Sunday, May 24, 2015


as i was exiting antique fair held at slavija, belgrade, serbia, i noticed promptly that my eyes burn like hell and most likely i was sniped again by someone lying in wait somewhere - one more indicator that someone has been following me around and planning and executing actions to destroy my health and peace of mind. hours later my eyes still burn, my vision has been tempered with and numerous floaters and dark spots are a bothering nuisance.

as far as i guess my peace activism is concerned it seems that i am at much greater risk for being deliberately maimed when being around in public in serbia than mordechai vanunu was ever in israel.
unfortunately, it seems that serbs do that to other serbs. 

with practically no funding serbian efforts to bluff americans in order to bring me back home were numerous times smarter in comparison to what extent mossad went to bring back vanunu. though i think these two cases are incomparable, i am many more times frightened of being in serbia right now. throughout the past 12 years i've been under government and private interest groups' surveillance and as the result of this political experiment and/or sentence i was not able/allowed to form a family and live a normal productive life (double coded, harrased/attacked, and/or avoided by many - i have no idea what's normal life i had used to live so many years ago). the only comparison to my local situation would be if one imagine several hundred pit-bulls forced after a pet poodle while pit-bull owners cynically suggest poodle can run, poodle can run....therefore, run, poodle, run

Thursday, May 07, 2015


may 7th 2015: as i exited krivolacka health center this morning i saw yet another bruise mark of hatred on my vehicle. either someone is monitoring and following me all the time or there are so many of them - it does not matter where i am at, i will be in constant peril BECAUSE THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. this is yet another reminder that i am in unfriendly country where i cannot relax any single day and live life to the fullest. can you imagine yourself in the skin i live in?
it is not 6th september as yet when 13 years ago serbian state stepped in and ruined my family requesting from united states of america to extradite me to serbia for reasons unknown until today.
i was just trying to live in peace, had finally settled, had family life and was not allowed to continue. 
these above are my blood and urine sugar readings which can only be caused by stress as it is induced by these serbian bastards locally. i have no idea why are they after me, why they want to hurt me and destroy my property and life. as eternal optimist i did not know i had no future when i got here in 2003, now i do. 

some thoughts:
I came to America to try to become another President, to change the law to that effect and follow in the footsteps of George Fisher (Djordje SAgic) only to become exposed like a deadbeat so that any local hooligan and serbian thug can wipe their ass with me. i am not vindictive person but i would be glad to see signs God has not forgotten about me in this lifetime. 

so what was the "trade off" CIA had offered by returning me to serbia - the fucking thing that existed only in my nightmares and
became my reality - slow death and deliberate mutilation by fucked up Godzilla serbs on serbian killing spree/crusade, they are getting into my face day after day.
if i am to be asked, it is fucked up and we are talking this is some 2015, humanity goes south, seems like the end times. i wish God got pissed~ Super pissed!

btw, Andjus rules!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


just want to report another laser attack that happened yesterday april, 24th 2015 and soon i'll get optician's report inclusive of damages (i feel almost blinded into one eye) i will post it here for the world to see and decide why is this happening to me

it is not a horseplay when someone ruins your eyesight. in the past even secret societies stood up and exposed those pretending to be what they are not for their brutal and evil deeds. 
and who is going to act up and blame and punish those that took up "the justice" in their hands while trying to maim me. not the same here. who are these serbian vigilantes pretending to be?

one can also see here detail of violent serb formations where they attack some policemen with lit torches and lasers accompanied by turkish-tatar tribal drum beat in the background that happened yesterday (min.: 00:32 - 03:47):
whereby serb police are not any better profane souls, imo, they are just reflecting what they are facing daily, this was yesterday too:
this atmosphere in Belgrade is in my opinion something comparable to al-Qaida and ISIS and not with European standard of benevolence by any means. I am desperate for Serbian Church or Serbian Prince do not utter a word to accuse violence and heathen mindset that exploits viciousness and something very different than what standards od decency and pursuit of excellence in performing our duties to God, our country, our neighbors and ourselves, are. the lifetime spent in this Serbia equals to slow death and decay of individual like me. i am thus dead. serbia is deathtrap for me and i have been set up by the american government. i have enemies there, enemies in serbia. facts: i have not seen a child in fourteen years, never had any family issues. they destroyed my family, wife married someone else after seven years of separation and american government expelled me from country while never disclosing reasons for doing so. only to be forced here into lion's den where normal human being must be dying on daily basis out of fear only for fear mongering is way of life in serbia. and when they feel fear on you you're a dead meat. the punks then go exploiting you, your mind and your fear for years on end. bastards and criminal minds on both sides. this searching for answers is killing me and is totally preventing my progress. assume i need a positive change. Jesse Ventura would have understood it and whose bad it was. apparently bad people rule world for there is no common sense justice. 

i wake up every night in serbia in nightmare expecting the worst as if the serbs are going to cut me to pieces just like in that movie knife scene "the definition of nemesis" in the snatch where serbs (britons) are equipped with butcher knives and saws knives as they prepare to cut up. and unfortunately, i do not have any mates here - even gypsies would have been okay - just like in the movie, to protect me. noone has yet told me not to fear being in serbia, i just feel what i feel. these are the rock bottoms, the pit bottoms of hell, the way i see it.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Radovan Karadzic & me

i am wearing a tin-foil hat right now as i am typing this brief check / report of my reality.
as i was heading to mozzart co. bookmakers to place my bet on djokovic berdych (monte carlo rolex masters final) match to make myself stay on top of the things in tennis world i had to pass by roma Café, Bar, and Sports Bar, Vojvode Stepe 47 (Bože Jankovića) where often i see murky types that remind me of hooligans and low life thugs doing the most despising things as they may be. thus, as i had stated in this blog earlier around the city of belgrade i am in constant hiding and i have to appear randomly and unexpectedly in various places around town because if “they” ('they' means venomous people that are after me in this country and there are many of them and i do not know who they are and what they want from me)
know where i am going to pass next they are ready to set up an ambush and harm me. today they saw me going into the booking place and they knew i had to walk back soon to my car which was parked next to roma café. as i was returning one of them played as if he appeared there suddenly only “asking” his friends sitting in front of roma  “whether some shop was opened today” while at the same time he was aiming something that he was holding in his right hand what appeared like a hand held laser into me. this play was lousy and obvious because they may be low life crime but not actors. all i know is my eyes hurt and burn, and i am in pain.
few years ago when Radovan Karadzic was hiding in belgrade i was doing some translation work for him although i did not know who he was, as his appearance was quite lowly and unkempt. i must say that i respect and bear sympathy for every person who had helped me in the past as i made some money with help of Radovan Karadzic. naturally, just because he offered me his friendship by not asking for anything in return but my services and plainly responding by giving me some funds, i well respect that person, and i would definitely not have ever turned him in even if i had known who he was – however, i am now witnessing these people are after me as if i was the one who had “betrayed” him. they want to harm me. still this is one of the things that come to my mind - as to why they want to kill me or harm me or debilitate me. and hereby the link was roma restaurant as it was one of the places where he was requesting me to meet with him. alas! this makes me pretty concerned and afraid. every time i hit streets of belgrade, my adrenaline is rushing and heart is pumping fast since i know i have got no protection (except tin foil and this blog) and many are out there to get me because either they were told to or incited to but at any rate they were allowed to because nobody told them not to attack me, nobody told them to let it go or leave me alone. i am a walking target and God is my witness. 
last minute follow up (april 20th): i am trying hard to provide some information in order to be left alone, but on the contrary some radical elements within serbian society are getting madder and madder denying further my right to privacy and peaceful existence. i witnessed again another attack as i was driving today - unknown driver, and around 12:04 driver of vehicle with licence plates: bg 458 AF, black opel astra parked in front of me (i was parked on jove ilica street) and this guy just kept staring at me for about two minutes, i could not move my car, i tried to gesticulate to no avail then he just drove off. i am scared beyond words even though i already said goobye to my lifetime on this earth, these are just epizodes

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


just opinionating. i was the experiment of CIA helped by Serbian BIA. the purpose of this experiment was to expose one individual to public gangstalking or gangstalking in public whereby the human rights, as the right to privacy or the right to found a family would be entirely voided. in the same fashion as Nazies needed Jews and Gypsies, CIA decided not to elect one English, Italian or German person to participate in the experiment. Natural choices were Russians or Little Russians - Serbs. Since the original Russians are much more smarter and united than Serbs, unfortunate luck had it, the choice came down on me.
April 10th 2015: another Serbian provocation, someone, some radical serbian force is directing people here into harassment mode again!!! there is another ding on my vehicle which was not there when i drove off this morning, these motherfuckers are having a blast because i am exposed in public. talking about battle-scarred vehicle except i am not taking part in any battles, they are battling me. as far as i am concerned this country Serbia owes me a brand new vehicle for all this stress and troubles i am going through. i am not giving this country any support because i see all these same sort of cars without any dings, and again why me? esp. because i am not dinging anybody’s car. this should happen before this place gains any progress or anything. this is the only way they can get to me because they cannot do any other way for now, and there is so many of them. when i see all these angry faces they exposed me too it is like being in the cage with wild flunking animals. fucking primitive bastards. not only they owe me new car they owe me new life. also i cannot go back to united states because contrary to all masonic beliefs cia destroyed my family there, and nobody wants to live in some place where he is getting hurt on daily basis, like Serbia. i am thinking romania, greece, japan, as remote options, but like i said the reality is - i cannot bear just an overhaul at this point, i need a complete new life, another life - for that tumble of starting new the second or third time all over again and now i think it is just not possible. and who knows if that other place would be okay with me with all the bad rap stemming from united states and serbia as the world knows it ... plus who will compensate for all of the harm they did. PLUS I BELIEVE IF ALL ILL-DOING AND ILL-MEANING SERBS WOULD LET ME SLIP AWAY FREE FROM THEIR GRIP AND HOLD THEY WOULD ALL DIE FROM THEIR JEALOUSY AND UNFULFILLED HATRED. THEY WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BEAR THAT AND THEY MUST FEEL AS IF THEY CANNOT LET ME "WIN" - in other words they will never let me enjoy life and be free, unobstructed, married, marry, and respected individual.
last night (april 10th 2015): i opened room windows to let a gust of fresh air inside and after a few minutes  when i was closing them, the operation that itself lasted up to twenty seconds,
i was sniped with powerful lasers most likely from the house on  gostivarska street,
as obviously someone does round-the-clock watch for me, so my eyes hurt into this morning and are most likely badly damaged. this is what it means to be a serbian public enemy number one.
i wish i could be the judge of those that do it, but first i wish i know who they are.  

just more thoughts -- suffering possible brain and heart damage when i was beaten mercilessly not providing any resistance in fear that person who was beating me not far away from my house on Feb. 10th 2013, a possible crime family member, may've had a gun in his vehicle, suffering cheap shit beating for up to three minutes, cheap shit for minutes when i was knocked down already. unwillingness of police to provide any sort of investigation really pisses you off.

I WAS KNOCKED OUT AND STILL GOT HIT IN THE HEAD. THIS PERSON WAS BEATING ME FOR PURE EGO AND EMOTION AND NOONE WAS THERE TO STEP IN AND STOP HIM. and when i say brutal and cheap it was something like in this video when one guy was knocked out the other kept kicking him expect that noone was there to stop him and i did not try to fight back at anytime

or here at 2:05 - 2:11 :
then now imagine if you wrote a motivational book support and then assholes in copy center when you print it out for your reference distribute your material nationwide, a steal of intellectual property but how to prove it, and you know it happened because commercial companies, copywriters and radio and tv anchors utilize your treasures. it is all downside of this place - serbia or any place else, where similar things happen
april 14th 2015: this stress overload is killing my immune system, it is definitely going down. this situation is not even a madness, this is certain but slowly accelerated death, pure and simple. 

i am writing this because if something happens to me tomorrow whoever may be concerned would find out what in my opinion happened to me. and also, my influential friend told me here you know, if you are going to complain you can complain all you want but occasionally let it go, do not do it every day. however, i feel the joke is over – i smell the smoke from all around. the boiling pot is about to explode. in other words what you read here was important for me to say, as i was not losing my time over nothing. this is not a sissy whining here but the real threats happened as i saw them.
i believe now the serbian motto is if you cannot win by make him losing - destroy him. today, march 25th 2015, around 15:50 as i was driving on two lane traffic on kneza milosa street, a guy whose black mercedes suv is clearly pictured in the photo below while driving in the same direction wanted to collide with me on purpose and he came from the side and practically drove me into the lane of oncoming traffic. if i stayed in my lane he would have crashed into me and he tried to do so on purpose. then he drove along requesting from me to lower down passenger side window to tell me something. i did not do that even though he was persisting, one female was driving with him, and he finally yelled “i fuck your mother” - i read his lips - and drove away. i felt that he wanted me to lower my window so he could spit at me and/or gun me down later. i promptly reported this incident to a traffic cop who was directing the traffic on the corner of takovska and bulevar kralja aleksandra streets by the main post office as i noticed that even this cop was eyeing this mercedes suv strangely. his only response was “fuck him! why don’t you just let him go into his mother’s cunt” this attack by suv was completely unprovoked and i believe some serbs are ordered to attack and make my life miserable. first of all in america a guy driving this kind of vehicle never creates this kind of intentional disturbance in traffic because there are consequences, not even if he was a skinny joey merlino. this is why this is important.
i do not know with whom i am dealing with but i know these people are wild, dangerous and UNTOUCHABLE while totally focused on targeting me. in america for instances, crime won’t happen so obviously, but i believe this thug behaved so because he thought he was allowed and wanted to - perhaps he felt he would be ordained an instant serbian hero if he did something bad to me. at that point, while looking at this individual and considering his responsibility towards a human life so to say, i think if i had an option i would rather stand in front of skinny joey merlino considering that for some reason at that particular instance of time skinny joey was mad at me. i have never read skinny joey merlino attacked people he thought were innocent people ever. no! i believe this call for criminal targeting which is more serious than gangstalking is coming from some serbian political figures who need to have mortal enemies in order to stay afloat. it apppears there are some political options in serbia that actually promote and glorify violence, they want blood. they are sending out and/or telling these thugs what to do. another guy tried to hit me on purpose this evening on boulevard of liberation. this was obvious and he even had an excuse line ready which is unbelievable. if you have read the first paragraph of this post you know why i had to post this and the photograph as well, but in serbia it is so easy to pay a drug addict twenty dollars to stab somebody you do not like, or you can pay him a hundred dollars to kill your enemy. i put a lot on the line by writing this here and someone in serbia has created a climate whereby a lot of individuals are out there to get and hurt me. a lot of people hate me. someone is obviously responsible for my situation. not me, because i am not interacting with murderers, killers and thugs. my only hope is that aliens are reading this blog, blog – and i am writing to them hoping that they will bring some universal justice into my life and case. this is the only serious thing i can do in this country – hope for aliens to solve problems which are not only mine – they concern my life and well-being – but by Gosh they relate to entire humanity as well. but the humanity does not care and i do not expect it to care. bad things are meant to happen and they will happen - justice prevails only in the movies.
i am making these comparisons with skinny joey because the aliens should understand that no normal american would like to be in the problem with skinny joey merlino – hereby i mean no disrespect to skinny joey but just trying to make a comparison to underlie that i am in some deep shit here in serbia in the problems with some unknown serbian skinny joeys who believe that i am their legit target. but i do not even know who orders stuff and who are those executing stuff, i do not feel as rosy future is smiling at me…
in the end, i believe skinny joey merlino is the saint figure in comparison to these guys, because he was described in some bad terms by the press but to my knowledge he did not do no harm to anyone - so godspeed to him. if i did not put down the niche as described by the press then you (or the aliens) would not know what i was talking about. much recognition to real skinny joey merlino by the way, i would not want to meet with the guy and wish him nothing but the best throughout his lifetime, the same thing to his enemies, i do not want to be in the problem with anybody, so best of luck to everyone. i was just making a comparison. hoping they will understand why - because fear entered my blood - and would not mind about it for the rest of their lives. if there were not serbs that create problems there would be no problems to compare innocent people to.  sorry again.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Psalm 17:8
my life in serbia is just misery. instead of wasting my time writing what serbs are doing to me, i could’ve been having the time of my life, however, unfortunately i have to protect myself by writing about stupidity and aggression. whenever i try to stand firm on the ground there are thousands of those aggressive serbs who “feel me” coming forward to take me down. for instance, finally, i’ve found an outlet to put some portion of my art collection on sale and it is called (some kind of serbian eBay)
today, i broke my golden rule – always shun stupidity. and thus i answered to one provocative question from kupindo user: travijana. nevertheless, it turned out that travijana reported me to kupindo authorities for putting up two images that according to her (i found later it was her) were not related to the item i was advertising. first off - if i did not reply to her inquiry, i guess she would have been still guessing why these images were posted. in the same fashion if llewelyn moss did not return with a jug of water for a mexican guy he would have been still alive. finally, i told her to stay the fuck away from my auctions. this brought on her vengeance claim. it turned out this person is some very poorly talented (tinfoil art) amateur “artist” snezana velickovic selling her “stuff” on kupindo and i would never give her a totally undeserved advertising here if she did not put my life on the line by putting down her claim. what further bothers me is that most likely this individual is related to the management of one serbian museum in cacak (where she also lives) which should have provided funds to buy this piece out, but they cannot, so they are trying everything to discredit me and deroute any possible negative thoughts far from their incompetence. i am willing to be a tough cookie and not willing to sacrifice myself for anything this angry incompetent people here are trying to do. in addition to that, there are three things: judging by her last name, she may be related to the serbian “mother” - ceca – aka svetlana raznatovic velickovic. let me put it this way, i would rather be saying out loud something bad and nasty about obama in front of white house than thinking anything – read my lips: anything bad about ceca and confessing it to anyone at anytime. this is the fear that has been holding me back, this woman is so dangerous that i probably would die from fear by just being around her vicinity. this much about the gradation of fear and possible criminal outcome with respect to anything. secondly, the “artist” velickovic i am talking about “studied” her “art” in montenegro which is a hotspot for criminal gangster activity in the region and i immediately recognized that she felt connected to some gangsters by the way she was making her claim. the third, half an hour later i got a very suspicious strange email from someone trying to buy one of mine books. i pleaded with that person to stay away because i soon realized that his and travijana’s feedback are connected with same posters. it was obvious that those two were related. and of course once they purchase your item they get your street address which means they know where you live! and by doing that, by reaching for an address, my natural response is - if they are going to do me more harm than George W.'s administration did - then the world should know about it and what is going in serbia. and as you can see, entire serbia is chump change in comparison to nevada, you are just a bite away from your fate, it's not just the devils cannot reach you:
of course, no sooner than later, guy bought my item and requested to meet with me in person next week! by the way, it was not the owner registered with kupindo for the user name: battlefield93 (whose initials are S.P.) – but someone signing himself as joca while utilizing montenegrin spelling for serb words! then he required from me to write him to i mean blackwater!!!

i mean George W!!!  your administration got me into this mess. let’s get it over with. this life an't worth living. fucking end your dirty job. even though, i won’t talk trash on ceca, because this would definitely kill me no sooner than later, but perhaps in the most perfidious way possible. i still feel americans are more merciful in sending out death. and here am i writing because i did not abide to that golden rule a.lways s.hun s.tupidity. or, in other words, if i have to die, you can bet your ass i would rather die by an american hand. don't let me keep on guessing assholes. fucking do me.
last minute: march 15th 2015: just as i had a premonition. battlefield93 – and whoever it really is, has found out about this blog and i got bombarded by information about my seminal disloyalty to serbia and their american-serbian foundation and "artist" velickovic. it feels like a deep conspiracy. it feels like the tentacles of terror that belong to american and serbian system of harming selected targets (in addition to gangstalking) do not want to release the hold of me. it feels as if every time i start living they are out there for some regression and arrested development. they just could feel i relaxed myself a bit and catch me off guard to draw me back into the gunk. they are the experts. now, next to wasting my precious time, i found out that velickovic's boyfriend is the member of special operations serbian military police battalion cobra (kobre) and that her family is of military background. i believe this is not a lie. i am thinking half-literate square-headed killers with enormous amount of testosterone and braggadocio and some martial art skills that even protect serbian president nikolic. it really feels as if there was not a moment of peace in the last eleven years spent in serbia. i’d rather be in drug infested mexico than in crime-on-all-levels infested serbia. as soon as i got out today, releasing a guard just a bit, sun-visor down, my eyes felt sniped with lasers again. i saw some suspicious vehicles in my way, perhaps those were serbian cobras. they are allowed to listen to your telephonics, the least dangerous of all things they do to you - so they know your whereabouts for this is a banana-land. medical report depending on the amount of current pain is what follows so i can support my assertions.

last minute: march 16th 2015: military occupied highrise (occupied mostly by the military members) on vojvode stepe street, # 141: lights from the upper floors apartments directed straight into my bed. these lights were not visible following my apology to all serbs (inclusive of military) here on blog from few days ago, but as soon as velickovic family military background and her cobra boyfriend came into light, these lights were on high intensity again, like never before, i suspect these are some powerful laser lights. i could not sleep last night at all. this is the view from that building, and it is what i am saying - those with military background and right equipment can easily dial you in straight through your window
last minute: march 16th 2015: i also believe after the night that followed the posting of this original post (march 14th, 2015), someone set me up with throat cancer which i got by way of inhaling something airborne, perhaps some dust. boy was my death wish quick. i can feel it in my lungs too. i won’t say how i think it was possible until i confirm i’ve got one. now it feels sort of as super souped up sore throat condition – a sore throat “on steroids”; i can just feel it is something more than just that, something abnormal.
last minute: march 17th 2015: Saint Patrick's Day: i wish everything here was a bad dream. i keep asking myself what did i do to these people. was i ever a threat to them, was i dangerous at any time so that they had to unite most of the nation to bring me down? was i supposed to be some example? why? why all this hate? mad, crazy looks… why mad, crazy looks? i wish that someone explains to me what is going on? i keep pinching myself, i still feel i am dreaming nightmare. why do i have to die. why do i have to get cancer or be handicapped and/or mutilated alive? whose responsibility this - in lack of better term – gangstalking – is? i did not ask for it! i did not do anything to provoke anyone at anytime. i did not go around shouting i wanna die, or please serbs gouge my eyes out! THE ONLY LOGICAL EXPLANATION IS – I AM BEING SACRIFICED! if you read carefully my blog here you will find that i was only concerned with my well-being by looking at actions of people i was coming across on daily basis, i was not asking for trouble. SOMEONE has brought this evil up on my ass. just today i was contacted by two friends telling me they no longer want to do trade with me citing money issues, but the real problem is fear that something like this does not happen to them or their families, because nobody knows who is factually in charge of all this, i can just feel they are powerful enough to destroy life. i do not know who want to escalate this situation, instead of calming things down i feel someone is either trying to destroy me physically – cancer / mutilation – and/or bring more gangstalking into the play. crazies and copycats are now more frequent to put more insult to an injury. at what point i can defend myself. about 50 year old crazy man who was waiting for public transportation suddenly jumped in front of my car today pointing his finger in disorderly fashion as if commanding get the fuck out of here, or he may had something in his hand, it was so fast i was unable to see. he looked completely crazed to me. it was fucking scary. and this waiting game, was i being poisoned with cancer or not is fucking exhausting. i just know my eyes hurt like hell. the only thing that brings a bit of fresh air and little relaxation from stress and problems is writing here…i feel no good can come out of this. i believe these are end times as if the world is coming to an abrupt end.
i have no hopes anymore about anything

last minute: march 24th 2015:
if they do not have nice opinion about you, people hate when you are popular. that is why you have bodyguards, esp. when you are popular and there is a great amount of hatred involved. i am not popular, i am infamous. however, i can only be popular for writing this blog which is not a reason for achieving any popularity but you know right now i feel as if my eyes are cut in two by the laser beam which i have seen. this is more than just hatred, this is harming people, handicapping people. they were targeting me from somewhere, left or right, i could see the beam and then i could not figure out because i was not expecting it from that direction but when i looked, when i was driving forward approximately 60 yards away there was a friend of mine from childhood, we did not speak in a long while, he was standing with somebody in the middle of street. he was known for similar kinds of excesses so i could have expected it from this guy and it is a strange feeling because i would never be doing this to anybody just targeting their vision and making people blind, that’s crazy man. with the pain in my eyes for the next half an hour i was wondering could it have been him? he is a friend now of the guy i made my apology to, and out of principle i won’t mention his name again this time. and even saying sorry does not help, i saw some people i openly said sorry to, they were probably scared that i had guts enough to talk, now they behave like true and thorough monsters.
i see a black dot that is not supposed to be there; there is a real nasty feeling in my eye. there is a fire in this smoke. i feel as if serbian mafia sets its target on me. i do not think they feel or realize i am a human being. they are completely irresponsible they do not fucking care. you can buy these motherfucking lasers it is like three bucks a piece and you got yourself a weapon that can destroy somebody’s vision from a mile away. it is not like in america here you cannot even compensate and sue the motherfuckers. the system of justice works more like a vendetta, it is the only way you can truly compensate, because it is my understanding that courts do major harm to innocent victims sentencing them to hefty sentences while the real scum gets off easily.  
explaining serbian hatred:
they could hate me if i was american soldier which indirectly i was by subscribing to selective services, i still do not understand. the biggest serb of them all was fighting serbs and was in fact turkish vassal - kraljevic marko, a figure larger than life, but fought serbs. i did not fight serbs so where lies the problem? by analogy perhaps if i had fought serbs i would be the hero here too. in all honesty i do not understand these things, why do they hate me so much -