Friday, January 23, 2015

It is disgusting that I need CIA’s help

i must admit that for all the time i spent in united states nobody never wanted to do me a physical harm and that is the great paradox with respect to my current situation. safety or health were number one priorities there.

in serbia they want to take my eyes out

i cannot vouch the following was unintentional, i do not know, but that’s why i am writing because i keep this blog sort of as diary. i bought some antiques from a dealer marko penezic (aka marko pera (tele? pene?) kineza; his dad had a chinese facial features earning a nickname chink in serbian) utilizing limundo net auction site (his limundo nick: susnica2). i know this person from antique shows that occur at slavija hotel on weekends. he bragged that he cannot go back to European Union because of some things unrelated to antiques trying to portray himself as a wise guy. so soon he called again offering something else, i replied that i will cover his buying expenses if he was unable to sell further. it was a huge bronze bust of former yugoslav president tito which i did not particularly like and need. my reply should have been more a turn off, because i really did not want to buy this piece, i was hoping that he won’t agree. couple of days later he called and i had to stand to my word. anyhow i proceeded to meet him at an agreed location – autokomanda square – and when i got there he asked me to come look around his car as he was trying to lure me to a particular spot. i immediately felt something was not right. he said look at the passenger’s airbag the plastic piece is dangling. passenger side door was open. he said a kid – his boy who was sitting in a mini’s (cooper) backseat but entirely invisible through a deeply tinted glass - just found out. my sixth sense told me to step back. as i was standing there facing the vehicle i noticed some lights pointed at me from the inside and seconds later his kid produced himself pointing some blazing stuff at me. i tried to look hard in the night to see what those were and when the kid saw i was looking at him he turned rays sideways and then i realized those were dots from the laser gun. now i cannot beat the feeling that the kid was instructed to do that, as someone told me marko seems to be the kind of guy who would rather give magnum 357 pistol to a kid to play with than a laser gun. one time earlier while he was in switzerland i bought some things from his limundo account and i came to pick them up from his wife who drove me somewhere which was unusual. why was she driving me, i cannot remember but i do remember that at one point on another occasion marko was sarcastically joking that i knew his wife from a high school outing to rome – which was entirely made up. i must state that i met with this person not more than 5 to 6 times in my life. i remember i stayed at their place a little bit longer than i should had. of course we did not become close but i knew some personal things about them, and unfortunately i recently innocently brought these up with marko asking what happened to their previous car (he now drives mini cooper.) so he may had inquired from wife to find out more as to how i knew about some things and got all the wrong clues. it could have been either that or the false announcement that floats around how the freemasons want me blind because i pulled one on them. anything is possible in serbia, and i feel as if there could be rumors sent to these poor unintelligible souls, if you blind this guy - you will become rich. i am writing this because i have been in pain for days – i still can see, my vision is impaired and eye burns a lot. this happened on january 20th around 20:50. i’ve been using visine eye relief but does not help. i think i will have to go to hospital in the next few days, to see what damage it is, but presently i have too many obligations to provide for my living to find some extra hours to wait in the serbian hospital queue. it is the question of honor and word – and i know my priorities although the health should be the number one. in serbia everything is set upside down. i feel that the pain won’t go away soon.
i am also asking myself because of the consequences, if there were two lasers involved, one stronger (that i could not see) and one less powerful (produced) that would be the excuse for doing lesser harm or no harm at all. 

unless i show these people i have some strong cia connections they will destroy me, piecemeal, and by that i mean that anyone who perpetrates evil or crime against me will not get away scot-free; in other words, if cia does not send out a strong message to serbians i am a goner. they owe me some IOUs for breaking up my family and stuff. it sucks to be me, that’s for sure.  
to that end, let me just show what the laser that you can illegally or legally purchase in serbia could do, and by watching these videos i am losing my respect for nikola tesla who made the discovery: 
Video #1
Video #2 


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

bloody people

i am up against serbian foil helmet army who actually does bodily harm here, and by their perpetual hatred for something they do not recognize, respect or simply hate -- which btw is reflected in their gangstalking or showing ignorance and no respect whatsoever -- they are doing mental and material harm to me. i am being mentally raped over here and in the past i have gone through severe beatings that damaged my body, brain and mind. let alone other ways of physical disturbance which i will not even describe in order to prevent more serbian copy cats from doing more harm as laws in these country do not necessarily prevent crime. finally, i was victimized on numerous occasions, and none of these times the matter went further from police report. i explained one beating in my earlier posts herewith. i am sure something equally horrible if not worse is going to happen to all those who had sent me on this bloody trip to serbia - while breaking up my family in the process. and for serbian people that are doing harm to me, i am not sure what is going to happen to them because satan loves those who follow him

Monday, January 12, 2015

i need cia’s alliance and help – they need to stop cheap shooting me; stop this serbian patsy thing at once.

due to some construction works, there is only one way to my house so even if i wanted to – i cannot be hopscotching and finding alternative routes in order to fool the “chase”. there are only couple of guys needed to set up an ambush team to keep harassing me every single day in this country as i am driving out, away or back to my place. i believe they are using some powerful military grade lasers for obstructing my ride and destroying my vision by engaging me as their target. the ambush is frequently changing its position (place) and just by the physical effects (painful burning face and eyes, blurry vision) i know i had been hit. i believe those who are masterminding these covert operations are related to serbian mafia and/or paramilitary or former military groups as they must have enemies to keep functioning. they are some sort of local q factions. all in all, it involves the serbian power grid as no ordinary grumpy men could have necessary logistics to operate independently, or could they? i believe these actions are supported by the serbian government as very strange things are happening to me without anyone raising voice about it. from compromising the safety of my vehicle to laser attacks! i feel as i can be liquidated at any time and that they are just having fun playing dirty. now it is not the point why they are doing it, am i the target of opportunity as nobody is raising their concern about the obvious - and the obvious is going on - i am the victim of gangstalking inclusive of bodily harm. in addition, however, i feel as an asset – as described on youtube by the expert: there is no way an asset (or patsy) could have function without everyone knowing every single detail about what the asset is doing, there is no way asset could hide, an asset cannot disguise actions from his handlers, it does not work. i believe i have handlers in serbia, those who follow and recon on my every move and many individuals feeding information back to them from the street level and up; this place is like prison without walls except that i am not committing any crime. as an art connoisseur, critic, publicist, enthusiast, author and artist finally, i believe i am very beneficial for any society, let alone this serbian one which does not care much for fine art. on top of that there is a group of those who are gangstalking me and doing a direct physical harm onto my body which cannot be stopped as they are super evil and well organized, have no remorse and have enough time and resources to persist on doing it. like i said things keep happening and it feels no one is at the controls of this ship, for me serbia has been nothing but trouble. a country that does not allow you to have a family and family life does not deserve any respect (once you are thrown off the track it is very hard to get back into the real life.) i know they are cursing at me in their serbian mother language right now if they are reading this. however, we have to make it all bets off in serbia, straight up. go nuclear, Godspeed, need be, for goodness sake. if there is no liberty and justice for all, inclusive of me, there are going to be problems for those persons. CIA is my only and last hope to that end. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

revenge for publishing?

yet today as I was driving back home from an art exchange that was scheduled by the other side for midnight (December 25th 2014) (strange time for doing art exchanges and perfect for setting up traps indeed) by the same serbian secret service officer, so as I was driving down vitanovacka street, there was a fiat punto coming up in the opposite direction and its driver was pointing what appeared to be a red laser light towards me. now, I am trying to figure out if I was the CIA operative - how easy it would have been for me to organize coworkers to do some off duty gangstalking for a colleague or friend (and if it produces bodily harm I assume it counts a little bit more than just plain American gangstalking; I am talking gangstalking the Serbian way.) there are few things that would have made me happier if these things were not related. though in this country I cannot assume I am anything but wrong. some_things here are so obvious. only if I was persistently gangstalked by masa mileusnic or nevena madzarevic, I would have been surprised beyond belief. to me it would be more belieavable if the secret service guy had orchestrated some revenge scheme by utilizing a little help of his coworkers just to put me off my rocker while doing a little bodily harm in the process, in addition to laying some king cobra eggs into the painting's frame so little cobras start crawling out of it on the wall. are my swollen bloodshot painful eyes the proof of this scheme?! personally, i'd rather be in the part of the world where i could be gangstalked by Yael Averbuch.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How the visit to art gallery can get you murdered in Serbia?

ok, i swear by George W. - I live for art 24 hours a day, it’s a passion, and for that reason I know I am not entitled to any special privileges. but I cannot take injustice.

thanks God I speak English so the world could hear me. if I spoke Serbian only, next to being humiliated I would have been isolated from the world community. I would have been screwed by injustice and persecution. now I have the ability of letting people know what is my side of story, what is really going on.

I have got to say that following yesterday's incident with a secret service officer (who called today as if nothing happened being on his best behavior while trying to explain that his actions in my car were such because he is the witch, so he wanted to leave some positive energy there - sic!) some serbs really turned up a heat on me today – december 23rd 2014.

first off around 14:00 hrs, after I had visited art consultant nikola kusovac at artmedia gallery and as i was trying to pull out, some postal clerk driving a yellow postal fiat cargo, car lic. plates: BG 592 UJ, went berserk and gestured as if he had wanted to fight, but there was absolutely no reason since I waited calmly until he passed by. I felt it was a gesture of personal hatred since I repeat there was no reason whatsoever to start any trouble unless it was very personal.

then I went to see jovan bijelic’s exhibition currently held at the gallery of SANU that is the gallery of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. as usually I went to clerk's desk to sign in and obtain a current catalog, free of charge to art critics and journalists. the guys there apparently saw me for the first time (it was always somebody else)  and the custodian of the gallery, ms. rada maljkovic, who happened to be with them after sizing me up and down finally decided that I did not look like an art critic so she said: we do not give it to everybody. we have a limited amount of copies.

when I said to her for whom I was writing in the past she said she was going to check and let me know. when I asked how was she going to let me know as she did not know me and did not write anything down she replied something unintelligent. when I had realized that she was being dishonest, I then asked her for name and told her that I was going to write about it, since the writing is my job, I will write then that in the SANU gallery some art critics receive catalogs while others do not as some nazi-like selection is made. that provoked attention of the clerks which then jumped on me starting to roar. I felt I was going to feel safer by trying to turn on a mobile phone camera and record what was going on in order to prove a possible incident and my peaceful standing there. that provoked more aggression on their part. I tried to calm them down arguing that they should not be yelling but that brought forth their complete rage. they ordered me to get out of the gallery which I followed but then I realized who I was and that what they were doing was completely wrong. they were kicking me out of the public gallery and I really wanted to check out the exhibition. I protested and told them I won’t go. I proceeded to view the exhibit. after several minutes I was confronted by the rogue security guy boban belic who threatened to beat me on the spot and break my camera. while yelling he was spitting at me and I felt I had to move away from his spit that went into my eyes. as it looked like he was going to deck me at any moment I was forced against one painting of bijelic's work which was probably damaged by belic's actions. he was not just bullying me as belic also threatened that he will tear me apart once I get out onto the street. I felt it was about time to call the cops. for all this time I tried to pacify mr. belic and calm him down. obviously, he was provoked by me being so stone cold and calm. when they arrived they first thought that I was the culprit and that someone from the gallery called them. then they asked me if I was sure of the charges that I was pressing, I told them that everything was caught on camera because this gallery must have been covered by video cameras unless the security proceeds to erase the recorded material. I am definitely thinking about pressing charges against mr. belic and SANU.

I am living for art 24 hours and it should bother me when some people perceive me not as the art guy but as something else. It is burdensome for the brain when you are giving yourself up with a complete effort for some cause, art in my case, and then some bum comes around not knowing anything about you (like this security guy who lied to cops that I accused him of being drunk) thinking you are the bum and everything you do crashes down into the water. and it is crazy. why deny someone who lives for art 24 hours a day, why make a selection, why give it to somebody who perhaps does not give a damn, that’s not the way, I wanted to write about it. sheer stinginess of ms. rada maljkovic produced everything stated herein and I must remind people where this happened. is it possible this can happen in the national gallery not in some serbian striptease joint? do not even have to say that a former long-time director of this gallery is my best friend with whom I co-authored a book on serbian american artist Nicholas Petkovich. I then said that I was willing to go through booze and drug check just to make sure that it was not me that was the problem, but the cops said it was not possible. I am now afraid of mr boban belic and his street buddies as he looked to be some violent, virulent, lowlife street thug and not the security guy with some national gallery. i am sure he has criminal past. I will never visit SANU gallery again in my life not as long as all those people work there. and now I can openly say that its director dusan otasevic, in fact looks to me like someone who would put something in your drink. he does not look right to me at all. it is most likely a political connection that brought them there.

when I exited there was an old man sitting on the bench in front of the gallery. as soon as he saw me he started whispering: I fuck your father, your mother, and who else, i fuck your grandmother. God forbid if I ever have to depend on serbs, let’s say if I ever needed a hospital treatment here. it would have been the end of me.

even americans make videos how they are not superior as nation, but serbs have to stick to their super-stupid and yet completely unexplained hatred

a very angry clerk after i had initially agreed to exit gallery, above

 boban belic leaving area of attack after i had called police

 boban belic (left) and clerks looking with anger after i had called cops

 rada maljkovic and boban belic arguing with female police officer 
rada maljkovic leaving SANU - Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences

Monday, December 22, 2014

i piss on united states, i piss on serbia

this is what hell is. the hell is the state of confusion and i am so confused. first off, in america (conditioned most likely by lies from yugoslavia (now serbia) which in my mind was never sanctioned subversive terrorist activity on the serbian government level part; they owe me, they know they do, thus they do not want to leave me alone until i die. these monstrous crooks will never admit to anything.) my family was destroyed so my wife remarried and i have never seen my child thereafter. do not i have the right to say i piss on america for that sole reason.

now, having done no harm to noone while living in constant denial, hatred, disadvantage and misfortune for 11 years in serbia, trying to clean up my name doing charity work and forming art collection which was my initial intention in america as well, today (december 22nd 2014) i was confronted by a serbian secret service officer who asked me: when are you going to go to jail? it was not the only nasty thing that happened next to harassing me by incriminating: /quote/ how could you be in the possession of freemasonic stuff when you are not a freemason, it does not belong to you. /unquote/ - unfortunately, after i had traded art with him (everything seemed fine up until that moment) he asked me to drive him to his car and after i left him unattended in my vehicle for a brief moment he was all over the place trying to destroy things inside, hands all over the place, left (seemed as if he was quickly rubbing in) some powdery substance (premeditated? military grade poison?). everything he said then was obnoxious and disturbing so i wonder what did i miss earlier or later, namely, whether he inserted some listening devices too and if he was pointing something into my eyes as i was driving (eyes hurt. laser? or due to the powdery stuff?). is it a coincidence if the same secret service officer calls you on any given day and "guesses" 100% of the time what you are doing at the moment and where you exactly are (calls out your 20, 100% of the time)? this one should be doing fortunetelling and psychic work, it is either that or his rate of success tells me that i have been placed on real-time surveillance 24-7. but the jail joke which was not a joke is the one that comprehends my well being and life quality in serbia at this moment. i say fuck this place. after that, i wish there is serbia no more. because whatever was good in serbia disappeared a long time ago, and this country has become the rotten place of evil people which needs to be replaced by something else, something better, some amoeba form of life.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

le poisson doré

right now i’ve got only three wishes:

1)      get married, found a family

2)      escape serbia forever

3)    never again talk to anyone in serbian (croatian, montenegrin, bosnian) language.

my plea matters.

i am exposed to unlimited slander. serbs hate me as much as american hoi polloi hate any successful uncool foreigner and that is a pretty much amazing amount of hatred. if you only think how edison viciously hated tesla!!!!!!
serbian jealousy is of abysmal proportions. they wanna screw you if they see you are more successful or better than them. it is crazy. edison fucked nikola tesla for the same reason. that's why i am never going to be writing anything personal in serbian ever, period. if only there was some independent world language to write in. when you are caught up in (explicit) serbian machine, you are there to be torn apart, you are not a human being anymore. they are feeding off and thriving on my misfortune that they are directly causing. going just anywhere for me has become stressful to the point of disbelief. if i am not followed by a particular group of people (professional gangstalkers) here than it can only mean that 85 % of serbian population is involved in gang-stalking. for example this evening, a guy came after me when i was in copy center joint in sremska street, an hour ago (december 15th 2014). i was scanning a charter of great benefactor in fine art and a certificate of appreciation for the achievements in field of fine art given to me by the major and the only operating art museum in the country as well as two paintings that were gifts. this guy with montenegrin accent (montenegro - a very small nearby country) simple yelled that he came there to falsify and forge some american documents the words he kept repeating while noone understood him as his obvious and only intention was to disturb my peace of mind as he kept on yelling behind me while i was handling and handing over paintings to the clerk. i connected that he saw paintings and immediately tried to gang-stalk and disturb me somehow. later, he told clerks that he was "only joking". this is the kind of reputation i have got in serbia. it makes you wonder why i do what i do 24-hours a day and for whom. these crazy bastards surely did not deserve any appreciation whatsoever.  i am not even going to try to explain how many not so knowledgeable art collectors (and/or potential  girlfriends /
prospective wives) they have scared away from me. that's why i am so lonely. nobody out there to protest either, they cover gang-stalking 100% percent in serbia and do that as they like. but i reckon they will have to extra pay for it somehow. oh Lord Almighty they should.