Sunday, April 19, 2015

Radovan Karadzic & me

i am wearing a tin-foil hat right now as i am typing this brief check / report of my reality.
as i was heading to mozzart co. bookmakers to place my bet on djokovic berdych (monte carlo rolex masters final) match to make myself stay on top of the things in tennis world i had to pass by roma Café, Bar, and Sports Bar, Vojvode Stepe 47 (Bože Jankovića) where often i see murky types that remind me of hooligans and low life thugs doing the most despising things as they may be. thus, as i had stated in this blog earlier around the city of belgrade i am in constant hiding and i have to appear randomly and unexpectedly in various places around town because if “they” ('they' means venomous people that are after me in this country and there are many of them and i do not know who they are and what they want from me)
know where i am going to pass next they are ready to set up an ambush and harm me. today they saw me going into the booking place and they knew i had to walk back soon to my car which was parked next to roma café. as i was returning one of them played as if he appeared there suddenly only “asking” his friends sitting in front of roma  “whether some shop was opened today” while at the same time he was aiming something that he was holding in his right hand what appeared like a hand held laser into me. this play was lousy and obvious because they may be low life crime but not actors. all i know is my eyes hurt and burn, and i am in pain.
few years ago when Radovan Karadzic was hiding in belgrade i was doing some translation work for him although i did not know who he was, as his appearance was quite lowly and unkempt. i must say that i respect and bear sympathy for every person who had helped me in the past as i made some money with help of Radovan Karadzic. naturally, just because he offered me his friendship by not asking for anything in return but my services and plainly responding by giving me some funds, i well respect that person, and i would definitely not have ever turned him in even if i had known who he was – however, i am now witnessing these people are after me as if i was the one who had “betrayed” him. they want to harm me. still this is one of the things that come to my mind - as to why they want to kill me or harm me or debilitate me. and hereby the link was roma restaurant as it was one of the places where he was requesting me to meet with him. alas! this makes me pretty concerned and afraid. every time i hit streets of belgrade, my adrenaline is rushing and heart is pumping fast since i know i have got no protection (except tin foil and this blog) and many are out there to get me because either they were told to or incited to but at any rate they were allowed to because nobody told them not to attack me, nobody told them to let it go or leave me alone. i am a walking target and God is my witness. 
last minute follow up (april 20th): i am trying hard to provide some information in order to be left alone, but on the contrary some radical elements within serbian society are getting madder and madder denying further my right to privacy and peaceful existence. i witnessed again another attack as i was driving today - unknown driver, and around 12:04 driver of vehicle with licence plates: bg 458 AF, black opel astra parked in front of me (i was parked on jove ilica street) and this guy just kept staring at me for about two minutes, i could not move my car, i tried to gesticulate to no avail then he just drove off. i am scared beyond words even though i already said goobye to my lifetime on this earth, these are just epizodes


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