Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sorry Jamie, now I am a Man!

There was a time I protested in front of American Embassy in Belgrade and nobody was bothering me quite transparently afterwards. Why did I do this? Number one, as a wild guess, Serbian secret services messed up my life and separated me from my family in the States which is a fact. I cannot grasp that American did it on their own. I do not know yet how technically it was done, but I assume they misrepresented my identity to the U. S. authorities (perhaps by creating another one) or misspelled my name intentionally portraying me as someone who was involved in the accusations of genocide. Number two, as the consequence of the number one I could not have seen my child in several years and still I have not seen my child as of 2002. This is fucking unbelievable, but obviously you cannot fight whoever set you up as their lines of power block your lawyers and friends, etc. Number three, there are the factual and unforeseen consequences of one and two.

But, but. Let me tell you why am I bringing this up again?” Because in recent couple of days I have been followed by at least several entities. I’ve never seen so many cars with tinted windows in my life and basically there are too many coincidences to believe everything is a pure coincidence. I am one of the few people that can sense when being followed esp. when agents are not up to their task and it is basically a very sloppy work. In other words, Im freaking scared like I never was because I have no clue who these people are. Next thing I know, they ve been trying to maim me here in the past and more recently. Next thing I know, obviously some people were instructed to keep messing my life in public like public transportation drivers. They keep harassing me, but since I do not want to give new ideas to local bastards I do not want to be transparent anymore saying how the things are done, I will keep it to myself. All I shall claim is I am not feeling fucking all right. That’s all. One Jamie Cummins once told me, Milos, you got to take it like a man. So I did not listen to her advice quite so often.

I ve been walking my dog this evening, probably my only true friend in Serbia and need be I am ready to give up my life to protect him. He is a person to me. However, we came into Milovana Marinkovica street in the elite section of Vozdovac and there was a 10PM party there. I overheard one girl asking somebody what would you like to drink? We have this and that, etc. I know one time in my life I had a potential, but now I know – I will never be invited to such a party in Serbia here. I ve been thrown at a human layer of life where I have to deal with fucking Serbian PT drivers. The more trouble they throw at you, the less time you have to deal with important things in your life. If I had ten parallel lives now, I would not be able to get together and get on well to make a decent progress because of the rap sheet and fucking motherfuckers sucking away the life from me. Well, that is the bad news. The good news were eradicated.


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