Friday, July 03, 2015

serbian ustasha like haters - the dark side of humanity

finally, finally being a key word here, after eleven years i recently found a potential girlfriend and was able to do some (all but not in a very relaxed fashion) walking with her around the city of belgrade. alas, some serbian folk were showing such faces of biased, outsourced and unfounded hatred as well as deep animosity toward her while we were walking along that she soon chose a way out of ‘our relationship’ that did not last long. some serbs were trying to pierce her with their looks of hate while walking by.

this behavior is another hard proof that i have been a soft target for twelve years, taking cheap shots and - accidentally on purpose - "bitch moves" by americans and serbs alike while every action i take trying to step away from the quicksand i am in is sentenced to fail. i wonder who is molding these monsters and telling them they are doing the right thing?!

i find parallels here: ustashas slaughtered and hated people for no reason - for just being different and belgrade is full of the same type of haters, probably the city with largest ustasha-like population right now. there is a thin line between two extremes, a thin line between crazy man and hero, between ustasha and serbian neo-fascist hater and this thin line cannot inhibit obvious similarities with ustashas in serbian haters that are attacking/hating me on daily basis while they are completely unprovoked. some ethnic serbs were members of ustasha movement and they promoted hatred and slaughtered serbs as well. click here to read. same as the guy that sparks hatred against jews in serbia who is of jewish roots himself which is obvious in his last name's root. serbian hatred of me and ustashas hatred of serbs are completely interchangeable and unexplainable phenomena.
as an immediate response to what was written here, after i had returned to my vehicle from farmers market grocery shopping this morning i found that some serb ustasha like extremists were trying to destroy (break off) my rearview mirror as they did recently as seen in photos enclosed herewith: 

few days ago i saw former serbian president boris tadic drinking coffee downtown while his bodyguard was standing not faraway from him. i am sure that none of the stuff that is happening to me would happen to him or any other serbian politician for that matter, even if they were without bodyguard protection (to pathetically state, they all must be paranoid, who cares about them anymore?) they are not soft targets like me, available to all regional cowards to practice their "patriotic acts".  like the Sayings of Jesus on the cross i am left to wonder why did the government of united states of america destroy my family, kicked my ass to serbia and then left me behind to be subjected to "SERBIAN MERCY" ?!!! surely some bad karma is going to come back to all of these motherfuckers so they shall realize their mistakes when it is too late like it already is. i let go of the anger within me however i will never forgive and never forget this old sore.
crazy!: even though i am the number one most hated man in serbia, i am still rooting for djokovic. unfortunately, that's the way the cookie crumbles, my bad
 randomly picked comments...
so what wrong did i do as i feel like the most hated guy in serbia? the first thing that comes to mind is that serbs and americans wronged me so much, first of all they irreversibly broke my family which was unheard of - huge, huge, huge, and terrible punishment for any being but now we see that's not enough; in the most perfidious way, for 12 years, this european nation and their outsourced american hatred have been preventing me to found a new family and return to being a normal human being!!!!! 
as long as they are exerting pressure and never admitting to anything - the case of CYOA before the "rule of law" (in my case there was no "rule of law" as it turned out to be the rule of united states' federal state mafia and executive branch anarchy - i was definitely severely punished for being the bad guy that did not do anything wrong !!!!!) in their minds they must believe they are not the biggest assholes in the world. period. finally, was this american hatred indeed outsourced to serbia or was this a serb-generated hatred? in all honesty, the way i see it, justice is reserved for those that are currently eligible for privileges. unluckily, throughout my lifetime i never fell into category of those currently eligible for earthly justice and privileges, i always were on the fucked up side. the cookie crumbled that way, though i did not opt fot it.

in trying to debunk the serbian hatred mystery i remember that around 2000, i publicly expressed (utilizing user name for identity purposes which could have been easily tracked down even by webmaster) some volatile utopist opinions on (whose canadian owner btw was close ally with former serbian regime) stating even that all retirement benefits of serbian communists, military officers and secret service agents should be void. that touched a nerve.  
DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY POWERFUL ENEMIES IS THAT?!! IT'S UNTHINKABLE !!!!! they even tricked united states into handing me over to them. until today, these stupid cunts* cannot figure out what happened and what they allowed on their watch !!!! i think 100% of america is clueless. it's surely unthinkable. *cursing 12 years down the line after what i had cherished the most - family life - became irreversible and impossible; still i hate not the players, i hate their game!
imagine the case of one giant boa (united states of america in the year 2000), the king of a jungle, but every night as she falls asleep, thousand of serbian mocking mice swing by her. most likely, this thesis / statement was what buried me then for lifetime – i regret that posting now (the weaker is always the loser) as i falsely believed in the protection of apparently one useless florid platitude such as is the first amendment to the united states constitution – did not expect the virulent reaction of post-communist serbian regime and its ideological satellites and then came what happened in united states to me and my family. not to mention the fact promoted frequently by milojko pantic that serbia is the only post-communist country in the world where communists still rule! according to mr. pantic the only difference between these serbian post-communist groups (alleged serbian "political parties") are different interests, in other words, serbia is the only-post communist country where the dictatorship of the politicians followed the dictatorship of the proletariat. in other words, it's all the same shit as it ever was before, but disguised now wrapped in nice capitalist chocolate wrapper. the communists are not as strong now as they were twelve years ago when they managed to even bring me back to serbia and ruin my family in united states, but they are sufficiently strong to make my life miserable in serbia! their smart children rule today whose red aura is unmistakable giveaway of their marxist heritage (thinking as wild guess: ana babic, the first thing that comes to mind). it is just a plain personal revenge. spanish inquisition - torture lasting several days only - is nothing in comparison to what i have been going through for 12 years. deep down i believe that Catholics have more heart than what-used-to-be-yugoslav-communists. you have not done anything, 50% of serbs treat you as slave, enemy and criminal every day and there is no chance for parole. 
where are those serbs not prone to evil and violence and nooses?!!! how come i do not come across any of them?!! how come i only come across those serbs that dumb-show me nooses with their arms as they start violently twitching. obama would be driven mad in serbia
the meanest and ugliest looks today i got while driving in strahinjica bana street. just check the life style of those that do not have one inch of brain and are frequenting strahinjica bana street in belgrade in comparison to my life style and you will see who is the boss in serbia and who's the slave and third grade citizen. that’s where i was sniped with laser beam again while driving, my eyes are in complete pain. 
also i am positive that if in some virtual reality - obama, george w bush, bill clinton or any other american for that matter would walk in my shoes in serbia - then serbia would be no more. there would be no more serbia. the ground would be still smoking here, there would not be left here one stone upon another that would not be thrown down, tako mi Isusa. so much about mercy and being patient.
would i be able to sit down in serbia and order a drink of water that was not laced with industrial cleaner as i sometimes feel they do by the behavior and pains in my body? just recently i was in one such place; another day (july 17th 2015), second time i went in there and took a courageous sip again i got an immediate and lasting herpes on lips now combined with pains from the first visit and blister mouth sore that won't go away with mouthwash. i am not stupid i see what’s been going on for years, they hate me. i see the drift. just do not know if they brag about it when they do me harm? i won't say where this more recent "experience" occurred because i was someone's guest. strange thing - a guy that most likely tempered drink came out to see me and was eying me from a distance - his body language i interpreted as if i had raped his sister or mother at least.

what serbia needs is lots and lots of basic education and lots and lots of infused fear of liability for doing harm, i feel as if serbs have no sense of guilt for their deeds. serbia also needs more love and less drugs, it needs to understand  and adopt true Christian principles – it now looks as if serbs in general are not connected with GOd, and serbia also needs Masonic temples (peace out to all true and accepted brothers out there.) i feel as if serbia of 21st century is still ruled on the basis, the goals and the methods of the communist revolution where red does not symbolize love, humanity, innocence and the Sun; it stands for bloodshed, bloodbath and more blood of the stupid ones


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