Saturday, July 15, 2017


I feel as George Washington who was being reincarnated in 21st century in present day Serbia and then brought to judgment before the thousands of reincarnated Red Coats as played by a large number of current day serbian citizens who have been getting little goosey -  doosey and out of control, juvenile, dangerous and inciting to violence as well. deplorable in serbia!

major serbian problem is they look at me like I m one of them – like I m speaking in serbian language, like im thinking in serbian language – that is why they are comparing themselves to me…that is not good because when they do compare themselves to me im not the same and equal in their eyes. Im always somebody lower, somebody despicable, somebody that is crazy and delusional. well, I mean, let’s set the record straight, I don’t (belong here)… …..I dream in English, I do not even think in Serbian.

cannot even mind your own business in this country cos it is a sure shot they’ll harass you then when you are the nice guy – you cannot win. you must be super strong and sly or you’ll hear let’s go git him! a lot. many subhuman freaks out here. they just cannot leave you alone. I've always imagined my situation as if it has been played out in the movie 'the warriors' – where there is a slander involved that calls for the murder of victims (of slander) and then you have to fight for your way out – except that this serbian movie never ends.

the freaks here are allowed to call you names, to lie about you and since there is no aegis a lot of freaks are doing it just for the heck of it. then the rest of folk do not hear anything good about you, all they hear is bad. im a do-gooder, I do not play around like serbs want to portray me. I have not done anything to any one of them since I came to this country. they are playing with their karma. I can represent this country abroad as well. I speak languages whereas those attacking me - they are nobodies. attacking innocent people is the only thing they know. they will never let me come out on top as the clear winner let alone allow me to be the Serbian envoy or ambassador to the united states or the owner of some prestigious restaurant in serbia at some prestigious locations. my plans were big, won’t be disclosing them all here.

for example I made these songs – skukill is my musical project band’s name. serbian hackers completely isolated and blocked for listening these tracks on youtube and you cannot find them even if you punch in several keywords in youtube’s or google’s search.

whenever I feel lonely I listen to this song (my own), it energizes my body with positive energy. many serbs think and assume or just lie that I did not make these songs, write these songs, music and lyrics, they are denying my originality and authorship, however, they are badly mistaken. they lie that I copied these songs or somehow digitally arranged them cos they either believe that I m stupid or they just lie in order to justify before the world what they are doing to me locally and what is going on with serbian harassment and bullying wise. it is a complete and unjust warfare they are waging against me and my efforts. and I believe that Russian hackers are helping them too. they are destroying me – since I favor the English language with success – and there is nothing I can do. I am enveloped in complete darkness. this is the Serbian prison. the country that turns people with skills like me into the complete waste. they are killing the culture or at least whatever I am bringing to the table of culture. you know what, I am worth something, I m doing it, I an’t no garbage as they are spreading the word out to the world. it is impossible to make music like I am doing with computer or digitally or anything like that. my deeds are mine and 100% original and they came from my head. I did not steal it from anyone, you Serbian liars. see and check out my music - this is who I am. 1% of me. I can do a lot better. I like my fine art more than I like my music. but I m losing my time writing this and waging wars that I do not want with a multitude of irksome enemies that are impossible to contain. there are too many CharLIE zelenoffs in this country, they act as if they are the best men on earth, but all they can do is steal someone’s pleasure, laurels and peace of mind and I m the easy target for that. they are sneaking in going for that sucker punch and as they start hitting they are missing even the air around me, world please stop them in their tracks!finally

code name toast

a follow up on july 17th: just got kicked in the nuts around 21:30 PM  f r o m   b e h i n d   by one serbian son of a bitch in bus no. 31 - I had no way of protecting myself. It was a medium strength kick as he did not reach me quite good but it hurts a lot. wonder why no americans do not claim how they were able to ruin my life. what was the point of all that? they can call me the toast now. I do not want to know that any American is suffering pangs of conscience at bringing me to live alone in peril in serbia. cos that is what I m really all about here, nothing but the toast and a Serbian punching bag for unbelievable frustrations and grudge they have against the world. hence the saying frustrated like the serb - watch your balls. I wish I was harassed by people that have got some brain. Rock and roll is all about freedom and it is impossible to rock and roll in serbia. if God keeps tabs on Serbian venting, they are winning like 6000000 : 0 - I think it is time to introduce Charlie zelenoff to serbia where he will be like pig in the shit. him and serbs are the perfect match. his dream will then come true – that bo’ ’ll be fighting every day. they both like to punch people when they are off guard and keep score of their winnings. plus he will be able to quench the rousing serbian animosity against anything american cos he will be thy boss.


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