Friday, January 23, 2015

It is disgusting that I need CIA’s help

i must admit that for all the time i spent in united states nobody never wanted to do me a physical harm and that is the great paradox with respect to my current situation. safety or health were number one priorities there.

in serbia they want to take my eyes out

i cannot vouch the following was unintentional, i do not know, but that’s why i am writing because i keep this blog sort of as diary. i bought some antiques from a dealer marko penezic (aka marko pera (tele? pene?) kineza; his dad had a chinese facial features earning a nickname chink in serbian) utilizing limundo net auction site (his limundo nick: susnica2). i know this person from antique shows that occur at slavija hotel on weekends. he bragged that he cannot go back to European Union because of some things unrelated to antiques trying to portray himself as a wise guy. so soon he called again offering something else, i replied that i will cover his buying expenses if he was unable to sell further. it was a huge bronze bust of former yugoslav president tito which i did not particularly like and need. my reply should have been more a turn off, because i really did not want to buy this piece, i was hoping that he won’t agree. couple of days later he called and i had to stand to my word. anyhow i proceeded to meet him at an agreed location – autokomanda square – and when i got there he asked me to come look around his car as he was trying to lure me to a particular spot. i immediately felt something was not right. he said look at the passenger’s airbag the plastic piece is dangling. passenger side door was open. he said a kid – his boy who was sitting in a mini’s (cooper) backseat but entirely invisible through a deeply tinted glass - just found out. my sixth sense told me to step back. as i was standing there facing the vehicle i noticed some lights pointed at me from the inside and seconds later his kid produced himself pointing some blazing stuff at me. i tried to look hard in the night to see what those were and when the kid saw i was looking at him he turned rays sideways and then i realized those were dots from the laser gun. now i cannot beat the feeling that the kid was instructed to do that, as someone told me marko seems to be the kind of guy who would rather give magnum 357 pistol to a kid to play with than a laser gun. one time earlier while he was in switzerland i bought some things from his limundo account and i came to pick them up from his wife who drove me somewhere which was unusual. why was she driving me, i cannot remember but i do remember that at one point on another occasion marko was sarcastically joking that i knew his wife from a high school outing to rome – which was entirely made up. i must state that i met with this person not more than 5 to 6 times in my life. i remember i stayed at their place a little bit longer than i should had. of course we did not become close but i knew some personal things about them, and unfortunately i recently innocently brought these up with marko asking what happened to their previous car (he now drives mini cooper.) so he may had inquired from wife to find out more as to how i knew about some things and got all the wrong clues. it could have been either that or the false announcement that floats around how the freemasons want me blind because i pulled one on them. anything is possible in serbia, and i feel as if there could be rumors sent to these poor unintelligible souls, if you blind this guy - you will become rich. i am writing this because i have been in pain for days – i still can see, my vision is impaired and eye burns a lot. this happened on january 20th around 20:50. i’ve been using visine eye relief but does not help. i think i will have to go to hospital in the next few days, to see what damage it is, but presently i have too many obligations to provide for my living to find some extra hours to wait in the serbian hospital queue. it is the question of honor and word – and i know my priorities although the health should be the number one. in serbia everything is set upside down. i feel that the pain won’t go away soon.
i am also asking myself because of the consequences, if there were two lasers involved, one stronger (that i could not see) and one less powerful (produced) that would be the excuse for doing lesser harm or no harm at all. 

unless i show these people i have some strong cia connections they will destroy me, piecemeal, and by that i mean that anyone who perpetrates evil or crime against me will not get away scot-free; in other words, if cia does not send out a strong message to serbians i am a goner. they owe me some IOUs for breaking up my family and stuff. it sucks to be me, that’s for sure.  
to that end, let me just show what the laser that you can illegally or legally purchase in serbia could do, and by watching these videos i am losing my respect for nikola tesla who made the discovery: 
Video #1
Video #2 



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