Tuesday, January 20, 2015

bloody people

i am up against serbian foil helmet army who actually does bodily harm here, and by their perpetual hatred for something they do not recognize, respect or simply hate -- which btw is reflected in their gangstalking or showing ignorance and no respect whatsoever -- they are doing mental and material harm to me. i am being mentally raped over here and in the past i have gone through severe beatings that damaged my body, brain and mind. let alone other ways of physical disturbance which i will not even describe in order to prevent more serbian copy cats from doing more harm as laws in these country do not necessarily prevent crime. finally, i was victimized on numerous occasions, and none of these times the matter went further from police report. i explained one beating in my earlier posts herewith. i am sure something equally horrible if not worse is going to happen to all those who had sent me on this bloody trip to serbia - while breaking up my family in the process. and for serbian people that are doing harm to me, i am not sure what is going to happen to them because satan loves those who follow him


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