Thursday, October 27, 2016

living among the most despicable human beings on this planet

if I thought that something could be changed I would not be writing this now. according to the press, in the country where even the Serbian Freemasons are deeply divided it could only be the state of chaos. nobody is responsible for anything anymore – these are the times of the wolves. and serbs gave me the cancer today. here is how. I said that I won’t be describing what they have been doing to me anymore but I believe it is important to describe this particular incident. these motherfuckers know that I have been describing similar harassment earlier and they do it on purpose now. it is scientifically proven that exposure to semi asbestos particles is the leading cause of lung cancer – it is only the matter of years before one gets it following the exposure. smoking cigars all your life is a childs play in comparison to inhaling the asbestos stuff only once.

this evening as I was standing at the streetcar stop across the faculty of Law in Belgrade the driver of this streetcar No. 12 – please see photos enclosed for the information on this vehicle and timing

– let go off air brakes as hard as he could (and believe me they do not do it as hard when other people are around) just as this part of the streetcar was passing by me – this was entirely on purpose. as it happened and a large gust of air was released into the ground then a large cloud of dust with semi-asbestos (or even 100% abestos as these cars are so old - rejected by countries like switzerland and germany and given to serbia for free) particles completely enveloped me and I started choking. I have a lung pain and tightness in chest and I feel as I have eaten a metallic dust (at 11:30 PM - 3 1/2 hrs after - following this up and feeling sick with pain in around xiphoid process and cheeks are warm to touch. feeling feverish.) I left what I was supposed to do and immediately headed home to write this up. I was choking all the way. couple of days ago I went to ER for breathing problem as similar harassment has been going on for several months but today I realized that it was a streetcar asbestos dust that has been choking me all the time. here is the excerpt from ER report:

semi asbestos comes from braking on the stops and this was a huge concentration raised up in that cloud. I wonder if this person’s karma will be that his dearest ones will die from leukemia and worst forms of cancer and I am sure that due to these incidents I will have the problem myself with it in several years. if anyone knows how is that sanctioned legally (international law) please provide that information to me. this is beyond organized harassment, i think Italian, American Mafia in comparison to these guys is just a bunch of choir boys. these people in serbia are commiting serious crime(s) as i have described here with serious consequences and are getting away with it. I practically do not know what to do – there is not any shield of any kind in Serbia. I also believe that karma of those that let it happen to me - knowing full well what expected me here - for example marc merchiore, an ICE agent and his kiss and kin, will be somewhat interesting. did I deserve this? I won’t answer this question because serbs know the answer to it. I wonder what the Serbian karma will be as well.

Here is the proof that I have been paying for my public transportation rides – so not only did I expect some decency but the least I expected from the PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION AGENCY - BELGRADE ( in Serbian it is: Gradsko Saobracajno Preduzece Beograd; aka: GSP BEOGRAD )  was to endanger my life and my well beingm, the well being of my family, my health and future. this is what they just did and they are getting away with it.

following up on the immediately following day – today I came out to finish some things in town and I felt like being in one huge prison without guards where citizens were the inmates who were released at you - I believe I seriously damaged my heart by being simply afraid and being out. there were many uncalled for and unexpected attacks all over the Belgrade, Serbia that I regret I ever left home. I think my heart turned into a mush after it had been jumping left, right, up and down – in anxiety fear. I think many serbs are natural born predators unseen in history of mankind who deserve everything happening to them at this point. 

not to mention that the biggest crap these days inclusive of the greatest harassment happens in public transportation where i am "close at hand" to these senseless to say the least individuals. exposed to the max, compkoiemnts of the U.S.A.. as far as drivers, some of these motherfuckers still keep on doing similar thing to what was described above and herewith. update on november 3rd 2016 from a few hours ago:


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