Saturday, July 01, 2017

hating jealous serbian mice

I must state that I experienced much less Serbian terror since the new person was placed in charge of the Serbian secret service. I went two weeks almost without an incident only to come across another attack today as I was exiting maxi supermarket store today around 15:12 PM on 115, vojvode stepe blvd, as someone – workers or the shoppers threw something that fell by me hard and loud so I had to turn around only to spot a hatred in the face of one customer that was waiting at the register. I knew that I would have raised hell if I had to return inside so I decided to leave it at that and let it go even though I am still experiencing a pain in my left ear. the motherfuckers that run this place never took any action to protect me as a customer and for years they were letting the workers there bothering me. as for today, I do not know whose gasket was blown off for having to look at me there. I know that Serbian hatred is enormous. almost out of this bloody world. they must be hating themselves every day until noontime and the rest is reserved for the people like me. it is unbelievable. hating jealous mice. 


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