Tuesday, October 25, 2016


This is just a thought - does not have to hold true. One American agency planted me in Serbia to see and acknowledge what kind of people are serbs by measuring what progress will I make in a couple of years. now  13 years after I am worst off in my life so down like I have never been with tendency to go even lower because I do not have car, wife, money, proper future potential. this tells a lot about serbs, not me because Americans already know me.
did I rob a bank in Serbia in these 13 years, did I cheat on somebody except what “crazy” m. prostran claims? and I am not calling this guy crazy but every single person I spoke to said exactly that about him. late Professor Kolja Milunovic called him human hyena. because of serbian old boy network in addition to prostran's connections at the clinical center of serbia, i know that female optician that examined my eyes at their eye clinic ruined my vision on purpose - and she did not even sign the report (it is obvious why she did not - do not even know her name). you go there for help they downgrade your vision 40%.

did I also murder anyone? Serbs behave towards me like I am their slave or the worst piece of shit lying around but there are also people that know who I am and know my potential. Now, that is Serbia – basically, the reflection of me. and let me tell you – at this point it is the piece of shit that everyone can kick around. by everyone I mean every piece of shit and that’s what’s been going on with me too.


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