Thursday, January 14, 2021

calling out to perry mason, int'l.

 be quick while Im still kicking it, 

our powerful serbian enemies 

won't be giving it a second thought.

let's collect some answers and damages 

injurious falsehood is a tort and these reckless acts if nothing else happens
leave psychological scars that last a lifetime

in this case things cannot be 50 shades of grey; they are either black or white. dear perry: get your paul drake out here on the case, secure evidence, stories, accounts and details; to begin with, contact me in serbia and lets sue serbs big-time. if Jesus Christ was asking for damages would have been any limit on them there? the evil is alive again! who is accusing who and of what - to begin with! unfortunately, this cannot be nothing but big. the justice is on our side, period. the local honchos played it out, won't stop and cannot repair it now, even if they wanted to. american welfare [current and future] is at stake.

Monday, January 11, 2021

serbs at it again

I’m partaking in the american public life through the legacy that I had left – which I can easily prove, try only finding davenports art reference from 2002/03 which was in its entirety recalled and the new penitentiary edition was produced in 2003 – and find the link with the recent events in the united states - and this small serbian nation is destined to shit up everything again like with the spark that started the world war one. namely even the current noise in cosmos, earthquakes, etc, are going on for the serbian irregular interference and they will fuck up the world finally and once for all, I’m sure about that.

Lemme say while in serbia I majorly mind my own business. in November 2020 I produced the artwork entitled - do away with tyrants. similar titles were occurring in the world culture before, let’s say in the heavy metal music industry but paranoid serbian leadership here somehow must have thought that it was about them and all of a sudden, I could have felt pressure from all around and witnessed numerous people trying to link me with serbian/yugoslav mobs. my application for the association in the serbian association of artists – ULUS – was mysteriously denied in December 2020 as well; following 25 years of hard work in the field of fine art inclusive of numerous exhibiting activities, etc. it was like serbian association was denying membership to Van gogh or Picasso and allowing some shitheads to join instead. I mean there is no comparison between me and contemporary serbian artists and any comparison would have been plain pointless and waste of time. as far as links with mob I do not see the correlation and context, I do not know one local person that has a criminal / dangerous background. I have video proofs when I was attacked by one serb and this person also tied to the serbian government is now at court utilizing the mob lawyer, B.B., the devil himself, to paint me in these wrong colors with the help of the serbian government and leadership I must suspect. and this crazy society is trying to link me with mobs! God forbid! It is like somebody is telling the stupid - kill kill kil this guy. as far as ringing the bell, I can only find similar example with Jesus Christ in the history, somebody wanted him dead. and I am afraid for I know (for a fact as I was told by the insider friend) that the Serbian secret service is not an independent entity and it has been advised by at least one foreign intelligence. and once you kill someone unjustly you put stigma on yourself, it is projected, just like the Israeli nation was stigmatized for 2000 years. and someone is trying to push should I say naïve serbs to join that club. to duplicate what it did not work for 2000 years for one nation and take over that crown. An;t going to be your patsy motherfuckers on both sides of the story. I am sure that if the jewish nation was not stigmatized for what was accounted in the Bible its ways would have been different and more positive. how stupid can you be? or you are just evil and cannot help yourself. then again, sooner or later someone will start eating their own shit as it had been one of the most popular serbian quotes from the last two decades that serbian nation has approved.  

the latest problem i had was this evening - january 12th 2021 at the post office on vojvode stepe blvd. no. 114 in belgrade, serbia.

the blond female clerk refused to take my envelope which was supposed to be sent to germany saying that she was afraid that drugs were placed inside. it was obvious that i was sending documents as i had stated to her.
it was also obvious that she was under the influence of serbian political leadership that has recently stigmatized me throughout Serbia.
this clerk also accused me of stealing postal scotch tape as she asked me where did i obtain a yellow tape that i had placed on the envelope (that was btw open and ready for inspection). i then told her, i have had the tape for a while, whats the big deal?
i must say that i have never knowingly tried any illegal substance in my entire lifetime. and after everything she said to me in front of other customers i told her to go screw herself. as my neighbor who went into the same elementary school that clerk should have been somebody that was supposed to go an extra mile and be friendly, but no - politically motivated hatred is dominant
par for the course in serbia. napredna party leads serbia. napredna party is in fact radical party on steroids.


Monday, January 04, 2021

being patsied by the gov.

gulag central, serbia

i think it is getting incipient the system here is pretty much utilizing the CYA or SYOA acros.! by smoke screening, implicating and duping patsies [esp. those hated that cannot strike back.] this here is written for i do not wanna be a sucker for the ignorantly vile.

one thing is certain, they do have file on you and in that file it says what in their opinion can trip you off, but their attempts seem to be badly miscalculated. in the past they would just kill you off directly, now as they are monitored they are just plain lying trying to instigate other people to kill you. they are setting you up for murder. the real question is whether they will be held responsible for their doings? i lost some American friends that could have straightened the things out here, but we'll see about it. the court date is coming as well as the  judgement

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

more gangstalking in belgrade, serbia. 20 year old criminally insane persecution continues

in the business of hating

the power and malevolence of the system that you are not even opposing can be viewed in the light of the fact that the system has compromised me so well that only 10% of familiar people still want to communicate, the remaining 90% are avoiding me in general. one of such rumors i overheard in the past was that i am the highly popular crime figure who underwent plastic surgery to avoid prosecution at the war tribunal in Hague. such things scare people away and your ability to stay afloat is compromised as well.

something is always going on. from allegedly more sinister things from couple of weeks ago that in the coming years are probably going to be interesting for the international legal practices concerning defamation now they are back to square one – man made noises.

as I was waiting in line at downtown Belgrade’s post office this evening the guy came up to me clicking his pen aggressively and repeatedly as if he was trying to imitate the discharge of an automatic weapon (think Las Vegas 2017); he kept staring at me all the while. as he was not surprised that I was there and his clicking had started before he could have actually and properly recognized me - made me think that the entire thing was staged by, let’s say, Serbian secret service rather than the option whereby he was doing it on impulse. if that happened to any of you, if someone wanted to make your brain go into overdrive mode would you remain with your back turned to him or would you keep an eye on his unusual actions by turning your side towards him? you never know in Serbia, this is not a cozy place like the United States. as far as myself I got used to it and these noises do not bother me no more*, Im just logging records of them herewith now to reveal the ''extremely friendly'' society as the "new serbian" himself - charles c. likes to exsert it on youtube. as similar things had happened on multiple occasions earlier it is nothing new although they stopped making man made noises for some time, however, the serbian secret service has got new leadership as of a month and a half ago, so they may be the newbies for the agenda. 

*last minutes, December 23 2020: to remonstrate my statement, there was a heavy equipment delivery guy on kumodraska street today (actually a couple of them delivering something to the business next to the banca intesa on 174, kumodraska street where I was heading) who waited until I was passing right by only to throw something heavy onto the rear mounted lifting platform stretching out from his van which was a yard behind me, the noise was so ear splitting that my ear is still ringing. of course, any kind of further dispute with these Serbian fellows as to why he did that and was it on purpose would lead to heavy bodily injuries or death of one or another. on top of all problems I have with the malevolent serbian state, these guys on the street like to start trouble and look out for the walking targets, unfortunately hooliganism is the way of life in Serbia as it used to be in the UK. my problem is that I am overly exposed, target signs painted all over me by the criminally insane leadership here, and these crazy, unwanted things are happening to me often and on daily basis, even though I do not go out much, and I just cannot avoid them … … it makes you angry and highly insecure that you have been framed-up by the people you do not even know. the answer lies in the inquiry: who exactly exposed me twenty years ago so the things like that can happen all the time and for what reason? was it the United States or the Serbs like the secret Serbian group 69? and the most important answer would have been to the question: FOR WHAT REASON?!! unknown to me people that are after my peace of mind - nobody is minding their business so they can be as evil, criminally insane and demonic as they wanna be. but the bond between me and the unjust society that does not like me much seems to be unbreakable much. I do not like this society and its criminal fashion although I do not oppose anyone, darn, I wish I could fight the life-threatening windmills. i am pretty positive the criminally insane powerful serbian figures (unknown to me and for the reasons unknown) have been planning on putting me in harm's way which is taking effect in the public

Monday, December 21, 2020

why do I get singled out by people who don't even know me?

I noticed it before. most likely my date of birth and some other parameters analogous with some prophecies in some major religious books and things to come sparked some powerful entities to perceive a potential threat in the coming times. I guess the idea is to frame the undesirable to be killed. meanwhile I ve been in the self-imposed house arrest lasting 10 years out of fear of this radical government and political extremism and I have not been outside for more than 28 days altogether when counting all hours spent outside in the scope of time lasting 3441 days .

Friday, December 18, 2020

SERBIAN ANCHORS DRESS CODE 12/19/2020 Says it all and it hurts

Really? I mean, really? Ty for 'calming' my nerves, but no thanks!

Is that the message? Yeah, let's suppose Im like very stupid and I do not know what is going on. Shame on you. Besides, I do not work for the CIA as some are trying to allege to get some free tickets. Leave me alone motherfuckers
99.99% this post [see image above] started everything. the message was abstract, when translated - i did not mean - kill Serbian president or any other living person, but - unfortunately - ever since it was published, they [those who had recognized themselves] have been coming at me all guns blazing. in the remaining 00.01% the chance is that recently one company from novi sad has been charged penalty of ca. U$ 1000.00 by judge after public enforcement agent surrendered a motion to the court for neglecting to pay a debt towards me, but this persecution has been unfolding on a much larger scale, i never witnessed something like this before in my lifetime. i think the command was: fuck him up. i can say i am sorry i had posted that piece of shit of an artwork but it is too late now, the hymen has been broken and it won't grow back on its own. unwillingly i touched the blooming hornet's nest. they cannot stop and now i am going through the terror of insanity. my only question is will it remain forever as my body and heart already started giving in, I do not think I can repair that. it's been over a month now and i do not want to play like that. i cannot cope with being the artist and the victim anymore and i doubt i can become anything else.

Monday, December 14, 2020

fuck the asshole (donkey) while his legs are stuck in the mud! Serbia, December 2020

the black wave, death projections, rumor spreading and evil evoking are also coming from some people that M.M., Serbian elite’s favorite investigative journalist, is bringing into his morning television show. about two weeks ago I tuned in for a minute and had to switch the channels rapidly for the massive death wave, this was nothing but the occult black mass, literally came off their round table and poured over into my room. I am not joking - one should carry a flask of holy water just in case of coming across his show while switching channels or before him in person on the street. the devil is in the details they are inventing and projecting. in my perception, entire Serbia could probably be the size of northeast and west Philadelphia plus the Lancaster Co., but it is amazing what amount of vicious hatred some of its people bear on such a small area of land in comparison to the entire United States of America.

a known close colleague of M.M. – a distant relative of mine - was unexplainably murdered about twenty years ago and somehow, I feel that M.M. is bearing animosity towards me for just sharing the same last name. when you are around him you can just feel that animosity.

a number of those that are invited into his show are the remnants of old regime that now lead this country again. a number of these guests hates me too for some unexplained reason. and i am not saying taking more crap from bullies, they took it to another level. crooked, extremely jealous, and dangerous guys, wheeler dealers and wannabe masters of life and death in Serbia all. they are: politicians, military figures, political and military analysts, high ranking intelligence officers, figures of organized crime, attorneys, ex-criminals, publicly known and unknown village idiots and clowns of all sorts, or the guys whose interests directly oppose mine in art and books collecting, like his favorite guest V.L. . with them Serbia is pretty much divided onto: NAŠI (our people) and all others, the enemies that should be dealt with.

luckily, I get back into reality when I tune into Balkan info show on YouTube starring criminals and tough guys that are much more honest than M.M.’s guests where you can fact check the Serbian reality, present and past. without it, you can end up being labeled (and slandered) as a notorious criminal by M.M. and his guests and then live with it facing irreparable consequences until the end of your life (the lasting of which M.M. cohorts would not mind determining for you which is another true concern) for being involved into something you do not have anything to do with. I am known in Serbia (came like that from the States with hostile aura that followed me) that is my only guilt, like I had stated before. like today, a guy driving by my vehicle, his arm started shaking as he wanted to provoke me by doing something with his cigarette - pour soul did not know that it were his karma, and I hope these guys do not have kids as karma is transferable and I do not want to bear consequences for their children, they are putting me in high risk on every step in this portion of the world as whatever happens to them or their closest ones because of their actions involves their targeting victim as well.   

summary: I am just saying the projections of M.M. and his guests are extremely dangerous and that him and his keepers should bear the consequences once. I feel that they feel that the United States is protecting me somehow from the Serbian general malevolence and now they sensed that America is in the problem and on its knees and they are now utilizing the old Serbian saying that says: fuck the asshole (donkey) while his legs are stuck in the mud!