Thursday, September 29, 2016


1. i heard recently that some people in Philadelphia county Pennsylvania were talking on facebook about castrating me because they believe that the person like me should not have any kids. got proof of this in the form of a screenshot.
  2. as I was walking Apache around 9:30 PM this evening I noticed some people in the forest that were not supposed to be there, they looked like they were up to no good. not your regular evening type walkers. i can read people and tell if someone has killed before. they looked so unusual and murky to say the least that I  decided to leave the forest promptly and cross bulevar oslobodjenja blvd. while all of the sudden a black cabrio – could have been BMW - roared by from nowhere and driver was pumping gas pedal as if his point was to be noticed. licence plates were French and somewhere on them there was a letter “O” or the number “0” present too, while on the front passenger seat there was a guy who looked much like Jugoslav Petrusic, Serbian and French special forces agent who I saw on youtube; just the guy in cabrio did not have his trademark long hair. as we got to vojvode stepe blvd. some streetcar driver spotted us and started pumping air brakes like crazy. as I was holding leash in one hand I reached for my phone camera to record this public harassment which was a pure gaming going on there – which was also noticed and witnessed by many belgraders those in streetcar as well as those waiting for streetcar on "Vero" station – however, all of a sudden the same black cabrio who appeared parked on sidewalk approximately 350 - 500 yards down the road started revving engine and started off like a bullet towards us so much so that he breezed by us extremely fast in one second in terrible roar and engine noise. Im sure the message was to intimidate to say the least because very few people were on the street at that time. As a result I was no longer thinking about the streetcar driver and harassment but decided to walk home at once because it looked too dangerous. my only thoughts then were directed towards George W’s administration who created this mess in my life. i cannot say what my thoughts were regarding it. i also have an increasing eye pain present in my left eye right now. do not know what did i do to so many people in this lifetime. this an't no life, no liberty, no peace here in Serbia, this is a frigging nothing, frigging fucking hell.


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