Friday, November 04, 2016

in serbia they smash nike sneakers and little baby's heads up

I wish I could say I need nike’s attention. In Serbia, they have a sayin’:l “srecne ti rane junace.”
Apparently what happened, I got a store refund in Djak DOO Beograd (Serbia) and went into the store to collect it. the first time I went there was yesterday evening (11/4/16) but they refused to issue the approved refund to me stating that it was too late at night and they did not have time to look for paperwork. ok. I went again, today. there were different salesmen. I decided to buy two more pair of sneakers at outlet prices. I was happy as a child in the candy store and the store gave me the opportunity to get three more items at 50% discount. I promptly got Speedo swimming goggles but as I went to check for more stuff I heard a loud bang behind me coming from the register desk (the store was large and empty of customers so it echoed) - I immmediately suspected that the female seller threw my purchase boxes on the floor and thought - ok, I could live with it especially since it is outlet and they have only one pair of each. I did get disturbed and returned to finish the sale. as I looked in the bags she even stated: “what? you do not trust me?” I replied: I trust you. I believe you are very kind, generous and positive person. to my dismay when I got home I found out that this bitch (I believe her name is danijela) stomped on the NIKE box, please check out the images enclosed for marks (and let's go for polygraph testing.) the box was definitely untouched as i was trying out this pair of sneakers. I would have been okay if she just threw them on the floor as i thought she did but she stomped on it like a bitch. perhaps this seller was mad that I got  refund, or last night I said to other employee that I got several sneakers recently since my English bullterrier ate all my old ones. it is some good money too. perhaps she thought that i do not deserve these sneakers. at any rate, some serious HATRED was at issue there. I then realized that for example if my wife gave birth to my child here in Serbia, some of these (they are not just fruitcakes) CITIZENS OF SERBIA would have stomped on my baby’s head and smashed it even if i was there nearby - just not looking in that direction. then again, what is the difference between a pair of sneakers and a baby if they both belong to the same person? Nothing, nada, ito, imo. i would love my baby as i love my english bullterrier and i love my english bullterrier as i love my guitar and my sneakers. 


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