Saturday, November 22, 2014


Today I had an extremely bad luck of having to visit Serbian Numismatic Fair where I have been victimized by Serbian energy suckers. Like walking zombies they herded over to me to either touch or brush them off of me. Even if they pretended it was coincidental and they wanted to make it inconspicuous I understood what they were doing and even though I wanted to think away the experience I was soon drained like a dirty sponge. These are the guys that work with old Roman coins, postcards, antiquities and metal objects. I believe if this happened to someone that was not ready for this experience, the victims would get suicidal. Finally, after I left a lot of money being there for at least couple of hours some of them booed me with monkey chants and hoots and I felt like a dirty rag. I cannot say most of these traders own criminal records but those that booed me have criminal minds and someone should put a stop to them – they are in cahoots with each other and well organized like snakes (I used word cahoots but they are not Jewish). If I am fair and square with this state paying every damn parking ticket for example, I should have at least some protection by it, just like when black soccer players are exposed to monkey calls, someone stands up for them. Here I am left to bleed like a whore without its pimp. I need some protection from these motherfuckers. They should get bloody warned.

In addition, some other Serbs were able to get me yesterday somehow, my eyes hurt like hell, I did not realize what they were doing, but they succeeded in sniping me with some lasers, I guess. Sounds crazy, but here anything happens. This is crazy Serbia. My life is on the line every day. It is obvious that several of them Serbs are engaged in gangstalking me on daily basis and since there are no guarantees and no protection on the state part, I can only hope that God will get involved and destroy them or their families.

To fast forward back to today – once I exited the Fair, I came to my vehicle that was parked a few streets away only to realize that some smelly liquid was poured over it. Here are some photos – so if you do not trust me that things are happening to me in this land – Serbia – and that I have been gangstalked then God help you… 


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