Tuesday, August 15, 2017

“I killed bakari Henderson” 3

a question to all serbs:  was there a crime in this country that I did not commit?

“I did 9 / 11”

serbs speculate that I had a major role in 9 / 11

many wonder why I left the united states following the 9 / 11 leaving my family behind.


nobody needs to lie about me esp. not the serbian sensationalists, lying, rumor mongering miserable bullshit artists

Monday, August 14, 2017

"I killed bakari Henderson" II

afternoon, belgrade, august 15th: another driver (on the bus line 23; Cvijiceva bus stop; around 18:10hrs) was intentionally airing brakes as I was entering bus which engulfed me in the smelly cloud of asbestos particles from the braking system thus I proceeded only one stop and exited on Takovska Street right nearby the national television headquarters of serbia.
I went into delhaize store (takovska  9) to buy something to drink and as soon as I entered two female workers started behaving like crazy as if I was a robber who tried to rob the store or steal something, one followed me around remaining behind my back like a shadow all the time. I noticed their unusual behavior and asked what’s up, why they’ve been acting weird and all wired up; one of them naturally denied. but it was not only me who spotted their behavior. a couple of blonde, Aryan looking foreigners that could have been german but also danish and/or Norwegian did notice the commotion as well. the foreign man started chasing behind me while making intentional noises. I made my purchases super quick trying to end the ordeal. I was thinking too to video record their faces but I felt sorry for the poor souls (I think I sensed they were not deliberately targeting me but were just following the Serbian drift) and I was too tired to act quickly. the prejudiced action of the foreign couple really surprised me as I was always thinking that germans and Nordic nations were bright people. it also spoiled my plans to visit those countries at one time, I think I won’t. they must have been thinking too that I "killed bakari Henderson." I wished more foreigners were following what serbs did and said when I was not involved. is there a crime that i have not done in serbia ?!! It is one huge fuck you for all those involved.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

crime neanderthals and their sponsors within the government act together to their detriment

serbians took some pride in making ‘yugo’ and many were patriotically bragging it was one of the industry’s coolest limousines but I lived in the united states and I know that yugo as a fiat licenced rip-off is at best a mediocre junk. similar bragging rights (esp. on the part of serbian journalists who were promoting violence during the last 30 years) pertain to the uncoded world of serbian mafia – if that thing even exists – that in all honesty is just a bunch of guys efficiently killing each other, however, to compare Serbian mafia to Italian mafia is like comparing yugos and ferraris. personally, not only do I have a problem with serbian secret service (14 years old public hassle coming from and promoted by higher levels of government) but consequently I do have a problem with some wannabe young turks of serbian mafia (if that thing ever existed) which has always been the instrumental puppet of serbian secret services in doing the dirty work. it all boils down to dealing with pinheads, the closest similarity I could imagine would be taliban. indeed both taliban and serbian “mafia” most likely have a code of honor of their own which implies not minding their own business and business only but trying to exterminate all those that are on their radar. however, it is NOT a democratic code. adverbially, if it exists in serbia - the mafia's code can only be described as a post communistically codified way of life, which in no way, not even remotely is analogous to the concept of chivalry. off topic, I believe that even American mafia unlike Taliban has some favorable positive vibes next to all known downsides.

in serbia it all goes with the territory and lines of power, their boots on the ground, serbian young turks, "mafia" wannabes, that are neglected and afraid growing up as young individuals who do not want to be left to fend for themselves seek the protection of a larger group, the group with the pack-animal mentality that will naturally give them the aegis and cause them to zero in on their kill and fill up their egos while the patriotism will wash the blood off their hands. thus wannabe mafiosos often play on the card of serbian pride. many serbian young turks are seduced by the brutal violence that serbian “mafia” is representing falsely claiming reliance on the serbian military patriotism and folk heroic tradition as well as the traditional fighting spirit even though those traditions in serbia in many ways do not exist. in that sense, just try to imagine communists start ruling the USA as of tomorrow for the next 70 years, I doubt that Americans born by the end of that 70 year rule will be the same Americans as they are today. with communists any tradition other than the communist one will be erased. another example – try borrowing a spouse to some fucker for years and come back to live with that person again, it won’t be the same experience. in other words, communist tradition in serbia imo has overcome and annulled all other primordial traditions and the only true heritage is the communist - yugoslav socialist heritage. so to continue, the uncoded brutal violence for the serbian wannabe gangsters is all they can bring on the table and they are the role models for serbian young turks (several thousands of them) who are trying to emulate their idols, mesmerize and eventually overthrow them.

it is a disgrace to cross paths with beings that work for secret services here in my experience like with the guy that originated the spitting thing in Belgrade who together with his bossom-buddies from “the service”, I assume, gave the “crime role models” in belgrade the go ahead to further “process” me on the street. I feel someone has put me on the radar, and it does not take much reasoning to figure out who that may have been, it was not osama bin ladin for sure.

anyhow, brace jerkovica is a rough suburban area of belgrade, off tourist trails, and for years that was the hotspot of serbia's the “toughest” in crime. this evening as I took a bus going in the direction of brace jerkovica a few stops before my exit a guy boarded and out of all empty seats which were many he took a seat in front of me spreading his legs like a jerk to almost touch mine while constantly giving me a funny looking hawkish and almost challenging smirk, I translated it into ‘bitch, just gimme a bit of a reason to raise my anger a notch and I’ll kick you at any moment I please and I will become appreciated and famous.’ of course i partially and calmly observed this person in order not to give him any reason to go berserk, not to give him more reason to feel predatorial, and then I also started thinking about this unpleasant situation until it was a time to get up. no, he did not want to move away his legs, he literally ignored me like I did not exist so I almost had to jump over his sneakers as if I was crossing a semi high fence. well, it is basically the serbian idea of me, not even a human being, a disrespect that is so extraordinary. and I understand frustrations, these fuckers are needy, they wanna impress their role-models that are in prison, they wanna join the group. and they were given the go.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

serbian bigfoot. they know me

many people in here are fucking crazy man, I decided to purchase a beautiful pocket knife to play with  as with a fidget spinner and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose, half of serbia wonders and talks about knives, why I had wanted to purchase a knife, facebook and forums are erupting with jokes, puns, keywords and associations to knives, from doing damage through cutting to references on killing, etc. serbs are very dangerous people to know as they are half witted, they are dangerous as they mind your business as well and you have to overcome your situations to become free. every little thing you do, like purchasing the most insignificant thing they will chew it over and over again until they come up with an idea that you had wanted to overthrow government or kill someone. they enjoy messing with you and they do not play by the rules. once you realize that almost all of their newspapers are basically tabloids that emphasize sensational crime stories, gossip columns about celebrities and sports stars, etc, you can sense the drift. their number one hobby is to make you feel guilty. as despicable liars, when they sense that they can get away with it, they enjoy wrongfully accusing and putting you in peril and all kinds of dire situations while at the same time they like to keep their ass safe and clean. with serbs I have begun to think that I am solely responsible for 9 // 11.  I think serbs are the meanest and most careless guys on the planet. well, that was just my experience. Im becoming aware that many tourists are coming here just to see if they will bump into me as if they are trying to spot a bigfoot, a mythical being. this blog does miracles and I do not like it one bit.
no, the serbs say I pushed her. especially those associated to serbian secret service whose names i mentioned in this blog. gee, i wondered how they had come over it so easily.

my long term goal is to forget serbian language as when I start thinking in it – my head really begins to hurt much. unfortunate knowledge of somethings really takes its toll

Saturday, August 05, 2017

no peace in serbia like an eternal sentence - renouncing my Serbian citizenship this time again.

It all depends who do you meet on your morning stroll. this morning I met majorly idiots and sickos - these guys don't play down the middle, they're strongly biased - so much so that I wondered who rattled their cage - was it another country’s secret agency (who favors constant turmoil inside serbia)  as I had been told that some Serbian neighboring adversaries had completely overrun serbia from within that serbs won't ever recover and live in peace. I strongly doubt that the united states or Russia secret agencies may have interest to set one serbian citizen against another.

serbian mean spirits are definitely motivated by jealousy. by serb standards I am nowhere near luxury many serbs are enjoying but still when someone pushes you into the face of greedy serbs everything they see seems to be too much of a good thing in their view. especially when they see the athletic being - the epitome of what they would like to look like. the thing that I go off here on my blog promptly, means nothing to them, so the fire has been burning for years and no serbs are willing to put it out. serbs started the fire and they maintain it as it is their view of common sense, serbs im dealing with are not fire fighters. it is like being molested by ants that you cannot shrug off, we are simply not on the same level of understanding or anything. what I am saying is that someone is constantly doing the negative publicity in serbia and thus preventing my life to go on unobstructedly, they will never allow me to scale up and come out of this outer darkness called modern day serbia. the only thing that can prevent them from continuing is their karma. i feel out of place as much as it can be imagined.

for the nth time as far as my art is concerned I hereby renounce my Serbian citizenship.

i gave my word that i will never return to the united states again, so it really lies as a bother somewhere in the back of my mind that freedom as i know it is most closely associated to the american mind(set). so never will i have an opportunity to be at peace with myself in this lifetime again, seems to me as there is no safe-haven for me now. i know full well that by omitting the united states out of equation i have signed a death sentence to my art but i will not allow angry serbs the opportunity to claim it as well.

I hereby vouch that in serbia im almost completely  shunned by jews, serbs, romanis, foreign tourists, you name it these poor souls they all follow the drift.