Wednesday, March 25, 2020

corona times and harassment as the serbian house policy

please pretend as if this post does not exist for it was deleted out of indescribable fear and after a few Gxd sent signs. the intention was to make a comparison and find non-existing logic and not to point a finger at anyone.

it is corona time and a friend's friend - a rather young fellow - has died from corona virus today. so far no mention of that in the news. thus I am writing this in all seriousness knowing that there is no joke around.
serbia is country where law abiding citizen yearning for peace of mind probably would not wanna go. according to official newspaper articles on internet, court documents and word of mouth just a few years ago some serbian top notch doctors were allegedly – on mob orders – personally poisoning, injecting venom and otherwise killing undesirable people in the state-run hospitals inclusive of the former prime minister Z.Dj. without suffering any repercussions, jail time or similar. it looks like they were rewarded, no one was ever held accountable.

having that in mind, if i could bring all the good people and some material items with me - that i would otherwise forever miss - my dream would be to abandon this country one day and for good. oOHHHhhh, hell yeeeeeeeah.

as an artist I am sensitive human being. it is the state of emergency in Serbia now and I would not write the following if it does not hurt down deep; i feel naked much. in this time of trouble when you are supposed to relax and listen to your body for any signs of corona, pneumonia, at this time then - many – yet not all – citizens are disturbing your peace. I had people showing me signs of clear animosity by looks and gestures, a few were revving their engines to maximum as they drove by yesterday, and today I had workers in metro (screenshot of customer's receipt is below for store details, date and time) – three or four male workers, not all – making intentional loud noises by throwing stuff around to get to me as if they were ordered to do that from someone “above”, some centers - be it the management or higher echelons within the serbian system. Im pretty sure these countrymen were "advised" to get to me, otherwise by self-initiating conflict, they would have risked jobs and this is why I had mentioned what professional doctors did in this country recently – which is unheard of in the world. in other words, in serbia anything is possible and everything goes. it is enough to hush hush some serious things like murders and they will go away, however, in my case - whatever the story they created is - the show must go on! have i ever harmed anyone? so what is going on here?! individuals do not make decisions around serbia, however similar harassment is repeated collectively by many unknown individuals. judging by what's going on, i must say something that is not even bold but it is the reality: novak djokovic, serbian president and myself are three individuals that every serbian citizen knows. some of these people that are aggressively intolerant look like they could be orderlies in the hospital environment. and Gxd forbid I have to go there especially in these times of trouble – I am sure they would do anything to mess with me and infest me in the worst ways possible. if you are suspicious by nature and you know the alleged facts, and you did not feel well after some treatments [ just to clearly outline bc i have friends in the medical field, i did not know any of these medical people who were treating me when i was not feeling okay ] then you have to scre\am out loud something like this, that Im writing now. what to do if you cannot trust doctors, cannot trust personnel, cannot trust your fellow countrymen when some of them appear as if they are coming straight out from hell, or better yet - society that is advocating aggressive intolerance !?!


Sunday, March 22, 2020

give yourself a break ...

boy! would I have been blessed if my name was as cool and simple as mic vuj or milo vuj
bc when they read milos vujasinovic they sort of “get the idea”; the same context is then considered in entirely different fashion
human race is so fucked up, it sucks to be human
especially if someone minds not what you do and talk about but
where you are from and how does your name sound like.

name and origin do. whatever good comes out of me is minimized and whatever mediocre is fourfolded.
that said, Al Pacino was allowed to be Cuban in a movie, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are allowed to play Italian but i am not allowed to be American. not allowed to play American. not allowed to become American.
I guess to act American you must be American. come on. these are the facts. the first in line folks denying me those rights by sending negative vibes are so illiterate, they cannot write two sentences in a row without making mistakes. perhaps that’s the key, in adding of some of that miserable ignorance

Thursday, March 19, 2020

the noose - a clear sign of imminent danger

writing these notes I feel Im on a mission, something like Anna Frank
hoping somebody will discover it one day, fingers crossed.
again I need to highlight that various unknown people in Serbia recognize me and my vehicle from a distance.
today I had a person suspending his fist in the air above the top of his head as if the noose was tied around his neck which to me is a powerful symbol connected to lynching – a sign clearly intended to intimidate and it is also the proof of predominance of lynch atmosphere in Serbia. this has been also captured by my auto camera. I ve been terror struck.

the similar has been been going on for eighteen years and nobody was condemning any of this. shall I also mention that currently Serbia is in the state of emergency amid corona virus ?