Wednesday, October 18, 2017

eyes of the world on my shoulders and brown recluses in my vehicle

those sorabs that are not recognizing me as a soft target and are not attacking me, ACT like goofballs or screwballs; rarely comes along a person that acts like a normal and honest to goodness decent human being. im describing serbian street or in the store behavior which reminds of a collective religious dream wherein I am supposed to be the baddest guy there is and ritually sacrificed as such. at any rate, im asking myself what is the serbian offenders narrative – for all I know somebody (the offender/s) has been feeding serbs the contradictory script all along - as they continue doing their thing and I continue doing mine. and who may be pulling those strings? there were serbs of montenegrin origin behind some attacks – one that started a spitting spree, presenting himself in public (tv shows) as the master of puppets - maltesian knight. what spooked me was the fact that the Knights of Malta did me some favors while I was in the United States as I traded art with some of them – and I always considered them to be friends. now these guys in serbia - are they some sort of fake or rogue maltesian knights – who are they and what do they want? got to give them credit for inciting many serbs to bark up the wrong rabbit hole and nevertheless, this nation incites easily. according to my sources, the other montenegrin gentleman is orchestrating and preventing me from trading art with major serbian players. I cannot say his name cos he threatened to gauge eyes out. these guys that are not meant to be my friends and associates as they are following bad advices are scared shitless of me, scared cos they were told and advised shit. according to my calculations: my serbian sin is that I am able. my abilities spook most of my serbian competition – so they conspire to prevent me from dealing with those powerful players while keeping me away from their assets. this is one truth out of many. that being said serbs remind me of chimpanzees that among other species like to hunt columbus monkeys. in their hunts chimps will basically start eating the columbus monkey alive despite the fact that the damn thing is screaming away – both chimps and serbs lack empathy – and I did not do a thing to serbs (neither to anyone else I may 'as well say' - there's no time for grammar in full panic mode.) do not you see that I am screaming my head off here and that the side I am screaming about does not appear to possess any internal regulation quality. they are eating me alive. the life of a prey living in serbia is absolute 100% bullshit. on my part, Im doing the best I can. do you feel for me? and what you can call hundreds of serbs swarming in like yellowjackets trolling throughout my lifetime my existence coming close to game me with their old junk cars, company vehicles, company vans, trucks, public transportation busses? one of them bruised my bumper when hit me while coming too close from behind and he ran - sped away. lowly guys (of course they are not all lowly, there is a huge number of those possessing riches in serbia) are incited to violence with a goal of arresting my development. Conclusion serbs are ________________. have you ever watched that scene when the army of agent smiths takes on neo? serbs are totally ignorant with their mega ego fuck all attitude – once incited they do not give you credit for anything – they function without logic as the collective bunch of big bully pussy ass dickheads - you are the target and a target is a target is a target. this whole country is whack and I do not let them win. will give it only to my friends – they are smarter and better men than me – and i just have a few cos the serbs do not allow me to network, communicate and develop myself – it is like a prison – this country. with my smarts I should have been dealing with the president and his crowd already – but it may even be that this poor guy does not want his ratings to go down for associating with me.
on top of that – someone has sprinkled my car with highly venomous and elusive green death spiders, a variety of “brown recluse.” one of these critters was taking a sunbath on my car window as I was driving yesterday. i had recently developed an odd skin lesion that looks like a bite. what a way to destroy a human being. and that is some crazy shit. I think they got them from inside the banana boxes or someone sent someone a snail mail from Latin America. I think these serb guys would have been happiest if they would have been ramming you up yours as they collectively yell ‘geronimo’ every time you take it up. I am amazed that America had let me go down the drain; picked all the wrong guys for losers and winners. clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right….

this unbelievable hatred sparked by jealousy encompassing my existence is most likely a smokescreen of sort (what’s the other explanation) or they view me as an American; Bakari Henderson was killed apparently for being an American. my only weapon is karma and karma as you know is a bitch. I were not lucky to deal with some bad guys with actual brains. And lemme tell you, any Navy Seal inclusive of Jesse Ventura would have gone insane in serbia following the pstd that he would certainly acquire after thousands of serbs had brought their fucking shit at him. let alone a regular chap like me.

Monday, October 02, 2017

make szerbs human again! puhleeze

boza knows everythin' I did. ask him
i will never forget, it was thru american freemasons that I became a better man. recognized that change. they helped me level things and myself so I did not get into deeper problems when I had some. however, in serbia it is quite different. not to say that there are not people that raise adoration but overall – Serbian evildoers succeed in doing bad things to me – so it is almost as if the freemasons do not have any power, assets or senses to stop them in their tracks. one must admit that im the public figure in serbia set in the prime limelight, the most recognizable person in the city of belgrade. I am also the target as if I had been prescribed the punishment and what comes out of it is arrested development. my family was ruined, the children I had wanted to have were not born. someone in serbia has a debt to my family. was former UDBA Serbian DB insinuating and inventing stories about me to prevent my freedom – who gave these motherfuckers the right to do it? what I am doing in serbia in the first place? for the sake of peace, here is my message to my fellow serbs: stop looking at me - stop thinking about me – stop snitching and talking behind my back – stop making conspiracies with me being involved, instead, involve your children for God’s sake – stop slandering me – stop talking about me – stop following me – stop coming into my face – stop spitting at me – stop annoying me – stop being ignorant bastards
in addition, serbian knight of malta started the serbian spitting spree – pitting serbs against me – however, I must admit that these spitting acts are slowly coming to an end. Less and less people are spitting at me – occasionally a dreg here and there – although I am always on guard and not at ease. serbs and especially women (their eyes glee bloodthirstily) at that - are thrilled to see someone shaking in fear that they are producing. thanks be to God, I am not prone to panic attacks anymore but I am sure that it is what they would like to see me come (in)to. that is at least what they are expecting. that’s why serbian attacks and provocations never stop. they want to induce fear, anger or guilt and come atop.

some of the techniques deployed by the serbs are: character assassination, fear mongering, glaring, relational aggression, social rejection...many serbs are such ignorant human beings that it is not conceivable to normal mind. they completely underestimated me as far as who I was when i came here. and yes in comparison to me, many nasty serbs in serbia - they are atop all the time but I believe their karma is going to get them. the problem with karma is when it hits, that person is not there to vouch what happened to him or her in order to educate others. it is all too late. that being said who knows what happens to people that bother me as I never get any feedback from any one of them neither I would like to meet them ever again. there are two serbian traits that stick out in many of them and indeed many are twofaced liars and pretentious servants, also revengeful and spiteful. jealousy not only reeks out but hostility likewise. this car here
belongs to plumber who solicited his services by putting his flyer into our mailbox. when he came after a service call he removed half of the lid on the sewage shaft. when I politely asked him to remove the other half so I could see what was going on down there from my point of view he became agitated telling me to remove it myself. until then, as he knelt down all I could see was his hairy ass, advertently or not his sweatpants were halfway down. when I reminded him that he was the one who was called in to work not myself he then lifted and threw that other half in anger. i am sure he knew who i was and hated me openly right there for all the reasons i had been describing in this blog. I then asked him to leave the premises and his response was throwing the other half of lid down into the shaft and clogging the sewage.
that also left the 13-feet deep sewage unsecured as it is now not closed and small kids are playing in the yard.

after estimating whether to attack me with a screwdriver that he was rolling and swinging back and forth in his hand he decided to just leave without any liability or remuneration for damages he did. that was yesterday. today as I was composing myself from yesterday – every day there is something – the driver of this vehicle (trolley; 18:38 PM, october 2nd)

as he passed over dirt portion of road on slavija square that is now under construction he let the gush of (braking?) air on purpose in my vicinity in order to envelope me in dust and dirt. when the same thing happened tonight around 21:05 as I was exiting bus no. 33 at trosarina stop (do not have the vehicle’s photo) – I then started thinking of the conspiracy of Serbian public transportation drivers who I m sure are not freemasons but are even better organized than serbian freemasons as they can push and deliver their (unfortunately – evil) agenda to a degree that truly hurts and destroys lives through destroying health. I say cut their wages in half and make them pay by way of induced karma. make them think – make serbs human again!