Saturday, December 13, 2014

le poisson doré

right now i’ve got only three wishes:

1)      get married, found a family

2)      escape serbia forever

3)    never again talk to anyone in serbian (croatian, montenegrin, bosnian) language.

my plea matters.

i am exposed to unlimited slander. serbs hate me as much as american hoi polloi hate any successful uncool foreigner and that is a pretty much amazing amount of hatred. if you only think how edison viciously hated tesla!!!!!!
serbian jealousy is of abysmal proportions. they wanna screw you if they see you are more successful or better than them. it is crazy. edison fucked nikola tesla for the same reason. that's why i am never going to be writing anything personal in serbian ever, period. if only there was some independent world language to write in. when you are caught up in (explicit) serbian machine, you are there to be torn apart, you are not a human being anymore. they are feeding off and thriving on my misfortune that they are directly causing. going just anywhere for me has become stressful to the point of disbelief. if i am not followed by a particular group of people (professional gangstalkers) here than it can only mean that 85 % of serbian population is involved in gang-stalking. for example this evening, a guy came after me when i was in copy center joint in sremska street, an hour ago (december 15th 2014). i was scanning a charter of great benefactor in fine art and a certificate of appreciation for the achievements in field of fine art given to me by the major and the only operating art museum in the country as well as two paintings that were gifts. this guy with montenegrin accent (montenegro - a very small nearby country) simple yelled that he came there to falsify and forge some american documents the words he kept repeating while noone understood him as his obvious and only intention was to disturb my peace of mind as he kept on yelling behind me while i was handling and handing over paintings to the clerk. i connected that he saw paintings and immediately tried to gang-stalk and disturb me somehow. later, he told clerks that he was "only joking". this is the kind of reputation i have got in serbia. it makes you wonder why i do what i do 24-hours a day and for whom. these crazy bastards surely did not deserve any appreciation whatsoever.  i am not even going to try to explain how many not so knowledgeable art collectors (and/or potential  girlfriends /
prospective wives) they have scared away from me. that's why i am so lonely. nobody out there to protest either, they cover gang-stalking 100% percent in serbia and do that as they like. but i reckon they will have to extra pay for it somehow. oh Lord Almighty they should.


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