Monday, October 17, 2016


i think i could drink coffee with him and not be afraid.
nothing but the coolest guy around and kudos although I got beaten twice on his watch. the last time i barely made it. although nothing got better following this dire episodes in my life and although there are many people that are after me I think the problem lies down in the chain of command where the people managed by his subordinates are mobbing me which is most obviously seen when some public transportation drivers come at me as I am exposed and visible. they rev their engines to the max or make other and various types of disturbing noises in order to upset me.
it's about dozing if they need to close the doors they will slam it to make noise, if there is no reason to press on the brakes and there is no emergency they’ll brake like crazy just for the fun of it and to make me flying. these are the poeple that have jobs. the people that do not have jobs i am afraid of them as they will try to attack, sneak, spit, do whatever i consider potentially life threatening - such for example is bum attack when the bum at me, the bum who looks like he is humping on dirtiest city hoes and it just happened around the place where the cheapest whores hang out. so I may just die because of it. one human rights law firm would make millions if they hire PIs to come tape this shit undercover and see what the system does to me. im talking good chunk of money, millions and millions of dollars. these are not only advantages of living in Serbia that I am experiencing here, they also do not feel fear while doing harm as they assume there are green lights to do so, unimaginable in other places where I would like to go and be. no matter what, they are enticed and there an’t no direct control. so what’s their stake in conformity when mobbing my life of quality spent time – and it’s not only that – I’ve been blatantly maimed and harmed as a direct result of their actions. i pity me but who else does?!

If someone could count how many times I was unnecessarily suffering from intentionally made noises executed by unknown (to me) people inclusive of delivery truck drivers like today in vitanovacka street, belgrade - october 18th 2016 -  and if I was given mere $ 700.00 (comparing to thousands or millions in damages for mental and physical abuse) for every incident whereat I was Serbian target I would have been a very rich man – and I cannot avoid them : what can I do if it is one of my favorite stores and I cannot say kick this company off your delivery list or kick this piece of shit delivery guy off job. it does not work that way in serbia - people are not afraid unlike for example in the United States - they are simply not controllable. I got to suffer but i wonder will this aggression make them a bett er poeple doen the line? this may sound silly to non-Serbians but if we make an experiment exposing most Serbian intellectuals to what I am going through – they would die in the greatest mental and physical pain. the one I can think of is Matija Beckovic. No pun intended.
the fukcing place reeks of injustice 24 – 7, it’s surreal how bad it is.
their problem also is that they do not accept me as an intellectual or an artist. the problem i have is my rap sheet - because to them i was presented as someone lower than them: a lazy bastard, thief, petty thief, nobody, con, murderer, you name it - it is on the Serbian list.

I cannot put up with the fact that there is chaos in my life initiated by the system and i am on the constant run, then the next question is: who runs the system? In the United States if there were not the Freemasons it would have been such a chaos that it would not be imaginable, similar to that one in my case but on a much much larger scale. then again I understand that in my life there are not people anymore like those whose names I cannot mention but they were all friends of mine. I just cannot understand that there an’t no nice people in Serbia those who you could admire but only those that will steer some chaos down the line and that is basically it - the explanation of what I am going through. take for example the leader, he may be all you want but one person means nothing, there must be many people like that in the chain of command and the order they must follow. the last one in the end of line therefore must not suffer because of the system malfunction and it is happening a great deal to me in Serbia. 
number 2 i feel like i am not allowed to be an artist in serbia - they ask did you get diploma did you go to art school - if you did not, you are a cheat. it is like asking Bill Gates for University degree. they just do not get it. or they will say to you - well, you can not make music as you did not attend music school and you cannot read notes, and then they promptly go into attack mode and keep harassing you to death, and that is Serbia as i know it. everybody is talking that Serbian President bought his university degree without ever attending the university - but he has got the power, influence and money, the things i do not have here. basically i am screwed whichever way you turn it. according to local rationale the Rolling Stones are the greatest fraud in history of mankind. why cannot serbs relax, let me live and have fun - at l(e)ast many of them are having fun ruining my life. 


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