Monday, January 12, 2015

i need cia’s alliance and help – they need to stop cheap shooting me; stop this serbian patsy thing at once.

due to some construction works, there is only one way to my house so even if i wanted to – i cannot be hopscotching and finding alternative routes in order to fool the “chase”. there are only couple of guys needed to set up an ambush team to keep harassing me every single day in this country as i am driving out, away or back to my place. i believe they are using some powerful military grade lasers for obstructing my ride and destroying my vision by engaging me as their target. the ambush is frequently changing its position (place) and just by the physical effects (painful burning face and eyes, blurry vision) i know i had been hit. i believe those who are masterminding these covert operations are related to serbian mafia and/or paramilitary or former military groups as they must have enemies to keep functioning. they are some sort of local q factions. all in all, it involves the serbian power grid as no ordinary grumpy men could have necessary logistics to operate independently, or could they? i believe these actions are supported by the serbian government as very strange things are happening to me without anyone raising voice about it. from compromising the safety of my vehicle to laser attacks! i feel as i can be liquidated at any time and that they are just having fun playing dirty. now it is not the point why they are doing it, am i the target of opportunity as nobody is raising their concern about the obvious - and the obvious is going on - i am the victim of gangstalking inclusive of bodily harm. in addition, however, i feel as an asset – as described on youtube by the expert: there is no way an asset (or patsy) could have function without everyone knowing every single detail about what the asset is doing, there is no way asset could hide, an asset cannot disguise actions from his handlers, it does not work. i believe i have handlers in serbia, those who follow and recon on my every move and many individuals feeding information back to them from the street level and up; this place is like prison without walls except that i am not committing any crime. as an art connoisseur, critic, publicist, enthusiast, author and artist finally, i believe i am very beneficial for any society, let alone this serbian one which does not care much for fine art. on top of that there is a group of those who are gangstalking me and doing a direct physical harm onto my body which cannot be stopped as they are super evil and well organized, have no remorse and have enough time and resources to persist on doing it. like i said things keep happening and it feels no one is at the controls of this ship, for me serbia has been nothing but trouble. a country that does not allow you to have a family and family life does not deserve any respect (once you are thrown off the track it is very hard to get back into the real life.) i know they are cursing at me in their serbian mother language right now if they are reading this. however, we have to make it all bets off in serbia, straight up. go nuclear, Godspeed, need be, for goodness sake. if there is no liberty and justice for all, inclusive of me, there are going to be problems for those persons. CIA is my only and last hope to that end. 


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