Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fuck you bastards

I get crucified. Am I the good guy here? And who says I am not? 
In my opinion there are only three countries in the world that Serbia could be compared to: 1) North Korea, 2) China and, 3) Cuba. Communism in Serbia was never brought down; it only changed its name. This is the only country in the world where the bank teller (Banca Intesa, Vojvode Stepe str., Belgrade) can ask you “why did you open a bank account?” and keep insisting on asking like some authority even though I answered “I wanted to have one, that is why”. Is this normal, what is the purpose, and has it ever happened to anyone anywhere? Let me just say, that it is the matter of several hundred dollars on monthly basis, sometimes not even that, that is deposited. It is not like some huge suspicious money is in question.

I know - it is the Roman Catholic bank, and I feel as if some private inquiry like that could only be authorized by the pope. It is the new inquisition.

I sympathize with Freemasons, and Roman Catholics are bitter opponents. Is it why they ruined my family in America? I feel so. No one was ever investigated for it; after my family was ruined it was the business as usual for the entire planet. The people on the key positions whenever bad things happened to me were majorly Roman Catholics. I know this is stupid but I do not have a reasonable explanation for many things that happened and are happening to me. Common underlying trait to all of them is pure evil and hatred. So it was either this or that nationality or religion. What do they want from me? I publicly announced earlier, I am not no Jesus or the Messiah like I had felt they ruined me for – because of the signs, perhaps. Leave me alone, I will not spoil your business, criminals.

So far, Serbs were the greatest supporters of communism in the former Yugoslavia. Most people here live well off, they drive huge luxury cars like Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, they have many houses, apartments and money – many lovers, it is the golden Serbian standard. Where is all that wealth coming from? Fuck you. I am writing because I do not want to be their scapegoat for nothing. They ruined me in America, because they could. Here they are trying to. One justice in Serbia is tailored for the rich and ex-communists, and another justice is valid for other walks of life. The proof? I was already found guilty of crime by the Serbian judge Ivana Ramic. That means I will legally not be able to immigrate anywhere – as a criminal. I do not feel this sentence was ordered by either Roman Catholics - the Pope - United States or their Serbian satellites. I feel as if God led her in doing so - so, I'll stay here - so wrong "Jesus" will never return to United States to upset all those Jesus-wary freaks ready to ruin families for nothing and those seeing signs they only saw of the Jesus that was not their Catholic Jesus. Exactly. So a lot of Americans are now safe without me. LOL. There are many things I would like to talk about, but here's something just to take it off of my chest. Fuck you bastards


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