Tuesday, October 11, 2016


there are serbs that are publicly fucking on the public tv channels (reality shows). these are huge  stars in serbia now - but me who started a simple music project - it is okay that every piece of shit in serbia can spit at me or throw gobbers as they like when they are passing by. if i was serbian - though i do not feel like one and denounce it - i would be more jealous of someone that was publicly fucking on tv screen than of someone who is just making music. wish if someone can make documentary out of my life. they were told to despise me from the getgo. fucking do not trust anyone here no more. eye doctor ruined my vision on purpose during ther exam in the emergency clinic, you cannot go lower than that. while you are coping with people's shit, it is just hard to endure when it is going on 24 - 7 and everywhere. my only hope is that karma will get those it needs to get, here and in the usa, and they might start going help please leave that guy alone (yelling) - cause they will go crazy i am sure. it is one helluva creepy place.
i guess the last wave of Serbian hatred expressed by way of barbarian gangstalking and making man made noises stems from the fact that i started making music again. you can see a lot of them despise as they go by. a lot of them cannot stand me now, hatred is oozing out. I cannot walk the streets without embarrassment to decency, something you expect from those you do not know but meet in public, most of them cannot put up a simple sentence in English together but they are very quick to deny your efforts. their behavior reminds me a lot of some other people in the western world who are also quick to disavow you and find mistakes of all kinds. i mean even the north korean president welcomed slovenian rock band recently while these guys in serbia openly hate and despise for doing something they cannot or won't. it is crazy what a big shame this is.this is why please please do not wear skukill badge  around here because you can get molested, mind raped or even killed. this is serbia and many do not know nothing about letting people do their thing, it is a highly backward judgmental, prejudist and despicable enviroment colored with unfounded hatred and psychotic bigotry. i look at it as punishment from God to live here. thanks be to God i do not speak Serbian well so I won't be doing any more songs in Serbian. i wish i did not understand anything in that language, i would have been blessed if i did not speak it. there are no intrigues in this country just a plain straight-forward hatred, just hatred and disdain! amen! btw, what am i getting blamed for?! did i run this country into the ground and do not let me started what else. any other place in the region not to say EU, Canada, USA or Australia, you have hands down better chances of succeeding in anything you do. at least you won't be molested or bullied.


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