Sunday, September 22, 2019

is this the worst possible scenario they got ? in fear now that i overstayed my serbian welcome

0:27 - 0:50 One can see something similar performed in the most memorable role of Serbian actor Zoran Radmilovic doing it as Radovan III. in plain English, these guys are not chicken chasing novices, it is in their movie culture and blood.
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Saturday, September 21, 2019

wipe that damn smug smirk off your face, Renault

anecdotally, another account of Renault's customer experience at the point of maintenance

first off, Renault is my first invaluable tool of choice when casting mind back to 1876 trying to imagine the new fateful experience that closely matches 7th Cav Reg engagement on the Greasy Grass. driving Renault sucks you into a feeling of becoming equal to G.A. Custer riding on the back of Victory. even more so it makes me feel like Im in actual tactical contact with the Indians - reincarnated, though - all over bluffy Belgrade, Serbia. it is my pipe dream I can afford with a car like Renault. when Im driving it feels as if my genius is setting up an offensive operation – enacting to everyone behind to ‘follow my leader’, or making them committed if they are hostile, so that they could either crap or go blind. in Renault you can relive a running fight though I have never progressed at speed nor fired. heck, in it, you can even bring your old lady to an altar, if you are lucky to find one locally. this amazing car will make you thrive on assuming many happyfaced assumptions. then when Im back home from all the real serbian brouhaha and glory hunting coupled with overwhelming dynamics, imagined curtains of black powder gunsmoke and clouds of raised dust on the streets - on youtube I see the likes of Harald Baldr for whom Im certain to be a 20th cent. reincarnation of an officer (1st or 2nd Lt.) or a trooper from one of the three companies (C, I, L) that were overrun on Calhoun Ridge. everyday so I’m fully occupied reliving a number of my interests. the LBH stuff for example, for me the coincidence markings pointing in that direction are set all over the place. for instance, them being Indian counting coups in the form of locals (acting as NAs) leaving marks (spit, pukes, scratches, dents) on my vehicle, and so on. I have been advised by the Higher Force to always remember. however - things happen and not to facilitate access to more exotic locations around Serbia or elsewhere. it all boils down to how drivable my car is post Renault's maintenance procedure for some long distance rides and what amount of fun i find in driving it now ? let me advise.
following up on my Renaults service complaint I never claimed that I took sick to my stomach from the exhaust smelling stench coming out from the vents. I was feeling something and went then to another officially authorized service to crosscheck what (if anything) may have gone wrong with installation of air filters in the first place and instead of a drift toward a conclusion, the small problem escalated from there on, in so much, now I can really feel something like presence of exhaust fumes coming in at all times. went again to Renault for a nasty surprise when i was really hoping that they will DO the right thing and not the wrong thing right. as if someone opened a can of dumb-ass around the service area or now i may even suspect a negligence, ill-advisement or malicious deliberation in their flawed servicing act. assuming this was a corollary, what was i to expect?! to shed some light, imo, to escape problem culmination with Renault vehicles it seems you should never complain to Renault - post service - as when you are dealing with these guys crying wolf in their opinion you'll end up paying for it in Spades. encore! something worse off will surely happen. so pull up your big boy pants and abort all complaints for all complaining efforts will be for naught. and there ant no room for the hard drilling either. retire these options / thoughts too. it is too bad as in Europe it is my favorite car make, but the service sucks big-time, even though in the second maintenance stop they were fluffy flowery nice serving coffee a couple of times, still the bitterness stands, as the exhaust fumes / burning dust problem in the cabin is now pointedly evident, not just sketchy anymore. i know how it was to drive my car before the Renaults service experience and it was with free mind. now my mind is constantly engaged at this problem they created somehow.
after I graded the first service shop experience on their regular post service follow up via Phonecon and website feedback, the Renault's main distributor muddied the waters in their lousy piece of politely underpinned but robotized counter gospel effort making me believe that in their eyes - customer is never right i must guess with a goal to embarrass myself and let it go. talking about adding an insult to an injury and i call a bull crap. why does it appear to me Renault is all like here today and gone tomorrow while it is obvious i will keep coming around as long as i own this vehicle? of course, if I had money, I would have been going for a range rover over Renault at any time just for the chance of the like service neglect, but may be so in my next life – hell yeah. who the heck knows ?  the only certain thing is - Renault itself will never correct this problem (i may now say they in some way created).

Thursday, September 05, 2019

not cutting a slack; Renault is definitely not cutting me one.

the only part i liked:
yesterday I went for an oil and filter change. last evening, I was listening to a recording and I ve got Renault AK Kompresor service guys on record referring to me as an idiot among themselves. I have not set up audio surveillance to run to the end to record the entire conversation but i picked up when they were conversing about doing something out whereby “he cannot complain.”
while there, service manager was on ego trip and arrogant as arrogant can be, I noted he was all over those he felt were more important than myself. all my time there went in one ominous expectation as if I was awaiting some doom and something regretful to happen. even though the conjecture is a speculation, it is my gut feeling. I felt like they were going to sabotage me but I just did not know how and which part of vehicle will be of interest and in question. I felt like Custer in close proximity of Oglala Sioux doing him a favor in hell. I felt like having to leave my underaged child in charge of some pedophiles. I can make the like comparisons until tomorrow. it appears as if the car interior now reeks of something smelly and heavy esp. in trunk area and when I put a blower on the odor coming out of vents is heavy as well. I wonder if they messed up new air filters I paid for.

at one point the service guy passed by carrying parts and I did not see the usual oil filter box so I requested to see the new filter which put manager into a defensive mode, he did not manage the situation well but instead went insincerely emotional, raising voice in the service area questioning my trust in front of many service people. I really did not know how the new oil filters look like and I just learned there they are much different than what they used to be, at least in Renaults. but this came with a cost. following that episode, even if they did not plan on executing something ahead of it, I was positive that some retaliation took place esp. - as an indicator - when the manager misspelled my last name to sound odd, which I felt was on purpose.

I really like Renault vehicles but I am more afraid than hesitant to go to any authorized Renaults service I know. imagine you have an exceptional watch that no one services anymore spare a few guys that truly hate your guts. waiting on during Renault servicing is like being sentenced to die, and the service time runs hard like the last hour before your head is sliced off on guillotine. a one very troubled and murky experience. I once witnessed (as a customer) a newbie frame maker was utilizing a scalpel cutting an original work of art - oil on board, reducing actual size by chipping off its edge - to fit into the frame he had poorly cut and assembled because he did not take the correct measures beforehand. of course, the owner did not find out and this is the frame making business I do not go to any longer. it is the same ballpark the Renault servicing game reminds me of. it sends chills that I receive. you have something dear and you give it away to those that may do things because they do not like you in the first place. so you are left in the suspense mode, and if you really like Renault like I do, you will worry all your life, if anything happened. if you have a daughter you may eventually find out if pedophile did something through examination of her vagina, but with the male child, the things may not be that transparent. all I know the feeling of uneasiness will not easily fade away. I feel mind raped somehow. much more time left to worry. and the heavy heavy stinker is there to deal with, auch.
furthermore, Renault AK Kompresor car service was adding up this loose oil from unbranded canister.
without a mounted camera i would not have been able to see what was going on since, according to Kompresor, Renault strictly forbids customers to oversee the servicing procedure. customers cannot even look at the car while being done.
as loose unbranded oil was poured in, other Renault service men were chanting in the background: "this ant gonna look good, he can complain all he wants but this ant gonna look good." 

it is scary.  
when i finally got the car back it took me three wet napkins to clean up a dirty gear knob for mechanical dirt was all over it. i took these photos there :
however, my fear has been that the chant went about me complaining about something else, something that i cannot see, not the trivial thing like dirty gear knob, which could have been just a cherry on top of the icing on Renault's servicing cake.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

the plot thickens

now that I have shown the enemies mine little boy via this blog it is only fair, they show me theirs. not, they are not willing to do it, the only answer so far has been mounting more pressure. without any explanations. not fair.
anyone with demons can come out and destroy a person these days with just one accusation. or, was I the collateral damage for the worldwide perception of Serbs and Serbia? with current public harassment in place as well as many things demonstrated in my life it is more than obvious that my life and career are ruined. the feeling is that some guilt has been imposed by someone who has got the hypnotic hold of the masses, well - public majority, at least. it appears as if I have been accused of something so much so I won’t ever be able to use my marketing skills and commercial ability to their full potential. for example, yesterday, this group of three young lads (the third one is hardly visible in the images herewith) spat at my passenger side window which was open as I drove by. would they buy anything off me or utilize any of my services if they knew I was the provider? i guess not!

serbian knight templars started the spitting thing and gave public the idea. if they perceive me as their enemy, I doubt their overall seriousness because I’m nobody and the fact they have to deal about me is telling much about them. consequently, I am afraid cos the imposed guilt natural coincides with a lot of backstabbing. on my part I won’t be able to use particular services to their full potential as well. whenever there is a situation that someone works somewhere (let’s say in a hospital) where I have to appear and that person is a member or sympathizes with Serbian knights templar and/or any related organization then my life is in real danger.  

I do not think I will be able to get over it, ever.