Monday, July 27, 2015

in England they are killing horses, in China they eat dogs, in serbia they are after the artist

i am a real artist. nobody bought a work of art from me ever!

the truth from experience: poisonous habitat is real misfortune for body, mind, soul…

such is serbia - the real venom for freedom and liberty!

as i was waiting in traffic to make left turn on vitanovacka street - ugly ass serbian motherfucker that was driving city bus no.25 waited until the last moment and then seeing my window down this serbian ugly motherfucker pressed pedal to the metal filling my cabin with noise and black smoke (btw, in any other country it would be crime to drive this kind of vehicle - a real health hazard) that i am not feeling well coughing an hour after as if i was in some military grade poison filled battlefield.

it was proven to me - many serbs favor crime and injustice when criminal mentality is not even popular in sicily anymore. let's just figure out why serbs are after me and not after those that killed their countrymen during a war with nato?! as many folks were killed by nato bombs and serb government knew what buildings were going to be bombed – there was never a liability issue raised here!!! read more below – next to being artist i am sure i am a serb patsy or at least a scapegoat to turn public attention away from the real problems and culprits – but since i do not want to be a stupid patsy, here is my blog for freedom loving people to read what is going on in serbia and what is happening to me! couple of years ago i was severely beaten for being exposed and singled out as a persona non grata in serbia - i have severe mental issues following that beating that serbian police never wanted to investigate!

after all i have been through – i would rather be licking american ass than depending on serbian mercy!!! it is that bad. serbia is catastrophe for the humanity and human dignity as i was idealizing.


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