Saturday, November 29, 2014

is it gangstalking still if they are ruining not only life but health, serbia, XI - 2014

last minute, december 4th 2014: just a note that some acrid avid serbs are continuing with their gang-stalking aggression against humanity utilizing perfidious ways from spitting to setting off explosions when i exit home as if i am on a 24 hour surveillance watch, at least it is how i feel in serbia. like i said the spitting thing started with my neighbor mr. vojislav milosevic, a politican who is a proponent of american and serbian policies (actually, the guy who opened can of worms), in other words someone with enormous resources is onto my ass and they are as thick as thieves. NOW THE ENTIRE CITY SPITS, IT JUST AN'T RIGHT, IT IS ADDING INSULT TO INJURY AND I DO NOT WANT NO EXCUSES BY THE RIGHT ONES IN THIS LIFETIME. IF THEY WOULD ONLY JUST SPIT?! IF THEY WOULD ONLY HATE ME?! THIS IS JUST TIP OF THE ICEBERG. SERBS HAVE FURTHER DEVELOPED AND BROUGHT THEORY AND PRACTICE OF GANG-STALKING ONTO MUCH HIGHER LEVELS. THEY ARE GOING AFTER THE VICTIM WITHOUT REMORSE AND ALWAYS REFRESHED, LIGHT WITH NEW ENERGIES DEVELOPING THE NEWEST WAYS OF DISTURBANCE, HARASSMENT AND TERROR. I AM EXPECTING THE WORST AND TRUST NOONE AROUND HERE. HOW MANY TIMES, HOW MANY MORE STRESSFUL SITUATIONS I HAD IN MY LIFE THAN A REGULAR HUMAN BEING DUE TO THESE PEOPLE THAT ADMIRE STRIKING FEAR INTO MY HEART?! HOW MANY SLEEPLESS NIGHTS THINKING OVER AND FEARING MY SITUATION? HOW MANY ANXIETIES AND CERs (conditioned emotional responses) IN MY LIFETIME SO FAR? HOW MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL I WOULD HAVE BEEN IN LIFE WITHOUT ALL THESE SERBIAN HOUNDS ON MY BLOODTRAIL? HOW MANY FEWER YEARS OF LIFE I AM GOING TO LIVE? WHAT ARE ALL ILLNESSES I INCURRED BECAUSE OF MY SITUATION? HOW MANY  TIMES I WAS AFRAID OR HURT MORE THAN A REGULAR BEING?! I FEEL COLD, COLD IN SERBIA AS IF DEATH, EVIL AND SUFFERING AWAIT AROUND EVERY CORNER. THIS IS WHAT THEY WOULD LIKE ME TO FEEL, THIS IS WHAT THEY WOULD LIKE ME TO BELIEVE, AS WELL AS AN EVERLASTING FEAR. IF I FELT THERE WAS A WAY OUT I WOULD NOT BE WRITING HERE. now, when the person like this (mr. milosevic) does something like that, which signals others they need to board the lynching train, it is the end of the world in my mind.  i had to brought this name back up because in gangstalking there are not so many things that you can factually, virtually confirm,  and this i saw.
last minute, december 4th 2014: just to prove i cannot do nothing to them - and that they can do all they want to me, as soon as i exited home to take something out of my car, someone opened fire and started fireworks from nearby houses on vitanovacka street, belgrade. i am sure this was not coincidental but it is another form of gangstalking on a much higher level than what it is considered usual. 

less than 24 hours after I had written a post about  Serbian military intelligence agency (VBA formerly known as KOS, and its wing for parapsychological targeting - formerly known as Grupa 69) and their targeting of me, gangstalking in Serbia is on again in full force.

Just got back home and as I was driving down vitanovacka street thirty minutes ago, around 15:00 PM, a driver of black limousine that was driving in the opposite direction was pointing and aiming what seemed to be laser light at me with his right hand which he held up high in order to conceal it better in the proximity of rear-view mirror. however, it was obvious and I wonder what happened at times when I was not able to see what they were doing, when it was not so obvious. Life in Serbia is obviously detrimental to my health and is high health risk and hazard. Period. These people do not seem to mind if they handicap or murder anyone. VBA or not, somebody does it on purpose and is ruining my life. This is physical harm, let alone questioning human rights or freedoms and being punched senselessly while in knock down for years, more precisely eleven years. I can not clearly see on my right eye now and it also hurts as they are destroying it with lasers, and there is a great many spots floating in it.

I have been asking myself all the time - why me? Grupa 69 was founded to target American interests. They are cowardly attacking me, what do I have to do with America? In all honesty, I can rightfully say, screw you Serbs, screw America, get the fuck off me, fuck of both of you. I have been saying if some Serbian agencies armed with constitutional powers and equipment to do human harm – if they have beef with USA they should take it to them and leave me alone, I do not want to have anything with these motherfuckers.

I like jokes, but I have not been able to produce a smile due to what is going on. My life does not exist because these cowards are not able to take their shit to USA, they know I have not got any sort of back up in Serbia, and they are cowards so they are attacking me for that sole reason. And this unjustifiable thing goes on and on.


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