Friday, June 16, 2017

serbian dirty games

I got to yell out here. I am becoming mad. cannot keep it to myself anymore. do not get Serbian partner in anything you do. Plain and simple the chances are that some motherfuckers (many in them) will get to you. they will try to screw you in anything and with anything, at least that is my constant experience. they got as far as Sotheby’s and christie’s to smirk my record. I tested some auction houses with goods of unblemished provenance reproduced and illustrated and they would not take it. the auction houses could not say no because I got these things from reputable galleries and with full provenance records. after numerous attempts all items were refused even to be considered and I then tested with stuff they could not refuse, could not say no, could not mix bag – could only lowball the estimate, a hundred dollars - a hundred dollars, which some of them did on purpose just to distract me with repelling effect and some of them  r e f u s e d (to be highlighted.) How is that possible? I smell Serbian rats in the background.
serbs want to make a slave out of me. on the other hand many serbs find that freedom is privilege and not the right so they do not care what my local adversaries are doing. Things are all set upside down here. sometimes I cannot escape the feeling that I m in the mind of many Serbian citizens and the only thing they ever think of. It may sound crazy but comes to think of it when I come across these serbs, there is not anything happening there but me, in their heads that is and as they react you could feel that they are all wired up to no good. some damned are trying to impose themselves, in fact they attack from all sides and Im and I feel doomed here as if they are trying to kill me. that is why Im feeling restless all the time, having difficulty breathing and I m sure they will impose a major heart or brain attack upon me one of these days. I am so nervous because of these motherfuckers. they keep on trying and come in waves. not much other than that, the authorities here also built the singing fountain in downtown belgrade and the only clip that plays all day long has got lyrics in it: 'not my son' by Michael Jackson. Im sure there is a message in it, and comes to think of it the serbs are ready for anything. they will go as far as London, newy yoke and tokyo to ruin you. Once you mess with serbs you are either dead or braindead. they cannot leave you alone. Etc. that is how you often feel. When I get me the peace of mind after testing and straining my nerves to the full over realizing how bad they are I then realize how oversensitive and hyperactive am I, one of these days these motherfuckers will get me, I will auto destruct because of them. I hope karma works both ways.

there are people all over the world like that. I do not know if any slavs are in cpt. Kiefer’s bloodline but he also I believe wanted to ruin my life. An American that treated me as slave who can be used (required dangerously long work hours over winter storm period in philadelphia) and abused (did not acknowledge these hours later on as they truly accumulated, as I worked numerous shifts in a row) and then not awarded for his service. and then claimed that I auto awarded myself over bullshit and did bullshit on his part over it coming full circle. who’s karma this is I do not recognize, I call it ‘cpt. Kiefer did not kill deer with arrow over the weekend and then came in grumpy for his own watergate’s karma.’ should i pay for the millions?


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