Thursday, August 20, 2015

Oh My God! This is serious.

on or about 18th of august 2015 someone clearly planted some poisonous chemical into my vehicle. it was supposed to look like fire extinguisher (Made in Italy) was malfunctioning as if it was leaking it, but it was performed poorly. this material smelled strongly like acetone, looked like brown resin and it really hurt my brain and lungs as i am looking back at this from the point of august 21st; i do feel the consequences esp. since i drove with windows not rolled down as i had no clue where the odor was coming from, i thought it was from the outside. i may have suffered permanent brain and lung damage. went to E.R. promptly then, & when i began talking about fire extinguisher they took the basic measurements which were all right btw and practically laughed it off. even though, i am a certified member of the U.S. association of forensic examiners, this was a clear and stinking foul-play most likely involving some dangerous organization. i find it a great coincidence that almost at the same time there was a large chemical fire in tianjin, China and islamic state used chemical warfare for the first time which leads me to believe it was a good timing for doing something like that. almost like two false flags and the real deal. this last sentence sounds like a complete nonsense, but i had to say it, having in
mind the awkwardness of everything. 


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