Saturday, November 22, 2014


Today I had an extremely bad luck of having to visit Serbian Numismatic Fair where I have been victimized by Serbian energy suckers. Like walking zombies they herded over to me to either touch or brush them off of me. Even if they pretended it was coincidental and they wanted to make it inconspicuous I understood what they were doing and even though I wanted to think away the experience I was soon drained like a dirty sponge. These are the guys that work with old Roman coins, postcards, antiquities and metal objects. I believe if this happened to someone that was not ready for this experience, the victims would get suicidal. Finally, after I left a lot of money being there for at least couple of hours some of them booed me with monkey chants and hoots and I felt like a dirty rag. I cannot say most of these traders own criminal records but those that booed me have criminal minds and someone should put a stop to them – they are in cahoots with each other and well organized like snakes (I used word cahoots but they are not Jewish). If I am fair and square with this state paying every damn parking ticket for example, I should have at least some protection by it, just like when black soccer players are exposed to monkey calls, someone stands up for them. Here I am left to bleed like a whore without its pimp. I need some protection from these motherfuckers. They should get bloody warned.

In addition, some other Serbs were able to get me yesterday somehow, my eyes hurt like hell, I did not realize what they were doing, but they succeeded in sniping me with some lasers, I guess. Sounds crazy, but here anything happens. This is crazy Serbia. My life is on the line every day. It is obvious that several of them Serbs are engaged in gangstalking me on daily basis and since there are no guarantees and no protection on the state part, I can only hope that God will get involved and destroy them or their families.

To fast forward back to today – once I exited the Fair, I came to my vehicle that was parked a few streets away only to realize that some smelly liquid was poured over it. Here are some photos – so if you do not trust me that things are happening to me in this land – Serbia – and that I have been gangstalked then God help you… 

Thursday, November 20, 2014


belgrade, serbia, november 20th 2014

around 14 hours today, a driver who was driving in the opposite direction in (white-colored?) "smart" two seater clearly wanted to blind me with some laser thingy as he was aiming it at me and flashing it several times like turning it on and off as if pressing on and off button. oh yes, he was clearly aiming it at me and the light was blinding.
clearly his action was designed to upset me if that was not a laser, though i believe it was as i clearly have problems with my vision this evening. this was plain example of gangstalking. in order for him to perform this action i suppose somebody had to call him on cell phone and tell him which direction and what route i was heading as pure coincidence is out of question. so several people must have been involved.

now i have to ask myself who has the logistics and time for messing up my life. whose signature this was? was it the serbian government, political supporters of vojislav seselj, or mossad because i complained here against an american judge who happens to be jewish and who ruined my life. i was warned numerous times by various individuals, do not mess with jews, stay away, they will kill you or you will regret it, at least.

i do not bear no grudge against any of them but still things have been happening to me. it is also possible that those who are their opponents perpetrate false flag operations so when something happens to me like today i have to suspect those that come first with respect to who may have something against me. things get crazy when the can of worms gets opened. it seems to me that some serbian worms are out and they are out there to get me. will they ever leave me alone to live a carefree, happy, awesome family life. not only that they prevent me in trying to found a family, they do things like this today all the time. i honestly doubt so. then again, any government in the world that dislike what i was writing can send a team to serbia or hire serbians to disturb me on daily basis for months; that is also gangstalking. and if you do not know from whom such evil is coming you are fucked. you cannot trust anybody. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


for the guys like me who like to be on their best behavior at all times, it is a lottery what kind of person you will run into, and most often than not it is a complete disappointment and dismay so you really have to be on defense at all times, and defensive behavior brings nothing but bad vibes - when you are on defense you cannot be yourself, you have to deal with idiots and pretend that you are an idiot. some of these guys are without elementary education and manners, that is pure lowlifes and their acts like spitting and getting physical are something that you really have to take into consideration. i have been a target / magnet for all serbian evil and the lowest of breed, there is almost something scientific to it, like a magnetic field that brings them all onto me to provoke and attack - gangstalk. it is obvious they are afraid of noone, it feels as they think they have rights to harass

covert harassment and surveillance = serbia = united states of america = two entities born of the same mother? pathetic.  

i thought i was singled out alone. recently i found out what some people in serbia have been doing to me for eleven years and then i realized many people throughout the world are exposed to the exact same torture by the bastards in their own countries. this public harassment and occasionally lynching is called gang-stalking! look it up on YouTube by using this only key word. 

i know the names of some of these bastards but i am afraid to expose them as i did earlier since more and more of their friends are getting on the harassment train and some of them were personally threatening me with brutal physical violence. this fear is organic and should not be - since by now many serbs are involved in gang-stalking with respect to me and situation is viral and irreversible.

i should also say that i was bestially beaten by unknown individual who is protected by the serbian government. from that event i bear harmful and debilitating consequences like inability to pronounce some words, disturbed thinking process and my diastolic blood pressure is regularly increased for 10 units since then (95 instead of the formerly usual 85). what happened to me shortens life and inhibits freedom that one should enjoy during the course of lifetime. thus i vouch the following things from my experience...

i cannot stress the grief that it all started in my alma mater - united states of america, the country i thought was my safe harbor of peace and liberty. i do not have that promised second choice country now as i have come to conclusion that serbia and united states are two of the same, the places where you just do not feel great, safe and free. on the contrary these are the places where one feels threatened and unable to express self, to speak freely and open up thoughts. these are the boondocks of freedom. i am in the quest for true freedom right now, though i do not know where to begin searching. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fuck you bastards

I get crucified. Am I the good guy here? And who says I am not? 
In my opinion there are only three countries in the world that Serbia could be compared to: 1) North Korea, 2) China and, 3) Cuba. Communism in Serbia was never brought down; it only changed its name. This is the only country in the world where the bank teller (Banca Intesa, Vojvode Stepe str., Belgrade) can ask you “why did you open a bank account?” and keep insisting on asking like some authority even though I answered “I wanted to have one, that is why”. Is this normal, what is the purpose, and has it ever happened to anyone anywhere? Let me just say, that it is the matter of several hundred dollars on monthly basis, sometimes not even that, that is deposited. It is not like some huge suspicious money is in question.

I know - it is the Roman Catholic bank, and I feel as if some private inquiry like that could only be authorized by the pope. It is the new inquisition.

I sympathize with Freemasons, and Roman Catholics are bitter opponents. Is it why they ruined my family in America? I feel so. No one was ever investigated for it; after my family was ruined it was the business as usual for the entire planet. The people on the key positions whenever bad things happened to me were majorly Roman Catholics. I know this is stupid but I do not have a reasonable explanation for many things that happened and are happening to me. Common underlying trait to all of them is pure evil and hatred. So it was either this or that nationality or religion. What do they want from me? I publicly announced earlier, I am not no Jesus or the Messiah like I had felt they ruined me for – because of the signs, perhaps. Leave me alone, I will not spoil your business, criminals.

So far, Serbs were the greatest supporters of communism in the former Yugoslavia. Most people here live well off, they drive huge luxury cars like Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, they have many houses, apartments and money – many lovers, it is the golden Serbian standard. Where is all that wealth coming from? Fuck you. I am writing because I do not want to be their scapegoat for nothing. They ruined me in America, because they could. Here they are trying to. One justice in Serbia is tailored for the rich and ex-communists, and another justice is valid for other walks of life. The proof? I was already found guilty of crime by the Serbian judge Ivana Ramic. That means I will legally not be able to immigrate anywhere – as a criminal. I do not feel this sentence was ordered by either Roman Catholics - the Pope - United States or their Serbian satellites. I feel as if God led her in doing so - so, I'll stay here - so wrong "Jesus" will never return to United States to upset all those Jesus-wary freaks ready to ruin families for nothing and those seeing signs they only saw of the Jesus that was not their Catholic Jesus. Exactly. So a lot of Americans are now safe without me. LOL. There are many things I would like to talk about, but here's something just to take it off of my chest. Fuck you bastards

Sunday, October 05, 2014

screwed for life.

in my pc, i've got a special folder named "U.S.A. SEPT. 6, 02 a full investigation" wherein i save everything that may be related to my tragedy - every single personal or mutual experience and confessions like obama's statement - yeah, we tortured some folks. that's where i saved this screenshot taken today
to a smart person, just by reading between the lines through dialogue in serbian as portrayed in this screenshot which is the first conversation i've ever had with some egoistic serbian person, it is obvious why i do not trust anyone in this country - serbia. even the wannabe friends on facebook pages (i've never ever seen) make putrid allusions and/or suggestions - as well as numerous others that aren't even my facebook friends - that would make any normal individual think about their personal safety in public and horrible state of mind of these people within the environment. they did not invent their malevolence – they were suggested all that by the community and administrative leadership apparatus that makes their opinions and directs their will...and my only weapon against this ill-opinionated majority is this blog and the belief that pure hell did not come lose to some other people's minds and countries in the world. i’ve gotta share what i gotta share, so what happens, happens.
however, i am the unlucky one whose life and family were destroyed by the united states and, unfortunately, united states have to stick to their guns and an invented story that i had deserved everything i got and that something like that was only possible by way of my own fault!!! if i did not go to united states everything in this world would have been much brighter for me - future, Sun, all that. while in fact what caused my situation was the malevolent prejudice of american paranoid mind against all things coming from the east (that are not cool by default) finally upending my existence.
while it is not possible that they can compensate me with anything better than what i had (same as in the movie irreversible inclusive of love, time, assets, moments, etc) i will never trust united states anything. if they say something is black i will know it can be white, grey or any other color but black. by ruining someone like me, their only goal is to eliminate me now physically by utilizing inferior state of serbian mind. and these minds are, the proof is here in the photo, like comparing the intellectual weights of evil stinking foxes and very stupid turkeys.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

f--- you, hatemongers!

last minute, september 23rd, 2014: when at the hearing the american judge charles m. honeyman based in philadelphia - pennsylvania and cherry hill - new jersey, said that, at his personal discretion, he will ruin my family i did not believe him; later i researched and found he was Jewish American.
i thought it was impossible! but recently obama admitted to it by stating we tortured some folks; check out the comment by some pedro lanza on jesse ventura's off the grid show with darling abby martin, shown below, it makes sense now, though i selfishly care about it only as far as i was stripped of all human rights. 
now in serbia, where i was sent either by the help of Yugoslav Army or Yugoslav (Serbian) communists or serbian secret service (now BIA), i cannot even say what my fears were/are! 
number one, i canot live in peace. 
number two, nobody ever apologized to me for the monstrous act of ruining my family and not seeing my child in 12 years in addition to getting forcefully divorced while i lost ability to control any of my assets in the usa. united states of america was supposed to be the country ruled by law; it is a huge lie i can shit on now after i lost the purpose of existence conditioned by their (american and serbian) actions. 

furthermore, in my last post herewith, i promptly apologized for nothing said to nobody only to witness intensified harassment and provocations by the bloody motherfuckers in serbia. they look at me like they were told i am crazy, it was pretty obvious today. namely, in that bloody maxi supermarket on vojvode stepe boulevard #115 in belgrade, the bitch (i carefully pick and choose my words) at the register held the laser scanner pointed straight into my eyes like targeting at me, and while they were okay for several weeks trying to be nice and polite they were obviously told recently to “make my day” and thus turned tables by 360 degress (which means

only one – some master of puppets is pulling serbian strings again). so i witnessed horrible harassment by the employees today, the cashier guy threw some shopping carts from height as i was really close to him to make a large noise and then he was looking at me like a monkey to see what effect and reaction it produced. which really made me think about everything and start writing about serbian and american evil all over again

Thursday, September 18, 2014


I hereby renounce whatever I said and/or posted herewith on September 18, 2014; I also apologize to all/ whenever tension and conflict move into our lives we get jumpy and begin to snap. people behave differently when under stress and, most of the time, some nastiness surfaces.
I have many Jewish and Serbian friends and it would not be fair to them to say
that I am afraid of them.  M.V. September 21, 2014.

twice beaten thrice shy
Serbian community of Jews is very small but powerful. Like you could have read, my problem is that in Serbian society I am not A very celebrated figure. I’ve been hated rather and this has been going on for eleven years, and I am talking hatred on daily basis. That’s the first part of my problem.

The second is: I look like a Jew, with crooked nose and big ears, though I am NOT. I wish I was as smart as them. So next to Serbs I feel some of my biggest opponents in Serbia are Jews, because of the following:

they want to distance themselves from me in loud and angry fashion to make sure I do not get any Serbian slack if some Serbs falsely assume that I was a Jew.So that is something they want to make very clear. No potential slack for this guy on account of being a Jew. And no mix ups.

I am afraid they want to even denounce / monitor me to make publicly certain I do not belong to them which, if it so, deepens their animosity towards me. I feel as if they - having nothing better to do - start actions that ruin my life even further. I am hereby only assuming because nasty things have been happening to me, and I have to take into consideration all winds and storms coming at me.

Thus one of my deepest fears in Serbia is to run into some powerful Jews in the street, like Mira Adanja Polak. If I do, she can pull some Serbian connections within a next few hours to mess up my messed-up-life. Thus if I see any I am crossing to the other side of the street before they can spot me. I am counting on short memory span with some of them, because what is out of sight, it is out of mind.

When I saw her on television this morning she appeared so angry about something, that instinctively made me upset and afraid as I thought to myself she may be angry for thinking Serbs are giving me unnecessary slack and I am not a Jew so they have to deal with it. There is a saying, twice beaten thrice shy. Strange; very strange.


(Mandarin)      眼不見,心不煩 [眼不见,心不烦] (yǎn bùjiàn, xīn bùfán)

what the eyes don't see doesn't worry the heart

Croatian          Daleko od očiju, daleko od srca

far from the eyes, far from the heart


Sejde z očí, sejde z mysli

Co oči nevidí, to srdce nebolí

what the eyes don't see, doesn't hurt the heart

Danish             Langt fra Öine, snart af Sinde / Ude af øje, ude af sind

out of sight, out of mind

Dutch Uit het oog, uit het hart

far from the eyes, far from the heart

Finnish            Poissa silmistä, poissa mielestä

out of the eyes, out of mind

French             Loin des yeux, loin du cœur

far from the eyes, far from the heart

I hereby renounce whatever I said and/or posted herewith on September 18, 2014; I also apologize to all/ whenever tension and conflict move into our lives we get jumpy and begin to snap. people behave differently when under stress and, most of the time, some nastiness surfaces.
I have many Jewish and Serbian friends and it would not be fair to them to say
that I am afraid of them.  M.V. September 21, 2014.