Wednesday, October 12, 2016

as serbian mind boggling torture continues....

and yes they can vouch craziness on the part of this guy cos he is as mad as hell in this blog, but they are deliberately hiding that I should be the only one truly mad here as they destroyed my family. one day I was living a family life and the other I was forcefully separated from my family while everything that was normal hit the downward spiral to the point that today even serbian junkies that reek of chemicals feel that they can come at me and bully me around this nasty place called Belgrade like it happened a moments ago in the streetcar no. 14 while I was returning home from banjica. I won’t be repeating the name of the person who started the spitting thing again here as I did it many times earlier. like I said my life has been far worse off than Joseph K.'s ever was; Kafka’s writing skill has nothing on my reality. that's pretty much the only positive thing i can say at this moment.


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