Thursday, December 25, 2014

revenge for publishing?

yet today as I was driving back home from an art exchange that was scheduled by the other side for midnight (December 25th 2014) (strange time for doing art exchanges and perfect for setting up traps indeed) by the same serbian secret service officer, so as I was driving down vitanovacka street, there was a fiat punto coming up in the opposite direction and its driver was pointing what appeared to be a red laser light towards me. now, I am trying to figure out if I was the CIA operative - how easy it would have been for me to organize coworkers to do some off duty gangstalking for a colleague or friend (and if it produces bodily harm I assume it counts a little bit more than just plain American gangstalking; I am talking gangstalking the Serbian way.) there are few things that would have made me happier if these things were not related. though in this country I cannot assume I am anything but wrong. some_things here are so obvious. only if I was persistently gangstalked by masa mileusnic or nevena madzarevic, I would have been surprised beyond belief. to me it would be more belieavable if the secret service guy had orchestrated some revenge scheme by utilizing a little help of his coworkers just to put me off my rocker while doing a little bodily harm in the process, in addition to laying some king cobra eggs into the painting's frame so little cobras start crawling out of it on the wall. are my swollen bloodshot painful eyes the proof of this scheme?! personally, i'd rather be in the part of the world where i could be gangstalked by Yael Averbuch.


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