Friday, September 23, 2016


I could have felt there were two currents in America. One was supporting me and the other one then extracted me from the   society where the first one could not have done anything because I was not that important to go just save me overboard.
Always thought things happened because I had a hard.on while I was dancing a square-dance with some older Quaker ladies in 1993 and I could not help prevent that. I thought they remembered me for the hard-on that I was basically given for proximity. Was very young though. I respect, I would not have done it intentionally,  it was not like a hip-hop thing or anything. I would always do anything for the Quakers, not only because of these afterthoughts that follow me only.

I also compare that to saving a non-pedigreed dog from the compound and bringing it to neighborhood where there are those whose dislike will outweigh benefits, wants and wills of neighbors who want to preserve the dog.

Who they were I do not know, just feel there were both sides to the story. It is like a presidential race now, there are factors but I have no idea which ones were or are going to be beneficial for me. It is a pure gamble for I never got to know my benefactors.

Even today, this unknown is following me.

I am often walking my dog and finding money on those walks as if someone does surveillance where I am about to go to and then gets there before me and drops it off. Even if I chose here be the dragons path, on some subsequent walks the money will be there. It is not much, but it dawns on me that there may be those who want me to know they care.

I do not know who they are. I made this last (half of) story up for those that hate me. Some wishful thinking bones and news for them. 

following up on 9/24/16.: I think this posting up here was one of nicer topics in this blog, it is not much existential you know and it just cannot stay on for a couple of days because of the motherfuckers i am coming across, they are throwing some shit and mud at me again big-time and thus forcing me to keep on writing.  basically, they are evoking chaos with "something bad needs to happen again" attitude. this is the photo of the motherfucking streetcar that I was driving in around 19:00 this evening where the motherfucking driver released air brakes right when passing by me – in order to irritate by sound.
this was also done by another motherfucker who was driving public transportation bus – all within a couple of minutes difference so you can tell that many of these motherfuckers made deals and exchanged ideas on how to irritate me.

I also believe Serbs have the social place for me which is next to amoeba and every time I tried to present some qualities and show that I am a better man than what they think, it made no difference what it was: fine arts, music, writing, you name it, and do something that majority of them cannot – that very same moment I was attacked and under fire from many sides.

in public transportation I got to watch my back all the time you know. I listened to a female this evening in bus no. 26 – she said I would put horns through his eyes, two and even three times if I have to. she kept repeating it behind me like crazy you know. it was one of those things, sounded like that radio message repeating itself: Trump april 26th, Trump april 26th. things like that you know. these are crazy motherfuckers. and then the white trash lady you know with two kids and a violin case (?!!)  – she kept spitting, this bitch,  you know, and what else….and then the most amazing thing was how personally she took it, the white trash lady. it seemed that she was spitballing out a load of cum not a spit. and she did it on purpose in front of me. it was an amazing scene, a pure black magic ritual. i was stunned. she knocked me out. i was knocked out. for heaven’s sake she had two kids there with her. i mean I am out of words to explain it now. i am still shocked! 

watched Ace Frehley on youtube, thought he was just another arrogant and ignorant NYC person and especially after laser complaints I heard I did not want to watch another me or someone in the same shoes with problems all over the place. how lucky that I did. surprised with his downtoearthedness and sincerity, would trade all  hatemongering serbs I am coming across these days for his friendship anytime. the guy said 'I do not know what the hell I am doing I am just rocking' and that bought me as i knew exactly what he was talking about. but that is too sincere, you do not say this to motherfuckers who may not understand your sincerity. I’d give half of Serbia for the friendship of a person that sounds and behaves moderately like this. and that is a conceptual statement too. no, I’d rather keep that half of Serbia and have this guy for a friend for sure. in Serbia, I am about to get beaten just for standing outside around some serbs, these crazy hatred looks they are giving me and acting all tough or as if they sucked in all the smarts of the world are not promising of anything good. that is: they are the best and the smartest in the world attitude. talking about a person like Frehley, here in Serbia if i asked somebody where they bought perfume they are wearing, i'd get beaten or lied to. i got beaten for telling a person who got me splashed while he was driving like crazy in the neighborhood as i was cleaning snow in front of my house - i did not want to fight but instead got a brain damage, punctured lungs and broken neck as i was beaten mercilessly, was spitting blood - i was a goner. this evening, september 25th 2016, around 22:00 PM as I was coming back home with my dog one of the supporters of the Marxist founded soccer club Red Star in Belgrade said while passing by (he was returning from the game walking with his buddy on Vojvode Stepe Blvd.):  I would piss in this guy’s mouth.
they surely are not communists, they are just the plain 50 year old hooligans as far as i am concerned. I feel very distant to that behavior – and if comparing that to animals – not even animals behave so irrational except perhaps pitbulls. I am the serb but some Serbs do not want me in society. I am not gypsy as they tried to lie recently since they do not like truth in my blog and they want me labeled and slandered all the way. if I was, that I assume is a very good company of Charlie Chaplin, Keith Richards, Ilie Nastase, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Andrea Pirlo, etc. what gypsies do is - if they have a problem they stick together and fight back like in the movie Snatch; all gypsies act as one and serbs cannot do shit. Gypsy problems in Serbia are mainly coming from lack of education. it remains a mystery what sparked the Serbian hatred of me, they potentially like everyone - especially  all Europeans, Israelis, Arabs, and they are very fond of Africans - as they should - but me. duh! are some of them a race of human pit bulls whose affection for other dogs rates 1 / 5. Pitbulls are nothing like English bullterriers whose affection for other dogs rates the stunning 5 / 5. if some Serbs told me it was daylight outside at noon time sharp, i would not trust them - i would know then it is dark outside. to Serbian brothers and sisters that hate me i can only say in peace: let's be clear, blessed be your bread, joys, pleasures and thoughts that you have accomplished through the wounds you gave me. Amen!


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