Saturday, May 30, 2015

Me and Crown Prince of Yugoslavia

for all these years i’ve been trying to figure out hwat had induced this serbian hatred and then today it dawned on me. once upon a time in the beginning of 1990s, Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia, also named Alexander II Karađorđević was looking for a personal driver and butler and i was fresh out of high school; just got  driver’s license and thought it would be a neat thing to apply.
however, serbian state security was then, as it is now, populated with former hard-boiled communists and their children who had to be extremely hard on royalists to become agents; for the reds it was a thing of an honor to disgrace or kill as many of those non-alligned. major soccer clubs in serbia are still named after communist symbols: red star and partisan fighters, while the clubs in, for example, croatia have patriotic but non-ideological names, like dynamo and haiduk. i did not figure out that such hatred was existing at the time as i was young and stupid. did not know that those applying for Crown Prince’s services were all secretly scrutinized by the state security as advertisement ran publicly in politika newspapers. so i was most likely put on state’s black list, same as edward snowden would be in united states. though i do not believe Snowden would be allowed to roam freely like me in open type prison environment without a trial. for treason deeds i've never committed in addition to obvious lack of evidence, i still feel i was dealt with as an ideological public enemy. as far as my situation touches base, i have been going through public lynching and gangstalking for almost twelve years, let alone my family that was intentionally broken by forces of evil. these are facts and the rest is evil forces trying to discredit me further which they are skilled to do and are doing it successfully.

the only difference now is that these former maverick defenders of communism are not communists now, now they are right-wing royalty-hating clero-fascists. some of them turned liberal and i do not have a problem with them libs. not that anything is wrong with the next, but though, nobody has my back, i am an undecided voter.     
many of my yearmate intellectuals have utilized their password to success which was to join government apparatus: state security and post-communist law enforcement. all of those that remained alive and loyal now can brag with being well situated with plenty of money to burn and numerous children. although, i do not feel sorry for myself and them in that regard, they are still leading scoring charts and i am next to one or zero, that being siding with losers time and time again!
as soon as i posted this article, somewhere some red alert lamp went off, as today my cell battery was drained in a few hours without any significant phone activity recorded on my part. i must admit that i am more afraid today being around belgrade, serbia, than i was ever. 
last minute: i guess the mention of serbian royalty in post communist country was highly dangerous thing to do since not only my cellular phone battery is emptying itself miraculously after several hours of non-usage but i am experiencing gang stalking everywhere again. i guess they would like me to kill myself - no normal living creature can endure such a  pressure - hence all this psychological terror in action. don't worry i won't, whatever is happening to me is entirely sketched and planned by those forces (you could imagine who they are) that destroyed my family in the first place. 
last minute cont.: yet another form of gangstalking - extremely powerful, bright, luminous and disturbing searchlights directed into my bedroom until the wee hours on june 3rd 2015, zeroing in as seen on the photos enclosed herewith. they are positioned somewhere on top of the buildings marked with red arrow (located on gostivarska street, belgrade, serbia). talking about the grid of serbian relentless animosity. in addition, mark my key word relentless. you can see when this google maps screenshot was taken this morning at 3:40 AM when my cell battery was fully charged again

june 7th 2015: last minute: as in life where i have been left with broken family and attacked on daily basis for twelve years which all led to spiraling downward in a disastrous stress spiral in addition to my deteriorating health, consequently induced,  not even my luck (luck! all that is left to me) follows me anymore as i am losing today together with novak djokovic...
what i am talking about there is not a single classic life enhancer to be found anywhere. from my point there is no way to start a good sporting momentum, a turning point to healthily rise, so to become reclusive is probably a way to be. jedite bre govna idioti picka vam materina govnarska


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