Monday, September 19, 2016


today as soon I exited residence noticed there were many cars with tinted windows parked in the neighborhood. much more than usually and it was no coincidence. it only meant a greater activity of secret services and surveillance or op teams. was caught off guard by it, was not paying attention as I proceeded to the streetcar stop, and it was my fault but either they got me that time there or afterwards when I went into the guitar shop downtown where I purchased a guitar – however, couple of days ago I complained on their facebook page about their behavior towards me at what point I said things about them (and I was correct) but I am sure they took it personally, so somewhere I got caught – as a consequence there is quite a lot of newly created spots in my vision, got tagged by laser from different angles in both eyes and it feels bad. If it happened in the store I am sure it was at the point while they were not sure that I was going to make the purchase and buy the guitar for example while I was in the gig room or while exiting from there and I stayed in that store for longer amount of time than I expected. it could have also happened while I was sitting outside at Slavija Square MacDonald’s with a friend, but I doubt that.


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