Tuesday, November 18, 2014


for the guys like me who like to be on their best behavior at all times, it is a lottery what kind of person you will run into, and most often than not it is a complete disappointment and dismay so you really have to be on defense at all times, and defensive behavior brings nothing but bad vibes - when you are on defense you cannot be yourself, you have to deal with idiots and pretend that you are an idiot. some of these guys are without elementary education and manners, that is pure lowlifes and their acts like spitting and getting physical are something that you really have to take into consideration. i have been a target / magnet for all serbian evil and the lowest of breed, there is almost something scientific to it, like a magnetic field that brings them all onto me to provoke and attack - gangstalk. it is obvious they are afraid of noone, it feels as they think they have rights to harass

covert harassment and surveillance = serbia = united states of america = two entities born of the same mother? pathetic.  

i thought i was singled out alone. recently i found out what some people in serbia have been doing to me for eleven years and then i realized many people throughout the world are exposed to the exact same torture by the bastards in their own countries. this public harassment and occasionally lynching is called gang-stalking! look it up on YouTube by using this only key word. 

i know the names of some of these bastards but i am afraid to expose them as i did earlier since more and more of their friends are getting on the harassment train and some of them were personally threatening me with brutal physical violence. this fear is organic and should not be - since by now many serbs are involved in gang-stalking with respect to me and situation is viral and irreversible.

i should also say that i was bestially beaten by unknown individual who is protected by the serbian government. from that event i bear harmful and debilitating consequences like inability to pronounce some words, disturbed thinking process and my diastolic blood pressure is regularly increased for 10 units since then (95 instead of the formerly usual 85). what happened to me shortens life and inhibits freedom that one should enjoy during the course of lifetime. thus i vouch the following things from my experience...

i cannot stress the grief that it all started in my alma mater - united states of america, the country i thought was my safe harbor of peace and liberty. i do not have that promised second choice country now as i have come to conclusion that serbia and united states are two of the same, the places where you just do not feel great, safe and free. on the contrary these are the places where one feels threatened and unable to express self, to speak freely and open up thoughts. these are the boondocks of freedom. i am in the quest for true freedom right now, though i do not know where to begin searching. 


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