Monday, December 22, 2014

i piss on united states, i piss on serbia

this is what hell is. the hell is the state of confusion and i am so confused. first off, in america (conditioned most likely by lies from yugoslavia (now serbia) which in my mind was never sanctioned subversive terrorist activity on the serbian government level part; they owe me, they know they do, thus they do not want to leave me alone until i die. these monstrous crooks will never admit to anything.) my family was destroyed so my wife remarried and i have never seen my child thereafter. do not i have the right to say i piss on america for that sole reason.

now, having done no harm to noone while living in constant denial, hatred, disadvantage and misfortune for 11 years in serbia, trying to clean up my name doing charity work and forming art collection which was my initial intention in america as well, today (december 22nd 2014) i was confronted by a serbian secret service officer who asked me: when are you going to go to jail? it was not the only nasty thing that happened next to harassing me by incriminating: /quote/ how could you be in the possession of freemasonic stuff when you are not a freemason, it does not belong to you. /unquote/ - unfortunately, after i had traded art with him (everything seemed fine up until that moment) he asked me to drive him to his car and after i left him unattended in my vehicle for a brief moment he was all over the place trying to destroy things inside, hands all over the place, left (seemed as if he was quickly rubbing in) some powdery substance (premeditated? military grade poison?). everything he said then was obnoxious and disturbing so i wonder what did i miss earlier or later, namely, whether he inserted some listening devices too and if he was pointing something into my eyes as i was driving (eyes hurt. laser? or due to the powdery stuff?). is it a coincidence if the same secret service officer calls you on any given day and "guesses" 100% of the time what you are doing at the moment and where you exactly are (calls out your 20, 100% of the time)? this one should be doing fortunetelling and psychic work, it is either that or his rate of success tells me that i have been placed on real-time surveillance 24-7. but the jail joke which was not a joke is the one that comprehends my well being and life quality in serbia at this moment. i say fuck this place. after that, i wish there is serbia no more. because whatever was good in serbia disappeared a long time ago, and this country has become the rotten place of evil people which needs to be replaced by something else, something better, some amoeba form of life.


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