Sunday, October 02, 2016


in 13 years I spent in serbia there has not been one person that did not break up relations with me. why?

because not one good word has been said about me here.

so far I was described (slandered that is) mostly as lunatic to keep away the ladies from me and - thief in order to ruin my business ties and disallow money flow – something you have to have.

take a wild guess who can be the one who did it to me?! i think as what follows next, they are trying to NAHUSKAJU (serbian word - you know what it could only mean) some crazy people to kill me.

do you think these things can be done by a few people without power?

who then can motivate Serbian people to massively spit at me as they do. they enjoy it, but it talks more of their temper and temperament than anything else. I am going through Goli Otok experience. at least twenty people per day are blatantly and unscrupulously spitting in my direction.
It really does not hurt if they are not close, a feet away as it happens sometimes. so I can live with that but Goli Otok style torture lives!!! It is Serbia for Gods sake!!
Nothing unusual.

that is why I would rather be the English Bull Terrier than who I am at the moment.

at least as dog you are not expecting anything as you do as human being. as human being you expect respect but you get none. at least not in Serbia.

let me make another example, I had a friend who is a very nice person – and these motherfuckers – it is my guess only but not far from the truth and what exactly happened – they went to bother him with homosexual crap and God knows how they did it. it bothered him to the point that he could not take it anymore and ended friendship with me abruptly and without good reason. I must say that I respect all people for who they are but I am in no way homosexual neither I would prefer to have homosexual friends around unless they are famous. I could understand his decision because if that was happening to me my wife would have been more important to me than any of my friends.

also, look at the guy on this photo, he does not live in Serbia and pictured here with his guitar I am sure he would like to be my friend – because me and my music endeavors are talk of the town at this moment. I am sure they won’t allow it, because it would have added value to my well being. I am not going to even say whom I am speaking about, you have to read my blog and find out who is it i am referring to – they do not deserve further mention. hoping to set the queer record straight one day.


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