Sunday, October 05, 2014

screwed for life.

in my pc, i've got a special folder named "U.S.A. SEPT. 6, 02 a full investigation" wherein i save everything that may be related to my tragedy - every single personal or mutual experience and confessions like obama's statement - yeah, we tortured some folks. that's where i saved this screenshot taken today
to a smart person, just by reading between the lines through dialogue in serbian as portrayed in this screenshot which is the first conversation i've ever had with some egoistic serbian person, it is obvious why i do not trust anyone in this country - serbia. even the wannabe friends on facebook pages (i've never ever seen) make putrid allusions and/or suggestions - as well as numerous others that aren't even my facebook friends - that would make any normal individual think about their personal safety in public and horrible state of mind of these people within the environment. they did not invent their malevolence – they were suggested all that by the community and administrative leadership apparatus that makes their opinions and directs their will...and my only weapon against this ill-opinionated majority is this blog and the belief that pure hell did not come lose to some other people's minds and countries in the world. i’ve gotta share what i gotta share, so what happens, happens.
however, i am the unlucky one whose life and family were destroyed by the united states and, unfortunately, united states have to stick to their guns and an invented story that i had deserved everything i got and that something like that was only possible by way of my own fault!!! if i did not go to united states everything in this world would have been much brighter for me - future, Sun, all that. while in fact what caused my situation was the malevolent prejudice of american paranoid mind against all things coming from the east (that are not cool by default) finally upending my existence.
while it is not possible that they can compensate me with anything better than what i had (same as in the movie irreversible inclusive of love, time, assets, moments, etc) i will never trust united states anything. if they say something is black i will know it can be white, grey or any other color but black. by ruining someone like me, their only goal is to eliminate me now physically by utilizing inferior state of serbian mind. and these minds are, the proof is here in the photo, like comparing the intellectual weights of evil stinking foxes and very stupid turkeys.


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