Wednesday, June 10, 2015

21st century Nazis

last night (9th of june 2015, around 21:30) i was really trying to choke it off when i frantically entered effin’ nevski hotel on venizelisova street in belgrade, serbia. just seconds before, i parked on sidewalk in front of the effin’ place. i said to the receptionist ‘please let me know where the john is, it is urgent, i’ll pay for it.’ i showed a handful of money. the answer was repeated ‘you cannot use it if you are not a guest.’ so instead of unloading a bomb right there in nevski’s lobby before the receptionist and his female helper which bothers me now that i did not do it because i could not wait any longer, i had to run across the street to take a dump in the dark underneath the façade. in the process i dropped half of it in my pants because i could not hold it no more.

two things:

1.      it is for metformin i started using as a result of stress i was unable to handle as  the consequence of serbian habitat, people, aggression and hatred – as you were able to read herewith…

2.      never in my life i was refused permission to use toilet anywhere in the world esp. not at any hotel. are they just lazy to clean toilets so they are not allowing anyone to use them? whatever the reason, do not go there – nevski hotel, belgrade, serbia. they are as crazy as fucks – because they are
last minute: 10th of june 2015: 18 pm: i am following up on my situation in serbia - same old - as i was standing in line at local grocery store, motherfuckers waiting behind kept gang stalking utilizing man made noises, i turned to see an evil face of one serbian woman and immediately i turned back in disgust because that face said it all, it was the epitome of all those things happening to me in twelve years here...epitome of serbian evil. i think they have not got a clue how evil they are but i am pretty positive that these things would not be happening if some secret service was not involved in orchestrating it. it is impossible to imagine otherwise. in the end, even though i am feeling defeated (my intelligence too!) i have no clue what is their ultimate long term goal!!!

why do i attract total psychopaths in this country, i believe it is the part of undercover psych-op and me being a patsy

some psychopathic traits are:

hostile tendencies or aggression
impulsive aggression
irritable, angry, or expressive aggression
use aggression coldly
anger aimed at hurting another
defective emotions
enjoy controlling of others
do not experience normal levels of shame, guilt, or fear.
blame externalization.
violent crime impulsive
behaviors never admits fault
lack of remorse or guilt, impulsivity, the need for control, and predatory behavior
researchers have discussed the possibility of psychopaths being associated with organised crime, economic crime and war crimes

why am i afraid, let's just take an example of dada vujasinovic, a journalist who was killed in serbia and until this date government portrays this murder as suicide. you must act around here as if everything is fine if you do not want to be singled out and dealt with accordingly


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