Saturday, April 12, 2014


I believe someone tried to kill me today by swerving his silver VW jetta into my lane of traffic right by the St. Sava Church in Belgrade. His speed was around 85 MPH and I was approaching at around 60 kPH. Distance was 20 feet away when I managed to react swiftly and escape the direct hit. i was scared shitless. If so, at least several people were involved because someone had to tell them I was coming up the Boulevard.

Well, if something happens to me, as a legacy I want the world to know that I suspect the following wanted so:

  1. Serbian secret services and Serbian secret power clans
  2. CIA
  3. George W Bush? and his administration.

When I first came to this country Serbia in 2003 I did not have any enemies. Then during the course of years, someone managed to create them for me. The only thing left was to design this blog and set off my defense.

I believe the following hate mail, that is floating around Serbia, written by jelena macic was meant for me to stir Serbians into more hatred, and not for the women in black as they claim; that, as she saw me crying here over destiny of american basketball coach Jim Valvano who was a great guy btw and that is why some serbs have called me crazy recently dragging their feet as nuts when walking by me, for example. not to mention that this behavior is orchestrated by somebody somewhere in serbia. if they said a sissy boy or pussy, but crazy. hey! if you'd be capable of understanding this, then you'd almost get my situation here)

the following was written by jelena macic and is floating on the serbian net:

Ako ste ruzni, skloni laganju i saosecanju prema svakom ko nije pripadnik vaseg naroda...ako ste spremni da izdate i mrzite sopstvenu zemlju i naciju....ako ste egzibicionista i skloni privlacenju paznje (ne bi li vas neko konacno opalio...)..ako ste blago ometeni u razvoju ...
Budite ZENA U CRNOM...odlicno je placen posao stranom valutom! Prednost imaju ruzni i nedojebani...pol nebitan!

i think the root of a problem lies in Serbian sick tendency to constantly harass or attack me whenever seems possible.

I want someone to wake me up and tell me i have been dreaming this serbian nightmare

wake me up when it is all over when i am wiser and much older

I am ashamed of going through Serbian downtown as they are all staring at me as if healing sickening frustrations over me.

Oh God, i need you right in front of me as a shield.

Saturday, April 05, 2014


MY LEGACY on Serbia: I've never lived with more treacherous, perfidious, vindictive and jealous people in my life.
Honestly, even CIA custody was more better than life in Serbia (living among Serbs)
I cry for you "Argentina", however, "Argentina" never more!!!

first of all, never felt that someone was going to attack or hate me without any reason, these people do, and they do it with gusto!!!!!!!!
let me give you an example of trust: i ate meals CIA made for me, i don't eat what i pay for around here (restaurants, Serbia). 
it’s not only that some serbs are jealous, they are absolutely crazy. like I said motherfuckers in Delhaize, most likely mafia managed company, kept the same people in vojvode stepe maxi store and now even after I had complained numerous times, their cashiers are still pointing red laser beam from the price scanner into my eyes. today little fat cashier did it, she left it on the cashier’s running belt upside down, and while it was dangling left and right, it caught my eye like hell. suddenly all i saw was red. I promptly had vision problems and developed an eye lump over the course of a day. major headache too.
perhaps serbs hate me, let's sing a bit, because i was snitching on some serbs that wanted to fuck my exwife while I was detained in CIA’s custody. I'd do it all over again, because these ugly motherfuckers wanted a peace of me. so here, you can stop that shit – I was not doing anything cowardly and low, I was protecting my family. you can all suck my cock. dejan kovacevic, milan nedic and dragomir djordjic (mr. djorjdic being the scum or this earth, imo) – and the fourth one I cannot remember who it was. I was not a snitch; these guys wanted a peace of me. them and the rest of the serbs achieved their goal, they ruined my family and life forever assisted of course by George w bush’s government. 
last minute update april 5th 2014: when i went there to buy two more items i forgot, around 20:00 and after i had exited my already irritated eyes went into the disturbance overload mode. weird coincidence or they did more "stuff" to attack me like i explained earlier, i.e. letting or burning highly acidic cleaning liquids into the air or what sort of nation wants to take your eyesight away from you for sharing the same habitat and FOR WHAT!!!
answer my question jerks

Thursday, April 03, 2014


Serb. appetite for destruction................................................
serbian dream has finally being accomplished, now they can sit tight, fall back, rest in peace, and enjoy their day in full. how cowardly? somebody damaged my car overnight less than a month since i had bought it. serbian heart just could not take it anymore, they simply had to do it. 
it's easy to spot on "satellites" who did it and when, this entire area is covered by the Program.
i can suspect national security off-duty officers, jealous neighbors, other evil men. to me they are all evil if one was brave enough to come forth and attack me like this, there are thousands capable to hate. i do not blame serbs for this, i just do not know what they want from me. i do not waste my time thinking about any one of them, but it seems i  have been their priority in life for the last ten years!!! how low?!!! indescribable. i blame george w bush and his administration because without any explanation they ended not only my family but the peace of mind.
it is one thing if you do not want someone in your country and let that person alone after breaking up his family, but totally another if you are letting stinking trail drag behind your victim forever, endlessly, just like it is happening to me. stinking trail produced by george w bush's america has never stopped smearing me. this what happened last night is the direct product of that. unsoothed savage beasts keep on destroying my life, my property and my future. there is absolutely no way this was not intentional and not done on purpose. you always blame who ordered it, not the one who executed it....that's about it. and this is only one of the smallest things in comparison to what i have been through in serbia in the last 10 plus years....
perhaps then they will stop calling me that king and i will become somebody or something more realistic.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the lesser of two evils that stole all of my pizzaz

what makes me tick and write is the fear of my past (what happened to me, directly influenced by those lands I lived in), and the fear of my future (what will happen to me, the same or worse if I do not voice about it). sense of loss keeps perpetuating, i wanna have good moments with my life but it seems impossible due to american actions in the past. i remember having some dignity in united states which i do not have or i am not allowed to have in serbia. hereby, i feel treated as a renegade rogue dog who is standing his last stand. at least, this is what i believe the locals think of me.  

Forget Inquisition. This is 21st century Serbia - the only Christian state in the world where someone has been publicly lynched, spiritually impaled and crucified on the pole of shame!!!!! Look Spain now; freedom, democracy to look up to. Ask Serbians what they want from me, why are they organizing public harassment and inciting various people into hatred? Start with those who did it openly as I have named a few. Do an undercover investigation and see where it leads to…..and then smoke them out 
i do not think that i am dangerous for anyone, despite my writing which
is reflective not of my moods but of the environment i cohabit.
people can look up to me even though i do not consider myself to be a role model, but
the just and sincere, honest man. i have not hurt anyone, but have been the target for many.
my life is the reflection of the reality of today's mankind. it gives me the goosebumps.  
in this short time i’ve been riding around this country i witnessed an unspeakable cruelty, impatience and arrogance on the road. not only that many serbs do not know how to drive, but they lack driving culture and are highly dangerous, evil and jealous above all. the prime example of this attitude are reflected by those who most likely work for the (secret?) police and are driving muscle cars, i.e. latest black benzes and jeeps that can not be bought with serbian daily wages. some of them whose arrogance i had experienced live on vojvode stepe street in newly built luxurious apartments. even if they are allegedly protecting the law, in reality they are protecting only their own ass and are truly dangerous, arrogant and evil. new wyatt earp needs to be born again to deal with this should i say scum. they are pushing the rest of the serbian flock onto me which is anything but the correct and benign. if i did not live in america i would think there an’t any other way but serbian, i would not know the truth and i would have been the same jerk off. that’s why the freemasons are important as the relayers of light. nobody else does it but me as far  as the truth, at least not that i know of. otherwise, i wouldn't be in this unspeakably dangerous mess. another story is that america betrayed me showing its second face too. it’s most definitely the lesser evil at least for the time being.

last minute update 20th of march 2014: 

It is not in my interest to destroy this country; the situation then could only get worse for me to be surrounded by more and more anarchy and hatred. On that aspect I am a real patriot!

however, I have been forced to face the reality whereby I cannot even walk freely in downtown belgrade!

it is like making and maneuvering your way through the walls and walls of human hatred.

all these mean looks and invasive beings, they are not only destroying my privacy but the peace of mind too.

i witnessed the situation today whereby a twelve to fifteen year old was trying to unleash himself from his father’s grip and attack me in the heart of Belgrade in front of his parents. his father was holding him back, squeezing his arm saying to him: i am telling you he is crazy, crazy, just let it go, he is crazy, crazy.

I was dumbfounded, on one hand, finally this attack would've made my situation much clearer, whereby I don’t think serbs would make a big deal out of it, newspapers would not follow it out. on the other, I am thinking who’s behind all this, behind everything, and what benefits do they get out from this situation? 

last minute update April 1st 2014:  public transportation drivers in belgrade (serbia) and taxi drivers coming in too close for comfort do not keep distance esp. on steep inclines, i believe on purpose among other perfidious things, what to do? as their vehicles are more powerful and they are like less than a feet away behind me?!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


the worst thing in the world, imo, 
is the american help!!! 
it's worst than suicide or anything else......
i am sure that neighbor who spat at me, vojkan milosevic or his son who was filming gangster movies or their associates would not vandalize my vehicle. if they wanted, they’d put a real bomb underneath my car as is the custom in this country. also, unknown serbian creeps would not dare vandalize car of some other serbs, such as kristijan golubovic. i am writing as today i got two more bruises on my new car….

because, they are poor, petty, miserable and invoking pity these poor serbian souls can take it on me – their usual victim

all allowed to them by the american president george w bush and his administration -  the cause of the problem, plus the worst people in the world i had ever personally encountered. other than bush administration i did not encounter anyone abnormally aggressive in america for over ten years. here in serbia abnormalcy is present on every step, a lot of them are trying to copycat the aggressive style found in the american movies while on the contrary, in america all actors are all normal in their real lives. they are not pretending to be who they are not. like serbs do... they are acting out aggression perhaps out of fear or mental or physical complexes. one of the first lessons i had learnt in united states was do not stare at anyone. here they come at you, they do not only stare, they are not afraid of anything. such as tonight in streetcar, as i was sitting one freak leaned over me too close for comfort forcing himself onto me (faggot or acting out faggot or mental? perhaps a psychopath? older drug addict? washed out blonde hair with empty but mean-blunt facial expression) and as i did not say anything he finally put his hand on the holder behind my back, did he stab me with some needle? i was freaking out inside and finally stood up from the seat. it is madness. this is like walking amongst real life monsters. despite that, the biggest mistake of my life was going to america. not only that country ruined my family but they marked me back on my serbian whereabouts, so i have not had a moment of peace ever since i came back to this effin country of miserable post communist souls called serbia (post communist because people in capitalist countries do not vandalize things out of blue - i never experienced trauma in USA because of that). only communists = anarchists = serbs do not know how hard is to earn something. only the lowest forms of life would allow these insensitive monsters to take a bite of me - talking about THE GREEN LIGHT that came from America - "THE LAND OF FREEDOM AND JUSTICE", " " " " " ". sure enough, these faggots in american embassy are protected as polar bears, nobody is going to touch their cars around here as well. even if they do - they have funds to repair them many times over.

my point is if serbs did not have anything against me or were not instigated by the american government, i would be invisible in their eyes, nobody would try to damage my property just because i own it!!!!! alas, they do have something against me and they are showing it off everyday - compliments of george w bush and america. thank you Mr. American President!!!!! i am pretending to be too nice to call these people names herewith, but wishing them back whatever they did to me, it should return to them thrice as much or many times. i am sure they will all have some problems.

i am talking about the property damage - the only reason me being in America, once. there is no other explanation whatsoever. nobody is saying a word. i have to - because serbs are continuing with their mindless aggression endlessly. because nobody, and i mean nobody, can control these poor serbian bastards on the lose, not even their president. i do not even want to describe the mean shit the locals with their tribal level mindset are preparing to me as daily routines, such as beeping horns to push their way through or cutting me in traffic. these are horrendous times and horrible people. making here the obvious connection: serbs - george w bush - america - horrendous evil
poor bastards have no other business but to unnerve me. why do not they try to unnerve kristijan golubovic?! their heads would fly....
the only person who openly threatened to vandalize my vehicle out of pure jealousy works for the (Drzavna Bezbednost) serbian secret service, so i am sure that they are instigating hooligans to come at me further down the line utilizing national and core values, most likely calling me a traitor!!!! i do not blame serbs for that - because they have no brains, they are evil, i blame america for it, because they are the ones that gave them the know how and instructions, without america serbs would not know about me.......
so do you feel like nothing is going to happen to me because i am just standing up for my rights. i think not. by standing up for your rights, you are putting your life on the line because i am sure any state would not tolerate what has been written here, neither would I

last minute march 24th 2014: the same guy that works for serbian secret service called me today pretending to be on his best behavior, almost chirping. despite, he revealed his true colors during conversation stating that he was going to send me back to "mother's cunt" finally asking me if i was ever seen by the psychiatrist. only then i hung up assuming immediately that something terrible is being prepared for me by his comrades from the serbian secret service or the government on account of the good mood he was in. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

this is absolutely abnormal.

never had direct, lifelong enemies in my life before United States had created them for me here in Serbia. absolutely, all hatred that I am experiencing locally is directly linked to my time spent in United States. there is absolutely no other explanation. I have no idea what that could be, but on the street where I grew up I have enemies I have not heard of. These are all people that moved in later, there goes the neighborhood. One of them is politician who spat at me for goodness sake; I have no idea what for. United States did not think ruining my family was enough; they continued instigating this half baked people into hating me for reasons unknown. I always thought USA was the land of a law and reason, the one to look up to. now I feel betrayed, I need to pinch myself often to determine if my life here in Serbia is nightmare or reality. It is the reality and it is nightmare as well….

It seems as if serbs received some junk information about me, and the problem is that they are so judgmental, always comparing me to themselves but they always have to be on the top. So if they perceive me as better off, there are problems. That’s where the hatred kicks in. I don’t know what info they were served, but they must look at me as some sort of idiot in order to deny me and despise me. this must have been cooked on the level of either CIA or Serbian secret service. I am sure vlade divac or any other normal guy does not have power to instigate this response from the population as some government agency. there is something that stinks big time in this country. unfortunately, I have to stand up because this situation is against my beliefs on freedom and human rights and nobody is protecting me, they would like to kill me if they could and I am sure they are trying