Thursday, November 03, 2016

BAD BOYS OF BALKAN – how some evil fruitcakes tricked some stupid Americans into making a misery out of my family and life

I believe the greatest sickness that goes on in this country is that some of these guys feel the need to hurt somebody in order to get respect. this is how they get points in their heads. it seems to me, cannot explain it any different way, it happened on numerous occasions to me, and it can be physically, emotionally, any way they imagine it.
My |God my God my God my dear God, if this was any kind of different country, I would have been looking right now into jamming (playing guitars) with friends Rolling Stones style or I’d be playing tennis with some friends, or I’d be making movies or I’d be I do not know p-laying ping pong or anything… but the truth is, I cannot make friends in Serbia with anyone out of pure ignorance on the part of the people here. I mean some Serbian fruitcakes fooled the entire United States of |America that practically shit on the American freedom, human rights and its Constitution by making fools of the people around me scripting them to start behaving like those here in this Serbian comedy which is the precedent example and prerogative for the said which i have just claimed - annihilated freedoms and injustice for one or all. Please take time to look for a minute – MUST SEE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON or do not read my blog at all - see from minutage as follows: 18:00 to 18:30 but this stuff keeps going on and on
FolIowing this I call bullshit on you, America. You’ve been duped to make some sacrifice out of me.
and unexpectedly some |Americans took the bait and made fools of themselves. If that was not so I would not be living right now right here, I would have been kicking it off in America. But after this should I call it its real name – the betrayal of its values - there is no way America can make up to me what they did to my family that exists no more.
how stupid and irrelevant this is! by constantly (for years) coming at me gang-ho style these people are trying to what, make me guilty of something? the truth is this – injustice hurts – I did not do anything to Serbs but they ruined my life and future. they are embarrassing themselves cos I ve been in the know of the “joke”. Pathetically, they believe that I get upset by noises they are making, how super stupid are the fruitcakes we are talking about. It’s them driving me crazy for they have no idea how super stupid they are. And for me to live around someone that stupid and that evil, it is degrading to the point that it annuls existence. your life becomes a comedy. I am not upset by the noise, I am upset by the fact that those making these noises they do not even know me. I am further upset that nothing good goes on in this country. It is why my heart is melting and I feel as if the bile juice is going up my throat all the time and this injustice makes me sick, so sick that I have to write here. as much as it hurts physically it also hurts emotionally – psychosomatically, which eventually will kill me but who cares, I don’t - meaning only that you have not got any friends in this country - serbia. and then they do not even let me let go their sick behavior that bothers me off my chest. Now I am crazy for speaking out - about the truth. this disease spreads like leprosy, they passed it on to the United States of America. I can see people that do not want to come near me and other ones are coming at me like crazy bastards doing the crazy noises – like I was crazy! Their color code has not been blue but mental brown. I say go fuck yourselves bastards. Animals or Fruitcakes, whatever. If they do not come at me pretending to mock kicking me they will start collecting mucus when passing by as if to spit at me. The entire procedure (whole theatrical enchilada) that is. this could only happen in socialist and communist society that had torture camps to exterminate political opponents like former yugoslavia whose the only legitimate successor is - you guessed it - serbia. this cannot happen in America, but unfortunately, yes it did happen - to me! i was put on the pole of shame which negates freedoms and everything america stood for. i am sorry but these are the facts. F-you, I repeat. all those behaving like their assholes are smelling of roses. Well |Serbia Im sure that someone is responsible for my situation, and that is not me as you had implied.
it is unbelievable what these guys are talking here - spilling the beans what they did to people - it is obvious that I was done up by the Serbian secret service back in 2002 when they fooled the world – fooled the America that shat on everything it stood for at least that is the way I look at it. they cannot make it up to me in this lifetime, there is no way.


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