasis of freedom and safety that would stand in for the united states of america. there are no substitutes.

thus without choice, there is no last resort, no hope, no security. and oh My, i would flee serbia again!!!!!!!!!!

earlier i was fleeing serbia’s oppressive system, and now i would just flee from its people. it does not matter if i feel serbia’s pulse as the artist or plain citizen, i feel exodus, terrible misunderstanding, great impending danger, fear, defamation and constant insecurity combined with hatred, many synonyms for hatred, organized gang-stalking, prejudice, animosity, selective targeting, tons of ignorance, lack of trust as well as oppression; i have been under attack since 2003; numerous means involved; i have not witnessed, read about, seen or experienced anything similar in my life; there are only two words to describe serbia from my point: ultimate evil; there is practically nothing next to my family grave and some properties that connects me with this country....just where to when my liberty and solidarity star has died?! oh Lord, this is so sad, disturbing and angrily frustrating, give me any place else where i won't understand what they are talking about, where i won't be targeted by the gung-ho nationalist groups, their incited peers and/or quasi-nationalist individuals on daily basis or as soon as i step outside. i don't mean well to those that won't let me be and achieve peace of mind. serbia has stultified my life, even pure hell would have been better

belgrade, serbia; august 3rd 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

in England they are killing horses, in China they eat dogs, in serbia they are after the artist

i am a real artist. nobody bought a work of art from me ever!

the truth from experience: poisonous habitat is real misfortune for body, mind, soul…

such is serbia - the real venom for freedom and liberty!

as i was waiting in traffic to make left turn on vitanovacka street - ugly ass serbian motherfucker that was driving city bus no.25 waited until the last moment and then seeing my window down this serbian ugly motherfucker pressed pedal to the metal filling my cabin with noise and black smoke (btw, in any other country it would be crime to drive this kind of vehicle - a real health hazard) that i am not feeling well coughing an hour after as if i was in some military grade poison filled battlefield.

it was proven to me - many serbs favor crime and injustice when criminal mentality is not even popular in sicily anymore. let's just figure out why serbs are after me and not after those that killed their countrymen during a war with nato?! as many folks were killed by nato bombs and serb government knew what buildings were going to be bombed – there was never a liability issue raised here!!! read more below – next to being artist i am sure i am a serb patsy or at least a scapegoat to turn public attention away from the real problems and culprits – but since i do not want to be a stupid patsy, here is my blog for freedom loving people to read what is going on in serbia and what is happening to me! couple of years ago i was severely beaten for being exposed and singled out as a persona non grata in serbia - i have severe mental issues following that beating that serbian police never wanted to investigate!

after all i have been through – i would rather be licking american ass than depending on serbian mercy!!! it is that bad. serbia is catastrophe for the humanity and human dignity as i was idealizing.