Sunday, May 24, 2015


as i was exiting antique fair held at slavija, belgrade, serbia, i noticed promptly that my eyes burn like hell and most likely i was sniped again by someone lying in wait somewhere - one more indicator that someone has been following me around and planning and executing actions to destroy my health and peace of mind. hours later my eyes still burn, my vision has been tempered with and numerous floaters and dark spots are a bothering nuisance.

as far as i guess my peace activism is concerned it seems that i am at much greater risk for being deliberately maimed when being around in public in serbia than mordechai vanunu was ever in israel.
unfortunately, it seems that serbs do that to other serbs. 

with practically no funding serbian efforts to bluff americans in order to bring me back home were numerous times smarter in comparison to what extent mossad went to bring back vanunu. though i think these two cases are incomparable, i am many more times frightened of being in serbia right now. throughout the past 12 years i've been under government and private interest groups' surveillance and as the result of this political experiment and/or sentence i was not able/allowed to form a family and live a normal productive life (double coded, harrased/attacked, and/or avoided by many - i have no idea what's normal life i had used to live so many years ago). the only comparison to my local situation would be if one imagine several hundred pit-bulls forced after a pet poodle while pit-bull owners cynically suggest poodle can run, poodle can run....therefore, run, poodle, run


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