Friday, November 09, 2018


do you have freedom or rights when you are under massive slander and persecution in country where everyone knows you like it was the smallest village?
without a cloak of secrecy which I was not promised to have after arriving to serbia from the united states - when you are publicly exposed to any son of a bitch out here to be an outlet for their frustrations, then you don’t.

YESTERDAY I was asked to help friends out by filming and shooting some material during a book promotion at the national museum of serbia. the promotion was scheduled to start as of 19:00 hrs last night and I was told to use my cell phone as the organizer could not bring professional camera as promised. little did I know that by moving my ass around and setting up a standard as well as pace by aggressively pursuing my tasks, the other hired photographers would experience me as professional threat and trouble, particularly this serbian s.o.b. on the left side in the photo enclosed herewith.
there is a rat race ongoing in serbia and serbian rats do not like you winning - being ahead in the game all the time. alas, when I came close to him, from a feet away, this bastard who obviously did not want to move his ass much (not paid enough?) shot two rounds of high-powered flash directly into my face without warning - saying only “sorry, I just needed to prepare and check my camera.” shocked and saddened - I could have made a scandal by jumping back on bastard to wrestle him to the ground over the chairs, probably breaking his fancy camera, but I waited it out with fuzzy vision and strong pain in the back of the head throughout the entire presentation. talking about serbian bastards. this serbian bastard totally ruined my mood for the evening. I did complain to my friends about this. this is another photo of this serb i took out as a screenshot from my video, imagine your eyes being hit with the power of that flash from a feet away, twice:

as I came out into the cold serbian night with thoughts on how the modern day serbs are fascinatingly evil and why God has put me into this situation, I was up for another surprise. as soon as he saw me standing at a bus stop by the museum, there started approaching and whistling this Japanese little rascal fellow staring at me all the time. as he came really close invading my private space, with a lot of empty place lying around, he started opening a bottle of cola a foot away from me and started drinking in front of my face not even trying to move his gaze away. obviously, he was provoking me. what bothers is not what he was doing – but the fact that he did not know me which makes his act pointless and boils it down to simple persecution. in that moment, in just one instance there went my idea and myth of the national japanese superiority as if that country was above all and its people smarter than the rest of us. I had really thought that.

when I analyze the stupidity and ignorance around me with obvious presence of tons of escalating slander and persecution patterns which had to be sponsored and cooked in the kitchen of governmental agencies (Serbia and/or the United States, or both) in order to turn the attention away from breaking up of my family, lying and ruining my life – i only understand there should have been a hefty, massive amount of damages of at least U$ 100 million in play, which is why it must be cheaper to them to continue persecution and agenda of the public enemy number one since there is no higher authority that would bring these governments or at least the responsible people therein to justice. i am talking about invisibility and decoy items, if they did not really want to persecute me. someone has been tasked with escalating the situation regarding my ill-being for years. I think serbs were told: do not worry; he is so scared; go get him; whenever you do something to him, he will drop a few brown smelly lumps from his behind. for example; in comparison; vuk draskovic who is by far the most hated individual in serbia according to comments on the net, does not have any problem in public and walks freely with his head up high. i have seen and witnessed it.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

the matter of life and death

this concerns me a lot. as if it was influenced by some strict Islamic religious laws (sharia) stemming from the ottomans who ruled serbia, serbian mind is designed to hurt feelings and suppress natural qualities and desires through arbitrary harassment and cruel, degrading, and inhuman punishment and serbia is not helping man like me become a better man. serbian mind (considering great many bad guys in serbia) is full of aggressively exploited and exercised prejudices while it lacks sense, patience, remorse and humility. this mind will never die off serbia, the country of tradespeople and services with poorly branded education which by itself means that it is not the land of art loving people. while practically there is no interest in fine art, there is a lot of interest in sex industry, drinking, drugs, and violence. thus, this society cannot understand nor appreciate the value of me (the artist) and there is no soundtrack attached to my life (the overall situation is not a movielike as it may reflect in my writing.)

let me give you an everyday example, not the peak moment though. yesterday as I was buying a pack of smokes for my conceptual art experiment in roda supermarket (djordja stanojevica 35, novi beograd 11070) an old bleach-haired bat, a nasty bitch (sorry folks, gotta use proper wording where it fits) kept pointing a laser barcode scanner into my eyes trying to get a rise out of me. barcode scanners use very low energy laser diodes. the only health risk is from directly aiming for the eyes. but the serb cashiers do that to me (cashiers…. here in a sample role from the wide array of serbian persecutors) - is it because they do not know what they are doing or they want to blind me point-blank, here is the fact. there is a notion that present-day serbs were designed or taught to never feel guilty about anything. for sure, they know it bothers me. for sure they orgasmically thrive on doing harm as one time, more recently, jysk (the swedish company, zaplanjska 32, belgrade (tc stadion) 11000) cashier did it conspicuously not even trying to get the rise out of me, she just wanted to plain blind me. serbs an’t doing it for kissing ass
(not anyone requires it), persecution is a thrill trip for serbs. the more you write and complain about it, the braver they come. you are just supposed to swallow and then swallow some more. and this is just one small example of serbian harassment. next thing you know, you are feeling the effects, on the skin around eyes you will feel intense prickling that will last for hours, as if you were stabbed with thousands of little needles which is a complete discomfort. and my question to the rest of the world is, what is then going on inside eyes where the tissue is unprotected and proner to damage, it must be cancer causing (esp. if the malevolent act keeps repeating cumulatively from store to store).

literally, wherever I go in serbia, I am like one big jinxed anti-commercial and the only thing I am representing is my art. truth to be told, my art is not what bothers serbs. but, what bothers them, what makes them behave as if they are punishing me around the clock? just the very fact that you are made aware that you are perceived as the constant target and that someone is doing harm to you on purpose; that very thing is overwhelming and makes you keep wondering in distress. it means, next to an ever present underlying hint of unease whenever you are exposed in the public, you loose several hours a day thinking about it thereafter trying to make sense of confusion, grasping the unreasonable. while the art helps you escape daily reality, the harassment and thoughts bring you back there in a flash. it is a chaos.

and when you think about it, you know that Americans let you down because there must be an assumed character flaw on your part. there must be an assumed moral failure on my part as there an’t no golden chopper on its way to fly me outta here; however, the only imagined way the serbs who are assuming the harassment and abuse for granted are going to leave me alone for good, let it go about me and treat me with accountability plus some respect is through the principle of merciless vigilantism. it is not hard to imagine what that could be except the role models and parts for heroic vigilantes who stop the inevitable. whoever they turn out to be, there is no higher authority on the planet earth.

several ways you can help milos vujasinovic (it is the matter of life and death)

express your concern and criticize serbia on internet

get your government to criticize and pressure serbia

tweet your support to milos vujasinovic and his art

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

the target

if I had wanted to lead a life of crime I would have trained my ass up lifting weights all day every day. i would have amassed arsenal of weapons inclusive of rocket-propelled grenades and what not else. i need your attention. all I am saying is this - i am in danger in serbia as if i have been a gangster. there has been made a culture of checking and challenging me around the clock. the serbian problem is alpha males. there are no beta males in serbia, just various forms of alpha, even the small ass dudes. the planetary task issue number one should be – turning serbian alpha males into something different, into betas. that must be the planetary priority. period. I mean is it at all possible and how?
if you think serbs seem like a joy to live with i cannot even begin to describe what kind of pressure is on the guy like me who likes to have a peaceful life and live in undisturbed living conditions out here in serbia. there are people turning heads on me waiting for my glance or any other reason so they can go at me. it happens every day, it happened on terazije today where I had not been walking in ages. namely, there were several vernal serbs cocking their heads and bodies at me while passing by closely trying to provoke my reaction. anything from me so they could hook up and react on it and commence trouble; I am asking the world why do I need to be targeted like that? any suggestions? any answers by any Americans? what laws of the serbian jungle makes them think i am an easy target? it is clear to me, up until my last dying breath there wont be no freedom for me in this turn-and-cock-head culture and society pit.  

my wild guess as far as to what lies in the background of these things that are happening to me are illicit, illegal activities promoted and sponsored by the top political and police alpha structures linked to hooligans who then automatically assume I am their target. this goes by the hierarchy. the top echelons of serbian power let the lower realms of society decide what will happen to me. that is why I constantly fall into trouble. the story goes. that is why I was attacked recently; cannot comment further on it since legal process is due.

in addition, whenever serbs were a communicational bridge between me and the U.S. citizens I was automatically slandered. thence this blog. i have never had problem in direct contact with the U.S. citizens as it was always the case when the jealous tarzan speaking serbs were interfering. that seems to be the root of all problems. and you cannot talk with the aggressive alpha serbs. the only serbian arguments were always fists and I am saying the fists unlike those of Lemmy Kilmister – to make a widely known alpha comparison - who must had used them only when it was fair and logical (on presumption) unlike serbs whose behavior is nothing but criminal in most cases – and always accompanied with brute and unreasonable force (behaving as short tempered fuses) and badmouthing (slander). their friendliness is only of the utilitarian kind. remember that. sooner or later, the true respect is paid only on if-there-is-enough-dough-for-me terms.  

as a result, I was thrown way out of my league. 

i do understand my critical writing is potentially
pretty dangerous, however, it is for the greater good.
i should also highlight its preventive character, not trying to sound smart nor funny, but the life here is simply unbearable.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

belgrade, serbia. in survival mode all the time

do not know even how - but i stumbled upon a video of someone giving a grossly apt portrayal saying 'life here is a fucking grind; people here are cold and distant and have this weird mix of superiority complex and massive amounts of insecurity about themselves and massive emotional repression; they do their best to avoid each other.' i thought he was talking about b.S. (Belgrade, Serbia) taking them words out of my mind. but no, that pour soul grossly failed me. he does not even know HOW LUCKY he is - to have not been born in dog-eat-dog Serbia. if he was born here with dominant-(to-their-own-kind-only) serbs his problems would have most definitely escalated in logarithmic fashion and his story would have been a different one altogether. take me for example. does this guy truly think his ass does not stink? if he is good, then what would make him think those serb guys feel compassion for him and entitlement to ruin existence of someone else, be it belgrade or novi sad, as there will always be at least one asshole who will be doing crazy shit, making noises behind, spitting, etc.? my guess is - he must be on payroll for glorifying what could only be described as abnormal. or, yet, he does not know that next to suffering from insecurity - serbs also have a great inferiority complex when it comes to foreigners (this includes local minorities as well). however, there is a huge life-threatening superiority complex when it comes to their peers. and when you notice what's wrong and talk to normal people advising them like i do in my blog they will have tendency to correct themselves and become better men. it is not always the case with certain serbian people, they will fail you every time. i do trust this guy when he says that it is very gutt to be a foreigner in serbia. 'respected as foreigner' bears another dimension here. hell, det must be why i want to be foreigner in my own country. and carefully that's what i wish for. i need that namibian passport.

Friday, October 26, 2018

wishing I was in paris, france, where they’ve been waiting for me

depends. the main and only reason I want to move out from serbia is - I attract tourists. come summertime, like rats up a drain pipe so passionate and full of life swarms of foreigners forever swarm to this hopeless cesspool hoping to see me walking on water. however, to make myself available one must give all one’s got. to find me, one ought to move mountains people and cross that creaky suspended bridge all at once. tell yourself you can do anything, you cannot just come here and bounce, seeding more hurtful and demeaning times. the shit I am putting up with deserves respect. I reckon, if the God had a big enough role for me in this world he would not allow me to be born in this joint where I feel trapped like a water buffalo so I do not care and I do not come out from my den. a damn sight of murican, japanese, you name it, tourists roam all over this troubled place hoping to catch a glimpse of me. pure waste of their time, their energy, they had it coming. cos dumb as a cardboard serbian dicks are in dead man's butthole, my butthole. that’s why. much like they keep raping the 13 year old’s mind, my mind. now I am good to go and I am calling them out on it but they won’t be squaring it up. it all happens since they are assholes and Im a pushover, a poster boy for slander. plus, no soft flowers here that will bend according to my way. serbs are hard and fake, they will turn on you so quickly. they also forget, they an’t cool. Im the only exclusive one around here and I cannot care less. serbia is way too small of a country for me. in the end, the tourists go get wasted and leave disappointed cos they were not anointed. yep, rebound and pray for eternal numbing. the choices will be held freely.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

definition of art through gamesmanship

the title is misleading. it's only me soppy-sodding here. there an't no bridges, no physical links.
personally - my friends - fine art, writing and music constitute a chopper flying me out of vile and dehumanizing serbian enviroment.
holding onto this white elephant, the serbian passport, is pure waste of time. alas, trying to forget serbian language so i remain monolingual. english and english only. the official language of the united states and the world.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


is it for the fact that I am a national joke or that Serbia an’t no rechtsstaat as yet the things keep happening to me.
not so long ago, someone said if you ever wanna try ćevapi go to this new belgrade joint, they are the best in town. just on that recommendation, as I was nearby, I dropped by that particular joint and ordered two ćevapi servings to go. as we ate ćevapis in my second car which has a carburetor I sensed and tasted a potent smell of gasoline (in ćevapis) so I complained to my friend who then made a statement: they are good to me. I then realized it must be that my vehicle was running rich. don’t be a sissy, I bucked up myself. however, later on, as the time progressed, it dawned on me that ćevapis – at least the ones I got - must have been sprinkled with something like barbecue charcoal lighter fluid as I got burps smelling of it late into the evening. I consumed ćevapi around 14 hours and funny thing did not get the bill and even if I got one I would not be scanning and posting it here since I just cannot believe that someone foul played me again by being negligent on purpose? there is hardly one place in town where the service was right for me and I must guess that is because I was labeled as a national traitor and persona non grata by the gung ho maverick political – should be really read: ultra-dangerous – hardliners and public opinion leaders that run political “parties” (or syndicates* if you will) here in Serbia. in addition, every blogged complaint I had made brought in tons of new customers to these places so I feel as if I created a number of serbian millionaires. following the conceptual artwork I executed representing experience at one such place there has been literally a crazy long and around the clock line now, people approving the ‘other side’ waiting for some douchie pizza. other than that, it’s 6 o’clock in the morning and I overdosed myself with liters of milk and activated charcoal pills but I can still feel strange aftertaste of naphtha or petrol in mouth and substantial visual impairment almost like a double vision. kidney or stomach discomfort I do not feel as much now, just unpredictable jitters and shivers up my spine. talking about the poor fuel economy but not kidding. and the symptoms are there: prostate discomfort, mild hallucinations, drowsiness, dizziness, substantial weakness - can’t even holler ‘up yours comrades’