Friday, November 28, 2014

gangstalking - serbia - november 2014

i cannot imagine situation whereby any american soldier or any patriot or ex-patriot would have been
put on surveillance and constant gangstalking on their way back home from any country.
this is what is going on with me in serbia.
i am not looking neither expecting american protection in my situation since
americans were the ones who directly escalated and finally produced the ongoing situation.
however, not only that serbs are not allowing me to continue my life as they constantly harass
anyone that wants to hang out with me either by gangstalking them or sending them tax authorities to further harass them
if they have businesses
so people are naturally afraid to hang out with me. this is why i was not able to get married in ten years!!!!!! i am sure you are laughing right now, but do unto others as you would have them do unto. i am desperate right now. i would not be writing if i were not in the state of grave distress. i cannot catch any trains because i am forbidden to. thus i need help of friendly nations, like english, french, norwegians, japs.
if i scream ugly serbians it won't help me.
it is not only that. the highrise building that is situated directly on the hill top above my house
is full of ex - military secret service members and even its former director resides there.
some of these folks like colonel
bogosav bogi stojmenovic do not have more than several years of elementary school but during the turbulent times
of 1990s in the Balkans and Serbian War with USA some of them managed to achieve general ranks.
now can you imagine guy with no school like mr. stojmenovic being a general?
simply by analyzing my situation, one can vouch they possess a crook mentality?
strong lights and powerful lasers are non stop pointed into my windows and whenever i exit the home i feel as a target.
serbs were calling themselves targets during the war with USA in 1999, and what do i have to do with it?
it is obvious that CIA turned these stupid cunts against me and they do not want to get off. who knows how CIA did it?! they perhaps like playing dirty games with rogue nations.
i say the world has to do something to stop this gangstalking!!! i have no idea whether it is allowed by the
current Serbian government but the things are happening. i am sure it is allowed by the international community
of freedom loving people who do not know anything about my situation. period. 

on the link that follows there is just a glimpse of who am i dealing with and the likes, the text is in serbian, please find a way to translate, i cannot do it, i am done up by the unjustly serbian population:


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