Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Presentation at Sacré-Cœur

my friend walked me up to Sacré-Cœur and i was in utter amazement as there were thousands upon thousands of Americans sitting there. it was a view in the open. as we were going up the hill many were amazed elbowing each other, they were like look at that, that’s the guy. there was a commotion. I then felt what Custer felt charging down the ravine straight into the heart of the village. and then I realized I got to start making music, got to get these people to like my music, they may not like me, but they may like my music. and of course, the very next day everybody found out that I was there in Paris, but before I went up to Sacré-Cœur I was not even noticed and I had been afraid that I had been. and then I had to utilize stealth skills and experience in those kind of situations – where it seems that everyone reacts on your appearance – to stay normal rather. I’d rather be the unknown again. at some point, I had thought good copywriting and scripting skills would bring you some fame and boi I was so right. I turned my life into an exposition chaos now where the crazy unscripted things are really happening and I did call for it as I gave crazy ideas to unknown people. fuck conceptual art! 

at least the French did not set up a honey trap for me  like Serbs did in order to ruin my marriage.

of course they do not want to do it now because there is nothing left to ruin and it was planned not to benefit me but to incite a downfall.

when I am thinking about the French in general I think about something really good, about Free Masons, about the postulates of freedom, about safety for every citizen, about years and years of democracy and prosperity, but when I am thinking about Serbia I think about destruction, personal ruin, about maiming and destroying things and persons for no good reason, and all other nasty things, but it is only a personal lived up to opinion.


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