Friday, January 10, 2020

electronic harassment and individual targeting - gang stalking in serbia

next to ongoing Noise Campaign throughout the city of brotherly hate - in which unknown serbian citizens are performing harassment and targeting by purposely and unnecessarily banging various stuff to produce loud noises - i am also feeling the effects of electronic harassment right now – 1/10/20; 21 hrs - as there is a highly disturbing sound induced into my brain from a distance. it is definitely affecting and freaking me out in the same way a loud personal alarm would do – you can feel it inside your head and it is not loud at all [ it is not tinnitus] but the disturbing effects are the same if not greater. I looked through the window and out of many there is a highly interesting white bright light pointed into my home from the skyscraper nearby - at #139 – #141 vojvode stepe boulevard, belgrade, Serbia - where many government military counterintelligence agents live – I know this for a fact as the entire building was built for the military personnel and counterintelligence chief lives there as well. it may even be that Im not under active surveillance and that keeping me uncomfortable was not authorized by the higher echelons of the serbian government but some of them are perhaps acting independently abusing the high-tech government equipment. 

this is insane as when I move away from my computer room the effects are lesser although the frequencies or highly pitched sounds are still buzzing in my head making me stressed out beyond belief. i tried putting on a pair of Protector EH10 headband earmuffs to no avail. the way to describe it is - unbearable.

following up on yesterday’s post – deadly exposure in the city of brotherly hate

we will fuck your mother, we will fuck your mother, we will fuck your mother, we will fuck your mother

it seems to me that my agony will not end peacefully in Serbia.

unfortunately, since I am not the citizen of Switzerland, Germany or Israel, the only countries whose citizenship would bring an immediate stop to the ongoing harassment in Belgrade – I will continue to experience the worst until they manage to do me in like Franz Ferdinand, Qassem Soleimani, Moammar Qadhafi or any other hated political or military figure that has a loathsome presence in Serbia. i am hereby assessing my particular situation whereby I could only wipe my butt with the significance of any other passport - as something representing who Im while giving me some protection and immunity - including both the American and Russian in Serbia where the most favored vehicle is Volkswagen Golf
- learned these alleged values by trial and error - serbs 'knów' where the money and power are at and these are the only things they respect. alas, in general, at ground level, Serbs fear, respect and prefer German over American values anytime, and all other proofs by singular examples are rosey smelling fallacies.
what happened today? 

as I took a brief walk naturally expecting the worst following my yesterday’s post, at about 14:45 hrs, I came by the house right by (or not far from) the Cardiff Auto Parts and Service at 69, kralja vladimira street (on the same side of street), belgrade, Serbia. as soon as I passed by, someone in the backyard started chanting and singing their mantra: we will fuck your mother, we will fuck your mother, we will fuck your mother, we will fuck your mother

i am not sure if there is an international law whereby you can sue one country over injustice and suffering when you are the victim of one society when naturally all legal actions on my part will be obstructed at local level - that is if I try anything myself - so i call out to all international lawyers, especially Jewish, and to them related detective agencies anywhere in the world - excluding those from Philadelphia Pennsylvania as well as suburban Philadelphia for personal reasons - who can help by making the case against this place which is disrupting my peace and life every day. i m not interested in any money and it will be a time consuming endeavor but there will be some bucks to be made for them - if there is a legal basis. please check and save me.

Thursday, January 09, 2020

in the city of brotherly hate – deadly exposed

the insane hatred I am experiencing in this doomed place – serbia / belgrade, serbia – is simply unbearable, indescribable,  unbelievable, and insane. the insane serbs I am encountering are highly dangerous for the well-being of anybody walking in my shoes, so world please do not laugh. take a wild walk in my shoes and then say anything. the question is – what I had done to these insane folks ?
when I came here in 2003 a former school-buddy invited me to his place to revive memories and offered a joint. I refused cannabis but still there were no lies between us. he then proceeded to say – while you were having fun in the united states we were bombed by the americans in 1999. this was the only account whereby i learnt of some of my “guilt” here. in other words, I should have felt guilty as – I went to the united states to 'have fun' while Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia was warring with the united states and the world. whatever insane stories have sprouted out from that initial account of "guilt" could be anybody’s guess. but by witnessing the hatred and deeds of my serbian “brothers” on the streets of this city of brotherly hate I know there has been a lot of insane talking about me. it showed, SOME (Im carefully weighing my words) serbs are extremely insane, evil and mean people when it comes to accepting those that have tried to make a successful living without anyone’s help and sponsoring – like Novak Djokovic, for example. in the very beginning, before he prolonged and reaffirmed his success in sport and before he started donating big bucks through charity network - one nickname he was trashed around with - as it was mentioned in the newspapers - was a 'used up pipe.' one difference was, unlike Novak I never had a pair of helping hands backing me up and protecting from dire situations in the end. without them Nole could have fallen through the cracks onto the spotlit stage a long before the success would have saved him. with all that potential, down on his luck and without a proper guidance he could have self-destruct himself; we could have had him crawling, twitching in spiritual and physical pain and begging for help right now, just like Im doing. it must be, by a stroke of a very bad luck i came into a spotlight with these people and i blame american serbs for that, they are much to blame and fully liable. all the insane stories the serbian serbs know about me came from the united states. and somebody's got to pay. that is if everything was right - but again, nothing is right around here. some new people are running the show in serbia, and all that was good when i was growing up has left the stage. following the military defeat of yugoslavia, all types of serbs from all over the country poured into the city of brotherly hate which quadrupled in size and the new power has got no intellect. I literally just want to be left alone now without anybody coming at me and trying to harass me further. but alas it is not happening. they give me something to think about all the time. my future is shot.

one hates those he does not understand as well as those that are better in any regard. it does not matter if I was pro-American,  pro-Russian, or even pro-Serb - that is not even the issue - serbs will hate because they want to be in my place, and this is like the biblical hate between the two brothers over inheritance except I do not want to be in their story, still their actions make me write about them all the time. in general, I am disappointed in the serbian Freemasons and all similar societies - if they even exist here - that should lead this country by example while correcting it in doing so; although there appear to be a few such honest to goodness remarkable individuals I have met that I would die for. and even some, like the serbian alleged Templars, have shown to be the movers-pro-harassment as some insanity and evil I am experiencing originate from those ranks. wow, goodness gracious. goodness gracious. if anyone had a right to hatred in this city of insanity and brotherly hate that would have been me for i was left without family and everything i had in the united states is gone. but i don't sport any right, which makes me a better man - now i must highlight that - to call pot - a pot.

I met all sorts of serbs during these unfortunate years spent here – alas, bad and insane ones make up the majority. as they are the only ones I experience. they make your life miserable at all times. they are bad as hell, insane, uncivilized, unChristian, against life, nonsupporting, always a thorn in your side like those that crucified Christ – so the only real biblical Jews in spirit nowadays are these guys here in this habitat of brotherly hate where hatred, evil and insanity are par for the course. I rarely experience the good fellow countrymen. these are the rare occasions where I benefit from the good serbs. to encounter well-meaning serbs in Serbia and this city of brotherly hate and insanity is like searching for gold. you maybe find one nugget here and there, overall - it is just a fool's hope. but even then a couple of nuggets are not enough to put you in the comfortable zone and godlike state of detachment.

Monday, January 06, 2020

I swear by the U. S. Presidents Donald Trump, Obama, George W. as well as Novak Djokovic

the power to do things comes from the rule.

and we know the types of it in the secular state,

so I wonder if GXd is allowing

these fellow countrymen

to come and take a piece of me

every time they feel like it.

or if it is not Lord, then who is it,

i an't going down that rabbit hole to find out.

if you were the p.o.w. in serbia what would you rather prefer your captors do to you: electrocute your nuts or burn your eyes with laser? well I did not have that choice today! according to Orthodox calendar, today [ 1 / 6 / 2020 ] is the spiritual holiday in Serbia, Christmas Eve! this morning I reckoned - this could be that uncommon day when I will be left alone this year, hell not!

at the same maxi Delhaize autokomanda square store whereat I was harassed recently and where I have to shop for groceries for there is not much choice locally, today I was at the register 5 asking for a price check on two bags of chips. the cashier did not have her price scanner gun and she asked the cashier on register 6 to scan these two items expecting me to turn around and hand them over to the latter cashier. as I knew from the previous Serbian experience that the price laser gun was going to be pointed into my eyes – I hesitated a bit but since the cashier no. 5 did not proceed to assist I then turned around to hand over the goods and right away my eyes were hit with a very bright white light from less than half a meter away which gave me an immediate black spot in my right eye’s vision which really bothers me in addition to the confusion and anger that I am experiencing at this point as well. this was intentional - the by-product of a nasty smear campaign - for all the dudes out there who wonder what I am writing about and i am sure there is a warning symbol on that device and that Delhaize Maxi cashiers - as a part of their training - were advised what they were not supposed to do with it, because this company is supposedly run by the highly civilized senior management from the Netherlands [which is the part of the European Union] for Goodness sake. for more than ten years I lived in predominantly Roman Catholic Philadelphia, in the united states, and there is no way this crap would have ever happened to me there on the Roman Catholic Christmas Eve by anyone. from my perspective Roman Catholics are more humane than the Orthodox Serbs [which unfortunately happen to be my fellow countrymen], period! and if they are not the believing kind, the way that they are blaspheming makes me sick, period, in comparison to them - satan has got some decency and style, one can check it out on facebook, scrolling down the serbian atheist comments [got some of these saved just in case nobody can trust].

and I should not swear by Donald Trump, Obama, George W. or Novak Djokovic - take my word for it. all I am worried about is that bad karma is not going to hit serbs that are doing harm to me – but the dutch people native to the Netherlands who allegedly own this Delhaize maxi concern. innocent people are going to suffer.

that said, I gave the whole situation a deep thinking on the question who do i fear? – and to analyze the answer is:

I do not fear GXd although I may have met Him somehow,

thus I do not fear Lord Almighty although I may know HIm, 
GXd is good

do not fear any American although being the former & fading urban legend they all love me there, well in my world of make believe almost all,

do not fear Italian Mafia although I might have met some - to highlight the intensity of fear,

do not fear Russian Mafia although I might have met some - to highlight the intensity of fear,

but I do fear [some] Serbian fellow countrymen that I do not even know.