Tuesday, October 18, 2016


one serbian monkey with montenegrin accent passed by me this evening in front of the philosophical faculty in Belgrade and told me Nick-Kyrgios-style, if you know what i mean:

"illegible illegible (and not only that) BLACK GUY FUCKED HER"

wait a bloody minute, motherfucker, black guy fucked who!!! there an't no girl in the States or Serbia or World that i care was fuckin anyone for Christ's sake! i do not have a girl now neither i fucking care. you got a million black guys - refugees - from Africa here in Belgrade and you think they an't gonna be fucking anyone? this 'comment' was meant to deeply emotionally upset me and it must be related to the song that i created recently called BEJBE and posted on youtube where in the song it may appear to some serbo-cretins that i was crying over some lost love or my ex. lost point idiots! i am an artist (and professional at that) and it is just a song, i do not fucking care who fucked who! this just gives you an idea folks who these people are and what are they about (with me.) as far as i am concerned i think creating in serbian language is the waste of time and money for me, it is just causing trouble cos i do not have a public around here.


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