Wednesday, September 21, 2016


as far as wisdom i have found this photo excerpt in one book that was published in 1927. it sort of testifies that the nasty things to other people have been happening in Serbia before i came into the picture. i am too afraid because i have been the target for so long. it is scary.
other than that i was attacked by an energy vampire again as I was travelling in the streetcar this evening. at first, I thought it was some aggressive gay guy coming up towards me little by little. if this was so, i could have considered his behavior normal as the establishment scared the majority of available Serbian female population away from me by utilizing some successful mind control programs and deterrent methods. most likely. i know that i have been alone and by myself for a very long time, that's why. finally, this person - age about 27, had a light blue Nike ultra light slimpack, a bag rather - got so nervous, his fingers were trembling and he had to touch the bags i was holding. i retreated to where i could not retreat no more and then he had his field day leaning onto my shopping bags acting as if it was just a coincidence in this almost empty streetcar where he could have chosen where to go without touching me. he kept leaning until he exited at bioskop Vozdovac stop. following this I felt quite drained and confused. as if the life went out of me.

this evening I walked my dog and after half an hour a guy came up asking where some street is at while holding a fist as if hiding something inside of it and pointing what was inside into my eyes. could you imagine that - he is asking a favor from me, utilizing it as a reason to approach me and then either trying to hurt me or annoy me. as soon as I saw it, I moved ahead. when we were coming back home around 12:00 PM two cars tried to run us over on vitanovacka str.

all this time  while writing on this blog herewith I was not complaining about someone coming up to me and punching me straight in the face. I was complaining about them coming behind my back and doing cowardly acts behind my back and when I was not looking and pulling guerilla type shit against me probably reasoning that it is in Serbian genes to be conspiring, but it may be okay if you do guerilla warfare against hundred times bigger and more powerful enemy like it was Germany, but if you raise entire nation against one man only and bring on guerilla stuff you are nothing but the complete and utter coward. a piece of shit and a pussy nevertheless.


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