Monday, July 03, 2017

serbs are going at it again (new same old attacks as of today)

some concerns and causes of my constant downfall
1.       Aleksandar vucic as the current president of serbia does not look like the guy who like to cause problems and persist bullying people just for the heck of it. I am trying to figure out who stands behind those that are constantly provoking me on the streets of serbia trying to stress me out and ruin my life. I believe they are remnants of the old regime who run serbia too with all their accumulated might and money. whoever they are - they have applied agenda whereby some serbs are going berserk when they see me on the streets as if I owe something to them in person. i wrote earlier about movie "the warriors" wherein newyorkers were misinformed that warriors were killers. one does not have any idea how easy is to lie to serbian population and who can be the liars that can lie on the scale that reports back that basically every serbian citizen has heard the worst about you? i won't insult your intelligence by answering this. to make a comparison of humanity in my habitat, I do not know an animal that I could not make friends with in the past, but I cannot say that I have made  one dozen of true serbian friends in all 14 years that I have been here.

2.       furthermore, I believe that I was slandered beyond comparison and I can see that is why many serbs, that are filled with complexes of all sorts, who expect to see someone ugly, small statured, handicapped, laughable stock, stupid looking person – when they actually see me – a true and tall knight from the past, an athlete – they just cannot believe it because in every aspect I am not comparable to them and their knowledge of me in addition to their lowliness and then hell breaks loose, their jealousness and inhuman instincts (retardation and not decent behavior as perhaps a product of incestuous relationships) come to light and they start acting and provoking someone that actually looks like a very dear and honest man. like the knight who has been slandered beyond comparison. therefore, i must always assume the position of someone inferior, pretending that i m half-baked, in order not to raise jealousy in serbs. it is not even possible to pick a side here cos serbia is definitely not a country of mine. i feel as the best and most loyal dog on earth who has been shamefully mistreated on and on by the very bad owner, a true and unspeakable bastard.  I can see all that and it is hard to bear because I was not paid to act in this Serbian show.


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