Thursday, May 07, 2015


may 7th 2015: as i exited krivolacka health center this morning i saw yet another bruise mark of hatred on my vehicle. either someone is monitoring and following me all the time or there are so many of them - it does not matter where i am at, i will be in constant peril BECAUSE THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. this is yet another reminder that i am in unfriendly country where i cannot relax any single day and live life to the fullest. can you imagine yourself in the skin i live in?
it is not 6th september as yet when 13 years ago serbian state stepped in and ruined my family requesting from united states of america to extradite me to serbia for reasons unknown until today.
i was just trying to live in peace, had finally settled, had family life and was not allowed to continue. 
these above are my blood and urine sugar readings which can only be caused by stress as it is induced by these serbian bastards locally. i have no idea why are they after me, why they want to hurt me and destroy my property and life. as eternal optimist i did not know i had no future when i got here in 2003, now i do. 

some thoughts:
I came to America to try to become another President, to change the law to that effect and follow in the footsteps of George Fisher (Djordje SAgic) only to become exposed like a deadbeat so that any local hooligan and serbian thug can wipe their ass with me. i am not vindictive person but i would be glad to see signs God has not forgotten about me in this lifetime. 

so what was the "trade off" CIA had offered by returning me to serbia - the fucking thing that existed only in my nightmares and
became my reality - slow death and deliberate mutilation by fucked up Godzilla serbs on serbian killing spree/crusade, they are getting into my face day after day.
if i am to be asked, it is fucked up and we are talking this is some 2015, humanity goes south, seems like the end times. i wish God got pissed~ Super pissed!

btw, Andjus rules!


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