Friday, September 16, 2016


today as I was trying to exit bus 17 the older skinny malicious looking guy is coming after me looking like he was going to kick me in the nuts. i could not turn back to see what he was doing because the exit was narrow - so what was i supposed to do, you know, i have to exit and i cannot escape; and cannot do anything else?!
i respect people for who they are, not by their nationality. this being said, many people in Serbia committed crimes against me by not leaving me alone and by terrorizing me through their actions like this guy today. even when i thought i was going to pass away!!!!! - when i was spitting blood and stuff from my heart and lungs, then when i was mercilessly beaten by an unknown bastard in front of my home, while i did not hit back once - i had not feel any pain. thus today i do not know if i was hit in the testicles. i feel some discomfort there, some dull pain, general pain perhaps, i do not know, something burning like jalapeno pepper induced pain, i an't sure. now the bastards would have a field day commenting, no serbtards*, it all has to do with the thing that went on today, in the end it may be psychosomatic. cliff curtis - there is a big headline in some serbian newspaper today (truly wondering why?!) - said recently: the worst punishment is when they take your peace of mind away from you!!! no wonder it is happening to me!!! should it occur to me that some serbs are jealous of my testickles, it is either that or they believe i have not got any. so do they want me to parade downtown with pants down so they can witness and account.

several times i also heard today behind my back go home bitch go home go home. listen up bastards, whoever you are, i do not have other home to go to, this is my home – Serbia. you assholes will have to eat the borsch that you mixed up for me. the other day they were also laughing their ass off as i could heard someone 'posioned that bitch' (referring to me!). the biggest problem is kids listening to them and kids do not have mercy as they cannot comprehend and distinguish right from wrong. and kids do imitate their elders. just wondering what karma of these serbians that are attacking me is going to be like.

talking about conspiracy theories. many serbs believe that American establishment is after them. from chemtrails to dropping off nuclear waste into Serbia and fluoride in their waters. how wrong. the biggest conspiracy may be right inside Belgrade. 60% of public busses i went into had their air conditioning maxed out I believe on purpose so if you come in all or just a little bit sweaty you fall sick immediately. you are done up by the system there. this is breaking my spine because extra cool air got me, my shirt was wet. i cannot stand while last week i was healthy like an airplane driver. got headaches too. cold air blowing on top of your sweaty hair. i can imagine what happens to older folks. this is if you give lowlives things to manage. they run everything  into the ground. 
 * citizens of serbnia disregarding their nationality who behave like pure general retards plus they are violent,
virulent and harmful at that.

walked dog around 10: 30 PM this evening. damn 20 year old kids playing with damn laser again around 141, vojvode stepe blvd.. watery eyes. it begins to burn. more painful testicles (as well.)
welcome to - my serbian - hell. 

 update on the following day - sept. 18th 2016: 
knowing people in serbia, I think the only method that would prevent any further Serbian harassment of me would be if they’d found out that someone offered me several million dollars to publish this blog in the form of a book. i am sure then that they would do anything and everything to stop providing materials for it. other than that, by walking my dog today and letting it into the pit with other dogs i resolved the mystery as to why the things have been happening to me and what was going on. it is domination. Americans wanted to dominate me and they achieved that. now Serbs see that and they treat me as the punching bag as they would like to dominate any American and their “subjects” wherever possible. it’s the two dominating breeds. Americans believe that they are given superiority by birth, and Serbs resent that.

some sobs here are even waiting for me, they are getting the drift of where i am going to be walking my dog and they are waiting for me equipped with things in their pockets because they dream of becoming national heroes by killing or maiming someone. It works in Serbia that way. so there are not any coincidences here, and today this older sob was walking up towards me holding his fist tight as if he was holding something inside, and perhaps he was, and he was staring at me all the time and he was also making an eye contact between myself and his fist. as if he wanted me to see it and look at it. as this shit stared at me, he made me think. I completely transferred my thoughts from one ballpark to another. an’t that a textbook harassment? you think nobody makes these sobs think, they have all the freedom of this world and they have not been attacked by anybody. torture that they had been giving to me in the past fourteen years cannot be compared to the four month nato bombardment of Belgrade where nobody of them was targeted personally. I am specifically and only talking about the types that are after me and there is quite a number of them out there. not by any means i am not taking the remaining portion of serbian population into this equation. though there are many of them that are after me. so what is the bottom line. how to make it up to me for all the harassment that I had been going through. It is very hard. I think the best way is killing me – in the end it sounds like a favor.
following that, a few minutes later one bitch-type-of accompanied by two big thugs was becoming very vocal and annoying from the caffe clubyard yelling out “I’d like to fuck his mother” so I could hear it, and she was pretending like she was gonna walk up to me while two thugs were kind of calming her down. for no reason again. for it just says ”target” on my forehead.


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