Thursday, October 27, 2016

same kind of people that killed Muammar Gaddafi, same kind

probably the same question that I ask a number of serbs that are coming at me every day!!!!!

that person (or persons) that do it is always in the group - it was never one individual coming at me. what I am saying is they are basically cowards that want easy merits from their habitat for their misbehavior but the cowards are quite dangerous especially when one is not expecting neither when one feels that he should be punished or harassed in public. they come at you from nowhere. You do not think about them but they come at you straight like a bullet or stray dog – from nowhere. cowards believe they won’t be punished for their deeds, they feel they have the green light to misbehave and in Serbia they utilize their very ugly freedom to hurt others to a great degree. if some great power like Austria-Hungary stood behind me they would have caused the WWIII al;ready. this statement corresponds to the effort they are making against me and my significance and importance in local habitat or the world. the citizens of serbia, not necessarily serbs, sigh. yesterday, one chinese or korean student got involved in their efforts too ( i can make difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean people) which makes this situation and state of mind contagious rather. beyond weird - nevertheless.


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