Saturday, March 18, 2017


Saturday, March 11, 2017


I probably won’t be utilizing Serbian public transportation in Belgrade again without wearing a surgical mask. it is the only way to avoid contamination from semiasbestos particles as drivers are continuing to intentionally burn brakes – speeding and then braking like crazy without a good reason – when I am aboard. It happened today and it happens almost every day. Ive been in so many situations like these that I am scared for my well being.
Wonder what would happen if I – turn the tables and start calling serbs traitors? Cause many here betrayed me. I did not do anything to anyone of them and they do not allow me to continue on with my life. What a bunch of God-damned bastards some of them are. I understand the guy who was after my property, who works for the secret agencies and who wanted to tag me in order to mess up my life and I understand jealousy on the part of the vast number of Serbian population especially when they see me with few more grocery bags than they would like. But I do not understand what I need to do now. I am on the verge of telling my child not to come to Serbia to visit me – for I will never go back to the states again in this lifetime – cos I do not feel safe in Serbia and when I do not feel safe I do not want anyone whom I respect to see me in this limelight – where everything they could witness is someone spitting at me, snarling at me, me looking around for aggressive individuals, me spotting anomalies in human behavior which sometimes takes all my attention away, etc. where they could be endangered as well. This is the sole reason I am not looking for the soul mate cause serbs do not allow it by their actions. I am isolated and isolating myself for fear of endangering those that may be my life partners. it is not the question anymore of being a patriot in this country – it is an issue of surviving the Serbian betrayal - this scum that does not allow me to continue on with my life.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017


it is not matter whether is going to happen but when is it going to happen. It is actually happening everyday - something bad goes on in my life in Serbia and vigilance does not matter as there are so many attackers.
March 8th 2017: as if devil had planned it, I decided to try Serbian delicacy aka burek at Trpkovic bakery on Slavija Square in belgrade. After standing in line and placing an order I was holding a plate in hands and the wall mounted desk where I was about to eat while standing was overcrowded; there was a guy whose rucksack was hanging off his body in the fashion that took one empty eating space where I could fit. I politely asked him to move the rucksack back towards him to what he turned facing me – he promptly began mouthing off and spitting over my plate of burek. He wanted to seem polite as well but his spitting was intentional as he was all over my plate talking unnecessary shit and bursting saliva from his mouth. if I was not so known in this city I would have thought it was some nutjob, but Im pretty sure this was done on purpose – he knew who i was like everyone else in this damned city. no I did not want to push myself in there and I started eating behind him while standing. when he soon finished his meal he turned towards me and trying to act all polite again started talking over my plate while his spit was sprinkling all over my meal. I tried to move the upper crust away and save it for my bullterrier – but no! not even my bullterrier deserved that - he licks me and he is my best buddy. I ate something more but without appetite (could have eaten his spit nevertheless as it sprinkled all over the plate)  and then I left leftovers in the plate feeling sorry that I did not return the entire plate to the personnel at once asking them to get me another plate. There is an art picker in Belgrade who was recently diagnosed with liver cirosis from licking his fingers while breezing through old books – he never drank. It is either that or from kissing old ladies – spit was the cause at any rate. Plus - this is Serbia for Goodness sake - the serbs cannot wait for another chance to present me as crazy and weird so it is not easy to complain about anything. next thing I know, I went to pharmacy and spent ten bucks on parondotax (see image of receipt enclosed herewith) to wash off the weird feeling from my mouth.

many here act as if surprised that i have been super-watchful which i highlight again does not help - i ate the food that was spat at - only several hours later i became super positive that i had to throw it away or ask for another plate
in 13 yrs of my time here, 50-60% of them were showing me their ugly face and why would i expect anything better as the fact with whom i am dealing with proves itself day after day


it is almost impossible to believe what kind of scum works for the City of Belgrade's public transportation company. i am suffering from chest pains because many drivers - now that i have written about it publicly -  are purposely releasing clouds of dust as i am entering their vehicles. they are pressing on the brakes like crazy and whatnot - releasing all kinds of micro & semi-asbestos pollutants into the air - knowing full well noone will be able to make them accountable. they make the cosa nostra and ndrangheta look like choirboys. I say shame on Serbia! I cry crime on humanity! Its their actions against my vigilance and the action wins! I'll be dead because of them following the latency period.

Monday, February 20, 2017

SHALOM GOES A LONG WAY yet my life goes in nothing but the fear and suffering

Belgrade February 22nd 2017
trying to figure out why many Serbian secret service members are greeting each other with shalom – on facebook for example - which would be kind of cool if I did not feel scared for my life in this country – and the only one who could have designed the suffering that I am going through would be the “serbice” – Serbian Secret Service – now also known as BIA.  there are people here that openly go public bragging about how they slaughtered political opponents in the past. I see myself as a threat for this country – in their eyes, surely.  because I am not sitting down waiting to sink myself in into the Serbian sea of hatred, yet I am trying to stay afloat and fight off the hatred, but the more I am fighting the deeper hole I am digging myself in because a long time ago sense and reason had left the Serbian soil.

Serbian children do not have schoolbuses that will drive them to school, instead they utilize public transportation like everyone else. there was a child today standing on the bus door as I was going to cemetery to visit a family grave. this boy did not want to move and let me pass inside instead he was pushing me back with rucksack and bucking – it was a child – of course I could not say or do nothing to help myself out. Instead one lady came forth saying to this kid:  what are you doing? why are you doing that? what grade are you going to? you cannot be doing that? the child replied: fourth grade. I decided to exit on the following stop and walk the rest of the way. there were four hooligan types standing at the next door so I had to squeeze my way out and back again by this dangerous child. only in Serbia I could easily imagine some idiot parents coaching their kids: he cannot do nothing to you because of your age – just kick him in the testicles when he is passing by. this seems to be the Serbian reality – the way I got to know some of these people – this is how some people think and behave around here. there are no liabilities for anything. esp. since there is not one person in this city that does not know who I am or how I look like – I was doomed as of the time I got here – everyone seems to be allowed to do what they want to me in public – they can spit at me as I am passing by – as many of them do – just like the motherfucker who did it today while my lip was bleeding – I cut myself with aluminum foil while eating burrito. there were so many occasions that I do not care anymore about serbian spitting and man-made noises etc but when they spit into your mouth while your lip is bleeding that is the problem. Serbs. I should add some and many because they are not all like that of course.

next to the guys that live well off the serbian system - police officers, secret service agents, new moneymakers, politicians and their families, only  Serbian hooligans can feel entirely safe in this country because whoever catches a problem with them can expect to become a dead meat overnight as the latter will wait for you and shoot you or beat you up unlike the elite who will pay to crush you or otherwise annihilate you. among some others, these guys here are allowed to live like kings in this country:

if i chose to live like that i would have been one of them - the untouchable, but from the point of art  lover i would have had a problem with that living arrangement. instead, every serbian scum can touch me, kick me, spit at me. this is why the rest of Serbia can take out their weenies and show them off to me – as Im unprotected, soft target of insignificant value that every Serbian motherfucker can attack as they please and like. any place at any time.are they jealous or what?! yes, they must be jealous. there is no other explanation. 
i hope you can read between the lines that i am boiling on the inside but cannot open my soul and be fucking sincere for i am trying to stay freaking politically correct, it is not a sissy writing it - i am trying to remain human.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

another dimension of serbia

these motherfuckers that for thirteen years did not allow me to continue on with my life were most likely promised green cards by the united states to continue on with their quest hunt and harassment, it goes day by day. the real problem is they owe me millions for ruined lives and they do not want to pay for it and this Serbian traitorous scum is helping them out covering their tracks and nesting all their dirt done upon me under the carpet. birds of feather flock together - i wish if thousands of serbs finally got their green cards and over-flooded the US. talking bout rolling kettles and found lids. 

they must be dreaming of ravaging my body as they are raping my mind on daily basis. after what was done to me by these bastards there is not such a person or such a miracle cure that can get me going!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

scuttlebutting serbs and a gay person attacks

Belgrade, Serbia, february 15th 2017, after I had exited streetcar on vojvode stepe blvd. I walked into the maxi store only to be followed by what appeared to be at least a gay person. I say at least because a few hours ago Kim Jong-nam was pronounced dead after a similar close bodily encounter. anyhow, after I went to grab some water bottles this person was right there behind me breathing on my neck. I could not believe my eyes as he used stealth to approach. I said, hey man too close, too close, what the fuck! I felt dirty and abused. He replied or better yet lied: I said to you I was too close. I thought to myself: no motherfucker, you did not say anything. not a word. he just sneaked up and leaned on me. He was wearing some scientific rucksack and this was way too close to precisely hit someone with flechette or similar thing let alone abuse by intimate touching. all in all some serbs have not finished their ordeal against me, not only that im the talk of the town but my life is in constant danger from those who want their fifteen minutes of fame over my dead body. this is the new wild west of the world 

Saturday, February 11, 2017


the only difference between me and some dog that some motherfuckers want to skin in youtube videos is in the ability to communicate and cry out to the world via the PC network. me and defenseless dogs are walking in the same shoes. as of the time I first came into this country both the government and the people were hostile to me. in the beginning 60% of hostilities were man-made noises and later they were becoming more physical and violent. in all that time I've not endangered but one Serbian person and they did everything to make my life very difficult and miserable.
february 13th 2017: as I was exiting my friend’s apartment around 23:07 hrs – dobracina street, downtown Belgrade - I immediately noticed an unusual commotion in the middle of the street where three athlete-built persons were pretending to work under the hood of a jeep. my sixth sense told me that they were after me – it is hard to explain how but I decided to abandon my usual path and cross the street which was an unexpected move if someone was doing surveillance and following me. I felt entirely uneasy. I knew that something was going on with so many people involved. much to my surprise on that side of the street on the following block there was a black Mercedes Benz parked inconspicuously while the driver was filming me as i was approaching with his phone camera which had a white protective mask, strangely I noticed that. I noticed also that this vehicle's plates started with letter “P” which only meant government or the police vehicle and if I was walking my regular path i would not had not been able to notice this camera operating person neither the police plates. it's side windows for back passenger seats were deeply tinted so i was not able to see if anyone was seating in the back. as a matter of fact i had a feeling they were about to injure me, so i did not even look at that direction, i closed my eyes as i was passing by, and turned my head into the opposite direction. meanwhile, i was trying to figure out what the hell was going on and up the street there was also one guy waiting on the corner. he was looking at me and I looked back at him only to find the complete scorn in his eyes, so I realized that he was the part of the team and his look told me that they were up to no good. i quickly crossed the street, and since I could not figure out what they were doing because obviously it was not a classic surveillance but rather some type of action - activity, I felt upset which I am still an hour and a half after. after i crossed the street i felt a huge pain in my neck and now i feel headache on the top of my head. what did they want?!! crazy as it is, I do not even have girlfriend (government and Serbian people made that  normalcy in one person's life a mission impossible) so my interrelations with this society is brought down to positive zero unless we count out a few art loving enthusiasts. I never felt more segregated in my life than in these Serbian years. I feel that my dog – the English bullterrier - has got more freedom than I do in this country. I wish I was feeling awesome, but I forgot that feeling here in Serbia. This is definitely the grave, not the habitat I was dreaming of.