Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How the visit to art gallery can get you murdered in Serbia?

ok, i swear by George W. - I live for art 24 hours a day, it’s a passion, and for that reason I know I am not entitled to any special privileges. but I cannot take injustice.

thanks God I speak English so the world could hear me. if I spoke Serbian only, next to being humiliated I would have been isolated from the world community. I would have been screwed by injustice and persecution. now I have the ability of letting people know what is my side of story, what is really going on.

I have got to say that following yesterday's incident with a secret service officer (who called today as if nothing happened being on his best behavior while trying to explain that his actions in my car were such because he is the witch, so he wanted to leave some positive energy there - sic!) some serbs really turned up a heat on me today – december 23rd 2014.

first off around 14:00 hrs, after I had visited art consultant nikola kusovac at artmedia gallery and as i was trying to pull out, some postal clerk driving a yellow postal fiat cargo, car lic. plates: BG 592 UJ, went berserk and gestured as if he had wanted to fight, but there was absolutely no reason since I waited calmly until he passed by. I felt it was a gesture of personal hatred since I repeat there was no reason whatsoever to start any trouble unless it was very personal.

then I went to see jovan bijelic’s exhibition currently held at the gallery of SANU that is the gallery of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. as usually I went to clerk's desk to sign in and obtain a current catalog, free of charge to art critics and journalists. the guys there apparently saw me for the first time (it was always somebody else)  and the custodian of the gallery, ms. rada maljkovic, who happened to be with them after sizing me up and down finally decided that I did not look like an art critic so she said: we do not give it to everybody. we have a limited amount of copies.

when I said to her for whom I was writing in the past she said she was going to check and let me know. when I asked how was she going to let me know as she did not know me and did not write anything down she replied something unintelligent. when I had realized that she was being dishonest, I then asked her for name and told her that I was going to write about it, since the writing is my job, I will write then that in the SANU gallery some art critics receive catalogs while others do not as some nazi-like selection is made. that provoked attention of the clerks which then jumped on me starting to roar. I felt I was going to feel safer by trying to turn on a mobile phone camera and record what was going on in order to prove a possible incident and my peaceful standing there. that provoked more aggression on their part. I tried to calm them down arguing that they should not be yelling but that brought forth their complete rage. they ordered me to get out of the gallery which I followed but then I realized who I was and that what they were doing was completely wrong. they were kicking me out of the public gallery and I really wanted to check out the exhibition. I protested and told them I won’t go. I proceeded to view the exhibit. after several minutes I was confronted by the rogue security guy boban belic who threatened to beat me on the spot and break my camera. while yelling he was spitting at me and I felt I had to move away from his spit that went into my eyes. as it looked like he was going to deck me at any moment I was forced against one painting of bijelic's work which was probably damaged by belic's actions. he was not just bullying me as belic also threatened that he will tear me apart once I get out onto the street. I felt it was about time to call the cops. for all this time I tried to pacify mr. belic and calm him down. obviously, he was provoked by me being so stone cold and calm. when they arrived they first thought that I was the culprit and that someone from the gallery called them. then they asked me if I was sure of the charges that I was pressing, I told them that everything was caught on camera because this gallery must have been covered by video cameras unless the security proceeds to erase the recorded material. I am definitely thinking about pressing charges against mr. belic and SANU.

I am living for art 24 hours and it should bother me when some people perceive me not as the art guy but as something else. It is burdensome for the brain when you are giving yourself up with a complete effort for some cause, art in my case, and then some bum comes around not knowing anything about you (like this security guy who lied to cops that I accused him of being drunk) thinking you are the bum and everything you do crashes down into the water. and it is crazy. why deny someone who lives for art 24 hours a day, why make a selection, why give it to somebody who perhaps does not give a damn, that’s not the way, I wanted to write about it. sheer stinginess of ms. rada maljkovic produced everything stated herein and I must remind people where this happened. is it possible this can happen in the national gallery not in some serbian striptease joint? do not even have to say that a former long-time director of this gallery is my best friend with whom I co-authored a book on serbian american artist Nicholas Petkovich. I then said that I was willing to go through booze and drug check just to make sure that it was not me that was the problem, but the cops said it was not possible. I am now afraid of mr boban belic and his street buddies as he looked to be some violent, virulent, lowlife street thug and not the security guy with some national gallery. i am sure he has criminal past. I will never visit SANU gallery again in my life not as long as all those people work there. and now I can openly say that its director dusan otasevic, in fact looks to me like someone who would put something in your drink. he does not look right to me at all. it is most likely a political connection that brought them there.

when I exited there was an old man sitting on the bench in front of the gallery. as soon as he saw me he started whispering: I fuck your father, your mother, and who else, i fuck your grandmother. God forbid if I ever have to depend on serbs, let’s say if I ever needed a hospital treatment here. it would have been the end of me.

even americans make videos how they are not superior as nation, but serbs have to stick to their super-stupid and yet completely unexplained hatred

a very angry clerk after i had initially agreed to exit gallery, above

 boban belic leaving area of attack after i had called police

 boban belic (left) and clerks looking with anger after i had called cops

 rada maljkovic and boban belic arguing with female police officer 
rada maljkovic leaving SANU - Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences


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