Saturday, April 25, 2015


just want to report another laser attack that happened yesterday april, 24th 2015 and soon i'll get optician's report inclusive of damages (i feel almost blinded into one eye) i will post it here for the world to see and decide why is this happening to me

it is not a horseplay when someone ruins your eyesight. in the past even secret societies stood up and exposed those pretending to be what they are not for their brutal and evil deeds. 
and who is going to act up and blame and punish those that took up "the justice" in their hands while trying to maim me. not the same here. who are these serbian vigilantes pretending to be?

one can also see here detail of violent serb formations where they attack some policemen with lit torches and lasers accompanied by turkish-tatar tribal drum beat in the background that happened yesterday (min.: 00:32 - 03:47):
whereby serb police are not any better profane souls, imo, they are just reflecting what they are facing daily, this was yesterday too:
this atmosphere in Belgrade is in my opinion something comparable to al-Qaida and ISIS and not with European standard of benevolence by any means. I am desperate for Serbian Church or Serbian Prince do not utter a word to accuse violence and heathen mindset that exploits viciousness and something very different than what standards od decency and pursuit of excellence in performing our duties to God, our country, our neighbors and ourselves, are. the lifetime spent in this Serbia equals to slow death and decay of individual like me. i am thus dead. serbia is deathtrap for me and i have been set up by the american government. i have enemies there, enemies in serbia. facts: i have not seen a child in fourteen years, never had any family issues. they destroyed my family, wife married someone else after seven years of separation and american government expelled me from country while never disclosing reasons for doing so. only to be forced here into lion's den where normal human being must be dying on daily basis out of fear only for fear mongering is way of life in serbia. and when they feel fear on you you're a dead meat. the punks then go exploiting you, your mind and your fear for years on end. bastards and criminal minds on both sides. this searching for answers is killing me and is totally preventing my progress. assume i need a positive change. Jesse Ventura would have understood it and whose bad it was. apparently bad people rule world for there is no common sense justice. 

i wake up every night in serbia in nightmare expecting the worst as if the serbs are going to cut me to pieces just like in that movie knife scene "the definition of nemesis" in the snatch where serbs (britons) are equipped with butcher knives and saws knives as they prepare to cut up. and unfortunately, i do not have any mates here - even gypsies would have been okay - just like in the movie, to protect me. noone has yet told me not to fear being in serbia, i just feel what i feel. these are the rock bottoms, the pit bottoms of hell, the way i see it.


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