Thursday, November 20, 2014


belgrade, serbia, november 20th 2014

around 14 hours today, a driver who was driving in the opposite direction in (white-colored?) "smart" two seater clearly wanted to blind me with some laser thingy as he was aiming it at me and flashing it several times like turning it on and off as if pressing on and off button. oh yes, he was clearly aiming it at me and the light was blinding.
clearly his action was designed to upset me if that was not a laser, though i believe it was as i clearly have problems with my vision this evening. this was plain example of gangstalking. in order for him to perform this action i suppose somebody had to call him on cell phone and tell him which direction and what route i was heading as pure coincidence is out of question. so several people must have been involved.

now i have to ask myself who has the logistics and time for messing up my life. whose signature this was? was it the serbian government, political supporters of vojislav seselj, or mossad because i complained here against an american judge who happens to be jewish and who ruined my life. i was warned numerous times by various individuals, do not mess with jews, stay away, they will kill you or you will regret it, at least.

i do not bear no grudge against any of them but still things have been happening to me. it is also possible that those who are their opponents perpetrate false flag operations so when something happens to me like today i have to suspect those that come first with respect to who may have something against me. things get crazy when the can of worms gets opened. it seems to me that some serbian worms are out and they are out there to get me. will they ever leave me alone to live a carefree, happy, awesome family life. not only that they prevent me in trying to found a family, they do things like this today all the time. i honestly doubt so. then again, any government in the world that dislike what i was writing can send a team to serbia or hire serbians to disturb me on daily basis for months; that is also gangstalking. and if you do not know from whom such evil is coming you are fucked. you cannot trust anybody. 


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